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Chapter 80 - Fragments of the Conspiracy - Part 2

something that was human Gyu-hwan doubted his eyes at the tragedy unfolding before his eyes.

The bodies of the hunters of the special police department blocking the front of Hyung-geun, who had turned into a monster, exploded like firecrackers with just one wave of his hand.

"In such an absurd case… … ."

Gyu-hwan also felt the strong magical interference. If he hadn't raised magical powers to defend himself, he would have suffered internal injuries.

"Do not approach! I deal with it!"

Gyu-hwan blocked the access of other hunters. It seemed to be a type of magic or rite that injects magical energy into the body and causes it to explode.

If the opponent's magic power was overpowered, it was not impossible in theory.

'It's the first time I've seen it in person.'

The fact that the bodies of the hunters exploded just by waving their hands in the air without complicated casting could be inferred that the level of Joo Hyeong-geun, who turned into a monster, was far too high.

However, it was not the only thing that was unfortunate for Gyu-hwan.

- Crer.


There were more monsters. That too a lot.


When Gyu-hwan lifted the staff and shouted, all the monsters, except for Joo Heung-geun, flew towards him.

"Cuckoo, Cuckoo!"

His eyes filled with astonishment. didn't respond It happened in an instant. When I woke up, I saw a handful of left flanks torn off.

"Oh my gosh… … blizzard!"

Lifting the staff upward, Gyu-hwan cast the most powerful magic he could use.

A deadly ice storm was summoned around him.


- Whoa!

The powerful wide-area attack magic that can produce anti-magic-level power depending on the caster's level froze half of the monster in an instant.

The other half fell bloodied by the sharp icy blade baptism.

-Even though it was said to be of a low rank, the hunters who performed the clan ritual were wiped out at once... … You have S-class qualities.

Gyu-hwan raised the corners of his lips. I got compliments, but I wasn't happy at all. Hyeong-geun looked at it and raised both arms with bone-shaped greatswords attached to them.

-I'm going to die today anyway.

And disappeared.

"Hey, hey!"

In an instant, it came right in front of me. Gyu-hwan hurriedly tried to unleash his defensive magic, but it was too late. Because the bone bayonet was swung with the force to blow away the neck.

It was the moment when I gave up everything and closed my eyes.


The body was pushed back with the strong wind pressure. Instinctively, I opened my eyes and looked ahead, and I saw a shield that flew from somewhere and pierced Hyung-geun's face.

"Are you okay?"

Suddenly, Hyun-jun was standing next to Kyu-hwan.

"Yes, I survived thanks to the guild leader."

"Stand back and receive treatment from a recovery hunter."

"Sorry for not being of any help."

Kyu-hwan bowed his head slightly and stepped back. I desperately wanted to fight. I wanted to help Hyun-jun, but I had no choice but to back down because I knew very well that the injured body would be a hindrance to Hyun-jun against that monster with overwhelming force.

- Kang Hyun-jun.

There were no such lines as villains. Hyeong-geun called Hyun-jun's name lowly and shed his life.

He wanted to run into Hyun-jun and tear him apart, but he endured it with superhuman patience.

It was because he felt an unusual momentum from Hyun-jun.

'I'm being pushed by the momentum... … ?'

Hein-geun bit his lip that had turned ugly. He performed a ceremony in a place called a clan and crossed the threshold of the S-class called the state of transcendence.

I thought I would be able to deal with Kang Hyeon-jun, but now that I see it, I was mistaken.

'This… … It's a monster... … .'

It is common to know his level by looking at an equal number or by looking at the momentum of the weak, but he could not read the momentum of Hyeon-Jun Kang in front of him.

It was like an abyss with no future in sight. It didn't seem like it would be an easy match.

No, can the opponent do it? Despair approached, but Hyung-geun shook his head and turned away, thinking of Joo Hye-ri, who had become a delinquent.

'It must be killed!'

Life shone in Hyung-geun's red-tinted eyes.


Hyeonjun flicked his fingers while holding a hell yam. Since it was a light provocation, Hyeong-geun did not fall over.

However, the longer the confrontation, the more he knew he was at a disadvantage, so he had no choice but to move first.

The moment he took his step, the gigantic mass disappeared in an instant.

-host! Blink!

Hell Yam has warned. A sign that I thought had disappeared was sensed above my head.

Hyeon-jun rolled to the side to dodge, and at the same time picked up the shield that had been dropped.

-The righteous shield of Carthage protects you. As long as the great guardian is with you, nothing can threaten you.

The auror covered the shield. A shock wave swept around.



A few hunters from the Special Police Department were swept away, but Hyun-jun survived thanks to the Auror Shield.

- Whoa!

Seeing Hyeong-geun running away with screams, Hyun-jun took a defensive posture.


Transforming into a monster, Hyeong-geun's heavy body collided with Hyun-jun's shield.

bang! bang! bang!

A swinging bone greatsword struck the shield continuously.

-die! die!

The black aura blade could not destroy Hyun-jun's aura shield. Even the shock that was transmitted was gently shed by Hyun-jun through the method he realized through his training with Carthage.

Hyeong-geun realized that the blow didn't work, and stepped back and vomited black flames.

Despite the flames approaching his nose with a force to devour everything, Hyun-jun was relaxed. He raised his hand with a cold expression on his face.

- The harsh flames of Eastel are with you. It wields absolute dominion over fire.

Black flames melted like snow.

"Is the banquet over?"

He spoke in a cold voice and slowly closed the distance. Hyeong-geun saw that, and faced the emotion of fear for the first time.

When I first attacked the S-class dungeon. Even when performing a ceremony that accompanies terrible pain from a clan, he never felt such a dark fear.

- Oh, don't come... … .

