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Chapter 85 - Cutting the Tail - Part 4

I thought I could stop it. In the face of the powerful dark power granted them by them, I thought that the power of a mere human would be powerless. But it was an illusion.

- Cuckoo!

Red blood poured out of his mouth.

- You must be this strong... … .

The executor let out a sigh. The black aura could no longer protect him.

Even in front of the Auror Blade, the Black Auror, which boasted the hardness of steel, was cut like paper whenever the righteous blade of Durendal's protection was swung.

-However… … ! I don't want to die like this!

The moment I was about to let go of everything, memories of the past flowed like a panorama. The executioner was determined once more and roused his magical powers.

As the engraved magic was activated by receiving magical power, the wound was regenerated at high speed, and the sub-magic's indiscriminate automatic attack on the enemy started.

Fireworks were scattered and a strong gust of wind blew. From the magic circle created on the ceiling, sharp pieces of ice poured down on Hyeon-jun's head.

All of them are low-level magic, so they couldn't do any damage to Hyeon-Jun, who has the magic resistance of Hell Yam, but it could blur his vision for a brief moment.

-host. That dark child is running away.

The visual disturbance was to escape. When the attack magic baptism subsided, the executioner could not be found in the cave.

"It was sent on purpose."

-Are you planning to subjugate the 'source'? Great! He is also my master!

Hyeonjun nodded his head at Hell Yamdo's words. Injured bailiffs will certainly hide themselves in another hideout or higher branch for their own safety.

It would be impossible to make a rational decision right now, as it was pushed to the point of dying of breath.

Since the shadow clone was attached, when he moved to another place, he was planning to chase after him and wipe out all the other clan members there.

As he walked towards the outside of the cave, Hyeonjun brought the radio he had kept in his pocket to his lips.

"Mr. Song Tae-sik."

I pressed the button and called Taesik's name.

- As you said, the one who just came out just sent it away.


-Are you really going to take the bait from over there?"

Taesik was not aware of the existence of the shadow clone, so it was a natural reaction.

"I'm not sure, but I think it's well worth a try."

After a short conversation, Hyun-jun put the radio back in.

'I need more data.'

It is certain that the people behind the Echo Guild, the clan, and the ones the previous lives were talking about are related, but I needed physical evidence to confirm the specific relationship. To obtain it, the executioner was sent alive.

If it was a proper hiding place rather than a temporary meeting place, it seemed that there would be some data.

A lot of information is needed to know and prepare for danger, but for now, I had no clue except the words implied by my past lives. Even that wasn't specific.

'But it's definitely a doomsday risk.'

All of the descriptions related to 'that day', which the previous lives had in common, contained many words meaning 'the end'.

Of course, even that day and few mentions of them are not certain.

However, if there is one thing for sure.

'Something terrible will happen.'

When I was in sync with Danzig's past memories, I was able to get a glimpse of them even a little. Now, the memories have faded a lot, but nonetheless, their cruel appearance was still clear.

'It must be stopped.'

I didn't think it was a retribution for the previous lives who gave me great power. Hyunjun also had something to protect.

That's why I had to stop 'them'. Responsibility was another matter.

'Come if you can.'

Hyunjun's eyes lit up coldly.

* * *

There was a single 'Inyoung' running through the deep mountains with dark red energy.

-Shit! I, who dared to receive their grace on a trivial human subject... … .

He was an executioner of a clan who was severely abused by Hyun-jun, who spit out swear words out of resentment.

In order to move quickly while erasing its presence, it did not return to a human body and maintained the form of a creature, but in such a situation, it is a typical villain by spewing out the lines of a trivial human.

-Joe, just a little bit more... … .

There is a temporary hiding place in case the meeting place is attacked. There are medical facilities and a small number of troops on standby at all times, so you can stay safe until you recover.

"Seeing that he came in such a hurry, it must have been a mess."

- Who, who… … Ugh!

The executioner reacted nervously to the sharp voice coming from somewhere, but then he covered his mouth with the desire to miss it.

This was near a temporary hiding place known only to members of the clan or higher, and I didn't feel any presence until I heard a voice.

That meant that the owner of the voice was of the same or higher skill level than him.

"It is said to be the most lacking among the executioners of the South Korean parish, but I did not know that he would return to such an ugly face.

A masked man in a black robe appeared before the executioner. The robe he was wearing was decorated and splendid, unlike those worn by other clan members.

- What is the school, the diocesan bishop doing here... … .

"Are you asking me a question now? With that mogol?"

life spilled out

-Sorry, sorry.

When the executioner bowed his head and apologized, the diocesan bishop took his life at that moment.

"Who made you like this?"

- He was a South Korean S-class hunter. At first I thought I had the upper hand, but I was mistaken. He calmly analyzed my attack pattern and counterattacked while thinking I had the victory, and the situation was reversed. However, he managed to get out of sight by disturbing his sight when he was vigilant.

