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Chapter 68 - Blood Sword - Part 1

"S-class equipment?"

"Yes, it's S-class equipment. I know that the Korean government has some."

In my mind, I wanted to call a higher grade equipment, but none of the SS grade or higher equipment was under the control of the Korean government.

Although the Asura Guild has one SS-class equipment, it is being used by Han Jin-woo, the first and only SS-class hunter in Korea. Since it has already belonged to you, you cannot bring it back unless you die.

"This is not something I can decide. I have to contact the superior again... … Could you please wait a moment?"

"I am not in a hurry. Do what you feel comfortable with."

Hyun-jun said, leaning his back on the chair leisurely. I don't know how it will come out from the top, but it seems that there will be no negative reaction.

There were several reasons, and above all, 'intuition'.

After a while, Taesik returned. It had only been 30 minutes since he had been away for negotiations.

"Is it all right?"

It was more like a formal question. From the beginning of the dungeon raid era, the situation of the special police department was not good.

Although they are receiving support from the state as a government institution, the successful hunters had no intention of working with the state because they were making a lot of money with just the dungeon raid business.

Even if they belong to the special police department, the system that allows individual dungeons and raids to be attacked to some extent was implemented.

'It's a government institution, so it's hard to touch it. But what if you decide to become a terrorist?'

Like now, they are baptized with rockets in the middle of the city. That was the current position of the Special Police Department.

Without the shield of 'Korea', the value of the armed forces as a group is greatly reduced.

'I don't know when it started, but the situation will only get worse.'

You can see how serious and urgent the situation is just by looking at Song Tae-sik, one of the only two S-class hunters belonging to the country, who was afraid to hear the news.

And in such a situation, Hyun-jun proved his 'value'.

Although it was a limited situation, it showed a stronger force than the six strongest hunters in Korea and one of the 'sixth ranks', Geum Oh-wi, Song Tae-sik.

Although the amount of simple horsepower is lower than the S-class, in practice, he showed superior ability than Tae-shik, who is the upper S-class.

In addition to that, mental pollution has been removed, so it is a strange situation if the state does not covet it.

"The upper management said that I would accept Kang Hyun-joon's conditions. One S-class equipment will be provided, and the guild tax for the race guild will be exempted."

"When do you write a contract?"

"Hey, what's the contract?"

"Yeah. It's a deal with the state, but I have a lot of doubts."

Tae-sik seemed a little embarrassed by Hyun-jun's direct words, but he quickly opened his mouth to fix his expression.

"I will prepare the contract."

It didn't take long. It's been about an hour since Taesik called somewhere? The door to the break room opened and a man in a suit came and handed him an envelope.

Inside were two contracts.

"Read it and sign it."

said the man Hyunjun nodded and accepted a contract. At that moment, Choi Han-seok suddenly approached me.

"brother! Would you mind if I read a little? However, I am from law school. We can check to see if there is anything wrong with the contract."

At Hanseok's words, Hyunjun quickly scanned the contract. There seemed to be no particular problem, but the expert's point of view seemed to be different, so I gladly handed it to him.

"Hey, the contract… … ."

"Han Seok is a trustworthy person, so it's okay."

"However… … ."

A look of perplexity was evident. there seems to be something Unsurprisingly, when I turned my head to Hanseok, I could see his cold face.

"There are some problematic provisions."

Han Seok pointed out the terms of the contract and explained it to Hyun Joon. Thanks to you, it was easy to understand.

As he said, there were a few provisions that could have been problematic if left unchecked.

"Come and fix it."

"Sorry, I'm sorry."

"It's okay, so please fix it quickly."

I wasn't angry. Rather, he spoke in a calm voice. And shortly thereafter he came with an amended contract. This time, Hyun-jun asked Han-seok to review.

"No problem."

Hanseok nodded his head.

'This is the last review.'

I read the contract one more time, but as Hanseok said, there seemed to be no problem. Rather, a few more minor benefits were added to appease Hyun-joon, who was angry over the previous contract.

It wasn't a bad feeling because the Korean government was looking into it.

Hyun-jun happily signed the contract and shared a contract with Tae-sik.

"Now, let me guide you to the S-class equipment."

After the contract was over, it was time to receive the down payment.

"The S-class equipment to be paid to Hyeonjun Kang is currently being stored here."

After speaking, Taesik took the first step. Hyunjun followed behind him and raised the corners of his lips.

"It's a coincidence."

"It may not be."

It was the moment when Taesik opened the break room door.

"brother! I want to follow too!"

Hanseok ran quickly.

"I really want to see S-class equipment!"

"Hey, can I follow you?"

Jin-ah, who was sitting quietly, also came out. If she joined, I would have to take Seok-hyeon as well.

When the thought reached there, the man sighed, but Hyunjun let out a light laugh.

