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Chapter 7 - It's Not Enough, Be Stronger - Part 4

"Three days have passed since C-class hunter Ahn Seong-soo's party entered the dungeon, but there is no contact. Dungeon out is expected."

If a dungeon is created and not attacked for more than a week, the beasts will come out. This phenomenon was called 'dungeon out'.

"The response team is on the move. One B-class hunter and 5 C-class hunters. I think it is enough power to clear the unattacked dungeon."

The first response team convened by the dungeon management bureau gathered at the dungeon entrance.

Their task was to clear the unattacked dungeon before the dungeon out occurred.

"Are you going right now?"

The B-class hunter, who is the leader of the response team, asked a question. The dungeon management staff opened their mouths with a calm expression.

"Considering the power of the party that entered, it should be able to attack in about a day. However, if you see that it hasn't come out until now, on the third day, you can think of annihilation."

"Don't give me a long explanation, just answer me."

"The Dungeon Management Bureau decides that it is better to enter now."

As soon as the dungeon management staff finished speaking, the team members exchanged glances. It was the moment they were about to move towards the entrance of the dungeon.

"Come on, wait! The dungeon has just been cleared!"

The door opened and someone bloody walked out. An employee of the dungeon management bureau rushed to him.

"I have confirmed that the dungeon has been cleared. Where are the other hunters?"

"They are all dead."

His voice, saying that all of his colleagues who had attempted to conquer the dungeon together had died, was too calm.

The staff felt goosebumps as if they were talking about everyday life.

"Huh, can you show me your Hunter license?"

"Yeah. Here you go."

He took out his blood-stained hunter license and handed it to the staff. The eyes of the employee who saw it trembled violently.

'My name is Kang Hyun-joon... … An F-class hunter... … ?'

When he looked up, he was already getting away with his Hunter license again.

* * *


Deputy Manager Park Kyung-ho of the Hunter Division 2 team of the Dungeon Management Bureau ran into the office. In an urgent voice, he found his boss, Lee Sang-hoon, the team leader.

"Dr. Park? Why are you already in?"

Sang-hoon frowned.

"There is no way that the dungeon record investigation has ended now… … ."

"It doesn't matter now!"

"Then what's important?"

Sang-hoon's voice became sharp. A subordinate who returned without completing his or her duties could not look good.

"I found a hunter with a suspected secondary awakening!"

"What? Really?"

The first awakening is to obtain the power of a hunter, which is commonly referred to as a relatively common thing these days. However, the second awakening was different. They were 'special'.

Storm Drake.

Vladimir of Frostblade.

The thrilling Erina.

Erik from Janyoung.

There were only four SSS-class hunters in the world, all of whom were secondary awakenings. Statistically, most of the secondary awakeners grew up to be at least S-class hunters.

If he made such a talented hunter a member of the management office, his promotion would be like a winning prize.

"As I see it, it must be!"

"Let's unpack it for a moment."

"Look at this."

Kyung-ho showed Sang-hoon a picture with his smartphone.

"Who is it?"

"I am an F-class hunter named Kang Hyeon-jun. I came back to life 'alone' in a B-class elite dungeon 2 hours ago."


"That's right."

Seeing Kyungho nodding his head vigorously with a short answer, Sanghoon let out a sigh.

"Dr. Park."

"Yes, chief."

The guard's eyes twinkled. I came here with good information, so I thought I'd get a compliment.

"If you are a real Secondary Awakener, there is no way you can come out of this difficulty level bloody."

"But, Chief! The F-class hunter is back alive from the B-class elite dungeon! There is no way to explain it other than the second awakening!"

"Do your work."

Kyung-ho bit his lip when he saw Sang-hoon waving his hand as if he wasn't interested. He seemed to understand now why Sang-hoon heard the parachute.

'Second awakening is certain… … .'

The guard was sure. But he had no authority.

"manager. It is almost impossible for an F-class hunter to come back alive in a B-class elite dungeon alone. It is most likely a secondary awakening. The administration must scout Hyeon-Jun Kang by all means and methods."

A strong hunter is power. It was no exception for the state agency, the Dungeon Administration.

"Should I keep reruns? Go and work."

"Okay… … ."

Sang-hoon's voice rose. The guard had no choice but to give up. There was no power in his voice.

In my heart, I wanted to scout Hyun-Jun with the best conditions, but what can the deputy of the Hunter Department do? It was easy to give up.

* * *

Hyeonjun visited the settlement center after receiving rough treatment in the medical wing of the dungeon management office. It was to sell the magic stone.

Bloody bandages were wrapped around his body, but no one was conscious of him. Injured hunters were often seen.

"What did you come here for?"

The guide came and asked.

There was no need to visit the settlement center because the sale of magic stones is usually handled by the party leader. So, he appeared to be wandering.

"I came here because of the sale of Magic Stone."

