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Chapter 82 - Cutting the Tail - Part 1

Hyeon-jun, who had learned from Joo Hyeong-geun how to contact the executioner of the clan, delivered it to Song Tae-sik, who was waiting outside.

"The authenticity will have to be investigated, but at present, the credibility is high considering the contents."

"Then I'm glad."

"By the way… … That's great. Technicians did expert interrogations, but they kept their mouths shut. But how did you get them to open their mouths in 30 minutes?"

Taesik was genuinely curious. Looking at him, Hyunjun smiled and opened his mouth.

"You can become a devil."

It didn't take long for Taesik to understand Hyunjun's words, as he wasn't blind either.

And the moment I understood it, I felt like I was getting goosebumps at the unexplained horror.

"The support of the Special Police Department is sure to come in the future, right?"

"Yeah, I can't make it official, but you can trust me. We will show you how Kang Hyun-jun acts so that we can be trusted."

"I hope we don't blush with each other."

"It won't happen."

As they exchanged conversations, I could see that Hyun-jun had the upper hand. Hyeon-jun's overwhelming force in the battle with the clan members strongly warned him not to make him an enemy.

'You must never be in a hostile relationship with Hyun-Jun Kang.'

Taesik was confident about his intuition. And that intuition convinced Hyeon-jun that he was worth more than the Second Awakening.

'If I had the authority, I would have offered to sign him… … .'

He was very loyal to his country. So, I had a desire for Hyun-jun to work for the country together, but it was not easy.

'Damn old people... … .'

It was because of the high ranks at the top. Most of them didn't like Hyun-jun because of his lack of flexibility and only envy, jealousy, and a sense of authority.

Thankfully, several high-ranking executives, including Tae-shik, took their feet off their feet, so they weren't hostile, but they thought it was really stupid.

"I'm done with my work, so I'll leave. If you find the whereabouts of the executioner, please contact us immediately."

The clan, the executioners, the power behind them, and the "they" they spoke of in previous lives are related to each other.

The Great Evil Guild, which was supposed to be in control of the Wraith Guild by receiving orders from behind, was related to the clan, and Gildre not only knew the black magic stone used by the clan, but also mentioned 'them'.

Just by looking at this, you can guess that they are related to each other.

"You use our vehicle. I will take you home safely."

There were not many people in Korea who could threaten the S-class hunter, but I thought that there would be no one who wouldn't like the fact that they provide convenience by attaching an attendant and a vehicle.

"Yes, I will, then."

Hyunjun nodded his head happily. The special police attached one vehicle and two attendants including the driver. Thanks to this, Hyun-jun moved to his home comfortably.

- It's a dark, dark night. Destiny of Destiny is calling me.

Hell yam mumbled. It was the moment I opened my mouth to respond to his words.

- The sergeant warns of the existence behind it. Someone is watching you.

I felt a presence near the house. He seemed to be hiding his body with a high level of stealth, but he could not avoid the eyes of the Goddess.

- Someone is there.

Instead of answering, he quietly nodded. He threw his body in the direction he felt his presence with his hand on the hell yam.

He quickly narrowed the distance with a leap that focused his magic on his feet. As soon as I entered the dark shadow, a single 'figure' that was draped in a faint veil of hiding appeared.



A slender body and long hair. and a thin voice. Small, about 150 cm tall. The woman was clear. Of course, that didn't change anything.

If it is an enemy, it will only be thoroughly killed. He aimed the hell yam at the hazy figure in the darkness.

The Auror Blade was not turned on, but preparations were completed to generate magical power so that it could be used immediately in case of emergency.

The brief confrontation was alleviated as the black shadows were removed and a woman with a cute look like a puppy appeared with her hands raised.

"I'm sorry if there was any misunderstanding. I was just taking pictures because I liked the surrounding scenery."

She said waving the camera in her left hand. But the doubts have not been erased. Hyunjun narrowed his eyes and stared at her and opened his mouth.

"I heard that S-class hunter Son Tae-hee was taking pictures of landscapes with a camera while also using stealth techniques? Tonight?"

"Ugh! what? did you know me?"

"Is it because you were the 'No. 1 S-class hunter you want to grow' in the hunter community?"

"what! Do you think so too?"


Hyunjun shook his head. Taehee then pouted her lips.

"Anyway, the misunderstanding has been resolved… … I'm going!"

"Gear sword."

"What, what! You were surprised!"

Suddenly, a butcher's dagger was at her feet.

"The misunderstanding has not been resolved yet. Let me check the camera."

Right now, it didn't seem like a threatening enemy, so I used honorifics. Although Tae-hee was relieved by Hyun-jun's change, he held the camera and expressed his will of resistance.

"Withered Miller."

- Withered Miller's valiant sword is with you. The sword will not be broken unless righteous courage is broken.

Finally turned on the auror.

"Come on, wait! Even if you don't protest like that, you know that you are very strong, right? Let's settle this through conversation."

"Then let's pass the camera."

"Ugh. do i have to pass it on? Can't you just pass by looking at my face?"

"There is no such thing."

