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Chapter 73 - The Sorcerer's Hideout - Part 3

When I went down to the basement and opened the old iron door, the inside of the dungeon was revealed.

The lighting wasn't great, but it didn't require a drone, and the walls and floors were made of stone.

It felt like a secret underground space in a medieval castle.

"Now, is this really the beginning?"

Siyeon, who was walking in the lead, suddenly stopped and started talking.

"Before we start, shall we make sure?"

A-class hunters from the Night Sky Guild gathered next to Siyeon.

It looked like they were going to do some kind of armed demonstration to subdue the steamship. Han-seok and Gyu-hwan, who sensed an unusual atmosphere, approached.

I expected Han-seok to move, but Kyu-hwan was unexpected. Jin-ah and Seok-hyeon had been told to hide their power beforehand, so they kept their seats.

"So what do you want to say?"

"Oh my goodness? It's slower than I thought. Look around. This is a dungeon, and I have brought more children."

Siyeon said. She was full of confidence in her words and actions.

From the point of view of not knowing the existence of Jin-ah and Seok-hyun, the power of the Night Sky Guild was superior.

Unlike the Race Guild, which had only 4 A-class members per S-class 'officially', the Night Sky Guild belonged to an executive department specialized in interpersonal warfare, up to one S-class, 8 A-class, and 4 B-class in the role of porter.

It was not strange that Siyeon acted confidently.

"I want you to give me party leader privileges."

Hyeon-jun, who had the official possession right, had the party leader authority.

The party leader authority refers to the attack command authority.

'Are you going to have a party on your own?'

Hyunjun frowned. It was not difficult to understand the intention of the demonstration.

It looked like he would send the race guild members forward to exhaust them in a dangerous place and then deal with them, but Hyun-jun had no intention of being accommodating.

"What if you don't like it?"

"Are you ignorant? Or are you proud of yourself?"

Siyeon subtly raised her magic power. Magic power surged through the spear held in his right hand.

The hunters behind her also raised their weapons one by one.

"Guild Master. Not 'yet'."

Hanmin stopped the demonstration. It was a very small voice, but Hyunjun could hear it clearly because he had been strengthening his hearing with magic for a while.

"Let's put off fixing the habit of my ignorant sibling until later."

Demonstration gained power.

'Not yet… … ? That's fun.'

Hyunjun raised the corners of his lips. The desire to break my overflowing self-confidence was about to surge, but if I fought here now, even if I win, the dungeon attack has a high probability of failing.

"Our race guild will move separately. Magical Stone will only claim ownership of what we rooted. Do you have any complaints?"

"Yeah, yes. follow your heart."

Siyeon was taken aback by the unexpected suggestion, but then nodded her head.

'Because I can kill them all later anyway.'

First of all, he accepted the offer, but Si-yeon was secretly thinking of a surprise attack on Hyun-jun. Since more than half of the personnel she brought were from the executive branch, she was confident in the surprise.

'If you follow me in moderation and find the boss room, you can kill them all.'

Siyeon finished the cruel plan and laughed out loud.

The plan was to use Hyeonjun and the Wraith guild members as meat shields, and if they found the boss room, they would kill them all and clear them.

She knew that there was no benefit to fighting the sword right now.

"We're going to reorganize for a while, so go first."

stomach was clear. If he moved first, he would have followed suit, but Hyun-jun ordered the party to move forward.

"I think there is a follow up, what are you going to do?"

Jin-ah, who was wearing a black robe's hood with a deep press, slowly approached her and asked. Like an S-class hunter, he quickly recognized the existence of the tail.

Of course, Hyun-jun knew from the beginning.

"For now, I'm going to leave it alone."

"may I?"

"It won't be easy to attack from the other side. Still, I don't know Rather than participating in the attack, Jin-ah, please hide your power and monitor the back."

"there's nothing we can do."

Jin-ah stepped back with a short answer.

"We will continue."

At Hyeonjun's instructions, the hunters moved nonstop. It was a moment when I thought the time had come for the magical beast to appear.

Hyun-jun, who was at the forefront of moving with Han-soo, felt the magic of the beasts and opened his mouth.

"A Demon Beast Appears!"

He raised his shield and warned of danger. Hansoo, who took on the role of the auxiliary tank, also rearranged the spear and shield with a nervous expression.

