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Chapter 72 - The Sorcerer's Hideout - Part 2

The name of the S-class dungeon secured by the Race Guild is 'The Magician's Hideout', and it was expected that there would be many magical traps and sentinels that moved by magic.

Although it was the lowest detailed difficulty level, it was still an S-class dungeon, so I couldn't be vigilant.

So Hyun-jun decided to mobilize all the power he could move besides belonging to the Race Guild. He called Hanseok first.

"Hanseok, what are you going to do?"

Hyeon-jun asked about the details before the explanation was finished. Hanseok smiled and opened his mouth.

"I will participate."

The danger of S-class dungeons is beyond imagination. Even porters can support from a B-class hunter or higher who have defensive means because of the risk, and even that seems to be a life allowance, but it was difficult to obtain.

However, Han Seok trusted Hyun Joon.

He was determined to follow him until the end, who saved his life from the attack of monsters and the trust he showed in the exclusive raid.

"Thank you for believing in me."

Hyunjun also responded with a smile. Now it was Jin-ah's next turn. If you bring her in, Seok-hyeon, who is an attendant, will follow you.

Of course, he could move more of his hunters, but he didn't want to get help up to that point, and there was no need for that.

-Is it okay if only me and Team Leader Park go?

Jina asked. She immediately decided to join. With this, Hyunjun secured two S-class hunters and two A-class hunters, including himself.

But it didn't stop. After giving Taemin an instruction to secure a porter who could enter the S-class dungeon, he went to see Hansoo Baek.

"Of course, I will participate in the attack! After all, it was the best decision to follow the guild leader at that time!"

Hansoo shed tears when he explained that he had secured an S-class dungeon. It was a moment when what I had been longing for had come true.

Although there was a risk of losing his life, he was determined to follow without hesitation.

Hansoo's participation was decided, and Hyunjun contacted Sojin and Kyuhwan as well. Sojin answered right away, but Kyuhwan thought seriously for an hour or so, and then said in a calm voice that he would follow along.

'Two S-class people and 5 A-class people… … .'

By no means, it was not a small amount of power, but it felt enough to attack the S-class dungeon. In my heart, I wanted to call another manpower, but there were no suitable ones.

"If we proceed like this, there may be a lot of damage… … ."

Hyeonjun bit his lip as he sat in the office and pondered. He had the confidence to clear it, but he didn't have the confidence to protect everyone during the attack.

"What should I do… … ?"

However, a solution did not come out, and the dungeon schedule was getting closer. It was a time when he was thinking about whether to organize the attacking personnel as it is.

Hyeonjun was cruel, but he thought of a sure way to solve it.

"Did you call?"

Hyun-jun called the executive director Kim Tae-min. Taemin, who was working on the floor downstairs, got a call and ran to him.

"Please submit the list to the Dungeon Management Bureau as it is."

"Guild Master. Jin-ah Lee and Seok-hyun Park are missing. May I proceed?"

After being handed over the temporary list, Taemin asked carefully after reviewing it. Hyunjun nodded and opened his mouth.

"No problem. Keep going."


Jin-ah and Seok-hyeon, who can be said to be the main strengths, told me to proceed without being on the list, but Tae-min did not ask any further questions.

It was because I thought that if Hyunjun was doing what he was doing, there must be a reason. He trusted Hyun-jun that much.

'Now, someone will take the bait.'

The dungeon management officials weren't on the heavy side.

Rumors will spread that the race guild has passed the roster of fewer than expected, and the game begins when someone bites the bait.

In the worst case, there may be a situation where the bait does not bite until the day of the attack, but Hyun-jun believed in the existence of human greed.

Not surprisingly, within a day or so, someone took the bait.

"A man came from the Dungeon Administration,"

Taemin gave a brief report and left the door open. Then a man in a suit slowly walked in.

He had an intelligent image with a neat style and even wearing glasses.

"My name is Cheol-Min Park, who is in charge of Team 2 of the Dungeon Management Bureau's Strategy Office."

"My name is Hyeonjun Kang, the leader of the Race Guild. Please sit over here."

"Thank you. Kang Hyeon-jun."

Cheolmin sat down on the chair first. Hyunjun sat down in front of him.

"Whew… … Hyeonjun Kang Mr. It has become very difficult for us to enter the Dungeon Management Bureau."

Just by looking at his face, there was a hint of trouble.

"What are you doing… … Can you tell?"

When asked with an innocent face saying that he knew everything, but didn't know anything, Cheolmin shook his head as if it was ridiculous.

"You would know. There are a lot of voices of concern from senior management because the attack list is weaker than expected."

"Does that mean you think I will fail from above?"

"Yeah, if you only attack with the people on the list, we think the chance of clearing it is pretty low."

Cheolmin said cautiously. It was a content that could touch the heart of an S-class hunter, but there was no way to say it back.

"Where does that word come from?"

Hyunjun asked with a sharp voice. It wasn't offensive, but it was part of the proper staging of the situation.

"The Special Support Department of the Dungeon Administration has a department called the Strategy Analysis Division. It is a place that professionally analyzes the clear probability of the hunters on the submitted list when an S-class or higher dungeon occurs. It may be unpleasant, but I hope you understand our position, which is inevitable."

didn't answer Then, with a short sigh, Cheolmin opened his mouth to continue speaking.

"If an S-class dungeon-out situation occurs, it is a national disaster, even Kang Hyun-joon knows. A quick response is necessary to prevent the worst. For that, we do a preliminary analysis."

"Well sir. So you want to intervene? What about the right of possession that I obtained by bidding on the security deposit in a fair way?"

