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Chapter 62 - Black Intentions - Part 2

Two men were facing each other under dim lighting. A luxurious wine bottle and fruit snacks were seen on the table in a view that looked like a room in a club or bar.

However, the two did not seem to be interested in alcohol and snacks.

The dim light grew a little brighter, revealing their faces. It was Kang Ki-jun, leader of the Blade Guild, and Han Jeong-woo, the leader of the Hellfire Guild.

And the man who entered the room with the door opened without knocking was Jo Seung-hyeon, the leader of the evil spirits guild.

"You are a little late."

"It's only five minutes… … Please take a look."

Jung-woo gave him a pint glass, but Seung-hyeon lightly flipped it over and sat down in the center.

The three people who gathered in secret had in common that Suwon Paldal-gu was the special raid district in charge and that they belonged to the faction of the Great Evil.

"Mr. Seunghyun Cho. Did you know?"

It was Kang Ki-jun, the leader of the Blade Guild, who carefully asked the question.

"Yes, of course. I am close with an executive at the settlement center, and I asked him."

"How is it?"

Gyeon's eyes lit up. Jung-woo also pretended not to be interested and gave an interesting glance.

"It is said that the amount of settlement received by this exclusive right in the race is tens of billions of won."

"Gosh… … You eat it all by yourself!"

At Seunghyeon's words, Kijun vomited lamentation, and Jungwoo frowned. I was upset.

If the guilds such as Hellfire or Blade had exercised priority, it was a settlement that could have been shared and made my stomach hurt more.

"By the way, I'm talking about the guild's net profit."

If you clear the raid, you will also be rewarded with a guild unit. In addition to that, as the ratio of sending part of the guild members' settlement money to the guild was added, the race that exercised the exclusive right saw profits of tens of billions of dollars.

Jeong-woo shook his head at Seung-hyeon's words, and Ki-joon bit his lip to the point of bleeding.

Everyone was dissatisfied. In the silence of silence, Ki-joon opened his mouth with his fists clenched.

"The situation is like this, but where the hell is Joo Hye-ri?"

Anger overflowed from Ki-joon's eyes.

"In retrospect, isn't it because of Joo Hye-ri that we gave up our priority and ate everything in the race? Even now... … ."

It was when the standards were vomiting. The door behind him opened and a large man strode in.

He was close to 2m tall and had a bear-like physique. He was the Great Evil Guild Leader Joo Hyeong-geun.

As the atmosphere suddenly became chilly and Jung-woo and Seung-hyeon avoided their gaze, Ki-joon felt his popularity a step behind and turned back.

Joo Hyeong-geun was staring at the standard there.

"Joo, Hyung-geun Joo… … ."

"My younger brother has gone missing, is it okay because we are talking behind the scenes?"

Life was oozing out of his voice. Ki-joon hurriedly retreated to the side with a painful face.

"Sorry, I'm sorry."

"If you want to live, keep your mouth shut."


Although he was the guild leader of the silver tier guild, Blade, the standard Hunter rating was only B-class. It was a position where the A-class top-level hunter could not help but be crushed by the sense of intimidation.

Jungwoo and Seunghyun did not help either. He seems to want to avoid the sparks.

"Then why did you come all the way here?"

Jungwoo asked carefully. Since he had not told Hyeong-geun about the time and place of his appointment, he was in a state of a little panic at the sudden appearance.

Seeing the three of them, who looked tense, Hyung-geun grinned.

"I have a present for you guys."

As he finished speaking, what Hyeong-geun took out of his arms was a magic stone that contained jet-black darkness.

* * *

"Mr. Hyeonjun Kang! That's me! This is Choi Han-seok!"

The office door opened and Hanseok ran in.

Although he was informed that he was leaving an hour before, Hyunjun let out a short sigh at the unexpected appearance. It was a sudden visit, but I didn't feel bad or bad.

When we first met, Han-seok was cautious, but as we got to know each other over a glass of wine, his honest and pleasant personality was revealed.

Fortunately, Hyun-jun didn't dislike a person with such a personality.

[Choi Han-seok: A believer in justice.]

The tendency to peek through Jinmyung wasn't bad either. He didn't seem like a bad person to have by his side, and in fact, Han Seok and Ace from the regular attack team helped Hyun Joon and the Rays Guild in this raid.

"I am here!"

"I never expected it to come so soon."

Hyunjun shook his head and said. It's been less than a week since I drank at the bar.

He said he was buying alcohol, but I thought he would come with a little more time.

"Hahaha! Because I miss Kang Hyun-jun."

It wasn't something I wanted to hear from a man. It seems that Han-seok was thinking of making friends with Hyun-jun by using this drinking appointment as an opportunity.

It was not a secret in the hunter society that Hyeonjun became a lower-level S-class hunter. Rumors spread as they spread.

A-class hunters also had a strong influence in Korea, but they were not comparable to S-class hunters called transcendents.

Usually, as he awakens his special ability, he rises to the level of an S-class hunter. Even if they are at the bottom, they have immunity from some judicial procedures and enjoy various privileges and benefits, such as tax cuts.

"You didn't come to steal my wallet, did you?"

"Actually, there is no reason for that."