"Please take a ticket from the other side and wait."

That was a nice explanation. Hyun-jun waited for his turn at the place the guide told him. The wait wasn't long.

It wasn't long before I was able to sit in front of the female clerk in charge of the settlement.

"Hello, Hunter. Can I help you sell the Magic Stone?"

The clerk greeted with a bright expression and asked. When Hyunjun nodded, she opened her mouth, pointing to the scale lying next to her.

"Would you mind uploading all the rooted Magic Stones here?"

He took out the Magic Stones from his bag and placed them on the scales. It was not a small amount. The clerk checked the weight of the scale. Then, I took out the appraisal device and checked the quality of the Magic Stone.

"This is enough… … You must have cleared the B-class elite dungeon?"

"Are the feelings over?"

It was disgusting to say long useless words. At Hyeon-jun's question, the clerk finally checked the magic stone and opened his mouth.

"Yeah. The settlement is over. It's twenty million won."

"Twenty million won?"

Originally, it was the amount that should be shared by at least 4 to at most 6 people. However, Hyun-jun was able to take the full amount of 20 million won because he was reincarnated alone.

My heart raced. I never thought that I would touch such a large amount of money in the life of the lowest class F.

"If you show your Hunter license, we will start the deposit process right away."

"Here it is."

The clerk checked the hunter license that Hyun-jun gave him.

'Kang Hyun-jun? this person is… … .'

There was an instruction from the top.

'As soon as F-class Hunter Kang Hyeon-jun arrives, report it. It is very important.'

The clerk remembered it and carefully informed his boss that Hyun-jun had come to the settlement center.

Hyeon-jun, who knew nothing, was just excited to receive 20 million won.

"Your deposit has been completed."

"Are you done?"

It was the moment when Hyunjun asked a question.

"Hunter Kang Hyeonjun. Could you accompany me for a moment? I am such a person."

A loud voice came from behind. Turning his head, the man took out a business card and showed it to Hyun-jun. He was an investigator at the Dungeon Administration.

"Is this a reincarnation investigation?"

Hyunjun asked. He wasn't stupid. He was well aware that if a casualty occurred during the dungeon attack or if he came alive alone, an investigation would be necessary.

Of course, this kind of investigation is formal. It was not easy to find out what was happening inside the dungeon.

"That's right. I would appreciate it if you could just give me 30 minutes."

"It's 30 minutes. I don't have much time either."

"Thank you. Hunter."

For unknown reasons, the investigation was conducted in a respectful atmosphere and was completed in 10 minutes. Then, a person named Park Kyung-ho from the Hunter Department came to visit.

"Hunter Kang Hyun-jun?"

"Yeah. Me?"

"Here is the C-class Hunter certificate. It was sudden, but the attack on the dungeon that was revived this time was confirmed, and the judges recognized that Hunter was no longer capable of staying at F-class.

It was good news. From Class C, it was the realm of a hunter. Hyunjun felt his heart pound. A bright smile spread across his lips.

"I know that Hunter Kang Hyeon-jun is more capable, but with my authority, C-class was the best."

the guard said He felt he wanted to give him a better deal right now and offer him a scout, but he didn't have the authority. It was a sad reality.

"'For now,' this is enough."

Right now, I don't have too much greed. Since I became a C-class hunter, I thought that a lot of the restrictions on my actions had disappeared.

"then… … I will go."

"Ah! Yep!"

Hyunjoon hastened his steps. I had work to do before I went home.

That was to entrust the shield item dropped by the Skeleton Champion to the appraiser.

Although it is possible to use an item in an unidentified state, it was efficient to use it after evaluating what effect it has.

There were many appraisal centers around the Dungeon Management Bureau. Hyeonjun chose one of them and went in and took out his shield. It was a round iron shield that looked sturdy.

"It's one million won."

An hour ago, the amount would have made my hands tremble, but not now. Without hesitation, he took out his card.

"Thank you. customer. I will start feeling."

The appraisers were those who had awakened a unique ability that was different from the hunter. Their power awakens the true power hidden by the item.

"The emotions are over."

The appraiser said as he finished filling out the paperwork.

"This is a B-grade item. The item name written on the shield is 'Shield of grudge'. It has no special abilities and is made of magic iron, so it accepts auras well and is stronger than a normal iron shield. I have recorded everything I said in the appraisal here, so you can refer to it."

After receiving the appraisal, Hyun-jun went home.

'I need to rest.'

I was tired because it was right after I came back to life in the dungeon. I wanted to rest. He fell asleep as if fainting from the fear of throwing himself on the old bed.

And now I woke up in the dream space I was used to. But the door in front of him was unfamiliar.

Unlike Carthage, it was a wooden door as dark as pitch black. Hyunjun's gaze turned to the nameplate.

[shadow behind the scenes]

When Hyejin died, it was her previous life that she praised.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 7


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