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Chapter 71 - The Sorcerer's Hideout - Part 1

Jinmyung Kang was a genius who started as an A-class hunter, rose to the top S-class in 5 years, and climbed to the 3rd rank among Korean 6th ranks.

In particular, no one noticed the special ability 'complete stealth', which was awakened while being promoted to S-class.

Even Seong-Jun Jo, the highest level S-class magician, was unable to find him if Jin-Myeong made up his mind and went into hiding.

'There is no hunter in Korea who can see through my complete hiding.'

I thought so. That was until Han Jin-woo appeared.

'This feeling… … I'm used to it... … .'

Jinmyung tried to hide his nervousness. It felt similar to when I was discovered by Jin-woo, who appeared like a comet one day.

The difference is that in the case of Jin-woo, he discovered Jin-myung's secret only after he became an SS-class hunter, but Hyun-jun in front of him is just a newcomer who has just become an S-class hunter.

'You say you're a Second Awakener, but you're too harsh... … Where did this monster bastard come from?'

When I asked myself, there was no answer.

'Are you going to kill me? It is possible now.'

He was confident that if he threw the dagger hidden in his sleeve, he would instantly kill him in one hit. It was the moment when the dagger poked out. A terrifying life has come upon us.

"If you pull it out, you will die."

Hyeonjun already had a hell yam in his hand. Seeing this, Jin-myung was startled.

Hyeon-jun, who is the top S-class hunter and master of presence detection, was ready for the battle before he even realized it.

-If you're going to fight against it, I won't stop you, but the owner has a hard time defeating that guy 'yet'.

The whispers of hell yam were heard. He was right. Although he had a lot of experience in combat by training in the room of his previous life, his opponent was a top-ranked S-class hunter with Korea's number 3 armed forces.

It won't be easy to win.


'I do not lose.'

I was confident I wouldn't give up.

'It's been a long time since I've had this kind of tension.'

In a suffocating confrontation, Jinmyeong raised the corners of his mouth slightly, and Hyunjun slightly raised his magic power to use Romanoff's protection.

[Jinmyung Kang: The one who sees from the abyss.]

It was an assassin-like 'true name' with complete hiding.

"Aren't you coming?"

In this case, he realized that he was at a disadvantage in his previous life.

So, I tried to induce an advance attack with a light provocation, but it didn't work for Jin Myung.

He simply shook his head and did not raise his weapon.

"Don't get me wrong. I didn't come here to fight."

Jinmyung changed the route. The assassin who appeared knew that his fighting power would be greatly reduced.

I didn't think I was going to lose, but I thought there was nothing good about making a big fuss.

"Then, what happened so far?"

"I'm here to warn you."

Jinmyung answered Hyunjun's question with a dry voice. Hyun-jun frowned at the unpleasant word "warning".


When asked with an absurd expression, Jin Myung nodded with a calm expression.

"Yeah, warning."

"Let's hear it. Tell me."

"I have been installing a lot these days. If you want to live a long time, it would be better to do it in moderation.

Life was oozing out of his voice. It was an invisible pressure that could lead to action if the warning was ignored.

"Then, I warn you. If you want to die in peace, don't be mean and go. I will take care of it."

Despite the sharp threat, Hyun-jun did not hesitate.

On the contrary, Jin Myung put a cold smile on his lips as he confronted them with a stronger warning.

"You are a fun friend. Yes, just keep installing like that."

Is there nothing more to say? Or maybe he thought it was meaningless to continue the conversation, Jinmyung slowly disappeared into the shadows.

- Are you hiding in the shadows? He's the guy I don't like. Great!

"He's going to die anyway, so don't worry about it."

- Are you talking as if you can win?

"You don't know anything about me. Even hell yam."

Hyeonjun exhaled coldly and put the hell yam into the sheath. And then we headed back to the beach.

* * *

After the vacation, Hyun-jun returned to work. Sojin tried to go to work again, but Hyunjun forced her to take more vacation.

"Come back as a whole."

"Wow, the whole thing… … ? What is it?"

"I mean, take a good rest and come back."

So Jin got three more days of vacation, and Hyun Joon went to work at the guild office.

During Sojin's vacation, Taemin took over her duties.

As a result, Taemin's work load was aggravated, but he did not complain and worked quietly.

"Guild leader, National Assembly member Hong Sang-gyun has asked to meet."

Taemin reported. If there was anything different from before the vacation, the rumors that Hyeonjun had been promoted to an S-class lower level hunter began to spread in earnest, and more and more people wanted to line up.

All of them were close to the center of power that moves the Republic of Korea, but to Hyun-jun, they were just flying flies.

"How many times is this?"

"If you look at the case of members of the National Assembly alone, it is the 11th."

It was said that 11 members of the National Assembly had approached Hyun-jun in the past two days.

"Is this an unofficial route?"

"Yes, even if you refuse, there will be no regrets."

It was common to try to line up the Hunters. So, even if they were rejected, most of them didn't really care.

To be honest, there were a lot of cases where I thought it would be good if I tried to line up and succeeded, or it wasn't enough.

Hyeon-jun's value 'yet' was that much. The number of S-class hunters in Korea was a little over 30.

Considering the number of people, it was by no means a small number. It is said that although a member of the National Assembly moves to the point of waiting in line, it is not an opponent to hang on to the point of throwing away his pride.

