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Chapter 60 - Reveal - Part 2

Jin-ah promised to be Hyun-jun and Reis's shield as promised. With this, I gained the strength of Cheil Group.

Although there is no official guild and it has not been long since they participated in the guild business, it seems that they have secretly secured a considerable amount of hunter power under Jina's command.

Now that I have a reliable ally, I was relieved for the time being.

When I returned, I used the vehicle that Jin-ah provided. In the car on the way back to the guild office, Hyun-jun felt his hands tremble slightly.

'It's a very early symptom of magical exhaustion.'

It was a technique with enough destructive power to destroy the Absolute Shield, which boasts excellent defense among defense-type anti-magic, with one blow, but the amount of magic consumed to create and maintain a huge Auror blade was too great.

'This should be left as a trump card.'

It wasn't a skill I would use often.

"Im here."

Hearing the driver's words, I got out of the car and saw it was in front of the race guild office.

Hyun-jun took the elevator and headed to the third floor. The intelligence office was on the third floor.

The intelligence department was a secret department, and there were a lot of outside activities, so the internal office was okay, but still had an assortment.

"Are you an intelligence officer?"

Hyun-jun entered the office and found Ha Jong-seo first. We had something to discuss about Hye-ri Joo.

"Is the guild chief here?"

Jong-seo, who was sitting on the chair and doing business, got up and greeted. Hyunjun quickly looked around and opened his mouth.

"Come to the guild chief's office. I have a story to tell."


Jong-seo nodded and came out into the hallway through the door Hyun-jun left open.

Hyun-jun was already moving his steps up the stairs. Jongseo quickly followed behind him.

Before long, the two arrived at the guild chief's office on the 4th floor. After seeing Jong-seo closing the door for the last time, Hyun-jun opened his mouth with a calm expression.

"Didn't the Great Evil side contact you?"

"Even so, there was something to be conveyed. The Archevil Guild has sent you a message through an unofficial route. Only the guild leader wants to read it, so we couldn't review it either."

"Show me."

Jong-seo pulled something out of Hyun-jun's arms. When I heard it was called a message, I thought of e-mail, but it was actually an envelope sealed in wax that could only have been used in the Middle Ages.

"It's special."

It was an honest impression.

"It is said that there are no techniques or devices that could be harmful."

"Who checked?"

"This has been confirmed by Team Leader Lee Gyu-hwan of Team 1 of the Executive Department."

Recently, after joining the race, Kyu-hwan was in the stage of establishing himself. He was also working diligently.

Of course, everything could be acting, but as long as he has the weakness of being a 'sister', he won't be able to betray Gyu-hwan easily.

It would be difficult to wish for unconditional loyalty like Taemin, but this is a good enough 'short horse'.

"If it's Team Leader Lee Gyu-hwan, I can trust you."

With a short murmur, he broke the wax seal and opened the envelope. Inside was a piece of stationery with thick writing on it. Hyun-jun opened the folded stationery and read it.

It took less than 5 minutes to read. After he finished reading, Hyun-jun burned the stationery with a look of displeasure.

"In a nutshell, we all know that we are holding Hye-ri Joo as a prisoner, so if you don't want to see blood, you want him to be released in a 'good condition' right away."

"The Great Evil Guild Leader is known to have a dirty personality, but the content of the letter seems to be more gentle than I thought."

"There was a lot of profanity written on it. I cleaned up a bit. He also asked my parents how they are."

I tried to speak calmly, but it was natural for anger to come out of my voice.

I asked the orphan how his parents were, so he must be prepared for this price.

"I will go to Hye-ri Joo right now."

"I will guide you."

Hyun-jun went down to the underground parking lot with Jong-seo. The vehicle was waiting.

"I will drive. You go up and work."


Jong-seo sent the intelligence officer who had prepared the vehicle, and then opened the back seat door. When Hyun-jun closed the door while boarding, Jong-seo also got into the driver's seat.

"It arrives in 30 minutes."

The car that started with the two of them in the underground parking lot of the Race Guild office eventually fell into a sparsely populated outskirts.

And after moving about 10 minutes more, we arrived in front of a small warehouse that was being completely demolished.

"Is Hyeri Joo here?"

"The warehouse is a disguise. The main facilities are in the basement."

Hyun-jun was relieved at Jong-seo's explanation.

"I will guide you."

Upon entering, two men in shabby clothes stood up and bowed their heads.

Contrary to his worker-like appearance, he could feel an unusual magical energy stored in his body.

"These are the Hunters of our executive branch. I purposely changed them into clothes that fit the place."

Hyun-jun nodded his head with a satisfied expression on Jong-seo's report. As someone who writes with Taemin by his side, he was meticulous in his work.

"This is it."

Jong-seo guided Hyun-jun to the corner of the warehouse. After putting some stacked boxes aside, a passage leading to the basement appeared.

As I climbed down the connected ladder, men in black suits ran and bowed their heads.

"Is the guild chief here?"

"Are you in charge of group 3 today?"

Jong-seo asked a question on behalf of Hyeon-jun, who looked around.

"Yes. I am responsible today."

Captain 3 nodded and answered. Hyun-jun, who had been caught off guard for a while by the atmosphere and appearance like an underground bunker, opened his mouth with a calm expression.