Hanseok said frankly.

"Isn't it okay where you went last time?"

"Yes. The atmosphere was not bad overall. I will go there."

traveled by vehicle. Eventually, the two of them arrived at the bar and entered the room. As soon as the ordered liquor was set, Han Seok filled the glass and put an ice cube in it.

"Again, thank you very much."

Many times the empty glass is filled. He didn't say goodbye because of his magical powers, but when he started to feel a good intoxication, Han-seok carefully confided the circumstances of the past.

Until recently, the financial situation was not good, but thanks to Hyun-jun's proposal, he had recovered a lot.

Although it was a coincidence, Han Seok opened his heart to Hyun Joon and had a crush on him.

"I'm glad it worked out."

"That's it."

The drinking party was slowly coming to an end. After completing the payment, Hyun-jun and Han-seok moved to the place where the car was parked.

It was Friday and there was no place to park nearby because it was a busy street, so it seems that Hanseok's attendant parked the car a little further away.

"I really want to know what that bastard is... … ."

"Isn't it Choi Han-seok who called for the fire?"

"Ah? That's right. Hahaha!"

Han-seok, who was complaining about Hyun-jun's point, burst into laughter as if he was shy. Hyunjun also shook his head and continued to hurdle his steps.

"Take the shortcut."

The local geography knew.


"I have to go into the alley, okay?"

"What are you afraid of with an S-class Hunter here? Hahaha!"

It is said that with the opening of the dungeon raid era, the security situation in Korea, like other countries, has deteriorated, but as Han Seok said, there will be no 'robbery' to threaten S-class hunters.

"Let's go."

First I entered the alley. And.

- The insidious laughter of the sergeant warns you of danger. Someone is plotting an evil plot nearby.

At the warning of the sergeant, Hyun-jun raised his magical powers and scanned the surroundings extensively. A powerful magical reaction was gathered.

He tried to hide his magic, but he couldn't avoid Hyunjun's keen search. That was the problem.

He could have just passed by quietly, but he noticed the fact that he had been discovered from the other side because he had searched with his magical powers and started to move.

- The insidious laughter of the sergeant warns you of danger. Someone is aiming for your heart.

Warnings followed. At first he was simply referring to an evil conspiracy, but this time he warned of direct danger that someone was aiming at the heart.

"Mr. Hanseok Choi."

"I know."

Like an A-class middle-class hunter, he seemed to have noticed the enemies approaching secretly. Suddenly, the staff was in his right hand.

"Magic Missile!"

Although it was a sub-magic, the number of magic missiles generated with the starter word exceeded 20.


As soon as Han Seok finished speaking, magic missiles swept in all directions like a storm.



Three men in black masks fell with a dull sound. Seeing this, Hyunjun shook his head with a short sigh.

"Are you a ninja? … ."

It was also the kind of clothes that you would see only in martial arts. I don't know who it was, but it was clear that he had read deeply and immersed himself in martial arts novels.

"More is coming."

Hyunjun said. All of a sudden, he had pulled his sword out of his pocket.

"I will intercept. Magic Missile!"

Dozens of magic missiles soared upward once again. But this time it was different.

Dozens of magic missiles with blue light were consumed by the black flame and annihilated. It happened in an instant.

"At least Grade A!"

Han Seok warned, but he wasn't too nervous. Hyunjun knew how strong he was.

A-class hunters will not be an opponent except for the top level.

"I was preparing a sacrifice for the 'ceremonial', but an unexpected fish caught."

The man who came down from the sky and landed softly was wearing a black mask, probably using fly magic.

The top was a white shirt, and I don't know what he had been up to a while ago, but there was a lot of red blood on it.

It wasn't clear which guild he belonged to, but the important thing was that he was probably out of his mind as he used the word 'ceremonial'.

"Are you a demon worshiper?"

Hyun-jun spit out his thoughts without realizing it. Along with the deterioration of the security, strange pseudo-religions appeared, and the demonism was one of them.

"no. I'm not on the same level as those vulgar things."

"Look at the conversation. He's a complete second-year patient."

Frowning, he pulled out a shield from his subspace pocket. It looked like a magical world, so I was thinking of engaging in a close combat.

"I ask for cover."

"Leave it to me."

As soon as he heard Han Seok's answer, he kicked the ground and flew towards the masked man.

"Wind Cutter!"

Behind him, he heard a voice shouting a starter, and he aimed at the neck of the black masked man with the Auror Blade.

"Fly away!"

Black flames flew. It was as if the petals were scattered. Hyeonjun quickly retreated, and the four wind cutters were scattered in the air without breaking through the flames.

"You are strong. It seems that I have no choice but to reveal my 'self'."

He put his hand on the mask and raised his magic power. Hyeon-jun also used his magical power to draw the butcher's dagger in that ominous feeling.

"Gear this sword!"

The butcher's dagger with magical power flew in, aiming for the masked man's neck.

"It's already too late! I will show him the power he has given me!"

Black flames engulfed his body before the butcher's dagger could reach. A terrible scream rang out.

When the black flame disappeared, there were no masked blood-stained shirts left, only a 'monster' with a bizarre appearance.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 62


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