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Chapter 83 - Cutting the Tail - Part 2

I was curious about the meaning of Sojin's gaze in the interview that day, but I couldn't afford to think about it. It was because I got a call from Song Tae-sik of the Special Police Department.

- Joo Heung-geun has found the whereabouts of the man he called the executioner. It took some time as I cleverly erased the traces.

Taesik's voice through his smartphone was excited. He was passionate about working for the country and justice to the extent that it fits the true name of 'a just agent'.


- There is also bad news. Joo Hein-geun and Joo Hye-ri died from seizures of unknown cause on the way to prison.

"Unbelievable… … ."

A voice that sounded shocked. But it was smoke. He is now terribly calm.

It was because he was the one who imprinted the poison spell on Joo Hye-ri and Joo Hyeong-geun. I had no intention of leaving any regrets.

There was a smile on Hyun-jun's lips now, but Tae-sik was on the phone, but there was no way to know.

- I should have been careful... … . I'm really sorry. I won't make excuses.

taeshik said He could make excuses, but he didn't.

"Fine. People can make mistakes."

He might be stabbed in the conscience, but Hyunjun said calmly. As if it had nothing to do with you.

- I'll start a detailed investigation right away.

"It doesn't matter now. Didn't you say that you found traces of the clan executioner? I think it is urgent to follow them."

Hyun-jun quickly changed the topic. Gildre's technique was perfect, so even if the detailed investigation began, there was no way he would be found out.

However, he did not want the manpower of the special police to be wasted. He knew that the clan, the background of the former Echo Guild, and the 'they' they spoke of were related, so it was urgent to pursue them.

-Actually, there is a serious shortage of manpower.

"Then we should focus more on tracking the bailiff."

- Everything Kang Hyun-jun said is correct. I guess I got a little excited.

"I would like to have a long talk about the Executioner. Can I go to the Suwon branch?"

-Yes, I'll go now.

Hyun-jun went down to the garage as soon as the call ended. The executive hunter, who was contacted in advance, was waiting with the car turned on.

"To the Suwon branch of the Special Police Department."


Thanks to good road conditions, we arrived quickly. A special police officer who was waiting at the front door was scared to find Hyun-jun's car and ran to open the door.

"Song Tae-sik is waiting for you."

faster than expected It looks like he was using a helicopter.

"Please guide me."

"I'll see you."

As I entered the restricted area, I saw Taesik waiting at the end of the hallway.

He was talking with another officer of the special police department, and soon noticed Hyun-jun approaching, and he bowed his head lightly and greeted him.

"I am alone."

As Hyun-jun approached, the special police officer who was talking to Tae-sik left.

"Are you here?"

"It's a bit too much for a conversation here."

"I will guide you to the conference room. This is a restricted area and the meeting room area is now under control, so don't worry about security."

The two moved to an empty conference room. As Taeshik said, the surroundings were being controlled, and at some point, no one could be seen.

"Now tell me."

As soon as he entered the conference room, Hyunjun asked. It was because he knew that there was a high probability that it had something to do with the 'them' who were behind the scenes and who the previous lives were talking about, so he asked the question urgently.

"I couldn't find out detailed information, but I did get information that they are currently active in Gangnam, Seoul."

"What activity are you talking about?"

"I made contact with the Hunters. Under the circumstances, I think they might be guild officials from the Seoul side, but there is no confirmation."

Taesik bowed his head with a short sigh as he finished speaking. This was the limit.

"Isn't the special police department's intelligence power not at this level? Even if it is unreasonable to get to the list of guild officials who are in contact, can't you at least know the degree of affiliation? Am I overestimating it?"

It was frustrating that the Intelligence Department of the Special Police Agency was not using as much power as I thought it would, even though I had handed over enough information.

The Special Police Agency, as a state agency, not only had its own intelligence department, but was also able to link with the National Intelligence Service in certain circumstances. But, it was just a disappointment.

"I think the special police were more corrupt than I thought. There was a sabotage operation from within, which made it difficult to gather information."

Taesik's voice trembled. Because of the corruption of the Special Police Department, everything was on the verge of going back to normal. I hate to admit it, but because it was true, I had no choice but to be honest.

"It's difficult."

Hyunjun frowned and Taesik shook his head without saying a word. After a short deliberation, Hyun-jun finally decided to go on his own.

That was also the most comfortable.

"I'll do it. You must have secured a picture of the executioner, right?"

Maybe it doesn't even exist? The moment he thought, Taesik took out a picture from his arms and showed it to him.

"Is this?"

"Yeah, it's the best photo we've got."

"This could be it."

It was dark, but the figure of the whole body was clear, and even the face was distinguishable. It was enough to send a shadow.

"Are you sure you don't need anything else?"

