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Chapter 84 - Cutting the Tail - Part 3

"The executor is very disappointed with you."

Dozens of people in black robes gathered inside the cave, flowing dark energy. Perhaps artificially used, the cave was wide like a school playground unlike the narrow entrance.

There was a stone chair in front of the dozens of black robes, and the executioner sitting there spoke in a cold voice.

The clan members in robes trembled at the deep life that was dripping from their voices.

It was because they knew very well that they were only members of the gang in front of the executioner, an executive of the clan.

"I am not the only one disappointed with you. Not only the superiors, but also 'they' were very disappointed."

Unlike the others, the unmasked officer's face was gentle, but his gaze was sharp. The clan members had to tremble in fear whenever his gaze touched them.

"Who is the evangelist who manages this branch?"

"I, I fold… … ."

A tense voice and rigid gestures. A woman in a mask stepped forward.

"How many 'Knights' are the current main combatants?"

"If you're a knight, are you talking about a clan member who can change into a creature?"

"okay. It must have been a while since I became an evangelist... … Aren't you familiar with the organization of our clan yet?"

"Sin, sorry!"

"No excuses needed."


As the executioner waved his hand, the preacher fell down bleeding.

"Senior Knight."


Another clan member came forward.

"In the next few days, recommend someone who can be used from among the articles as an evangelist for this branch. If not, you can take it. When the recommendation arrives, I will report it to the diocesan bishop."

"Yes! Okay!"

The senior knight bowed his head in a modest motion and answered.

While the knights were cleaning up the bodies, the executioner's gaze turned to the clan members again. He opened his mouth with a calm expression.

"Everyone knows that the 'qualified person' has appeared."


"of course."

To the executioner's words, the clan members responded together.

"It has been quite some time since the order was issued to find and eliminate the right person. But the progress looks like this. What will they think of us?"

There was no answer this time.

"The recent successive failures of this branch have put a great burden on the bishop as well. I think this should not happen in the future and we need to make up for the mistakes of the past."

Seeing the executioner speaking in a resolute voice, the clan members nodded their heads in agreement with nervous expressions.

The executor, who obeyed the bishop's orders and acted on his behalf, was the object of fear as being above the evangelist.

"The bishop is also very heartbroken. I've heard that the South Korean parish has the worst performance in the East Asian parish. Maybe it's our branch's fault."

"Sin, sorry!"

"I will do my best!"

The preacher's neck was blown away with one blow. Since they could not go against the will of the executor who acts on behalf of the bishop, the bishop, the clan members simply bowed their heads and begged for an apology.

Meanwhile, while all their nerves were focused on the executioner, Hyun-jun was watching the secret meeting in the dark.

- In a disbanded mood. I think it's better to move slowly.

Hell Yamdo said: It is a quiet whisper inaudible to others. Hyeonjun slightly raised the corners of his mouth and prepared for an attack.

Because the surroundings were all in a dark cave, no one noticed the presence of Hyeon-jun, who was hiding under the protection of the High Goddess.

'A sudden attack on the center.'

Power entered the hand holding the hell yam. Hyeon-jun sharply lit his eyes, smashed the ground and bounced off like a bullet.

The clan members were unable to respond to the sudden surprise that broke through the veil of darkness, and a hell yam was stuck in the chest of the person who was called a senior knight.

"Cuckoo, Cuckoo!"

The senior knight vomited red blood. He collapsed helplessly when the Hell Yam was removed from his chest.

Even if it was a creature state, it was an instant death because his heart was pierced when he was in the form of a human.


"Uh, how did you get in?"

"Ba, strike back! Fight back!"

Despite the sudden attack, the clan members took out their weapons and counterattacked. Dozens of flames and lightning broke through the darkness and aimed at Hyeonjun.


-The righteous shield of Carthage protects you. As long as the great guardian is with you, nothing can threaten you.

As soon as the Auror Shield was completed, flames and lightning were concentrated on the shield. At that moment, Hyun-jun activated Carthage's protection again.

-The guardian of Carthage unfolds a righteous counterattack. The unshakable shield becomes a sharp spear that preys upon your enemies.

All attack magic has been absorbed.

"Wow, what… … !"


It was a moment when the clan members were startled and were about to take a step back. Hyeonjun's shield came forward and spewed out fragments like a storm.


Auror shards are like sharp blades. The seven clan members in front of the shield were helpless in the storm.

Other clan members rushed to Hyeon-jun, stepping on the dead bodies of the fallen, splattering blood with a scream.

Hyeon-jun calmly raised the hell yam and generated magical power.

- Withered Miller's valiant sword is with you. The sword will not be broken unless righteous courage is broken.

A blue auror blade rose from the sword. Every time the sword with the Auror was swung, the clan members collapsed to the point of meaninglessness.

