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Chapter 61 - Black Intentions - Part 1

A man in uniform stood in the center of the dark space reminiscent of a bridge. His face under the dim light was so pale and his eyes were so red that he thought he was not human.

"This is Roscal, the commander in charge of Invasion Unit 281. I will report to the commander of the 13th Invasion Corps regularly."

A deformed creature full of disgusting tentacles crossed the open threshold and entered the bridge. The 13th Invasion Corps commander, the Insible, opened his mouth without frowned.


"Everything is going smoothly."

"Go away."


The report was quickly over. A deformed presence approached him as he came out of the hallway with his tentacles sobbing.

"aide. What's going on?"

"I have seen the magic of Fate Interfere on target 990036. It seems that their 'qualified person' has appeared."

"Why are you saying that now? I mean, I just reported to the corps commander that everything was going well."

"This is a report from a while ago."

Under the pressure of subtle magical power, the lieutenant broke into a cold sweat.

"Can you send the Invaders in right now?"

"The dimensional rift has not yet been opened enough to open the gate. Wouldn't it be better to move the Invaders sent to the field a long time ago?"

"I leave it as a last resort. First, send orders to local helpers to speed up the dimensional rift expansion work. If you can't land combat units, at least send in a small number of invaders."

"I will obey your orders."

The lieutenant retreated and Roscal paused at the window. His gaze turned to the pitch-black space outside the window.

"Is it Earth? … ? The 'qualified person' will already appear… … It will be fun."

The self-talk disappeared into the void.

* * *

Another week passed and it was September. With the success of the solo raid, the attention of the hunter community began to focus.

It was the first time in Korea that a guild that had just been promoted to silver tier cleared an A-level top-level raid alone.

Hunters and guild officials' attention was focused, but news or broadcasting stations did not deal much with it.

This was because Hyun-jun, who thought he did not need to appear excessively in the media, asked Jin-ah to control the press.

As the youngest daughter of the group, she diverted the attention of major media outlets with a few phone calls.

"Guild Master. This is Ha Jong-seo, the head of the intelligence department."

"Come on in."

The door opened and Jongseo slowly walked into the office. Hyunjun was sitting on a chair and drinking coffee.

"The settlement of the Magic Stones rooted in this raid has been completed."

"Isn't this the job of the executive director?"

Before being promoted to the gold tier, which can be given the official title of deputy guild leader, the executive director generally holds the position of 'deputy guild leader'.

In particular, Taemin was taking the job of the secretary's office little by little on behalf of Sojin, who lacked a little understanding of work. The report that Jong-seo brought this time was also something that Taemin should have done.

"It seems that the executive director is busy these days… … What's wrong?"

Recently, I have only seen Taemin's face in my hand. If he had been busy with work, he would have seen it more often, but there seemed to be another reason.

"The executive director spends most of his time fighting with team leader Lee Gyu-hwan."

"With Team Leader Lee Gyu-hwan?"


A pleasant smile spread across Hyun-jun's lips at Jong-seo's answer. Taemin thought he wouldn't get along well with Kyuhwan, but he must have been mistaken.

I've heard that you've been training for a while, but I never thought that my opponent would be Gyu-hwan.

"Are you asking to return to work?"

Jong-seo looked carefully and asked, but Hyun-jun shook his head.

"no. You don't have to. If Kim Tae-min possesses a stronger force, it will ultimately be beneficial to our race, so I hope that the intelligence chief will suffer a little for the time being."

"I will do my best."

It was a servant who answered with a strong voice. Like Taemin's right hand, he showed infinite trust and loyalty to Hyunjun.

"then… … It's time to get the bill. Would you like to show me?"

"It has been documented in an easy-to-understand way."

"good work."

Hyeon-jun received the statement of account from Jong-seo and read it.

"The settlement amount is higher than I expected."

I tried not to be surprised, but the unit of the amount was different. It was in the tens of billions of units, so it was natural that my heart would not be easily calmed.

Of course, the change in emotion did not show much on the outside, perhaps thanks to the short period of training in the previous life's room.

"This is enough to secure our guild's budget for three years even if we give 'Ace' 20%."

said the servant. He was still close to expressionless, but there was a hint of excitement in his sharp voice.

"I don't have to worry about money with this."

"If you add Na-young Choi's gift, the amount of money you can move right now is at the level of the Platinum Tier Guild."

The Platinum Tier Guild, which has only 50 in Korea, is not as much as the Diamond Tier known as the 'Fifteen Dragons', but it was close to the pinnacle of power in Korea.

Just having a similar level of liquidity as them was a huge growth.

"good. First of all, please transfer the promised 20% to Choi Han-seok and Ace."

Now that the ace came running, it was time for the race to keep its promise. When Hyun-jun gave the instructions, Jong-seo contacted the accounting department and had them deposit the remuneration into the account of the ace   side.

And the miscellaneous reports continued for 10 minutes. As soon as Jong-seo left after the report was over, So-jin cautiously entered.

"Hyunjun. Hanseok Choi is from Ace."

"Did you come without contact?"


Why? I was curious, but since I came all the way here anyway, I thought I would find out if I met him.

