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Chapter 77 - Feel the Fear - Part 3

It was morning when I opened my eyes. The crazed pain melted away like a dream in an instant, but the memory was etched in my mind and was clear.

"I have to go to work."

There was no dungeon attack schedule today. I was thinking of going to the guild office and working as a guild leader. Coming to work in a car driven by an attendant, he stopped by the drawing room to have a coffee and found Han Seok sitting on the sofa reading a book.

"Did your brother come?"

"You come here often these days."

"Wherever you go, I have to be there."

"What's the attack schedule?"

"I recently attacked an A-class dungeon and everyone is resting."

Hanseok answered with a light smile. Seeing that, Hyun-Jun remembered something.

"Would you mind coming to the training center for a moment? I have something to check."

It was a test of protection from Eastel.

"If your brother calls you, of course you have to go!"

Hanseok responded vigorously and followed Hyunjun to the training ground. The two stood in the center, facing each other.

"Would you like to attack me with fire-type magic? I think it should be at the high-level magic level."


Han Seok started casting without hesitation. It was possible because he trusted Hyun-jun.

"The Judgment of the Red Flame!"

A red magic circle created above Hyeonjun's head poured out flames. It happened in a flash, but to him it felt like a still image.

- The harsh flames of Eastel are with you. It wields absolute dominion over fire.

Estelle responded when the magic was evoked. When he reached out towards the flame and activated the control technique, the flames that the magic circle spit out lost their wild momentum and gathered on Hyeonjun's hand.

"Hey, this can't be… … ."

Seeing this, Han Seok was astonished. Controlling the magic cast by others was usually not easy.

No, it was close to impossible. There were few hunters in the world who could do this, including the SS-class hunter Eden, who is called the 'Sword of Counterattack'. However, Hyun-jun's journey did not end there.

-Exercise the power of the Red Mage of Eastel. Increases the power of fire magic by 3 times.

This time, the runaway technique was used. The flames burning above his hands became more powerful.

"It's three times now… … ."

According to Eastel's knowledge, it seemed that it could be strengthened up to 10x, but now 3x seems to be the limit.

This part has been verified. Hyeonjun completely extinguished the flame on his hand using the control technique. And lastly, he used Estelle's protection by generating magical power.

-Estelle opens the red magic book. Temporarily allows the use of fire magic.

I felt a completely different magic flow flowing through me.


A fireball was created in the air.

"Oh, even magic… … ."

Han Seok was now about to faint. What the hell is the end of Hyun-jun's talent? I once thought that the end was faintly visible, but I was mistaken.

'I can't see the end.'

It was terrifying. Han-seok's gaze toward Hyun-joon was more than awe-inspiring.

"I'm going for lunch."

Hyun-jun took the first step, and Han-seok looked at his back and soon followed him.

The two had a simple lunch at the restaurant inside the guild office.

"brother. Can I use a little training center?"

It seemed that he was stimulated by the appearance Hyun-jun showed at the training center a while ago.

"No problem."

"Thank you! I will only use it for three hours."

Hyeon-jun nodded happily, and Han-seok bowed his head to express his thanks and quickly disappeared.

"Let's work."

There were many things that were delayed. I went straight to my office, picked up the report and started reading. After working for about an hour without a break, the backlog of work was greatly reduced.

Wanting to take a breather, I made coffee and returned to my desk when someone knocked on the door.


"Come on in."

Hyunjun said after taking a sip of coffee.

"Excuse me."

The door opened and Taemin walked in. Unlike usual, with a faint smile on his lips, he seemed to have brought good news.

"Is that good news?"

"Yes, the guild general office has confirmed and finally approved our guild's request for promotion to the gold tier."

It was good news. As the guild tier rises, several benefits are given. A typical example is an increase in the number of regular guild members, which means that the power of the executive branch, which is at the center of the guild's power, can be increased.

Although the guild tax to be paid increases with the promotion, it was irrelevant because Hyun-jun was exempted from the guild tax through a transaction with the Special Police Department.

"Are you promoted to Gold Tier?"

"Yes, after the promotion process is completed within today, the deputy guild leader can be appointed and the regular guild member capacity has been expanded to 1,500. It also increases the number of armed guards you can hire to secure your guild office. There are many other benefits besides that, and I have summarized them here, so you might want to read them."

Hyun-jun quickly scans the documents Tae-min handed over.

"Are the restrictions on owning dedicated helicopters and heavy weapons lifted? Helicopter is understandable... … Why are you putting heavy weapons in your possession?"

Hyunjun said. Since the beginning of the dungeon raid era, Korea also relaxed gun regulations and allowed the possession of helicopters and heavy weapons only to guilds above the gold tier.

In particular, starting with the Platinum Tier, military weapons such as tanks and missiles can be operated, so it can be seen as an organization that is practically close to a private army.

"Because of the International Hunter Treaty, Hunters cannot join the National Defense Forces, so we will prepare powerful guilds to prepare for war in case of emergency."

Taemin shrugged and said. The International Hunter Treaty became meaningless as war arming began between the guilds of each country.

"There are more benefits than I expected."

"Gold tier is only about 20% of the many guilds in Korea. It is not surprising that there are many benefits."

"I made sure everything was important. The rest can be read later."

"Then I will return to work."

