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Chapter 65 - The Wind of Change Blows - Part 1

bang! bang! bang!

A flash of light flashed from the front with a roar. The special police armored car running in the lead overturned with an explosion.

The armored vehicles operated by the special police department were classified as light armored vehicles, so they were insufficient to withstand the bombardment of rockets.

"Hey, crazy! Rocket bombs in the middle of the city?"

Han-seok was astonished by the daring attack that was not afraid of the future. Hyun-jun seemed to understand why Tae-sik said that even the special police station was not safe now.

"stop. fight back."

When Taesik spoke into the radio, the procession of vehicles stopped all at once. Two armored vehicles that were not attacked by rockets became shields that blocked the front and rear of the sedan Hyun-Jun was boarding.

While machine gun shots were being fired at the enemies from the armored vehicles in front, those who were on the sedan got off at once without anyone else being the first to prepare for battle.


Hyunjun said. I could feel the presence of a large number of people approaching quickly from all directions, but the number was by no means small.

It made me wonder who the daring man behind this was in the middle of the city and not in a remote location.

"Is this happening often?"

"Sometimes it happens when it comes to Black Magic Stones."

"Then why have I never seen news like this?"

I thought that I tend to watch Internet articles and news channels often. However, it seemed that he had never seen such an unidentified engagement.

With the onset of the dungeon raid era, security deteriorates, and news of incidents and accidents on the Internet are updated every day, but there is no way that a large-scale incident of this size could not have been overlooked.

"Mr. Hyeonjun Kang. Have you ever heard of media control?"

Taesik asked. Dozens of fireballs the size of a human head were created around him. Hyun-jun nodded without saying a word, and Tae-sik opened his mouth again to continue the explanation.

"The current Republic of Korea is not as clean as Mr. Kang Hyeon-jun thought."

I didn't add any more, but the explanation was good enough. The standard was so close that there was no time to continue the conversation.


"I'll cover you too!"

When Jin-Ah used the flying magic first, Han-Seok also shouted confidently and soared upwards.

The injuries sustained in the fight with the monster were full of strength because he had finished recovering at the special police station.

It was quiet in the front, whether all those who threw rocket bombs were suppressed by the machine gunner.

But the battle is only the beginning. About 10 masked men appeared in the dark. Dozens of dark red flames aimed at the two people in flight.

Han Seok counterattacked with a wind cutter while Jin-ah performed her defensive magic.

"I come here too."

During the dogfight, the ground looked at each other for opportunities in tension.

"Look out. Not the weak ones... … Go, Hyunjun Kang!"

At the moment Taesik warns the masked people, Hyunjun is already throwing himself at the enemies.

Seeing this, Taesik sighed and began to cover.

"Fire Cannon!"

The special ability that Taesik awakened as he became an S-class hunter was 'magic'. So, despite being a combat hunter, he was able to use even 'high level magic'.

A large fireball flew towards the masked people. Although it was a powerful high-ranking magic, they calmly and harmoniously spread out a dispersed formation, trying to defend or dodge.



Two people were engulfed in flames and collapsed, and the remaining ones aimed at Hyun-jun and Tae-sik.


Hyeonjun calmly raised his magical powers and expressed his protection.

- Withered Miller's valiant sword is with you. The sword will not be broken unless righteous courage is broken.

Since he was not holding a shield now, only the Withered Miller's protection was activated. A blue aura dwelled in the sword.

"Oh hey? Auror Blade?"

"Don't be arrogant as an Auror user."

"It cannot be our opponent, chosen by him."

"Because we are special."

A friendly explanation followed, and the spear and sword held by the masked four standing in front of Hyun-Jun also dwelled in Aurors.

The only difference was that it was not blue, but dark red.

"I don't think you belong to a special police department, but when you say something nice, get out of the way."

There was no need to answer. Hyun-jun swung his sword, narrowing the distance with the masked people in an instant.


The masked man with a spear fell down with a scream and bleeding.

"The strongest of us!"

"Your brother in one blow?"

"It's not your usual opponent!"

Even though the blood of their comrades was creating red pools, they didn't stop explaining.

"if it goes like this!"

"We have no choice but to spread the passing team!"

"Unit 2! Unit 3! It's a pass!"

Like the warriors in the sequel, he was moving and trying to do something, but Hyunjun had no intention of sitting still.

"Sah, it's gone… … ."

When they woke up, Hyunjun was not in their sight. It was too fast to follow the movement.

"Big, uh… … ."



It wasn't until his arms and legs were cut off and his heart pierced that he collapsed before he realized that he had been attacked. Nevertheless, his breath was cut off without being able to find a sign.

Hyeon-jun, who dealt with the masked net in an instant, quickly moved his eyes to grasp the situation.

In the sky, a dogfight was in full swing in which they exchanged magical attacks, and Taeshik was facing two masked people right in front of him.

When I saw the fight, the three masked people seemed to be at least A-class capable, but Tae-shik was relaxed.

'We have to deal with the remote side... … .'

