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Chapter 67 - The Wind of Change Blows - Part 3

Hyunjun slowly raised his magic power. Though the mental contamination continued, it was possible to move a small amount of magical power.

And fortunately, it didn't require a lot of magical power to manifest Gildre's protection.

-Gildre's dark knowledge assists you. Start analyzing the magic spell.

A magical technique like a biochemical weapon that was rapidly contaminating the mind was unfolding before my eyes.

Thanks to Gildre's teaching, it didn't take long for him to understand the magic in front of him.

Hyun-Jun once again raised his magical powers.

-Gildre's magical power erodes magic. In the name of the dark truth, I command the forced dissolution of magical powers.


The magical power of the black magic stone that was polluting Hyeonjun's mind was shattered at once. But my vision was blurred.

It was a phenomenon that occurred because of the large consumption of mana. It was then that Hyeonjun remembered the fact that the amount of magic consumed to destroy magic is proportional to the power of magic.

As soon as my vision returned to normal, the scene that caught my eye was a masked man trying to shoot down a hatchet at Jin-ah, who had fallen down.

"Gear this sword!"

The butcher's dagger, which was stuck in the ground, soared upward. Soon, the tip of the short blade turned towards the masked man with the hatchet.

When Hyun-jun gestured with magical power, the dagger flew like a bullet.

The masked man noticed the surprise and tried to defend himself, but the butcher's dagger was stuck in his neck as if he had a will, avoiding the hatchet.


"It's me!"

"How did you get out of mind contamination?"

"Once, attack!"

As the masked man went down with a short scream, the eyes of other masked people were focused.

They rushed towards Hyeon-jun, wielding swords and spears, and stabbed them, but unlike the monster, they weren't the main combatants, so their skills were poor.




It was such a mysterious swordsmanship that, once swung, the three masked men fell.

However, there were still masked people who performed magic attacks.

Hyunjun's gaze turned to them.

The distance was not far.

"Black Salt!"

"Black Sword!"

The attack magic was completed with the starter word. Hyeon-jun did not dodge, slammed the ground and threw himself.

The masked man who saw this was astonished.

"You're not avoiding it?"

The high-ranking magic that is secretly transmitted between them, the black flame and the high-level magic black sword, are aiming at the same time, but rather narrow the distance? It was an incomprehensible act.

-Gildre's dark knowledge assists you. Start analyzing the magic spell.

analysis is over. And.

-Gildre's magical power erodes magic. In the name of the dark truth, I command the forced dissolution of magical powers.

The magic was destroyed. Higher level magic, let alone high level magic, was not free from Gildre's protection.

"Oh, the magic destruction technique?"

"Does a combat hunter know of such advanced techniques?"

"Wake! Right in front of you!"

While the masked people were panicking, Hyun-jun had already approached right in front of them.

"Jeez… … Aaaaaah!"

The severed arm fell to the floor and red blood was splattered. When the person who appeared to be the leader was struck by a blow, the masked people showed different reactions.

"Ugh, ooh!"

one who runs away.


And those who fight against it by rearranging it.

"Gear sword."

Hyun-jun took care of those who ran away first. When the blown butcher's dagger pierced his head, the masked man collapsed helplessly.

"Dark Arrow!"

The masked man who spread the distance with Blink has finished casting. An arrow made of jet-black magic aimed at Hyeonjun.

There was no need to use Gildre's protection for this. Hyeonjun threw himself at the masked man while blocking the Dark Arrow with his sword.

"Wow, what's so fast! bling... … Crackle!"

Couldn't finish the starter. Because he had his head cut off by the sword that was being swung.

"It's over."

There was no one standing around. There was no feeling of hostility or living.

This clears things up. Hyunjun put his sword and shield in the pocket of the subspace.

And approached Jin-ah, who was lying down. The magical mist that caused the contamination of the mind receded, but she could not wake up.

"Ugh… … ."

He was groaning in pain with a painful expression on his face. Hyunjun put his hand on her forehead and operated his magic. After the analysis is over, only magic destruction remains.

-Gildre's magical power erodes magic. In the name of the dark truth, I command the forced dissolution of magical powers.

* * *

When I woke up, I was walking in pitch-black darkness.

"What, what… … what is this... … ."

Jin-ah is the second daughter of Cheil Group and an S-class hunter.

I was always confident that I wouldn't be surprised in any situation, but being trapped alone in the darkness where I couldn't see an inch ahead, my instinctive fear as a human had no choice but to raise my head.

"Oh, no one… … ."

Clearly, even though he opened his mouth and spoke, his own voice could not be heard in his ear.

And it became another anxiety, which stimulated the fear that slowly began to raise its head.

"anybody there… … ?"

The silent cry did not reach anywhere. I couldn't see anything, I didn't touch anything, I couldn't hear anything.

"La, Light!"

I tried to shout the starting word of lighting magic, but the expected light was not generated.

Jin-ah was swept away by stronger anxiety. The unresponsiveness of the magic meant that there was no means to defend against danger.

Realizing that, I started running like crazy.


I didn't even feel like I was running. The passage of time was the same.

It ran like crazy, and an immeasurable amount of time passed. No, it seemed to flow.

I didn't know where I was and I didn't know how to get out.

However, if there is one thing for sure, her mind is exhausted and it looks like it will collapse at any moment like a precarious sand castle.

It was a moment when I gave up everything and sat down.


I heard something break. And the light leaked out.


