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Chapter 79 - Fragments of the Conspiracy - Part 1

Personnel dispatched from the Special Police Department cleared the scene, and Hyun-Jun and Jin-A visited the Goyang branch of the Special Police Department to meet Tae-Sik.

After receiving a report that the situation had been sorted out, Taesik had first come to the Goyang branch to meet the two of them.

While Seok-hyeon and Kyu-hwan were waiting outside, Hyun-jun met Tae-sik with Jin-ah.

Hyeon-jun explained the situation to Choi Jin-woo, the executive director of the Great Evil Guild, who was at the scene, and Tae-sik, who was listening to it, immediately made a serious expression.

"Sigh. I did not know that the Great Evil Guild was involved."

Taehyung let out a short sigh and shook his head. The Great Evil Guild was one of the largest among the gold tiers.

"Isn't it enough to mobilize troops from the Special Police Department to wipe it out?"

No need to think complicated, right? You can use your troops to wipe it out.

At least, Hyun-jun thought so, but looking at Tae-sik's expression, it didn't seem like it was.

"There are a lot of things that require the special police force across the country right now. The upper management has not yet found any connection with the forces using the Black Magic Stone, but I see this as a two-way operation."

taeshik said If that is true, it means that the forces using the Black Magic Stone have already penetrated deep into Korea.

"It means that the special police force is insufficient."

"Hyeonjun Kang's words are heartbreaking, but they are true. As they begin to move in earnest, the Special Police Department is experiencing a shortage of troops."

"Looking at Song Tae-sik's expression, it seems that there is another problem… … ."

At Hyunjun's words, Taesik smiled and opened his mouth.

"As expected, Kang Hyeon-jun is sharp. Yes. There is no official cause other than the lack of troops."

They haven't been able to officially announce their existence yet. In other words, the accusation of trying to induce Reid could not be formalized.

"What if the Great Devil Guild attacked first?"

"That would be great, but wouldn't that be the case?"

"No, not necessarily."

A smile spread across his lips. I had insurance in place for this kind of situation. In other words, they are also called hidden cards.

'I'm sorry, but it's because of my personal feelings.'

Hyunjun smiled evilly like a devil and called somewhere.

* * *

In front of the Great Evil Guild office located in Suwon. A woman with a slender body caught the eye of the armed guards standing on guard duty.

She was shivering in the pouring rain, wearing a red robe.


After wandering around for a while, she sat down and started crying.

The executive hunter, who was on guard duty with the armed guards, looked up and saw her face, and his face turned white.

"Boo, head of the guild… … !"

The missing deputy guild leader, Hye-ri Joo, had returned. This fact was reported to the guild leader Joo Hyeong-geun, who ran down to the first floor one step at a time.

"Hey, Hyeri!"

The face she could see through the pouring rain was the face of her sister who had come so far.

Hyeong-geun ran with all his might and hugged Hye-ri. It's my younger sister I haven't seen in a while. I thought she would be happy too. But her reaction was unexpected.


Aren't you screaming like a tearful and trying to get out of Hyeong-geun's arms?

Hyeong-geun was shocked, but he was afraid that Hye-ri would get hurt, so he released his hands and took a step back. But the terrible shock was not over.

"Sah, please save me. I, please... … please save me I was all wrong. Shut it off!"

Hyeong-geun was at a loss for words at the sight of his body twisting and convulsing like a patient. The hunters of the executive branch that followed them also backed down and kept quiet in order not to provoke Hyeong-geun.

"Hehehe. That, stop... … please… … Oh, I hate it when it hurts."

Hyeong-geun's heart felt like it was being ripped to pieces as Hyeri mumbled an incomprehensible word while waving her only arm.

"Guild Master. There is something attached to the deputy chief's robe."

A hunter from the executive branch, who was closely monitoring Hyeri's condition, said cautiously.

Hyeong-geun controlled his emotions and looked at Hye-ri's robe. As the executive hunter said, there was something attached. He took it off and brought it to his eyes.

[Do you like my present?]

The brother-in-law lost his temper.

"Come on! Gather the troops you can mobilize! Beat the race guild!"

In the corner of the note, the race guild's crest was drawn. The sentence disappeared as if it had never existed in the first place when Hyung-geun lost his reason and started to run rampant.

"Gee, are you telling me to convene the executive branch? And attacking the race guild... … What else does that mean?"

An executive from the executive branch protested. Attacking the guild office was absurd.

Hyeong-geun jumped up and approached the revolting executive.

"Are you talking to me now?"

"Well, it's not… … Cuckoo!"

head fell to the ground Suddenly, a great sword was in Hyeong-geun's right hand.

"I won't say it twice. Gather all the executive forces you can mobilize right now!"

"Oh, I see."

"And mobilize armed guards."

"I will not obey."

Another executive officer said cautiously. The reaction was passive as he wanted his neck to fly off.

"Does not matter. Armed guards stand in front, and guild executives stand behind them. Then you won't be able to run away."

"But I'm not going to attack aggressively either."

"Okay. I was thinking of using it as a shield anyway. If you want to live, you can do it."