Because it was his first S-class dungeon attack, there was a lot of tension.

At the end of the hallway, a red light shone. At a glance, there were more than a dozen. The number of detected magical entities alone exceeded 20.

'Is this level of magical power one A-class out of about 20 B-class units?'

Hyun-jun gathered his thoughts by throwing his gaze toward the front. The lighting was bright for a dungeon, but it was dark because it was the end of the hallway.

If you have 20 B-class units and 1 A-class unit, it is not difficult to break through the front because it is not a strong force, but this is an S-class dungeon named 'The Magician's Hideout'.

It was necessary to watch out for magic traps.

"Shall we send the drone forward?"

Kyu-hwan asked. Hyunjun nodded his head instead of answering. A small drone flew forward, illuminating the darkness.

Before long, more than 20 living armors appeared. One of them was wearing unusual and colorful armor, and it was clear that the Living Armor Commander was a Class A Beast.


One of the leading Living Armor swung a spear and destroyed the drone.

Originally, the beasts of the dungeon rarely attack drones, but in the difficulty level of A or higher, the intelligence of the beasts increased to a high degree, so there were many cases of preemptive attacks on drones.

"Are you going to send me another one?"

"No, we have all the formations."

Hyun-jun shook his head in response to Kyu-hwan's question.

Then, his gaze turned to Han Seok.

"Mr. Han Seok. Attack magic, please."

"It is unreasonable to annihilate."

"It is enough to provoke them in moderation and bring them here."


Hanseok raised his magic. High-level attack magic exploded in the formation of the Living Armor.

Quang! Several Living Armors were destroyed with an explosion sound.

iron crack!

The Living Armor, who had been silently guarding the place due to the sudden magic attack, started running with their heavy bodies.

Among them, the one who narrowed the distance the fastest was the Class A Beast, the Living Armor commander.

He rushed towards Hansoo with agile movements not like iron armor.

"Withered Miller, Carthage."

- Withered Miller's valiant sword is with you. The sword will not be broken unless righteous courage is broken.

-The righteous shield of Carthage protects you. As long as the great guardian is with you, nothing can threaten you.

The aurora resided in the hell yam and shield.

- Kkeuk! Power fills up!

At the deep aura that bloomed from the sword, the Hell Yam Sword murmured like a zealot intoxicated with power.


The wielded hell yam spear broke through the living armor commander's armor at once and destroyed the nucleus.

After that, Hansoo ran out and faced the other Living Armors. He was also an A-class hunter and an Auror user.

The brilliantly swung spear pierced the core of the Living Armor with one blow.

"Wind cutter."

Finally, Hanseok's magic left the living armor in order.

"Report damage!"

"No injuries!"

"We will continue."

After exchanging a conversation with Kyu-hwan, Hyun-jun confirmed that there were no injuries and moved on.

And at some point it stopped again.

"Guild leader?"

"There seems to be a magic trap ahead."

When Hansoo asked carefully, Hyunjun warned of the existence of a magic trap.

"Doesn't it look like nothing?"

"It is cleverly hidden."

Jin-a, an S-class magician hunter, shook her head in denial, but Hyun-jun was confident.

He raised his magic and looked around with his gaze.

- Gildre's sinister gaze has discovered the hidden magic.

As Gildre's protection was activated, the hidden magic trap's formula was revealed.

Hyeon-jun raised his magical power once again, aiming at the magic trap with the tip of the hell yam sword.

-Gildre's dark knowledge assists you. Start analyzing the magic spell.

The results of the analysis entered my mind. It was a fire magic trap.

If touched properly, high-level magic flames would have exploded throughout the wide hallway.

'Do I really need to release it?'

It was an idea that came to me at the moment when I was about to raise my magic power to destroy the magic.

I thought it would be good to leave it for later guests.

"Slowly, follow me."

When Hyun-jun took the first step, the other hunters followed carefully.

Now, Hyun-jun's eyes could clearly see the flow of the ritual, thanks to which he was able to safely escape the trap zone.

But it wasn't the Night Sky Guild that had been following me.


As a terrible scream erupted from behind, Hyun-jun had to barely hold back the burst of laughter.

"I think I touched the trap from behind."

"We keep going."