Some of them fled to the entrance to the cave, but they did not pursue the entrance because Tae-shik and Jin-a were in lockdown.

"Are you that saboteur? … ?"

The executioner did not get up from the stone chair while the corpses of the clan members were piled up. He just looked at him coldly and muttered in a low voice.

After the knight who had endured until the end as a creature fell, he finally got up wearing a mask. In his right hand, a black spear suddenly appeared.

"Black Sword."

When the low-pitched casting was finished, jet-black swords were summoned in the air. Five black swords that appeared in the dark flew towards Hyun-Jun with an anomalous movement.


Hyeon-jun swung his shield as soon as he heard the warning from the hell yam. It was more of an action to ward off an attack rather than a defense.

The black sword that collided with the aura shield shattered like glass. Debris splattered everywhere, and Hyun-jun rushed towards the executioner like a runaway train.


The officer's eyes twinkled. He hadn't thought that the distance would be narrowed at the same time as the black sword was struck.

But it wasn't to the point of being unresponsive. He calmly raised his magic power and opened his mouth.

"Black salt."

It was a kind of weapon enhancement, but that was a big mistake. A bright smile spread across Hyun-jun's lips as he saw the dark red flames dwelling in the window.

'I won.'

He evoked magical powers and activated protection.

- The harsh flames of Eastel are with you. It wields absolute dominion over fire.

Dominion over the black flames wrapped around the spear passed to Hyun-jun in an instant.

"Wow, what… … ."

It was an instant. When the executioner noticed this, the black flame had already completely wrapped around his spear and was aiming at his right arm.


He hurriedly gave up the spear and pulled out the long sword hanging from his waist.

"How can you use 'Heuk Yeom', which can only be used by selected clan members… … ."

The officer's eyes fluttered. Something he had firmly believed in seemed to shake.

Hyun-jun kicked the ground instead of answering. As he narrowed the distance and wielded a hell yam, the executioner also turned on the auror blade.

A fierce battle began. As the Auror blades collided with each other, magical shards spattered. It was boiling at first, but as time went on, it was the executioner who was pushed back.

'Am I being pushed back after fighting on an equal footing with Japanese S-class hunters?'

Back then, he was just as human as he is now. He was astonished by Hyun-jun's powerlessness, but calmly organized his thoughts.

'You have no choice but to become a creature!'

I hesitated because of the side effects, but if I lose my life like this, everything collapses. With all his might, the executioner began to 'transform' as soon as he got out of the range of Hyeon-Jun's hell yam.

- Wouldn't it be better to stop it?

- It's already late.

Hyeon-jun took a defensive posture in response to the hell yamdo. When you become a 'Creature', your combat power increases dramatically. It won't be as easy to win as it is now.

'First, while defending, the fighting power... … .'


A roar that could be called an explosion. It happened in an instant.

It was dusty and when I woke up, the executioner, who had black energy all over his body, was swinging his forearms five times thicker in front of him.


Despite being defended by the Auror Shield, a heavy shock was transmitted. Auror's shield was shattered with one blow, and the B-class shield was crushed.

Hyeon-jun, wielding a hell yam, stepped back and widened the distance. Instead of narrowing the distance immediately, the executioner, who had turned into a creature, moved in a relaxed atmosphere in a reversed atmosphere.

'You're taller than I thought.'

But it wasn't unbearable.


He threw the shield with the spirit. It was a kind of disturbance.

Perhaps using telekinesis, the shield lost speed in front of the executioner's nose and fell to the floor, but for a short period of time, when his gaze turned to the shield, he succeeded in moving behind the executioner.

"It's over!"

The wielded hell yams aimed at the executioner's neck. I thought it was obvious that the executioner's head would fly off in the next moment.


But it wasn't. The Auror Blade could not penetrate the black energy that surrounded the executioner's body.

As Hyeonjun was about to step back in a hurry, dark red flames erupted from under his feet. It happened so quickly that I couldn't respond.


- Whoa? You seem to have excellent magic resistance?

There were no wounds on Hyeonjun's body as he escaped from the pillar of dark red flames. It was thanks to the magic resistance option of Hell Yam, which ignores even higher level magic.

The executioner was also quite surprised. This is because magic resistance that negates even higher-level magic was not commonly seen.

-Are you going to keep fighting? I'm sorry, but your aurors can't break through my defense.

"Then how about this?"

Hyun-jun generated magical power.


-Durendal is with you. A radiant brilliance dwells in the righteous sword.

A deep blue Auror blade that was incomparable to what it had been a while ago rose from the Hell Yam Island. The officer's face hardened visibly when he saw it. Auror blade strengthening through Durendal's blessing. Mana consumption is huge, but the strengthening effect is certain.

The condensed dark blue auror blade made even the executioner nervous. Instincts that had been trained through countless practical experiences warned him.

'That's dangerous.'

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 84


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