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Chapter 75 - Feel the Fear - Part 1

The success of attacking the S-class dungeon brought many positive changes. There were not many guilds that succeeded in capturing the S-class dungeon even at the gold tier or higher.

So, the race guild became more prominent, resulting in an increase in the number of hunters who applied for membership in the guild.

Among the people who applied for membership in the guild, there were A-class hunters. The number was not written down to more than 10 people.

After thoroughly checking them through tests and interviews, Hyun-jun approved the application for membership.

With this, the 'Lack of A-Class Hunters', a chronic problem of the Race Guild, was resolved.

"You have met the minimum requirements for promotion to the Gold Tier."

After approving the application for A-class hunters and going to work the next morning, Jong-seo, who was waiting in the hallway, followed and reported.

"Already? It's faster than I thought."

In order to be promoted to the gold tier as soon as possible, he gave orders to invest sparingly in recruiting guild members and expanding the size of the guild, but he did not expect it to be this fast.

"The investment status was good and the number of guild members was steadily increasing. In addition, the funds secured by attacking the S-class dungeons are being used efficiently. Currently, the guild attack team is ready to operate six."

"What about performance?"

"Thanks to successfully attacking the S-class dungeon, the achievements necessary for promotion were filled at once. In addition, with the influx of A-class hunters, the guild member performance has also been secured... … If you send me an official letter, I think I will be promoted right away."

A smile spread across Hyun-jun's lips at Jong-seo's report. Things seemed to be working out better than expected.

"Send the letter immediately."

There were no worries. There was no reason to avoid it as the guild's influence would also expand if it was promoted to the gold tier.

There is a problem with the guild tax, but fortunately, Hyun-jun was in a position to be exempted from the guild tax by dealing with the special police department, so it was not a problem.

"Okay. I will request the process of promotion to gold tier."

"work hard."

"We will get back to you."

After Jong-seo left, Hyun-jun opened the door to the guild chief's office and sat down on the sofa.

I was thinking of taking a break before going to work, but I was soon interrupted by Taemin who opened the door with Knock and entered.

"Guild leader, because of Siyeon Lee's death today in an S-class dungeon, an investigator from the Dungeon Management Bureau has decided to come."

"I remember. What time did you say you were coming?"

He had forgotten the truth, but Hyunjun asked the question calmly. Taemin looked at his watch and opened his mouth.

"I think it will arrive in an hour or so. As the guild leader knows, things like what happened within the dungeon are rarely properly investigated. Again, it seems to be a formal, informal investigation, so it will not take up much time."

"Then I'm glad. Do you have anything else to report?"

"Some of the A-class hunters who came in this time wanted to join the executive branch. Jong-seo has investigated, but there does not seem to be any problematic content."

The executive department was the most treated department among regular guild members, so there were a lot of applicants despite performing dangerous tasks.

Of course, since they also perform secret missions, the selection criteria are strict, and even if they are selected, they are often not put into important tasks in the first place.

"I will give full authority to the executive director for that part."

"Thank you."

Taemin was a trustworthy person. After bowing his head, he left the guild chief's office.

And about an hour passed, and the investigator sent by the Dungeon Management Bureau arrived as it was delivered.

"nice to meet you. Please sit over here."

Hyun-jun sat down on the sofa first, and the investigator sat in the front.

Taemin said there was no need to worry about the summary investigation, but 30 minutes after the investigation started, Hyunjun could realize that the investigator was determined and rushed.

'Is this the level of targeted investigation?'

It was an unpleasant investigation.

"Inspector, the investigation is going to be long. Can I just send you a message?"

"I'll take a look at that."

The investigator's attitude toward Hyun-jun was to the point that he felt bad.

He was provoking openly as if he was in the top position.

'Yeah, let's see who is the leader.'

Hyun-jun sent the message and put down his smartphone. Now, the response will come soon.

"Shall we rest for 30 minutes?"

"We have to continue intensive investigations… … It wouldn't hurt to take a break for a while."

It was an offer to save time, but fortunately the investigator accepted it without much thought.

And 30 minutes passed and the investigation was about to begin again.

The door swung open and Song Tae-sik in a special police uniform walked in.

"Hey, what is this? An investigation was ongoing... … ."

"The investigation is over, so go back. From now on, it is under the jurisdiction of the Special Police Department."

"What… … ."

The investigator had a puzzled expression on his face. A high-ranking officer of the special police department suddenly intervened, so it was a natural reaction.

"The matter has already been handed over to the Special Police Department. The investigator may go now."

Taehyung said softly. The investigator was looking at the roof of a dog chasing chickens.

