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Chapter 81 - Fragments of the Conspiracy - Part 3

The horrific massacre that the Great Evil Guild carried out in the middle of the city was reported across the country through the media, resulting in anger from the public.

He attempted a cover-up operation behind the Great Evil Guild called 'The Blood Pledge', but it was difficult to cover it up because it was such a big incident.

The Great Evil was branded as a criminal guild and was disbanded by the Guild General Bureau.

The regular guild members were scattered, and the hunters belonging to the executive and intelligence departments that were even in the slightest were arrested or killed by the special police department while resisting.

[Urban massacre!]

[The race that conquered the Great Evil! Who are they?]

[Supernova Kang Hyun-joon is also involved in this case.]

[S-class hunter Kang Hyeon-jun who appeared like a supernova, who is he?]

Somehow, the race guild that stopped them became a hero. Although Hyun-jun did not intend at all, the media did not miss the opportunity and started making a hero.

In the age of dungeon raids, the more 'heroes' there were, the better. Especially from the standpoint of the media that sells them.

"There were a lot of reporters on the first floor. I thought I was going to die from breaking through."

Taesik, who came to the race guild leader's office, said as he emptied the cold water in the mug at once.

Hired armed guards were controlling the first floor, but it was not easy because there were so many reporters.

"Even if it's uncomfortable right now, won't your interest decrease in a week?"

Hyunjun said. Journalists are always busy looking for new issues. I also thought this was just a momentary interest.

But Taesik shook his head and opened his mouth.

"I think this interest will go on for quite some time. On the contrary, Kang Hyeon-joon has been strangely low on interest until now for a second awakening and an S-class hunter. As if someone intervened."

"Is it okay for a special police department official to talk about conspiracy theories?"

"It's half a joke."

That said, the other half were serious. For a moment, I thought it was a silly word and shook my head, but I didn't think that maybe someone really intervened.

"I heard you are busy. I probably didn't come here to talk about conspiracy theories leisurely... … What's going on today?"

"It didn't come privately."

"Then you came here for work… … It seems that it is not easy to get information from Joo Hyeong-geun."

"I got it right. That's why our special police department wants to get help from Kang Hyeon-jun."

At Taesik's words, Hyunjun threw his eyes out the window with his eyes narrowed.

Seeking cooperation from someone who claims to be a Second Awakener but has nothing to do with interrogation? That's nonsense. At first, I thought it would be better to think about Taesik while looking at the atmosphere.

"Aren't there more talented people in the Special Police Department than me?"

"The experts are tortured, but they do not open their mouths."

"Isn't torture illegal?"

As he spoke, Hyun-jun thought that he was really shameless.

- The owner is really shameless.

Hell Yam seemed to have the same idea.

"I do not know. No one would argue that this is illegal."

"Aren't you looking for the wrong person? I don't know anything about it."

Joo Hye-ri came to mind for a moment, but Hyun-jun said with the intention of grabbing it.

"Joo Hye-ri."

Taesik didn't explain further. Do you want to remove it momentarily? I thought, but I had to stop thinking right away.

If Tae-shik knew, the Special Police Department or a few more high-ranking officials above him would know.

"How much do you know?"

There was some displeasure in Hyunjun's voice. It wasn't a pleasant feeling that someone knew the secret.

Perhaps recognizing that the atmosphere had changed, Taesik raised his hands and actively expressed that he had no intention of being hostile.

"We have no intention of intimidating or threatening Kang Hyun-joon for anything related to Joo Hye-ri. It's just asking the experts for help. If this goes well, I can promise you that the Special Police Agency will not be involved in what Hyun-Jun Kang is doing in the future."

This is an unexpected development.

"I would like to inform you that not only the Special Police Department, but also the Korean government have no intention to oppose Mr. We want you to know how important we are to Kang Hyun-joon."

It was the position of the Special Police Agency and the Korean government. More than half of the opinion was that it should never be turned into an enemy of a promising Second Awakener in a situation where the secret group using Black Magic Stone was doing a secret job.

Of course, the hearts of the high-ranking people are reeds, so they may change when they are, but they are relieved right now.

'They're probably thinking about exile.'

In the past, there was a case where S-class magician hunter Kim Young-soo received an offer from Russia and went into exile.

At that time, Youngsu had a conflict with the Korean government for some reason, and eventually chose asylum.

Maybe it's an effort not to repeat the same mistakes as back then.

'Is this much thanks to the precedent of Kim Young-soo?'

Without a precedent for asylum, pressure might have come in instead of conciliation. Of course, if the country had come out like that, they wouldn't have been standing still.

"I will help you. Fortunately, we have a little time left."

"The vehicle is waiting. Do you want to go right away?"

"That would be great."

Hyunjun nodded his head happily. As Taesik said, a black sedan was waiting in the parking lot. There was no armored vehicle escort to avoid attention.

"Come on."

Taesik, an S-class hunter, opened the door himself. When everyone, including Hyun-jun, got on board, the vehicle started moving slowly.

