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Chapter 76 - Feel the Fear - Part 2

Since the disappearance of Vice Guild Leader Joo Hye-ri, rumors have been circulating within the Great Evil Guild that Guild Leader Joo Hyeong-geun is going crazy.

The departure of irregular guild members increased, and a considerable number of regular guild members were also shaken.

The executive branch armed with high loyalty to the guild was also not free from its influence.

"Executive chief. Is the guild leader really okay?"

"okay. There's nothing wrong with it, so there's nothing to worry about."

Choi Jin-woo, the executive director and A-class magic hunter, roughly answered the questions of his subordinates and organized the documents.

There was no time to waste here because there was a call from the guild leader, Joo Hyeong-geun.

The executive hunter was not satisfied with Geun-woo's answer, but he did not ask any further questions.

Geun-woo, who finally arrived in front of the guild chief's office, adjusted his clothes and calmly knocked on the door and opened his mouth.

"Guild chief, I'm done."

"come in."

A nervous voice came from outside the door. Geun-woo opened the door with a short sigh and went inside.

He was smoking a cigarette by the window. As if it had been smoking for a while, the ceiling was thick with smoke, and there was an empty wine bottle on the desk.

"What did I do?"

As soon as I entered the room, Hyung-geun asked in a sharp voice. He wasn't drunk because he was a hunter, but he never looked comfortable with his pale face, dark circles, and a stiff expression.

It has been like this since the disappearance of Joo Hye-ri, the deputy guild leader and younger sister.

It has already been over a month since I stayed in my office without participating in the dungeon raid, smoking and drinking alcohol, giving orders and receiving reports only through the executive director Choi Jin-woo.

"As instructed, we have summoned five A-class hunters who are considered the most elite among our executives."

"Good. call them right now There is a place you have to go with me."

"Can I ask where?"

Geun-woo asked cautiously. Normally I wouldn't have asked. However, the atmosphere of the guild leader today was somehow strange.

It was an appropriate word to be terrifying. There seemed to be an unfamiliar atmosphere.

"I am going to the ceremony."

"Consciousness… … huh?"

Expectations were right. From the moment the word "consciousness" appeared, it became clear that something was going wrong.

"okay. We will give the bastards the power to take revenge on the bastards who made us this way."

"Hey, guild chief… … ."

"Recently! No questions asked now. If you are the guild's executive director, follow my instructions. Hurry up, call the children you have summoned, and prepare a vehicle."

Geun-woo couldn't resist anymore because he had some weaknesses. Five A-class hunters and a vehicle were mobilized, and they moved to the mountains outside Gyeonggi-do with Hyeong-geun.

"get off. From here we will walk."

Hyeong-geun's hunters got out of the car in unison. Leaving two empty vehicles behind, they followed Hyeong-geun into the depths of the mountains.

how far did you walk? I couldn't check the watch, but it was around the time I thought Geun-woo had walked for about 30 minutes. A cave appeared in front of him, and Hyeong-geun entered it.

It seemed bad, but once he was in the executive branch, it was not the first time he was involved in something like this, so the hunters followed without agitation.

"You are late."

A middle-aged man in a black robe appeared with a low voice.


Geun-woo's gaze secretly scanned the man in front of him. In the dark, faint blue eyes and slurred Korean. The foreigner was obvious.

But more surprising than that was Hyeong-geun's attitude toward him.

"Forgive me for being late. Executor."

Hyeong-geun, who is famous for his dirty personality, bowed his head and politely apologized to the man called the executioner.

At that moment, Geun-woo had no choice but to doubt his own eyes.

"Let's start right away."


The brother-in-law bowed his head once more. They went deep into the cave. When they reached the end, there was an unknown small altar.

Next to it, there was a large iron fence on top of a magic circle drawn in blood, and at least 20 people were imprisoned.

"Help me!"

"Please save us!"

He looked as if he had just seen something terrible.

"Guild leader?"

Geun-woo approached Hyung-geun cautiously. It was an act of implicitly asking for an explanation, but Hyung-geun ignored the signal and opened his mouth.

"Everyone, go and stand on that magic circle."

My brother-in-law instructed The executive hunters hesitated at first, but after repeated urging, they eventually went to the top of the five magic circles and stood up.

"I will start."

A change occurred when the Executioner energized.



"Sa, live… … !"

The people inside the cage began to dry and twist like mummies.

'Mi, what the hell is this!'

Geun-woo was agitated, but he couldn't make it out. It was because a presence with considerable magical power was felt throughout the cave.

'If you resist, you will die.'

There was no way to save them.



"Shut up!"

With a terrible scream, the bodies of the three executive hunters standing on the magic circle exploded like bombs.

The other two also fell down with foam, but the executioner approached them with an interesting expression.

"Are there two this time? The harvest is better than I expected."

"They are the elites of our guild. I am happy with the results."

The Executioner had an unknown conversation with his brother-in-law, and then pulled something out of the hem of his robe.

Geun-woo's gaze instinctively turned to the officer's hand. and he saw

black magic stone.

* * *

When I opened my eyes, I was in front of the room of my previous life.

"The 'red wizard whispering destruction'… … ."

