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Chapter 69 - Blood Sword - Part 2

"Hahaha! brother! Why do you look like that? Did that demon sword even say anything?"

If I didn't hear it wrong, it was clear that I was speaking in human language.

"The magic of Hell Yam has weakened. It seems to belong to Hyun-jun."

said Jina. She noticed the change of hell yam faster than anyone else because she had the experience of belonging to S-class equipment.

But even she didn't know that Hell Yamdo was talking to Hyeon-jun right now.

- I asked if it was you who woke up this body.

It must have been attributed to the successful completion of the rite of domination, but the Hell Yam was not polite.

It's a pity, but Hyunjun didn't know much about the ego sword, so it was difficult to figure out if this was normal.

So far, I have been using various communities as a hunter for a short time, but the fact that there is no information about the Ego Sword... … .

'There is a reason to hide.'

Obviously, the ego sword will not be one. Nevertheless, the absence of information can be explained as being so rare that it is unknown or possessing information.

'I have to hide too.'

Hyeonjun also decided to hide the fact that Hell Yamdo was an ego sword.

"it's nothing."

He answered with a calm voice and put the hell yam into its sheath.

- Kkeuk. Is this your first time seeing a talking sword? You look confused. This body isn't special.

Helly yam seemed to be talking about something, but he lightly ignored it and walked towards the administrator.

The administrator had a shaky expression on his face.

'A hunter who became an S-class within a month succeeded in inheriting the hell yam, which failed by three S-class hunters? What is this... … .'

There was a history of failure of three S-class hunters, including the brilliant Ahn Hyun-ji.

Seong-jun Jo, a scholar of madness and S-class equipment, who has a special ability to analyze techniques even in Korean 6th martial arts, said that the chances of succeeding in the domination ceremony were slim unless he was an SS-class hunter because he had strong resistance.

The magistrate believed it like a rock. So, despite his reluctance, he did not oppose the instructions of his superiors.

If he had objected, the transfer of S-class equipment to Hyun-jun would have been delayed a bit.

"Can I go now?"

"of course. I will escort you to the front door."

"Come on, wait… … ."

Tae-sik nodded happily, but the administrator grabbed Hyun-joon with a look of chewing on something dirty.

"why? Do you have anything?"

"Oh, no."

With a sharp shot with a cold gaze, the administrator had no choice but to retreat.

"I will guide you to the elevator."

The security team leader finished his speech and moved on first. The administrator was left there alone, apparently in shock.

When I got off the elevator to the first floor and came out of the building, I could see several black sedans and vans stopped.

At a glance, you could tell that they were Jin-ah's attendants. However, seeing that she also had a bewildered expression, it seemed that Seokhyun had called her.

'Lee Jin-ah will be safe.'

The number of attendants was not small, and the level seemed high. Since Cheil Group is preparing for the establishment of a guild, it must be the secret power of hunters gathered.

They seemed to be talented people who would be active as executives when an official guild was created in the near future.

"Can I see you again?"

Jin-ah, who was heading to the attendants with Seok-hyun, stopped and asked. Hyunjun opened his mouth with a light smile.

Unlike before, the voice reaching Hyun-jun was kind. Hyeon-jun opened his mouth, effortlessly overcoming the change.

"I don't know exactly why, but Jin-ah is helping Song Tae-sik, and I also accepted a deal from the Special Police Department, so why not keep seeing each other even if you don't like it for a while?"

Jin-a bowed her head slightly at Hyun-jun's answer. A faint smile spread across his face, hidden in the shadow of his hair.

The moment he heard Hyun-jun said that they could meet again, Jin-ah was relieved. The reason was unknown. The sudden change of emotions also confused her.

"Go, I'll go."

Like someone being rushed, I hurriedly ran to the sedan with Seokhyun. The attendants who confirmed that she was on board also got into the car in unison, and soon the car procession departed.

"Mr. Hyeonjun Kang. Can I support the convoy?"

Taemin asked carefully. It was Hyeon-jun who dealt with most of the assailants who had attacked them alone.

You may not need an escort, but I suggested it because I thought it was better than nothing. You can even color it. But Hyunjun shook his head.

"I don't think it's necessary."

A few black sedans and vans ran from a distance, and then stopped in a line in front of the main gate of the Special Police Department.

At the same time, the car door opened and people in black suits got off. It was obvious that he was a hunter, seeing that all of them had magical powers.

"Because my 'subordinates' have arrived."

On their chests were the badges of lace. Hyunjun raised the corners of his mouth and went down the stairs.

Among those dressed in black suits, a particularly familiar face appeared. It was Kim Tae-min, the executive director.

"Guild Master!"

A large amount of magical power was felt in Taemin's body, which was rushing towards him.

I've been busy with work for the past few days and haven't seen each other properly, but something seems to have changed.

"Are you here, Chief Executive?"

"I heard that there was an attack. Are you all right?"

Hyun-jun welcomed him warmly. Taemin responded with a welcome expression and at the same time checked Hyunjun's physical condition.


"Fortunately, the."

Taemin was relieved when Hyunjun said it was okay.