Although Kyu-hwan reported, Hyun-jun continued moving forward with a faint smile on his lips.

Eventually, in the room that appeared, more than 50 living armor and 4 living armor commanders greeted the attack team.

"Fire Cannon!"

The battle began with the magic completed by Han Seok sweeping the leading Living Armors.

Hyeonjun could not properly intervene in the battle to disarm the magic traps installed in the room, but the level of the living armor was about B-class elite in the first place, so the hunters of the capture team could handle it without difficulty.

"I thought I was going to die."

After another battle, Hyun-jun poured out the thoughts he had kept in his mouth.

The level of the appearing beasts was not high, but the existence of magic traps installed everywhere was enough to cause mental fatigue.

If it hadn't met Gildre in the previous life's room, the attack team could not have avoided annihilation.

'Is this also the design of Deus? … ?'

If so, it was really scary. Because I expected all of this.

Magic traps became more and more sophisticated, and they reached a level where it was impossible to proceed without disarming them.

When the attack progressed to some extent, Hyeonjun had lost half of his magical power.

Hell Yam had an option to absorb blood and convert it into magical energy, but unfortunately, the living armor that has appeared mainly so far is those that don't bleed.

"A Demon Beast Appears!"

As soon as he entered the cavity about half the size of a soccer field, Hyun-jun hurriedly warns of the danger and turns on the auror to the magical reaction felt from all directions.

- Kkeuk! dyed red

Hearing the lines of Hell Yam, he shed and looked forward. Monsters of bizarre shapes, as if a human and a demonic beast were connected, came running.

"It's a chimera!"

Hansoo exclaimed. They were a class with a large deviation from the lowest to the highest of class A, and although the number was not small, Hyunjun was pleased to see them.

"Blood, blood!"

It was the appearance of a power supply source.

- Kkeuk! The owner has finally figured it out! Drenched in blood madness!

Soon after a collision, Hyun-jun swung a hell yam. Each time the Chimera was cut and defeated, magic power was restored.

When the battle was over, he was able to recover a significant amount of mana. Thanks to this, I was able to easily deal with the iron golems I met in the next room.

And did the attack proceed through large and small battles for about two hours? The boss room appeared.

It was when Hyeonjun was counting the number of magic traps beyond the iron gate using Gildre's protection. A sign was felt.

"Wait. Can you wait without opening the door?"

As expected, Siyeon and the Night Sky guild members appeared.

Despite the sudden appearance, Jin-ah, Seok-hyeon, and the race guild members were not surprised because they heard about the situation from Hyun-jun.

When all of them appeared, Hyunjun quickly moved his eyes to check the number.

One A-class hunter and three B-class hunters who followed in the role of porters could not be seen as to how many magic traps they left behind.

"Did Ma Jeong-seok root a lot?"

Siyeon asked. Hyunjun shrugged his shoulders and opened his mouth.

"If you plan to attack the boss room, I will yield. We are all exhausted, so the final attack is unreasonable.

If you only catch the boss, we will give you half of the Magic Stones we rooted."

"I, really?"

Siyeon was greatly shaken by Hyunjun's suggestion. At first, he planned to kill Hyun-jun and all of the Race guild members and take the Magic Stone, but the conflict became burdensome because he had lost some of his power.

"The magic trap has been dismantled. You just open the door and go in."

That's a lie.

"Oh, thank you. I will never forget this grace."

And Lee Si-yeon is stupid. It was hard to believe that he had planned a murder. Now that I look, I can't see Na Han-min beside her.

'It seems that a hunter named Na Han-min was actually the head of Lee Si-yeon.'

Hyunjun shook his head. He's dead, so it's over.

"Come in safely. Judging by the status of the beasts so far, the boss will also be weak. I've eliminated the magic trap, so it shouldn't be difficult to attack. Of course, we must be exhausted."

He once again emphasized the lie that the magic trap was removed.

"The presence of magical traps is not felt."

A-class magician hunter brought by Siyeon confirmed it. Of course it will not be.

Because the concealment technique was added to the existing magic trap's technique. Of course, it was Hyunjun who did it.


Siyeon opened the iron door without speaking any more and went inside with the guild members.




A scream broke out.

- The owner is the devil.

Hell Yamdo said:

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 73


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