It was a past life that showed interest when he awakened his magical talent through the diary he found after attacking the 'Magician's Hideout'.

There was no information about him, but looking at his 'tinnitus', the probability of being a wizard seemed high.

It was a welcome reincarnation as there were no long-distance attacks except for the Igear sword through the butcher's dagger.


As soon as I opened the door and went inside, the heat hit me. Hyeonjun quickly moved his eyes and looked around.

"fire… … ?"

It was in the middle of a burning forest.

"Welcome, my reincarnation."

A gentle voice was heard. The flames that were blocking the front split on both sides, creating a path.

At the end of the road stood someone in a red robe. He was wearing a deep hood, but it was clear that he was a man. I didn't want to think about the case where my previous life was a woman.

"This is Hyun-Jun Kang."

As Hyeonjun moved and reached the end, Eastel slowly took off his hood. With blonde hair, well-groomed appearance, and long ears, it was similar to the elves described in movies and novels.

Her bright green eyes were full of sadness, and there was a soft smile on her lips.

"Do you like to listen to old stories?"

"If necessary."

"Then it would be good to hear. Just by listening to my story, the sympathy rate will increase quite a bit."

There was no reason to refuse because the increase in the synchronization rate had the effect of strengthening the protection of the previous life.

Hyunjun nodded and sat down on the wooden chair in front of Eastel.

"I awakened to magic when I was 100."

So the story began. Old-fashioned stories may be reminiscent of the heartwarming stories told by a kind grandfather, but the stories Estelle tell are the tears of a cruel past.

"I happened to find a wounded red dragon in the dungeon I entered."

The story went on. The red dragon that Eastel saved from the dungeon that day was the guardian of the dimension.

He gave Eastel the title of an apostle and at the same time awakened his absolute talent for fire magic.

"Do you think this is a blessing?"

Hyeonjun did not answer Eastel's question. Usually, it was easy to think of 'talent' as a blessing, so I tried to nod my head, but I could feel deep sadness in his voice.

"It was a curse. I was not prepared for that overwhelming talent."

The joy of awakening the talent of absolute flame magic was short-lived. Soon, flames erupted from his body, and the village as well as the forest were engulfed in flames.

"In one day, the village disappeared. The site of the forest has been called Hellfire for 300 years."

"300 years is… … You mean you found a way to control the flames?"

"I finally found it. But by then it was already too late. Too late."

Eastel said in a weak voice. By the time the control procedure was completed, it was too late. Because everything was burned down.

"Once you receive my protection, you lose control of the flames. Before that, it would be better to master the 'control technique' completely."

Eastel finished speaking and gave the control technique.

'It's a lot more complicated than I thought... … ?'

It was so complex that it is not strange that it took 300 years to build.

"I met Gildre first, so it won't be too difficult."

no. It is difficult.

"I heard that you like to practice. So you better start right away."

Not at all.

"Don't start. If you do not control the flames, you will burn."

He screamed inwardly and tried to call Eastel, but he had disappeared and the flames were coming from all directions at a frightening speed.

"Gee, Gildre… … ."

I urgently called Gildre to analyze the technique, but there was no response. It was then that Hyun-jun realized that he had heard somewhere that the power of other past lives was barely touched in the room of his previous life, and he bit his lip.


profanity came out The heat of the flame is strong. I thought that this guy's previous lives were obviously sadists.

As soon as they met, they stabbed them with a spear, cut them with a dagger, and now they are about to burn them.

"okay! come!"

And his whole body was engulfed in flames.


It was difficult to construct the formula, but I thought that the analysis wouldn't take long, but that was a mistake.

It was so painful to burn my body that I couldn't concentrate on analyzing the magic. I tried to come to my senses, but the terrible pain kept interrupting me, and I went crazy.


I wanted to go crazy, but because of the healing effect of the previous life, I couldn't die or go crazy.

I don't know how much time has passed. I had long forgotten the concept of time because of the pain.

'I got used to it a bit.'

And the surgical analysis began. Analyzing the technique required a high degree of concentration, but now it was difficult to concentrate because of the pain. But it wasn't impossible.

'It will be resolved within 30 years.'

It is an envoy to burn for more than 30 years. How much time has passed while enduring the pain that I have become accustomed to and analyzing the procedure?

"Freedom of Control Technique."

Of course, the flames covered the body. All the flames that had burned the entire room of the previous life disappeared, and darkness raised its head.

And from the darkness, Eastel appeared in a red robe.

"It's called a magic analysis, but it's been done in 15 years. I have to admit this. You are the most talented among the many reincarnations I have ever met."

He looked genuinely surprised.

"I think I can see why Carthage praised you for your will, Withered Miller for your courage, and all of your colleagues, including Hassan, praised you."

Eastel's voice trembled. Hyunjun was so tired that he didn't have time to answer anything. But Eastel didn't care and opened his mouth to continue.

"I am Eastel, the red wizard who led the destruction and remembers the end. I swear that I will risk my everything here and give you all advice and assistance until that day comes!"

Eastel came over and held out his hand. Hyun-jun gladly agreed to shake hands.

"I don't know what happened, but this time it will be different."

strong conviction. Destruction will never come again.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 76


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