As he finished speaking, he put the great sword over his shoulder. It was an unspoken pressure to decapitate my head immediately if I did not follow the instructions.

It took less than two hours for the executive hunters and armed guards to mobilize.

The number of armed guards called up was about 20, and the number of hunters in the executive branch was about 70.

The Great Evil Guild Executive had more executive hunters, but many were on the go.

Fortunately, it was enough to stop the missions of those around them and return them.


Quite a few people gathered. A cold smile spread across his lips. It would be difficult to expect combat power from the forcibly mobilized armed guards, but I expected that they would serve as a minimum shield because they would fight to survive.

"Proceed like this."

Hyeong-geun placed the most loyal executive hunters in the ranks right behind the armed guards.

They were people who obeyed whatever orders were given by the guild leader, Joo Heung-geun, but recently they have become so cruel that they lose their humanity while performing certain rituals.

"Help me! I have a family!"

"I, please!"

Two armed guards put down their rifles and knelt down to their knees, but the hunters of the executive branch who performed the ceremony cut their heads and pierced their hearts with swords and spears without hesitation.

"Cuckoo, Cuckoo!"


The two couldn't resist and fell to the ground, bleeding.

"If you don't want to die, you better do what you're told."

"Do not stop."

The executive hunters aim their weapons while speaking in a sullen voice. The armed guards had no choice but to advance, aiming their automatic rifles forward.

The race guild office was not as far away as I thought. After walking for a little over 30 minutes with an ugly atmosphere, onlookers gathered.

"It's annoying. Kill them all."

Hyeong-geun gave orders to the executive hunters who lost their humanity during the ceremony. They drew their swords and jumped out and killed the civilians.


"Sa, save me!"

The spectators dispersed only after several citizens lost their lives. And the march continued.


The executive hunter, who was leading the group at the forefront, rushed to report. The race guild office that appeared as soon as I turned the corner did not even have an armed guard guarding the entrance, and the lights were off on all floors.

There were not even citizens passing by.

"Hey, is it a trap? … ?"

"It doesn't matter if it's a trap! Destroy the building!"

Hyung-geun has already lost his reason. While he was giving nonsensical instructions, about 10 armored vehicles appeared and blocked all escape routes.

"Hey, guild chief!"

"Looks like I'm caught in a trap!"

We walked over an hour to get here. That was enough time to recognize the attack and prepare for it.

While the armed guards were bewildered, among the hunters of the executive branch, only the exceptionally loyal remained in place with a firm face.

"What about these cowardly bastards? I mean, attack now!"

Hyeong-geun swung his sword while shouting in a harsh voice. Auror slashes that flew through the wind broke through the windows of the building and messed up the interior.

That was the moment.

The windows of the buildings on all sides opened, and the guns came out. Most were automatic rifles, but there were also stationary machine guns and rocket guns.


The shooting started. Along with the gunshots, orange rays of light fell like rain on Joo Hyeong-geun and his subordinates.


"Unleash your defense magic!"

"Strike back!"

Magical Hunters counterattacked with magic. The armed guards also pointed their guns upwards, not wanting to die in vain, and pulled the trigger, but the position was too bad.

In just 10 seconds, the armed guards were annihilated, and several hunters in the executive branch fell.

Although it was said to consist of at least C-level hunters, it was unreasonable to withstand the concentrated fire that mobilized even heavy weapons.

But it wasn't just that he was standing still.


"Wind Cutter!"

"Lightning Spear!"

Several magical hunters soared in the sky and counterattacked with magic. The recovery hunters recovered the wounded, and the combat hunters broke down the blocked entrance and entered the building to subdue the armed guards on the race side.

"The Armed Guards of the Great Evil side have been annihilated."

Taemin reported. Hyunjun was watching the situation at the guild office and receiving reports in real time.

"Although a third of the hunters belonging to the Great Evil Guild's executive branch are incapable of combat, the resistance continues. The damage to our armed guards and special police officers is also increasing."

Hein-geun Joo was a tyrant, but he was not lacking in ability. Although he lost his temper, he was recovering the situation with excellent leadership even in a crisis situation.

"I think that's enough damage. Send a signal to Kyu-Hwan Lee. It's the executive branch's turn."

"Yes, I understand."

Taemin nodded and signaled to Kyu-hwan. Eventually, the hunters from the executive branch of the Race Guild moved.

"How dare you aim at the guild leader! Go and kill them all!"

Unlike when he first joined, Kyu-hwan now has a deep loyalty to Hyun-jun. When they joined, it seemed like they were going to win again, but that was short-lived. It was a time when there were less than 10 people left in the Great Evil Guild.

"Use the power of your clan! Permit!"

Hyeong-geun shouted with his blood-stained body and raised his magic power.

"Black magic… … ?"

Gyu-hwan frowned. And at that moment, black magic flowed from the bodies of the other hunters in the Great Demon Guild.

"No, stop!"

Gyu-hwan, who read the unusual momentum, exclaimed urgently.


A cold smile spread across his lips.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 79


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