"Then, let's go first. We will contact you when we collect information about 'it'."

"Okay. We will continue to keep in touch."

Taesik answered. He was also an S-class hunter, but thinking that Hyun-jun was with him, he felt calm and reassured.

"Well then, come on."

"see you again."

After saying goodbye, we got into the sedan first. As I leaned back in the back seat, I remembered something I had forgotten.

It reminded me of Han Seok. Looking out the window, I saw Hanseok standing idly.

Unlike a guild with an executive branch, the regular attack team had low loyalty to the leader, so it was not easy to call them privately.

"Han-seok-san will go with you."

"I-Is that really okay?"


At Hyeon-jun's suggestion, Han-seok immediately rushed to the front passenger seat with a impressed expression. Taemin took the driver's seat.

"Today, go to sleep at the race guild office."

It was not long after being attacked by monsters, so it was necessary to take a break, but it was too late to be surprised by the second attack.

Even in the middle of the night, the group is crazy enough to fire rockets in the city center, but it will not be easy to attempt a second raid if you go to a street full of people in broad daylight.

"Go, thank you. brother."

The car procession departed.

"What are you going to do now?"

"I will follow you."

It was a sudden question, but Hanseok answered without hesitation.

When I first called him 'brother', it was only a little bit advanced in a business relationship.

To be honest, there was a reason why I wanted to look good to S-class hunters. But now it was different.

Han-seok knew that it was Hyun-jun who had saved him from that terrible mental pollution. So I thought I should repay the favor even more.


Hyunjun nodded with a smile on his lips. Anyway, Han-seok was also caught up in something related to the black magic stone, so it might be better to act with Hyun-jun or the special police department.

"Im here."

Arrived at the guild office. When Taemin stopped the car, Hanseok got off, thanking Hyunjun again and again.

For guidance and additional security, three hunters from the executive branch followed.

"I will take you home."

Taemin moved the car again.

"Who is Sojin's older sister?"

"You are at the guild office because of a backlog of work. I didn't say it on purpose."

"That's fortunate. Well done."

Hyun-jun wanted So-jin not to know about this attack, or about the Black Magic Stone.

Hyun-jun didn't want her to be worried and anxious. I still remember what I went through with the Echo Guild, but I didn't want to hurt him any more.

The car stopped while I was thinking about Sojin for a moment. When I looked out the window, a familiar house caught my eye.

"I'll park this guy in the garage and stay on the first floor for a while."

"Take a re-examination tomorrow."

"Guild leader?"

Hyun-jun got out of the car instead of answering. The magical power that Taemin possessed has increased dramatically compared to a few days ago.

I don't know what happened, but if I was re-examined, I thought I would get a grade A without any problem.

- You bastard!

As soon as I entered the room and took the hell yam out of the pocket of the subspace, a sharp voice pierced my brain as if in protest.

- Dare you throw this body into a dark and empty space? Are you prepared to pay the price?

It seems that he was dissatisfied with the fact that he kept it in his pocket while coming here.

I also thought that putting the ego sword with 'ego' in the subspace pocket might be more of an 'torture' than 'excuse me'.

"So, are you dissatisfied?"

I was sorry, but I didn't apologize. It was probably because Hell Yam was misunderstanding the master-slave relationship.

It is said that he performed the ritual of domination, but it seems that the influence is not great because he is an ego sword with an ego.

In this case, it is necessary to correct the relationship once again.

"Are you dissatisfied?"

- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

When the concentrated magic was injected, the Hell Yam Scream. Although he was in pain, he could not resist by generating magical powers, perhaps due to the influence of his ruling consciousness.

- Boo, no complaints! Hey! Maaaaan!

It was a cry close to a scream. If it was done worse, the backlash would be severe, so Hyun-Jun withdrew his magic.

- Big, big… … Have you just realized the greatness of this body? mortal... … .

"I feel like I'm out of my mind… … . One more time?"

- Kkeuk! do whatever you want! I can't let this body succumb to pain!

Hyunjun frowned slightly at the voice that seemed to resonate in his head. Judging from the attitude of the hell yam, it didn't seem like it would be easy to give in to pain.

'if so… … .'

After a short deliberation, Hyun-jun came up with a method and smiled bitterly.

It seemed that I needed to match the rhythm.

"Keep… … ."

-What? mortal... … are you crazy

When Hyeon-jun suddenly laughed grotesquely, Hell Yam was bewildered.

"There is nothing I can do about it. I have no choice but to seal you in the darkness of eternity... … ."

- What, what? Do you think you're going to lock me in that subspace forever? I am a useful sword! If you use me properly, your current limit to your magic power will double, and your recovery rate will double! Not only that! By absorbing the blood of the enemy, you can recover your magic power, and you can negate the higher level of magic! how about This is enough... … .

Hell yam also tried hard to appeal to itself. Like S-class equipment, the options attached to it were all great, but Hyun-jun's reaction was cold.

"I don't use uncontrolled weapons."

The cold voice made the hell yam too anxious.

- Whoops. I can't help it. From now on, I will acknowledge you as my 'master'.

Eventually, a declaration of surrender was issued.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 69


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