Tae-hee eventually turned the camera over to Hyun-jun's decisive attitude.

"what… … this… … ?"

The camera only had a bunch of pictures of Sojin. Hyun-joon was not funny. At the very least, I thought I was taking pictures of the defense facilities around the mansion, but it wasn't.

- Kkeuk. ha ha ha!

Hell yamdo couldn't stop laughing like a black flame dragon because it was so funny.

"Do you like girls?"

Hyunjun asked. There was no way that an S-class hunter would move after receiving such a quest.

"Hey, it's not like that!"

"Then explain."

"Sah, I'm actually a power blogger."

"Looking at the quality of the photos you took, you're just paparazzi, right?"

"Wow! It's different from that!"

It was Taehee who strongly denied it. It was so cute that Hyun-jun smiled unknowingly, but she didn't seem to care.

"Did Sojin want to interview you?"

"okay! That's it!"

"How many subscribers do you have?"

"One million people."

Much more than expected. There are few hunter bloggers with more than 1 million subscribers, but Tae-hee Son was none of them.

That meant that I was a masked blogger working with my face hidden.

'If you use it well… … .'

Hyunjun's eyes lit up. In the modern society where the Internet is developed, the most important thing to take the lead in is public opinion.

You can ignore it and try to get things done, but there will be a lot of cases where you will be concerned about the reaction. External image was more important than expected.

If you are a masked blogger with 1 million subscribers, you might be able to get help in building a positive image of the Race Guild through an interview with Sojin and a deal.

'It will be useful.'

I stopped thinking for a moment, looked at Tae-hee, and activated Romanov's protection.

-The Eye of Romanoff dwells in you. A gaze with absolute insight sees through all beings.

Jin's name came to mind.

[Son Tae-hee: A flower that gets attention.]

Although the meaning is not exact now, it was a true name that suited a power blogger.

"Would you like an interview?"

"I, really? Are you okay?"

"If you promise to do my favor later, I'll make an appointment tomorrow."

"Hey! Are you doing this to ask for something strange? I do not need!"

Seeing Tae-hee pretending to spit, Hyun-jun let out a short sigh. There seems to be some misunderstanding.

"It's not strange. And if you are going to turn down the offer, I have no choice but to hand you over to the special police as it is. If you flip the camera too, it might turn out to be a masked blogger."

"Wow. he's a bad guy you."

Taehee said while inflating her cheeks. I think he's trying to emphasize that he's a woman, but I'm sorry, but it doesn't work in this area.

"I just need to write a post about what I want when I need it."

"Is that really the case?"

Tae-hee asked with tears in her eyes. It's like you don't believe it yet.

"Yeah. What are you going to do?"

"Okay, I will do that. Instead, we should definitely hold the interview, right?"

"Call me back tomorrow. This is my number."

"What, what! you! So secretly, I called my number... … ."

"If you don't like it, don't."

"I'll give."

Negotiations are over. After the exchange of numbers, Taehee looked around with an anxious gaze and disappeared into the darkness. Hyunjun sighed as he turned his gaze away from the direction she disappeared.

"It's a little annoying."

- I could feel the energy of the Black Flame Dragon from her.

"Don't say anything strange."

- Kkeuk.

With a smile of hell yam, she moved towards the second floor. First of all, it was a matter of exhaustion, so I needed to tell her.

There may be a case of rejection, but it was thought that the probability of such was low.


"Ah… … Hyun Joon-ah. Are you late today?"

Sojin was sitting in the living room on the second floor and reading a book. Hyun-jun explained to her what had happened a while ago.

"Even if you don't… … ."

"I will. I want to help you."

There was no hesitation. She was happy just to be able to help Hyun-jun.

"I'll call you tomorrow."

Hyunjun said with a faint smile. Things got easier thanks to Sojin's willingness to help.


Sojin answered with a smile. Seeing Hyun-jun's relaxed expression made her feel better too.

"Then I'll go up too."

"Bur, are you going already?"

It was late, so I hurriedly left my seat and got up, but there was regret in Sojin's voice.

As the guild chief of staff, I was able to meet Hyun-jun often, but he was so busy that there was little time for private conversations.

So, when Hyun-jun said that he was going to go up in 10 minutes, So-jin became pale.

"Yes, rest."

There is no pumpkin Leaving behind Sojin's disappointment, Hyunjun went up to the third floor. And time passed and the next day came.

When I contacted Tae-hee, she immediately drove to me in a luxury foreign car.

After a brief greeting with So-jin, Tae-hee began the interview with tea and sweets in front of Hyun-joon's observation.

The interview was not long and there were a lot of personal questions, but not to the point of being problematic.

"I'm going to ask you one last thing!"

Contrary to how he treats Hyun-joon, Hyun-jun shakes his head with a tired expression at Tae-hee's expression of respect for So-jin.

"yes I'm okay."

Sojin nodded and Taehee opened her mouth.

"Do you have someone you like?"

"Who do you like?"


For a moment, Sojin's gaze rested on Hyunjun. After a while, she turned her head to Tae-hee again and opened her mouth.

"I have it."

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 82


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