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Chapter 63 - Black Intentions - Part 3

"You crazy!"


Han Seok swears, and Hyun Joon retrieves the butcher's dagger. Although it was called an Igear sword, it was not an opponent who could do anything with a dagger.

The surface looked as hard as that of a crustacean. It wasn't up to the Auror Armor level, but it had strong magical power. It was thought that the defense would not be normal.

"Has a human turned into a beast?"

It happened right before my eyes, but it was hard to believe. Hanseok looked shocked, but Hyunjun calmed down.

"calm down. Once we deal with it and hand it over to the Special Police Department, it will be resolved."

"You looked unsettled. Sorry."

"Now focus."

Hyun-jun gave a short pin and kicked the ground. While Han Seok raised his magical power with the casting, he quickly closed the distance with the monster.

- I didn't want to use this power alone! Could this be fate too?

Black flames raged like a storm as the monster lifted the tongs legs that were once human arms.

Hyeon-jun raised the shield with the Auror to protect himself and went deep into the monster.

- Oh, no way!

He hadn't thought that he would break through the storm of flames, but the monster's voice was filled with embarrassment.

Hyeon-jun swung his sword and cut off one of the monster's left claw legs.

- Aaaaaah! What is this!

He hurriedly retreated, scattering the reluctant bodily fluid that looked like the "blood" of the monster.


Hanseok's body soared upwards.

"Fire Cannon!"

A large fireball aimed at the monster.

- I have no intention of being alone!

When I shook the remaining claw leg, a spear of black magic was created and fired.

It pierced through the fireball and flew through Hanseok's body.


Hanseok fell with a sharp scream. Because he twisted his body just before the attack and tried to evade, it was only pierced through the shoulder, not the chest.

As an A-class hunter, it was a quick and sharp magic attack that he could not properly respond to.

"I am okay!"

Hanseok shouted from behind. Hyun-jun shook off his worries and ran towards the monster.

- Whoa!

The monster also created an auror blade on the tongs leg and faced it, but it was not enough to push Hyun-jun in swordsmanship. Eventually, when the sword was stuck in his upper body, the monster screamed in pain. Hyunjun didn't stop. At the same time as he drew his sword again and recovered it, he swung his shield and struck the monster in the face.


With a roar, the monster's hideous head was shattered. The monster, who could not even scream and lost his head, stumbled and collapsed powerlessly.

"Did you die… … ?"

He immediately shook his head with a sigh. It was a situation beyond common sense, but his head was smashed, but he did not seem to be alive.

Thinking that the monster had completely stopped breathing, Hyun-jun ran to Han-seok immediately.

The spear of black magic that pierced his shoulder had disappeared, but the wound looked deep.

"Are you okay?"

"The bleeding was done."

Hemostasis magic was one of the reasons why I heard that the magic hunter was all-rounder.

Healing-type magic cannot be learned, but being able to stop bleeding is generally a big help.

"Shouldn't we call the Special Police Department?"

Hyun-jun shook his head at Han-seok's question.

"There was so much chaos without having to contact us, so the report must have been received already."

It was said that the special police were corrupt, but once they received a report, they had no choice but to go to the rescue.

"Looks like the time has come to arrive soon."

It was the moment when Hyunjun finished his speech. Black flames rose from the monster's corpse and engulfed the corpse in an instant.

By the time Hyeon-jun approached in a hurry, the body had already been completely "incinerated". Out of curiosity, I looked at other masked people, but their bodies were intact.

"Mr. Hyeonjun Kang. There is something there."

While Hyun-jun was examining the corpses of the masked men, Han-seok approached slowly and pointed his finger at the place where the monster's body had just been.

A small crystal that looked like a magic crystal remained there. Unlike ordinary magic crystals, it was pitch-black in color and weak, but ominous magical power leaked out.

"Black Magic Stone… … ?"

It didn't come easily. But soon there was a reason why I had no choice but to put my hands on it.

- Gildre, a maniac who touched the truth, shows a strong curiosity about the strange substance in front of him.

Hearing the voice he heard, Hyunjun let out a short sigh and picked up the black magic stone.

If it was possible to get a reward, this level of difficulty was not difficult.

"I have to leave the scene before the special police arrive."

"Well, it's annoying because I hate it too. Even without our testimony, the special police will take care of it."

At Hyeonjun's words, Hanseok also nodded. It was common to deliberately avoid making statements because there were not a lot of troublesome things to do when entangled with the special police.

'But it would be better to erase the traces of my being here.'

He raised his magical power and manifested one of the God's blessings.

- The sergeant begins an evil scheme. A shadow behind you erases any traces of you.

Black shadows erased the traces of Hyun-jun and Han-seok. Now, when the special police arrive, they won't find anything related to the two.

I had erased traces like this before, so the effect was reliable.

"I'm really drunk."

Hanseok said. Hyunjun also nodded in agreement.