Seeing him like that, Hyunjun opened his mouth with a sneer.

"Come on. Inspector, you're done."

wedged in that this is a relationship

"Oh, I'll just leave for today."

The investigator quietly left without saying a word. There seemed to be no intention to confront the S-class Hunter, who is in charge of a high-ranking executive position in the special police department.

The investigator left and Tae-sik's gaze turned to Hyun-jun.

"Even if it wasn't, I tried to contact you."

"It looks like the information has come in."

"Yes, we have some very interesting information. This is something that Hyeonjun Kang would find interesting too. Can I sit down anyway?"

When Hyunjun nodded, Taeshik smiled softly and sat down on the sofa.

"As a result of the wiretapping, we have noticed that someone is trying to force a raid situation outside of Gyeonggi-do."

"Are you forcing a raid? Is that possible?"

In common sense, a raid means a dimensional rift that opens outside, unlike a dungeon.

It was official information that even the British SSS-class hunter, Drake, would not be able to interfere with the dimension because it required a very high level of magical power.

"As the information is limited, it is difficult for us to grasp it accurately, but it is not impossible if there is such a 'black magic stone'."

I'm sorry, but this was the limit of what Taesik could say.

Information on the Black Magic Stone was extremely limited. Although the special police department had secured and studied a few, analysis was not easy.

"You mean no information?"

Hyunjun asked. I didn't mean to ask, but that's what it looked like.

But Taesik didn't feel bad at all. Because it was all true.

"Right now, I have only found out that the principle of black magic stone is similar to black magic. So it looks like they're trying to create a race situation and cause casualties."

"Did you know the exact location?"

"Right now, it's just outside Gyeonggi-do. The exact location is unknown."

The previous explanation was sufficient. Hyun-jun waved his hand to tell him the main point.

Fortunately, Taesik understood the meaning of the action and opened his mouth with a calm expression.

"Currently, due to covert operations, it is impossible for me and the main force of the Special Police Department to be deployed elsewhere. So, I hope that Hyeonjun Kang and Jinah Lee can subdue those who use Black Magic Stone before the raid occurs."

"Is the 'protesters' of the interrogation committee included in the main force of the special police department that they cannot move?"

It was a sharp question. Gammunwi and Lee Seon-woo, one of the 6 members of the Korean Six Guards, are S-class assistant hunters, and their personal force is lacking compared to others, but to solve that, they organized a personal armed group called 'Protesters' on condition that they work for a special police department.

Like Tae-sik, he was more like a hired mercenary than he was officially affiliated with the special police department.

"Lee Sun-woo and the 'protesters' are already moving."

"It seems the situation is more serious than I thought."

Taeshik nodded his head instead of answering Hyunjun's question.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that all available troops of the Special Police Department were mobilized as long as the ass-heavy protesters were moving.

"It is not difficult to subdue. But what if the raid happens because it is too late? We plan to mobilize guild troops, but in this case, it could be a guild-level intervention without priority, which could lead to legal problems."

I had no intention of going alone on an extensive search and suppression operation.

I was planning to move with a few executives, but in the event of a raid, if a lawsuit is filed due to guild-level intervention, the race guild will lose, not the special district in charge.

"You don't have to worry about that. We will take care of it."

"Priority income? Are you giving me that too?"

It's impossible to hunt monsters for free. Hyun-jun boldly demanded that it would be convenient if there was a preferential payment for settlement.

"of course. We will apply the priority settlement ratio."

Although he had said it half-expectedly, Taesik nodded his head happily unexpectedly.

'I think the special police department is more urgent than you think?'

Just by looking at the movement of Lee Sun-woo and the protesters, it was clear that they were accepting the demand for priority.

'It is possible to ask for better conditions, but… … .'

Hyunjun shook his head slightly to shake off his greed. He was not a corrupt human being enough to negotiate for human life.

"I will accept the offer."

The worries didn't last long.

'thank God.'

Taesik was relieved. The current situation in the special police department was not good, so even if Hyun-jun offered more conditions, he had no choice but to accept it.

Taesik became even more fond of Hyun-joon, who does not play with human life.

However, there was one person who questioned Hyun-jun's decision, no, there was one knife.

- Surprisingly. I thought the owner would get a better deal with life as a hostage... … .

After completing the delivery, Taesik left the office leaving a message that he would be in touch again.

And Hyeon-jun slowly opened his mouth to answer what he said.

"So are you disappointed?"

- No, I don't like it.

"Then I'm glad."

At Hell Yamdo's answer, Hyun-jun shed a smirk.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 75


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