The squeak leaked out. Now it seemed that he could hear his voice. Jin-ah ran with all her might toward the leaking light. And I saw it at the end.

Hyunjun's face.

* * *

"Are you out of your mind?"

As always, I didn't expect it to be so pleasant to see him spit out in an indifferent voice.

Jin-ah turned her head and looked around. Because the traces of the battle could not be erased, the surroundings were bloody, but there was light and sound, and the warmth of the fingertips was felt.

"Hey, I'm back… … ."

Dewdrops in his eyes. Hyunjun saw that and opened his mouth.

"Why are you sweating from your eyes?"

It was a joke meant to relieve tension by anyone looking at it.

"Did Hyunjun Kang save me?"

The warm energy he felt the moment he touched the light was Hyeonjun's magic. He could feel Hyeonjun's magic still faintly remaining inside his body.

"Yeah, I thought I was having a nightmare, so I used my hands a little."

It was true, and I thought there was nothing wrong with making her into debt.

"Thank you… … ."

"If you are grateful, I will buy you some rice next time."

"exactly… … I will do that."

The sincerity of Jin-ah's voice came out. Time in reality had passed, but she was faced with an unfathomable horror in her mind pollution.

Hyeon-jun was the ray of light that helped me get out of that dark despair. It would be weird if you didn't thank me.

"I'm taking a break for a while. I have to save other people too."

That was the moment I was about to get up. I felt a hand grabbing my collar.

"Mr. Jin-ah Lee?"

Jin-ah was pulling Hyun-joon's sleeve. As if he would not let go, he felt a strong force.

Although it is called the magic world, she is also a hunter. If you hold onto it like this, it will be difficult for Hyun-jun to move easily if he doesn't use his strength.

"Jinah, shouldn't we have to save other people too? It must be difficult for everyone right now... … ."

"Sorry, I'm sorry."

It was only then that Jin-ah realized that he had made an unreasonable request and bowed his head at Hyun-jun's words.

The hand that was holding Hyunjun's sleeve also lost strength. Knowing that she wasn't a selfish person who only thinks of himself, Hyun-jun walked towards Tae-sik without saying a word, leaving a faint smile.


When he placed his hand on his forehead and expressed Gildre's protection, Taesik woke up screaming.

"Wow, is this hell?"

Taesik asked. Hyunjun shook his head and opened his mouth.

"It's worse than hell."

"It looks like Korea. Fortunately, the."

Taesik laughed hard at the light joke and got up.

He destroyed the magic trick that caused mental pollution, but he couldn't move properly to see if the aftereffects were still there.

In this situation, if the enemy makes a second attack, the damage will be serious. Although Hyun-jun is there, he cannot protect everyone.

"Request assistance from special police forces."


Since the Black Magic Stone turned out to be important to the enemies, there was no guarantee that there would be no secondary attack.

Hyeon-jun, who noticed that Tae-sik was bringing the radio to his mouth, went to help others.

On the way, I glanced at the place where the monster had fallen, and as expected, the body had disappeared and a black magic stone remained.

'They are all dead.'

The others who had collapsed, except Choi Han-seok, could not bear it and died.

It was too severe mental pollution for hunters of C-class or lower to endure. Hyeon-jun confirmed to the last one alive and dead, and told Tae-shik that everyone was dead.

"i See… … thank you for letting me know."

Taesik nodded his head with a confused expression. He collected the bodies of his subordinates directly with a dark expression.

Shortly thereafter, reinforcements arrived. With their escort, he moved to the Suwon branch.

"I will report to the superior and come. Please wait."

Hyun-jun and Jin-ah waited in the executive lounge. Unlike Tae-sik, who regained stability, Jin-ah still couldn't get far from Hyun-jun's side.

It was the same when Park Seok-hyun, a close associate, arrived late.

"Sorry, I'm sorry."

Jin-ah bowed her head. He thought it was going to be a lung.

Hyeon-jun shook his head with a faint smile as he looked at Jin-ah, who looked weaker than before.


"Thank you."

Amid a warm atmosphere, Seok-hyeon looked at the two of them and left the break room for a while on the excuse of smoking cigarettes.

And almost immediately the door opened and Taesik walked in.

"Mr. Hyeonjun Kang. Wouldn't you like to do business with the Special Police Department, to be precise, with the Republic of Korea?

"What is the transaction?"

"It is the pursuit of the Black Magic Stone and the execution of all the factions that use it. If you make a promise that we will be together, we will let you know."


Hyunjoon had a look of disapproval. Then Taesik opened his mouth again.

"I will arm you with A-class equipment. And the guild tax will also be cut in half. It's not going to be a losing trade. You said you had trouble with the Great Demon Guild, right? They are also suspected of using 'black shadow'. It's an opportunity to clear out those who stand in the way of public power."

I did not know that the Great Demon Guild was involved. It certainly seemed like a good deal if you could borrow the power of a government agency.

'It's too cheap for my ransom.'

raised the corners of his lips.

'They need me.'

Hyeonjun was a Second Awakener and an S-Class Hunter. Besides, he proved his worth with today's battle.

Even Taesik's voice was filled with earnestness. All the circumstances necessary for the negotiation were favorable to Hyun-jun. He opened his mouth with a calm expression.

"One S-class equipment owned by the Korean government and guild tax exemption."

Negotiation is like this.

- Selfish negotiator, Berry's praises again and again for your travels.

And the effect was awesome.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 67


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