When Hyun-jun confidently answered, Tae-sik was surprised and asked. Although there was a sabotage operation, even the intelligence department of the Special Police Department could not do it properly.

I thought that the guild's intelligence department, which had just been promoted to the gold tier, was not something that could be done.

However, despite his concerns, Hyun-jun opened his mouth with a confident nod once again.

"It won't take long."

"I am really?"

Taesik's voice was filled with surprise and admiration because he thought Hyunjun couldn't lie.

"I'll call you in a few days."

With those words, Hyun-jun left the Special Police Department and returned to his home. Then he sat down in his study and generated his magical powers.

-The sergeant's cunning shadows beckon to your foes. The faithful darkness will be your eyes and ears.

A shadow rose from the darkness.

"Go and be my eyes and ears."

Hyun-jun showed the picture of the executioner to the shadow. The shadow clone nodded and melted into the darkness again. Now you just have to wait.

- He's a guy who can feel the energy of darkness. he must be a good guy

And Hell Yamdo seemed to like the shadow clone.

* * *

For a few days, the dungeon attack was left to the guild members such as Sojin and Hansoo, and focused on organizing the information brought by the shadow clones.

As a result, within a few days, they succeeded in obtaining information that they were secretly meeting in a cave outside Gyeonggi-do.

"There will be a meeting in the next three days… … ."

Hyun-jun drank hot coffee and organized his thoughts. There was no mention of the exact location, but since the executioner has a shadow, it is not difficult to determine the location.

In addition, it is advantageous to express the protection of the Goddess related to hiding in the dark cave. It was like playing a home game.

- He's a pretty useful guy. He is also a comrade of darkness.

Hearing the words of hell yam through one ear, Hyun-jun picked up his smartphone. It was to convey this information to Taesik.

- This is Taesik Song.

After a short ringback tone, Taesik was busy calling.

"The executor has summoned the members of the clan. There will be a meeting in three days. It is said that the related guild officials do not attend, and a small number of clan executives and activists are convened."

- I didn't expect you to know so much. Even in our intelligence department, this was too much... … .

Taesik could hardly hide his surprise. It was because it was possible to see that Hyun-jun's intelligence power exceeded that of the intelligence department of the Special Police Department just by looking at the current situation.

The information Hyun-jun brought was too specific to just make an excuse that there was an internal sabotage operation.

The authenticity is still uncertain, but Taesik didn't think that Hyunjun would have rushed to give out uncertain information.

If this information is correct, Hyeonjun Kang and the Race Guild are really scary people. Taehyung thought so.

"There is one reliable source of personal information."

There is no need to elaborate on the shadow clone. It is better to hide as many trump cards as possible.

-Then I will prepare the troops immediately.

"no. You don't have to. I will take care of it."

- Go, Hyun-Jun Kang?

"Didn't you say there was sabotage inside when you were gathering information? Then, there is a bond of blood ties within the Special Police Department... … If we mobilize troops for nothing, information that we are moving may be passed on."

- I can't deny it.

There is no power in Taesik's voice. There was no excuse for the fact that the Special Police Department was corrupt.

-However, you cannot send Hyeon-Jun Kang alone to the special police department requesting assistance. I will go with you.

"It's good. I will also contact Jin-ah."

Two is better than one, and three is better than two.

-If you tell us the meeting point, we will move immediately.

"I will contact you again."

After the phone call, Hyun-jun sent a message to Jin-ah saying he wanted to meet him.

[I will go now.]

Although he must have been busy with the issue of establishing a guild under the direct control of Cheil Group, a reply came within a minute. It was even said that he would come right away.

[This is the guild office.]

Hyunjun sent another message.

[I'll be there in 20 minutes.]

It must be quite a distance, but how do you get there in 10 minutes? I thought it didn't make sense, but Jinah made it possible.

He had come by helicopter to see Hyun-jun as quickly as possible. It was fortunate that I made a heliport a while ago.

"Mr. Hyunjun."

The office door opened and Jin-ah walked in with a bright expression. Hearing Hyeonjun's explanation that he called because of the clan's work, he became a little gloomy, but he opened his mouth with a faint smile.

"Thank you for calling me."

It wasn't a private meeting, but the fact that it could help Hyun-jun kept Jin-ah from losing her smile.

She willingly promised to cooperate and returned. He quietly sent a signal that he wanted to be with her a little longer, but Hyun-jun sent her away.

-Is the time finally come?

On the third day, the shadow clone reported the executioner's movement, and Hyun-jun immediately took action.

Hell yam was a bit excited about the thought of tasting blood again. I contacted Tae-sik and Jin-ah and told them where to meet.

Three S-class hunters from South Korea gathered on a small, unnamed mountain on the outskirts of Gyeonggi-do.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 83


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