My body trembles like convulsions and my eyes get dizzy. Instinct warned. run away now You can never defeat the man in front of you.

"You want to run away? Not like that."

- The Reaper's brutal murderous intent is awakened. Living beings are unaware of their instinctive fears.

Reaper's blessing was manifested.

- Whoops!

Hyung-geun, who received the fatal death, stumbled. It wasn't enough to cause internal injuries, but it was enough to break the will to run away and block movement for a while.


Hyeon-jun, who was in front of him, was no longer visible when he shook off the life that was entangled in him like iron chains. It was too late when a voice came from behind.

Because the hell yam had already pierced the thick skin of Hyeong-geun and pierced his heart.

"Didn't you see it?"

-Uh, sooner or later... … .

"You wouldn't even hear it."

Hyung-geun did not respond to Hyun-jun's words. It was embarrassing, but what he said was true.

"This is the overwhelming difference in power."

Hyeon-jun twisted the hell yam stick in Hyung-geun's body and completely destroyed his heart.

- Big, uh... … .

He let out a low moan, but did not stop breathing. Rather, he deformed his arm and arrested Hyun-jun.

Despite the sudden reversal, Hyun-jun was not embarrassed. He just opened his mouth with a slightly surprised expression.

"Can you move even if you destroy the heart?"

He was arrested by an unidentified tentacle, but he did not lose his composure. He wielded a fel yam with an Auror blade, but only made small wounds to the tentacles strengthened with magical power.

- Ha ha ha ha! Is it just that?

"Because this is enough."

Hyun-jun generated magic with the answer.

-Initiate dangerous cooperation with peers. While you are with him, the pain is under your control.

As soon as he heard the voice, he put his finger into the wound on the tentacle and twisted it. The power of Pier, who controlled the pain, acted on Hyeong-geun.

- Whoa!

Terrible pain engulfed my brother-in-law. The tentacles momentarily contracted and shattered the bones of Hyun-jun's body, but he did not fall.

- The will of Danzig resides. As long as you have someone to protect, you won't fall.

Danzig's protection allowed him to move even when the bones of his body were shattered.

He rearranged his distance with Hyeong-geun, then rushed to him again and wielded a hell yam.

- Cuckoo!

Unlike the tentacles, the arm, which was not strengthened, was cut off. He swung the bone greatsword with his remaining arm, but Hyun-jun avoided it effortlessly.


Sojin shouted in a clear voice from behind and used heels. As the white magic touched Hyeonjun's body, he quickly restored the broken bones.

'Is this the second awakening A-class recovery hunter's heel?'

In just a few seconds, all the smashed bones were attached. A smile spread across Hyunjin's lips. Now you can fight without Danzig's protection.

- Whoa! I'm not going to just suffer!

Hyeong-geun roared and generated magical power. His skin turned red.

- Reinforcement magic. That's enough for a normal Auror Blade.

"If it's a 'normal' Auror blade… … ."

Hell yamdo expressed concern, but Hyun-jun did not lose his smile. He could use a 'special' Auror blade. Raising the sword with magical powers, the previous life responded.

-Durendal is with you. A radiant brilliance dwells in the righteous sword.

The blue aura gradually grew darker and then became a deep blue.

-Oh, Auror Ganghwa? What the hell kind of talent you have!

Hyung-geun was surprised to see that he had several special abilities that were only one of them, even when he was transcendental or secondary.

He strengthened his skin with magic at best, but it was useless. If the Auror Blade had been strengthened that much, it was clear that even the strengthened skin would be torn in vain.

- My, damn it... … I even received the ritual of a clan... … are you shaking?

The brother-in-law clenched his teeth. I wanted to deny it, but my body was honest. He was trembling like convulsions, eroded by fear. Instinct was screaming to run away even now.

- Whoa!

but he refuses Hyung-geun's body was shot like a bullet. He passed Hyunjun in an instant and moved behind him.

Despite being caught behind the scenes, Hyun-jun didn't even move. Seeing this, Hyeong-geun smiled, revealing his hideous teeth.

-This is my exclusive! Was it just like this?

A jet-black aura erupted from the raised bone greatsword.


A swung bone bayonet. However, it did not reach Hyunjun's neck. A fel yam claw blocked the bone greatsword, and the two colored auras collided, splattering into shards. And he couldn't stop the hell yam that was stabbed like a flash of light the next moment.

- Cuckoo!

Hyung-geun vomited blood at the sensation of a foreign body in his neck and stepped back, but Hyun-jun couldn't let him go.

"It's not that I didn't respond, it's that I didn't."

Hyun-jun exhaled coldly and pulled out the hell yam. Blood was gushing out, and my brother-in-law staggered.

"Has your heart been regenerated already? The regenerative power is terrifying."

I felt my heart beating.

"Park of Pain!"

Jina's voice broke out. The high-level magic of the bondage series was completed with the starter word. A chain of blue magic bound Hyeong-geun.

- This is, to this extent... … .

"I won't let you loose."

As he finished speaking, he approached Hyeong-geun and placed his hand on the magic chain. And using the magician's magic learned from Gildre, he strengthened the restraint magic.

- Well, as long as it's like this... … .

The atmosphere in the neighborhood was not serious. Magic power was gathering in his head.

"Are you going to commit suicide?"

it was obvious It would be embarrassing if it was him in the past, but it wasn't now that he had learned the magic from Gildre.

-Gildre's dark knowledge assists you. Start analyzing the magic spell.

-Gildre's magical power erodes magic. In the name of the dark truth, I command the forced dissolution of magical powers.

The suicide technique was destroyed and Hyung-geun's face darkened. Looking at him, Hyunjun opened his mouth with a cold smile.

"I'm sorry, but you are not free."

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 80


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