The moderate intoxication that was pleasantly wet disappeared at once, leaving only an unpleasant sensation.

It was because of the cool magic that the Black Magic Stones shed little by little.

"Mr. Choi Han-seok. Let's go to our guild office first. That seems to be the safest."

Although it is night, armed guards and a small number of executive hunters are patrolling, so you may be able to get their support in case of emergency.

There was a way to go home, but I didn't want to endanger Sojin and her siblings.

"I think it will be much safer than going up to Seoul now."

Han Seok agreed. The two went to where the vehicle was.

"manager! If not, I was trying to find you!"

"Hurry up and start walking."

"Oh, I see!"

The attendant started the car, and Hyun-jun and Han-seok looked around and the back seat/(to)/ got on.

"Let's go."

At Hanseok's words, the attendant nodded/(and)/ took the steering wheel. A vehicle carrying three people departed.

The race guild office was less than 30 minutes away, so I thought it wouldn't be a big deal, but it wasn't.

- The insidious laughter of the sergeant warns you of danger. Someone is aiming for your heart.

The sage has warned. //And.//

"Looks like there's a follow-up."

Hanseok's attendant also noticed that several black sedans were chasing him and informed everyone of the fact.

"How much armament does the vehicle have?"

"There is no such thing. I think you watched too many movies, how do you mount armaments on vehicles in South Korea!"

Hanseok couldn't finish his words. It was because the window of the sedan attached to the left opened and a long muzzle came out.

"Sea, Shield… … !"

As soon as the defense magic was completed, the shooting started. The defensive magic didn't go through bullets, but it didn't protect the entire vehicle.

At best, it was all blocking the back and driver's seats, and the gunner soon switched to tires.

bang! Taang!

A gunshot rang out. Unable to withstand a series of gunfire, the tire exploded. Hanseok's attendant hurriedly turned the steering wheel to the side in bewilderment.

Hyeonjun blocked the front with a shield and protected his body with magic, but he felt a strong shock engulf his body.

When the vehicle stopped after colliding with a street tree, Hyun-jun ripped open the car door to remove the danger. It was not difficult for an S-class hunter to open the door of the vehicle. A crowd gathered around him, who barely escaped.


Moving his eyes, he quickly grasped the situation. Seven men and women alighted from three black sedans. Two of them were armed with automatic rifles, and the rest were level C or higher hunters, holding swords and spears.


When armed men appeared in a sudden accident, passersby screamed and fled to survive.

Only a few spectators remained around. They neglected their lives and took out their smartphones as if it was natural and started filming.

It was absurd, but it was the evil brought by the development of smartphones and the Internet. The desire to get attention by posting this on the Internet was stronger than the thought of living in the minds of onlookers right now.

"Gosh… … head... … ."

Maybe he didn't properly use his defensive magic when he collided to block bullets, so Han-seok grabbed his head and pulled himself out of the burning vehicle.

Next to him was an attendant who had lost consciousness. He opened his mouth with an angry face as he watched the masked men slowly narrowing the distance as they spread their siege.

"What about these cubs? Dare to aim for your brother?"

I never allowed Ho-hyung, but suddenly it's called hyung-nim. Hyun-jun lost his humor and looked at him asking for an explanation, but Han-seok… … .

"You saved my life! I will treat you as my brother!"

With these words, he was just getting ready for a battle. He seemed to think that his life was saved in the battle with an unidentified monster.

"follow your heart."

Hyunjun shook his head with a tired face. It didn't seem to have any adverse effects right away, so I thought I could leave it alone.

"Do you have our 'things'? It would be beneficial to hand them over this way when they say nice things."

said the woman who seemed to be the leader. As she raised her hand, the other masked men aimed their weapons at Hyun-jun and Han-seok.

I think you're talking about the Black Magic Stone, but given the ghastly atmosphere, it seemed that it would be difficult to get out of it without doing anything.

"What about these cubs? Do you know who this is!"

"I am not interested. We only need to get the 'stuff' back."

"This is the race guild leader Kang Hyeon-jun, who has been promoted to S-class this time!"

Not only the leader, but also the masked eyes shook anxiously as if an earthquake had occurred.

The word S-class that came out of Hanseok's mouth made them shake.

"Joe, Captain… … ."

"I'm an S-class hunter, what should I do?"

"You are lying. S-class hunters aren't common, so there's no way they're here, right?"

As the men trembled in fear, a woman called Zhao shrugged her shoulders and said: Seeing that, Hyunjun raised the corner of his mouth.

"Gear sword."

The dagger hung from his waist rose to the sky. When the magic was injected, the dagger became an auror blade.

"Sa, shoot!"


Realizing that the battle had begun late, the captain ordered the shooting, but Han Seok was a little faster.

While his defensive magic blocked the bullets, Hyun-joon blew a dagger with his Igear sword.

"From now on, it's self-defense!"

And the massacre began.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 63


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