The executioner reported everything that had happened in the cave. The bishop, who was listening quietly, shook his head and opened his mouth at the part where he had barely escaped by disturbing his view.

"You barely got out?"

- That's right... … .

"It doesn't make sense."

- There was no follow-up! I'm sure I checked!

The bailiff took advantage of the bishop's thoughts and made excuses.

"Then, did I miss you because the enemy was a fool? I don't think so. It was strange that this meeting place was discovered."

- Whoops!

The sky and the earth were turned upside down. When he came to his senses, the executioner's vision showed his body losing its head and collapsing.

-Uh, why... … .

Although his head was blown off because he was in a creature state, for a short time, he was still conscious.

"I scanned your body with search magic. There were no obvious signs of anomaly, but it was ominous. The soon-to-be-invaders could not be left unsettling. I will remember you who sacrificed for your clan, so don't be sad. I can't let them down... … ."

That was the last time.

* * *

"Mr. Kang Hyun-jun? What's wrong?"

After the battle, Tae-sik, who was resting while drinking cold water, saw Hyeon-joon's expression rapidly darkening and asked carefully.

"It looks like there will be some changes in the plan. The bait I sent to life just died."

"i See. Then I will call the troops to take care of it."

One might wonder how he knew the executioner was dead here, but Taesik didn't bother to ask.

While he contacted the nearest branch of the special police department and asked for troops to clear the battlefield and secure evidence, Jin-ah sat on a rock, perhaps a little tired, and Hyun-jun calmly organized her thoughts.

'I didn't fully understand it.'

Combining the last information delivered just before the shadow clone disappeared, the man named 'the parish priest' did not see through the shadow clone that Hyun-jun had attached to the executioner.

It was just that he was careful and cautious, seeing various circumstances and beating the executioner's head.

'At least S-class is the highest level, the worst case is SS-class.'

Although it was said that they looked after him a little, the fact that he killed the executioner who had fought in his own way in a surprise attack shows that the force of the bishop is not weak at all.

'And he said the Invaders were coming.'

Judging by the use of honorific words, it meant that he was in a stronger or higher position than the bishop.

And if you look at the use of the word them, you can see that being at the top of the parish, like the Invaders, is not singular.

'It won't be easy.'

Hyun-jun emptied the bottle of water with a stiff face. In the worst case, there may be SSS-class hunters who are weak. If so, it could be a tough fight for Hyun-jun now.

'I am unreasonable now.'

The thought of getting stronger filled my mind.

'SSS-level is not impossible.'

When Hyeon-jun asked if he could reach the level of SSS in his previous life, Carthage only replied whether he would be satisfied with it.

At first I thought it was a crazy word. But not now.

"It's okay?"

Jin-ah approached cautiously and asked. Seeing Hyun-joon's expression still stiff, he was worried.

"Yeah. It's okay."

Hyunjun nodded and answered. Tae-sik was giving instructions to the commander of the reinforcements from a short distance away as well as pointing out the location.

"If anything happens, tell me. Even if I can't solve it, I can provide counseling for concerns."

Jinah Lee, the second daughter of Cheil Group. There are very few problems she can't solve, but this case was special.

It was difficult to solve it even with her or the power of Cheil Group. It was difficult even with the power of a single country.

'We need at least a world-class armed force to stop them.'

It is said that they unite as one when a crisis strikes, but despite the dungeon raid incident, the whole world did not unite as one.

Conflicts between countries were still ongoing, and in some cases there was a crisis of war. Even if new invaders appeared, it was not expected that they would unite.

'Someone has to lead.'

Hyunjun's eyes lit up. If someone took the lead, it might not be possible for the nations of the world to unite and form a single armed group.

"Mr. Jin-ah."

"Yes, Hyunjun. tell me I will listen."

It was Jin-ah who came to sit next to her and gave her a soft gaze. Although her attitude has changed recently, Hyunjun is too busy and thoughtful to know that. It was still the same today.

"if… … . Let's say that a huge gate that cannot be compared with dungeons or raids is opened semi-permanently. Will we then be able to create a global-scale coalition force?"

"It's not impossible if someone leads."

It seems that Jin-ah had similar thoughts to Hyun-jun.

"Then, if there is a condition for that 'leader'… … ?"

asked carefully. He had guessed himself, but he needed certainty. At Hyun-jun's question, Jin-ah opened her mouth with a faint smile.

"First of all, it should be enough to exert influence over the powerful countries, right? I think you should be at least an SSS-class hunter."

SSS-class Hunter. At present, there are only 4 people in the world. It still feels far away, but it wasn't to the point where it was impossible to reach 'Hyunjun'.

'It won't take long.'

A smile spread across Hyunjin's lips. Unlike arrogance, it is a grounded confidence.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 85


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