"Where is Hye-ri Joo?"

"I will guide you."

I walked a little along the hallway. Team 3, who was moving ahead, stopped and opened the small iron door on the left. Inside, it was like an isolation ward.

On an old iron bed, Hyeri was tied up wearing a magical restraint device. His left arm was still amputated.

"I thought there was no need to stick it."

Jong-seo said when he looked at him as if he was asking for an explanation. What would you do with your left arm?

As of now, Hyeina, the Great Evil Guild Leader, should be thankful for not killing him.

"Wake me up first."



A magical hunter woke Hye-ri with shock magic. It was an ignorant, but sure way.

"Hey, what is this? don't you know who i am Release this right now!"

As soon as she opened her eyes, Hyeri, who was trying to raise her magic power, realized later that she was wearing a magic restraint ball, and shouted out in a frenzy.

Hyun-jun approached her like that. The dim light removed the shadows on Hyunjun's face.

"I know who you are, so will you shut up?"

"you you… … you… … !"

Life overflowed from Hyeri's eyes. But there was nothing she could do.

He bit his lip to the point of bleeding from the helplessness that followed, but nothing changed and his resentment did not subside.


With no means to resist, Hyeri's chosen provocation was to spit absurdly. But even that didn't work out.

The blood-drenched saliva was blocked by Jong-seo's palm before reaching Hyun-jun.

"I guess I haven't come to my senses yet."

"okay? Did I think I would give me a bunch of you like you? Is it really like that?"

"Submission… … ."

Hyunjun raised the corners of his mouth and walked over to Hyeri. Hyeri tried to make up her mind, but she was nervous as she swallowed dry saliva unwittingly in the creepy cold atmosphere.

"I don't think so, so don't worry."

"okay? So are you going to kill me? Won't our guild leader oppa stay still?"

We already know that the Great Evil Guild leader Joo Hyeong-geun and the deputy guild leader Joo Hye-ri are siblings. So her threats didn't work. Because there was no reason to be afraid.

"I have no intention of killing you."

"Well, I guess my… … ."

"take no interest."

Hyunjun said firmly. His gaze reached Hyeri. Hyeri, who felt that gaze, seemed to know the feeling of a herbivore in front of a higher predator.

'Lord, I think I'm going to die… … It's a scary life... … .'

It felt like a cold sweat was flowing.

"okay? Then, are you going to torture me?"

"Don't use the low-key word torture. I just… … ."

The cold air from his voice seemed to freeze the air.

"I'm going to teach you what 'fear' is."

"Dog, no personal feelings!"

"I am."

Suddenly, a small needle was in his hand.

-Initiate dangerous cooperation with peers. While you are with him, the pain is under your control.

Dangerous cooperation resumed.

* * *

"Chief Executive? Have you already been discharged?"

Seeing Taemin, who had gone to work after a long time, the executive hunter asked in surprise.

Because Taemin was fatally wounded, he seemed to have heard that it would take quite a while to recover, so the hunter of the executive branch tilted his head with an expression that he could not understand the English language.

"I came out early to steal some of your work."

"Hahaha. If not, there is a lot of work behind it."

Another executive hunter answered with a light smile.

The size of the executive branch continued to expand, and the tasks to be dealt with were increasing murderously.

"Is Team Leader Lee Gyu-hwan busy right now?"

"You went out. I think you will be back soon."

Outside work, as referred to by the executive branch, meant a unique secret job performed outside.

"Is the dungeon empty now?"

"The 2nd rosary is empty."

"I'll go down first and wait for you, so when Team Leader Lee Gyu-hwan returns, tell him to come down to the 2nd dungeon."

"Yes. Okay."

Taemin moved to the 2nd basement floor where the dungeon is located, leaving behind the courageous answer of his subordinate Hunter.

After entering the empty dungeon and waiting for about 10 minutes, the door was opened with a familiar ingongcheok.

"I heard you found me."

A man appeared under the light. he was gyuwan

"Can I ask why you called me to the dungeon?"

Kyu-hwan asked. It was polite, but there was also a firm sign of avoiding the seat if it was not related to work.

"Would you like to be my opponent? Team leader Lee Gyu-hwan."

"Are you kidding me?"

Taemin smiled instead of answering.

"I'm serious."

"If you feel uncomfortable, you can say no. There is no compulsion."

"Isn't there really no such thing as 'compulsion'?"

Kyu-hwan came closer with meaningful words. Officially, Tae-min was Gyu-hwan's boss, and the elite of the executive branch he commanded were monitoring him in the name of protecting Gyu-hwan's sister.

Not only that, he also had the authority to give official orders to the Andersen executive hunters brought in by Gyu-hwan.

Of course, they will follow Kyu-hwan more if there is a problematic order.

"It's not a command, it's a request."

Taemin's eyes turned to Gyuhwan. At that moment, Kyu-hwan saw the strong will in Tae-min's eyes.

'It's been a while.'

A smile spread across his lips.

"good. Let's try it."

Suddenly, he had a staff in his hand.

"Thank you. Team leader Lee Gyu-hwan."

"For reference, I'm tight."

Saying that, a pleasant smile hung on Gyu-hwan's lips, raising his magic.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 60


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