So it was the moment I turned around without any worries.


sharp scream. His voice was familiar to say it belonged to a masked man. Hyeonjun hurriedly turned around and saw Taeshik widening the distance from the masked people with blood splattered in his eyes.


Hyun-joon spit out a swear word. Two out of three masked people were no longer human, but monsters.

He looked more like a monster than the monster he met for the first time on the way back with Han Seok.


The other person was twisting his body to see if he was transforming and was spraying dirty body fluids everywhere.

'The third must be stopped!'

raised the power.

"Gear this sword!"

The butcher's dagger hung from his waist along with the starter was shot like a bullet at the transforming monster.

The butcher's dagger, which flew violently, seemed to be aiming at the thigh, but in the end it was stuck in the neck. Due to the unpredictable anomalous movement of the Igear Sword, the monster who was transforming had no choice but to be defeated.

Hyun-jun continued to hold his sword and blocked the front of the two remaining monsters. The monsters aimed their tentacles and sharp claws and fired dark red flames.

-The righteous shield of Carthage protects you. As long as the great guardian is with you, nothing can threaten you.

Suddenly, a shield was in his left hand. As the aurora dwelt together with the apparition of protection, Hyun-jun raised his shield to block the dark red flames.

"We will cooperate."

"Go, thank you."

Taesik expressed his gratitude, and the monsters rushed towards Hyeonjun.

In the eyes of ordinary people, it was just an instant, less than 0.1 seconds. The monsters were occupying the front and back of Hyeon-Jun.

- The Reaper's brutal murderous intent is awakened. Living beings are unaware of their instinctive fears.

Instead of defending with a sword and shield, he activated the Reaper's protection by using magic.

It was a brief moment as the eerie life was released, but the movements of the monsters who were trying to attack Hyun-jun stopped.

However, the state of suppression by living did not last long.

- Whoa!

When a monster used magical power, a storm of pure magical power raged around him. It was an ignorant yet effective way to unwind.

After being freed from living, the two monsters spread the pass line toward Hyun-jun.

- Whoa!

Several tentacles filled with dark red flames aimed at Hyunjun from all directions, and the other spear flashed.

"I will cover you! Wind Cutter!"

Jin-ah and Han-seok were busy with the magic battle. Taesik spit out the starting word and completed his attack magic.

Four blades of the wind were pierced into the body of the spearman. And Taesik was astonished.

"Hey, this can't be!"

Even though the high-level magic wind cutter, which boasts sharp enough to cut through the body of a trained A-class hunter, was properly inserted, the monster staggered a little and spilled a small amount of blood, showing no significant damage.

'I'm not a magician hunter, but it's definitely a higher level magic... … .'

Taesik swallowed dry saliva. The level of the enemy was higher than expected.

Until a while ago, I thought I could easily subdue it, but after I turned into a monster, everything changed.

'Have you been an F-class hunter until half a year ago? This is absurd... … .'

Tae-sik's eyes fluttered as he looked at Hyun-jun's back, who was engaged in a fierce battle with the two monsters.

All movements were too neat to be called an F-class hunter.

Usually, even when the overwhelming force was obtained through the secondary awakening, the actual combat power was often insufficient compared to the grade due to the lack of actual combat experience, but it was not Kang Hyeon-jun who was fighting right in front of his eyes.

- Whoa!

In an instant, dozens of sword strikes raged like a storm, and the monster's tentacles poured into pieces.

- Hey, you human!

"Are you talking like you're not human?"

Retrieved the sword and answered. The appearance of the monstrous creature in front of us is already beyond the realm of human beings.

"It seems like it, but it is."

- Whoa!

The monster, who had lost its tentacles, pulled out a sword and ran towards it. The monster with the spear retreated to the side and shot a dark red fireball to cover his comrades.

He swung his shield while cutting a fireball with his sword.


The monster hit by the shield was thrown away.

"Gear this sword!"

Hyeon-jun moved the butcher's dagger to kill the monster who was impaled on the wall of the building. And it was the moment when I turned to the one remaining.

"Look out!"

The body of the monster with the spear exploded with Taesik's cry.


It wasn't a big explosion. At best, it was enough to detonate a grenade, and it was a little far away and had a shield so it wasn't hurt by fragments. But that wasn't the problem.

"Am I mental?"

My head was dizzy and I was nauseous. Nausea continued, and my vision gradually darkened. Hyunjun barely raised his head and looked around.

Han-seok had already fallen and had her face buried in the cold road, and Jin-ah was also coming down to the ground helplessly.

Taesik also sat down, pouring red blood out of his mouth. The special police officers also collapsed and did not move.

"Hey, what is this… … ."

It was slowly limiting. Jin-ah and Tae-sik couldn't stand it any longer and collapsed.

"Everyone, Danzig… … ."

There were no people to protect, so even Danzig did not respond. The masked men who had been peeking at the opportunity in the dark appeared one by one.

Now when they fall, their weapons will begin to mow. Then everything will be over.

"Ugh… … ."

I lost my strength. It was the moment I thought it was all over.

- Deus' absolute will interferes with fate.

A voice was heard.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 65


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