After driving for about an hour along the road, we arrived at a place with many low buildings and a gloomy atmosphere.

"Im here."

Taesik said and got off first. The special police officer who was in charge of the driver remained and guarded the vehicle, and Tae-sik and Hyun-jun went down to the basement through a shabby shopping mall.

The basement was equipped with facilities that were different from those above the ground. Armed hunters were guarding the corridor with thick iron walls.

"I consider it."

When I opened the door and entered, I could see Hyung-geun sitting in the center of the gray room with a cold atmosphere.

Instead of the last monster-like appearance he saw, he had the form of an ordinary 'human' and was wearing a straitjacket.

When I heard that he was tortured, I thought there would be blood everywhere, but the inside was cleaner than I thought.

However, from the fact that Hyeong-geun's expression was quite exhausted, he could tell that the torture had taken place a while ago.

"Hyunjun Kang… … ."

There was no strength in his voice.

"No matter what you do, I won't tell you."

But it seemed like he was going to resist until the end. Hyunjoon opened his mouth as he glanced around.

"Get out for a while. I also turn off all surveillance cameras and recording devices."

A polite but commanding tone. However, Tae-sik left the torture room with other special police officers without showing any signs of displeasure.

Eventually, Hyun-jun's sharpened senses caught him turning off the surveillance camera and recording device. Thanks to God's blessing, I was able to know this much.

"They say that the magic power has been restrained, but now you know that the surveillance cameras and recording devices are all turned off. What do you think this means?"

"Why do I have to answer that… … ."

"It means that no matter what I do, the Special Police Department will 'accept' it."

Hyunjun's eyes grew cold. The softly flowing flesh choked Hyeong-geun's neck.

"You won't get the answer you want."

"I do not care. If you don't answer, you can ask someone else."

"what? surely… … ."

"I like to catch people."

Hyung-geun's complexion turned pale. Suddenly, Hyun-jun was behind Hyeong-geun.

"Joo Hye-ri."

A cold chill escaped his voice.

"Hey! Hyun-Jun Kang! you bastard! You should know that our Hyeri is not in a normal state... … ."

"You tried to kill me. Don't you think it's too late to beg for mercy?"

"this… … devilish bastard... … ."

"I don't think that's what you mean… … ."

Hyunjun smiled and took out his smartphone.

"If I call now, I will bring Hye-ri Joo. What would you do? Will you tell me everything and get our protection? if not… … omitted below."

He swung his whip and held out a carrot. Hyeong-geun must be afraid of retaliation from the power behind him.

It is a 'carrot' that prevents and protects it. I don't know how effective it will be.

"Did you see I dialed the phone number? Now all you have to do is press the call button."

The moment he finished speaking with a voice that did not feel any emotional change, Hyung-geun opened his mouth with an anguished expression.

"I will tell you."

* * *

Hein-geun Joo confided everything he knew, but unfortunately, he didn't know as much information as he thought.

Most of the information Hyung-geun knew was that they were active under the name of 'Clean Alliance' and that they regularly perform certain rituals by collecting Black Magic Stones for some reason.

"About a year ago, the 'blood alliance' first contacted me. The Great Devil Guild I was leading at the time was a silver tier, but it soon became a gold tier by borrowing the power of 'Black Magic Stone'."

"About a year ago, is Joo Hye-ri's second awakening also related to the Black Magic Stone?"

Hyunjun asked a sharp question. Hyung-geun didn't answer right away, but he didn't deny either.

"It would be better to be honest."

"The Black Magic Stone is a monster that kills the Hunter… … In our words, besides making them into 'creatures', it seems that they have the power to forcefully induce the second awakening if they have the qualities. Of course, three more people tried after Hyeri's success, but they all died."

In other words, it meant that if you have a quality, you can awaken it.

It will be difficult to mass-produce, but it means that a considerable number of Second Awakeners can be born using the power of the Black Magic Stone.

"What are the side effects?"

"It's not that there isn't. Because his character becomes ferocious and he is always bloodthirsty."

"Then, is it also related to the disappearance of the lowest-ranking hunters, who increased over the past year?"

Even if you were not a member of the Special Police Department, it was information that you could understand if you watched the news in moderation. Hyung-geun nodded at Hyun-jun's question and opened his mouth.

"okay. The 'executor' who awakened like that needs the magic of the hunters, and the creature needs to eat human flesh."

Hyunjoon's expression hardened at Hyeonggeun's words. He was cold in anger. These guys aren't even human.

less than that Hyunjoon concluded that way.

"What is the composition of the organization?"

"I do not know."

My brother-in-law shook his head. Little was known about the inside of the organization. It was because he received most of the 'orders' from a man called an 'executor' and acted.

"What information about that executor?"

"I don't know your face or name, but I know how to contact you. If you promise to save me and Hyeri, I'll let you know."

"okay. Speak slowly."

As soon as he replied coldly, his hand touched Hyung-geun's shoulder. Hyun-jun imprinted a certain magic on his body without changing his expression.

"I'll listen to everything."

I'll just listen.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 81


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