He said it in an unpleasant voice, but the truth is, all these plates were going according to Hyun-jun's plan.

Now, without noticing it from the Dungeon Management Bureau, throwing in a few meat shields, everything was perfect.

"If you look at the contract, there is a clause that says that we can request additional staff in case of an emergency."

"It is a request, not a compulsion."

"Mr. Kang Hyun-jun… … Thousands of people could die if a dungeon out happens."

"It will never happen."

Hyunjun said firmly. Seeing this, Cheolmin bit his lip slightly.

If you simply accept the request, you will not be able to receive an apology and compensation from the Dungeon Administration. As soon as I use it, I plan to suck on the sweet water.

"Sigh… … What do you want? How are we going to accept additional people?"

"In the future, priority will be given to S-class dungeons that occur."

"It is not impossible. It's beyond my control, but I can give it to you with the upper-level approval."

"Then, get approval."

"Give me ten minutes."

Hyun-jun nodded and Cheol-min called somewhere.

And in exactly 10 minutes, I ended the call and put my smartphone in.

"It has been granted. In the future, we will issue priority to S-class dungeons that occur."

"good. We will accept the staffing provided by the Dungeon Administration."

The transaction was made.

* * *

"it's annoying!"

Siyeon Lee, who is in charge of the Platinum Tier Guild and the head of the night sky, vomited annoyance mixed with anger towards the empty space.

The humiliation at the S-class dungeon auction house remained. In fact, Hyun-jun was faithful to the bid and had only a lot of money, but from Si-yeon's point of view, it didn't seem that way.

In the end, she mobilized the informants to start the investigation, and it was not difficult to obtain the information that Hyun-jun had obtained the possession right.

"Na Han-min!"

"Did you call?"

In the dark, Na Han-min, dressed in black, appeared. He was Siyeon's right arm and the executive director of the Night Sky Guild.

"How did I do it?"

At Siyeon's question, Hanmin raised an eyebrow.

"Two days ago, I picked 4 half-brothers and sent them to Team Manager Park Chul-min."


"I think it was good because we sent 4 people. It is said that the dungeon management department pressured the race guild to get a clear answer about recruiting. Of course, all the people to be recruited will be our guild members."

Hanmin said. A cold smile spread across Siyeon's lips.

"How many people do you think you can take?"

"We haven't received the exact number yet, but I don't think we'll be able to take many. The Dungeon Administration also has to think about the position of the Race Guild to some extent."

"Hey, what's a silver tier guild… … ."

Siyeon complained, but in her head, she knew that the race guild had more influence than any gold tier guild.

So I was more upset. I didn't want to see Hyun-jun wandering all over the place, suddenly appearing like a supernova.

"How do I organize the staff?"

"Organize mainly belonging to the executive branch."

"Isn't it focused on the guild attack team?"

Most of the hunters belonging to the executive branch were specialized in person-to-person warfare and craft activities rather than dungeon attack.

So Han-min had no choice but to question Si-yeon's instructions. Usually, there were a lot of cases where the guild attack team was organized mainly.

"Do what I tell you. I have no intention of catching only 'beasts' in the dungeon."

"Is the Race Guild also a target for hunting?"

"Of course, in S-class dungeons, even if you sell only Rooted Magical Stones, it costs at least tens of billions to hundreds of billions at most. You're sharing this with the race guild? I don't think so."

From Siyeon's eyes, a life drenched in greed flowed out.

"It's okay to die while attacking the dungeon. You know how the investigation department handles things, Hanmin."

In the dungeon, video and recording devices do not work, so if someone dies inside, you have no choice but to rely on eyewitness statements as much as possible.

Although there is an investigation department, there is hardly any proper investigation.

Because of these loopholes, a lot of murders occurred in the dungeon.

"Then, I will organize the best in the first team."

"The porters say we will secure it and put it under the executive branch."

"Okay. I will prepare it right away."

Han-min answered and withdrew, and Si-yeon, who was left alone in the office, couldn't control her excitement and laughed.

"I'm already looking forward to it."

Contrary to the elevated voice, his eyes were cold. And in anticipation, a few days passed, and it was the day of the attack schedule.

After notifying the dungeon management office that Jin-ah and Seok-hyeon would be added to the existing list, Hyun-jun went to the dungeon gate.

"Nice to meet you. My name is Siyeon Lee, the leader of the Night Sky Guild."

"I'm Hyeonjun Kang, the leader of the race guild."

It was a moment of shaking hands with a light greeting.

- The insidious laughter of the sergeant warns you of danger. Someone is aiming for your heart.

The sage has warned. Hyeonjun immediately raised the magic power in his eyes and activated Romanoff's protection.

-The Eye of Romanoff dwells in you. A gaze with absolute insight sees through all beings.

Jinmyung floated above Siyeon's head.

[Lee Si-yeon: An ambitious murderer.]

The moment he confirmed his true name, Hyun-jun could easily guess what she was thinking.

The savior's protection also warned them, and above all, the personnel she brought were cherished by even the porters.

Although he was paying attention to his own capture, he could not deceive Hyeon-jun's sense of having had a previous life as a Reaper and a Sergeant.

'I'm going to kill them all.'

Considering the rewards of clearing an S-class dungeon, it wasn't that I didn't understand being greedy. But the important thing.

'It means you showed me your teeth.'

After shaking hands, Hyun-jun thought, pulling out his hand.

"I beg you. Kang Hyeon-jun."

With a bright smile, Siyeon moved towards the gate. Looking at her back, Hyunjun raised the corners of his mouth.

'In the end, it is you who will die.'

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 72


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