When he nodded without saying a word, Taemin left the guild chief's office and Hyunjun fell into thought.

The biggest worry that arose when the promotion to the gold tier was decided was who would be in charge of the deputy guild leader.

I would like to have Taemin sit there, but the problem was the position of the executive director, which would become vacant if that happened.

Jong-seo lacked the skills to take on the role of the executive director of the Gold Tier Guild, and the newly joined A-class hunters were not reliable enough to sit as the executive director. It was the same with Gyu-hwan.


As the troubles deepened, Hyunjun sighed and got up from his chair.

-host. Where are you going?


Hyeon-jun gave a short answer and headed to the rooftop with the hell yam. I needed to cool my head, and the best place to get some air was on the roof.

There was a small park on the roof, and I saw regular guild members and some guild staff resting while drinking coffee.

Among them, those who recognized Hyun-jun bowed their heads slightly and greeted them. Hyunjun responded with a bright smile and moved to a nook.

"There was a passenger."

There was Gyu-hwan and a woman who had not yet taken off his young tee.

"She is my sister."

"My name is Heeyeon Lee."

Heeyeon greeted her slightly. She was a woman with fair skin and short hair.

"Yes, nice to meet you."

Hyunjun nodded his head slightly and greeted him. It was the first time I met Kyu-hwan's sister in person.

She was a cute and pretty girl, but somehow I felt a strange sense of alienation. Hyunjun frowned and used Gildre's protection.

-Gildre's dark knowledge assists you. Start analyzing the magic spell.

"Guild leader?"

It was the moment when Gyu-hwan instinctively tried to raise his magic power as he felt the magic move in Hyun-jun's body.

"Stay still. I'm trying to check on Lee Gyu-hwan's sister's condition."

"Sorry, I'm sorry."

there is nothing to be sorry about It was because this was the one who suddenly used the magic without saying anything. Kyu-hwan's reaction was natural.

'It's a poison drink.'

I found the culprit of the smell that made me feel bad. Someone had engraved a poison spell on Hee-yeon's body.

According to the results of analysis by Gildre's protection, it was a cruel technique that slowly killed the host by releasing a small amount of poison every certain period of time.

"Has your condition gotten worse these days?"

"How did you know that? Did you add more surveillance?"

"It's because Lee Hee-yeon's body is engraved with poison magic. It's a structure that releases more poison over time."

"Hawk, is it poisonous magic? But in the eyes of other magical hunters, there is nothing wrong... … ."

Kyu-hwan looked disbelieving. Seeing that, Hyunjun shook his head.

There was nothing to guess. However, I thought that it might be necessary to be careful when bringing up this issue.

"Is that other magician hunter belonging to Andersen or someone who introduced him there?"

Kyu-hwan didn't answer Hyun-jun's question. It's obvious if you've come this far. There was no need for Gyu-hwan to explain the situation. But Gyu-hwan needed to put a wedge on it.

"Since meeting the Andersen Guild Leader, Lee Hee-yeon's condition has deteriorated, hasn't it?"

This time, Kyu-hwan did not answer. Instead, his face was full of anger. However, Hyun-jun didn't say anything because he knew that it was going to the other side, not himself.

"Take it to another magic-type hunter or recovery-type hunter. But healing will be difficult. It's a very high-level drink."

"thank you for telling me."

Gyu-hwan and Hee-yeon left the roof. Perhaps he was looking for a magician or recovery hunter.

But the result will be as expected. Hyun-jun decided to wait a few days. And a few days later, as expected, Kyu-hwan and Hee-yeon came.

"Guild Master!"

"Oh, brother!"

Gyu-hwan, who opened the door of the guild chief's office, fell to his knees at first. Heeyeon was also surprised by the sudden situation.

"I met some hunters from the magic world and the recovery world. But they said that if you can't find it, or if you find it, you can never heal it."

At Gyu-hwan's words, Hyun-jun slowly nodded his head.

"Please save Heeyeon! I will give my all!"

"that word… … Do not forget it."

"I will never forget it! If you treat Heeyeon, I risk my everything! I will stand by the guild leader! Until the last minute!"

The voice was so loud that I felt as if the guild chief's office was shaking.

- Kkeuk. that's a great ambassador

Hyeon-jun walked up to Hee-yeon, leaving behind the admiration of the hell yam. Then he slowly stretched out his hand, generating magical power.

-Gildre's magical power erodes magic. In the name of the dark truth, I command the forced dissolution of magical powers.

The analyst has already done it. Now only destruction remains. At the same time as protection was activated, the magic injected by Hyeon-jun began to destroy the poison technique.

After a long battle of over 30 minutes, Hyun-jun succeeded in completely destroying the technique.


He regained his powers and cleared his breath. My whole body was drenched in sweat.

"Hee, Hee-yeon… … ."

Gyu-hwan cautiously approached him, calling out his younger sister's name. Then Heeyeon slowly raised her head. she was crying

"Oh, brother… … I'm not sick at all... … Really… … ."

What I longed for has come true. No more pain could be seen on the lovely little sister's face.

"Guild Master!"

Gyu-hwan knelt down again.

"I will only follow the guild chief now! I swear! I will definitely repay you for saving my sister!"

A bright smile spread across Hyun-joon's lips as he saw that. It seems that the candidate for the executive director has been decided.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 77


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