"Can we go together?"

"Sigh… … Okay. Kang Hyeon-jun said that, so let's all go together."

Taesik led the people down to the basement. Deep underground, the elevator stopped. The door opened and I saw special police officers in uniform.

They were all C-class or higher hunters, and they were not armed with firearms at all. Perhaps their weapon is in an invisible subspace pocket.

In the first place, it was more efficient for hunters of C-grade or higher to use cold weapons that could accept magical power better than firearms.

"Did the manager come?"

A woman wearing a security team leader's name tag approached Taesik and greeted him.

'It's Class A.'

The insignia on his shoulder was a lieutenant's insignia, which did not match his youthful appearance.

He was an A-class hunter that was hard to see even in the special police department. It also possessed more than medium-level magic power.

It seems that the main power was deployed as it is a place where S-class equipment is stored.

'You look like you're in your early 30s, but it's a captain… … Hunter is good.'

Hyunjun smiled softly and shook his head slightly. For reference, Song Tae-sik, who is in charge of the top secret investigation department, was a police officer.

"Sorry for coming suddenly."

"The orders from the superior have been delivered. I will guide you to the place where the S-class equipment is located."

The security team leader took the first step with an answer. Hyun-jun followed her and felt his heart beating weakly.

Not long ago, he was an F-class hunter, but now he has reached a position where he can receive S-class equipment as a deal.

'You have made a career out of it.'

But it's still not enough. have to climb higher.

"Im here."

While thinking for a moment, the security team leader stopped. The thick iron door opened, revealing the inside.

The walls were made of concrete, and in the center was a red sword.

-Your previous life, the Cursed Berserker, found the equipment used by Edinburgh.

A voice came. It was different from the case of the Reaper's Butcher Dagger. I thought it might be a change that occurred as the synchronization rate with the previous life increased.

"It's a hellish yam. The options are unknown as they have never been attributed."

taeshik said But now it didn't matter. Since it is an S-class equipment, I had no doubts that the best option would be attached.

"Did you know that it is impossible even if we want to give up if the rite of domination fails, right? We can't support you when it comes to dominance."

In order to use S-class or higher equipment, it had to be vested in the domination ceremony. The man in the suit was secretly hoping that Hyun-jun would fail his rule.

"Who is that person?"

Hyun-jun took a step back and asked Tae-sik in a low voice.

"I am an administrator of the Special Police Department. The decision has already been made at the upper level, so you don't have to worry too much about it. It's just flirting."

Taesik answered in a low voice. He doesn't seem to like the manager either. Hyun-jun laughed at the strange power relationship.

Then he approached Tyrving, who was stuck in the center.

"Are you going to start right away? The dominance of S-class equipment is not that simple. At worst, you might even die!"

It felt like he was trying to intimidate him somehow and make him give up his S-class equipment.

Despite the administrator's threat, Hyun-jun reached out towards Tyrving. The worst case is always the worst case.

There were very few cases where people lost their lives during the domination ceremony of S-class equipment. However, in the case of SS-class equipment, there were a few cases in the United States and Russia where people lost their lives due to a failure in the control ceremony.

"I am not afraid to die."

A finger touched Tyrving. At the same time as the contact, magical energy with an ominous energy rose from Tyrving.

'This is mine.'

A smile spread across Hyunjin's lips. There was a strong sense of confidence that he would succeed in the ritual of domination.

He raised his magic and faced Tyrving's magic. Two magical powers with different properties collided and created a wave.

"Hey, this is S-class equipment… … ."

Hanseok's eyes twinkled. A sense of domination had begun. Taesik also gave a curious glance as it was the first time he had seen it in person.

Jin-ah, who has an S-class equipment, and Seok-hyeon, who watched the process of domination, were calm.

'Let's see how long we can hold out?'

The concentration of magical power has thickened. Tyrving also did not give up resistance. Mana exploded like an explosion from Tyrving.

It felt like it was going smoothly, but it wasn't.

'Are you taller than you think?'

I wasn't upset. I was just a little surprised. Feeling an unpleasant gaze, he turned his head slightly, and the administrator was holding back a burst of laughter.

Seeing this, Hyunjun raised the corners of his mouth. It was a moment when I thought it was going to be fun.

- Deus' absolute will intervenes in fate. The power of the Goddess destroys Tyrving's resistance and proceeds with forced binding.

A voice came. The resistance collapsed in an instant. The magical energy that surrounded Tyrving as if to protect him was completely gone.


Hyeon-jun grabbed Tyrving and pushed in his magical power to finish the ritual of domination.

The rest was easy. Hyeonjun's magical power penetrated Tyrving and started to engraving attribution, and the process didn't take 5 minutes to produce results.

Tyrving succumbed.

- Was it you who woke up this body?

And Tyrving said.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 68


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