"Do you want me to come up?"

At Sojin's question, Hyunjun nodded and opened his mouth.

"Yeah. Please do that."

"Hang in there."

She carefully closed the door and went out, not long after she heard the sound of exhilarating footsteps.

Then, without knocking, the door opened and a strong man in a green robe walked in.

It was Choi Han-seok.

"Mr. Choi Han-seok. Long time no see."

He held out his hand with a happy expression. Then, Han-seok approached and grabbed Hyun-jun's hand with both hands.

"Would you like a drink? I will buy it!"

It was not in the mood to refuse. It wasn't even early for a drink, so Hyun-jun put his work aside for a while and moved to a nearby bar with Han-seok.

"I know of a more upscale place… … ."

"Because it is cumbersome to travel to Seoul."

Jong-seo followed up as an attendant, so you don't have to worry about driving, but today, strangely, he was reluctant to go far.

Sitting in the back seat was also a nuisance.

"Today I will shoot!"

"Can I drink anything?"


Despite the quiet atmosphere, Hanseok burst into laughter. An evil smile spread across Hyunjun's lips.

He drank expensive-looking liquor one after another, but it was impossible to blow up the wallet of Han Seok, the leader of a wealthy regular attack team.

"Looks like you're going to blow up my wallet! Hahaha!"

It's not perfect if you use magic, but you can drive out a certain amount of drunkenness, so it wasn't impossible to destroy your wallet, but unfortunately, you were full.

"Next time I will buy it."

After the drinking party was over, looking at Han-seok taking out his card, Hyun-jun said he was sorry.

Then Hanseok smiled and opened his mouth.

"I look forward to it."

A little bit of drunkenness flew away at once from the unexplained cold feeling.

* * *

There are many benefits to becoming an S-class hunter. So Hyun-jun hurried to get promoted to S-class despite having a slight hangover.

"I didn't know we would go together."

Hyunjun said. He was on his way to the dungeon management office in Seoul in the car that Jong-seo was driving.

Jin-ah was sitting next to her, looking at her smartphone, and Seok-hyun was in the passenger seat.

It was an unexpected move. Fortunately, it was a large sedan, so it did not feel cramped.

"You know that to become an S-class hunter, you need performance in addition to magic power, right?"

When I requested a re-examination and made a schedule, I remembered hearing that the promotion could be rejected even if the horsepower level was met due to insufficient performance.

"I will help."

I said back and forth, but I meant that I would let you ignore the performance required for promotion.

"I wish you well."

After a brief conversation, there was silence. The vehicle carrying the two of them stopped in front of the Dungeon Management Office building shortly thereafter.

Jong-seo and Seok-hyeon quickly got off and opened the door for Hyeon-jun and Jin-ah respectively.

Hyun-jun walked into the building first. A staff member from the screening department was waiting for them in the lobby on the first floor.

"Mr. Hyeonjun Kang. I consider it!"

As soon as I entered the lobby, an employee in a suit ran up to me and bowed my head.

"The person next to you… … ?"

The staff looked carefully at Jin-ah and asked. Seokhyun and Taemin had been instructed by the two to wait in the car.

"I know I can have a companion."

"Oh, yes. I will guide you to the examination department office."

"Yes, please."

In the examination department office, the examiner was waiting for Hyun-jun. As if his schedule was delayed, he took out the meter as soon as Hyun-jun arrived and confirmed his identity.

"Let's start measuring horsepower. Would you like to raise your hand?"

raised hands.

"Please use your magic power."

As requested by the examiner, the magic power was raised.

'Do you have more mana than you think?'

After Durendal's advent, I had a feeling that the efficiency of Withered Miller's magic technique increased, but it wasn't just my mood.

'How long can we last?'

Magical power was injected into the meter. At that moment, like a lie, the part of the magic engraved on the measuring instrument was clearly visible.

'If I do this, will it break?'

A blue light leaked from his hand, and a sharp iron sound leaked from the meter.

The moment I thought the sound was like a scream, I couldn't stand the magic and it was crispy! And the meter broke.

"Ts, the meter?"

The examiner, exhausted from the tedious work, jumped up with a startled face.

"It is designed to withstand the magic of an SSS-class hunter... … !"

"Hasn't it been used for a long time?"

said Jina. The examiner nodded.

"Well, it may be, but… … . I mean, it's very expensive."

The judges were dying. Looking at the situation, it seemed that he was thinking of shifting the responsibility.

'You're like a lamb.'

As soon as Hyun-jun's expression hardened, Jin-ah took a step forward and opened her mouth.

"I'll make up for it."

"Oh, would you please?"

"Yes. Please call this number."

Jin-ah, who handed the business card to the examiner, moved to leave the office first.

"Go. Us."

The meter is quite expensive. As of today, Jin-ah looked great, but Hyun-jun said nothing and followed him by nodding his head.

And it was the moment when I crossed the threshold of the office.

-I gained enlightenment by finding weaknesses and destroying the engraved recipes. Gildre, a maniac who has reached the truth, begins to notice you. If you satisfy the curiosity of this dangerous mage, there will be great rewards.

Someone who looked dangerous showed interest.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 61


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