"Reject it."

"I will use the excuse that the guild is busy."

"That would be great."

Giving excuses looked good. Assemblyman Hong Sang-gyun will also understand.

"How did the reservation for the S-class dungeon go?"

Securing the S-class dungeon schedule was an instruction given right after Hyeon-jun was promoted.

I was expecting it in my own way, but Taemin's expression was not bright because the result was not good.

"Yesterday, the Asura Guild continued to bid for the top... … I missed it. Sorry."

Hyeonjun frowned at Taemin's report. It wasn't because the results weren't good.

It was because Asura did not like his behavior.

"How much did you bid from Asura?"

In response to Hyun-jun's question, Taemin told him the amount of the final bid for the deposit.

In the case of S-class dungeons, a huge amount of deposit is placed because at least thousands of people may die if the dungeon starts out due to repeated failures.

The deposit is used to form the military force and the Hunter response team in the event of an attack failure.

The deposit amount bid by Asura was usually four times. This was enough to make me feel bad.

'Are these bastards going to bid like this to die?'

I was angry, but there was nothing I could do right now.

"Now, how long do we have to wait?"

"It is difficult to predict. Sorry."

Hyunjun asked. Taemin bowed his head and bit his lip slightly.

S-class was not a frequently generated dungeon. Now I can't say how long I'll have to wait.

Therefore, Tae-min was distressed that Hyun-jun did not come with satisfactory results.

"Fine. executive chief. Waiting is not difficult. It's not urgent."

In the worst case, it was expected for half a year, but the opportunity came sooner than expected.

"We have confirmed the creation of an S-class dungeon in Busan. The detail difficulty level is the lowest."

Late in the afternoon, after finishing the dungeon raid alone, as soon as I returned to the guild chief's office, the door suddenly opened and Taemin ran and reported.

"When was the bidding held?"

"It starts in 30 minutes."

"It's fast."

Hyunjun frowned. It is said that if a dungeon that has not been attacked for a certain period of time is left unattended, it will cause a dungeon out, but this was too fast.

"It is weak, but there are signs of a dungeon out. So it looks like the Dungeon Administration is rushing to bid."

"Get ready. This time I will go too."

"I'll see you."

I got in the prepared car and moved to the Dungeon Management Office. Deposit bids are made at the auction house of the Dungeon Administration Building.

If the distance is far, the branch can participate remotely. Thanks to Taemin's speeding, he was able to arrive at the Suwon branch sooner than expected.

'I have the temperament of a speed racer... … .'

Just like the last time I took Sojin to the hospital, Taemin seemed to have the soul of a racer.

"You can come this way."

I entered the auction house under the guidance of the clerk. There were not many people in the auction held in the Seoul branch because other branches were participating remotely.

Hyunjun sat down on a chair and opened his laptop. Then, the appearance of the Seoul branch auction house appeared on the screen.

'Not as many as I thought.'

I didn't know why, but there weren't many. A smile spread across Hyun-jun's lips because that meant that there were fewer competitors.

-We will proceed with the auction of the S-class dungeon, 'The Hideout of the Magician Scholar'.

It started.

'Faster than anyone else!'

Hyunjun's hand moved like a single ray of light. Starting with the first pressing of the bid button, the curtain of the full-scale auction has risen.

-Participant #23 placed the highest bid.

As the auction progressed, the price rose rapidly. One by one, people withdrew from the bidding competition, and after a while there were only about three left.

Both were directly participating in the Seoul branch and were within the camera's field of view on the laptop.

One was a woman and the other was a man, pressing the bid button nonstop.

'If you keep going like this, there's nothing I can do about it.'

This will inevitably become a money battle. Hyun-jun also kept pressing the bid button.

When the deposit bid was tripled, the male side no longer pressed the top bid button.

They said they would get their deposit back, but there was a fee, and above all, they had to think about failure, so they didn't want to take the risk.

I could see the side of the woman who had been holding up until now, but her expression was not good.

It seemed that the funds that could be managed were limited.

They say they will get it back, but they must leave it as a deposit, so you cannot bid in excess of the operating funds.

'That is the limit slowly.'

But it wasn't Hyunjun. Thanks to the exclusive raid and Choi Na-young's slush fund, there was a lot of cash available right away.

On the woman's side, she pressed the bid button with a painful expression, but Hyun-jun had no hesitation because he still had time to spare.

- The bid was successful.

In the end, he won. Usually at 4 times the price. But there were no regrets. I'm sure the attack will be successful.

Hyunjun raised the corner of his mouth and covered the laptop.

As I was about to get up from the chair with Taemin, the dungeon management clerk who was standing next to me cautiously approached me.

"Soon, the contract will arrive. Go to the drawing room and wait."

I followed the clerk.

"The fax has arrived."

After waiting for about 10 minutes, another employee came with a contract. Looking at the nameplate, he was an executive with the rank of manager.

He stamped each of the two contracts and handed it to Hyun-jun.

"After signing and depositing, temporary ownership of the S-class dungeon, 'The Magician's Hideout' takes effect."

At the moment of signing, it was said that if the dungeon was not captured, close to 100 billion won would be lost. But there was no hesitation.

Hyun-jun finished signing without hesitation and shared the contract with the staff.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 71


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