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Chapter 87 - It's Mine - Part 2

'Invaders are coming.'

In the clan, the 'Invaders' were the ones that made even the bishops who exercised dominance over a single state unit tense.

In particular, the bishops had no choice but to be even more nervous because the South Korean parish had a series of failures recently.

"Is it finally time?"

The diocesan bishop, who continued to ponder, raised his head, startled by the familiar magic from the outside.


A nearby municipal officer responded. The bishop put on the mask he had taken off for a while and opened his mouth.

"The Invaders are coming soon. Call the executioners."


The executioner retreated into the darkness with an answer.

"I must prepare myself."

In a clan, the orders of superiors are absolute. All the bailiffs in the parish office gathered in the square and waited in line.

The diocesan bishop changed into a robe he doesn't normally wear, and then went out to the square of the executioner.

"The Invaders are coming. Hurry up to prepare to meet."

said the bishop. The executioners rearranged their ranks, and on the altar were placed some black magic stones to be used as sacrifices.

It was still unreasonable to call the Invaders from another dimension, and it was a kind of warp magic that brought the Invaders dispatched to Earth from the United States to Korea.

"Initiate the ritual."

The bishop injected magical power into the black magic stone placed on the altar. As the dark sky ripped lengthwise, a silver-haired man in a black uniform walked out.

The pale-skinned man slowly landed on the ground as if he had used flying magic.

"This is Haren from the 281 Invasion Unit. I moved to Korea under the direction of the commander in charge. Is this all you can mobilize at the moment?"

It's pale skin that doesn't look human. The way he spoke was as hard as a machine. But there was disappointment in his voice.

"First of all, only the bailiffs who were waiting at the parish office were convened. If you give us time, we can mobilize more troops."

"Then that's good."

Haren nodded. Contrary to his exotic appearance, the language barrier was not a problem, he was speaking fluent Korean.

"Gather all the troops you can mobilize. We are going to Japan under the direction of the responsible commander."

"Is it Japan?"

"According to the observational unit's report, there is a high probability that there is a suitable person there. At least in Northeast Asia, I'm sure... … If you see Japan being devastated, even the right people will come out on their own."

Disaster is approaching in Japan.

* * *

While the catastrophic typhoon was heading to Japan, Hyeon-jun was living a life of comprehensively organizing and training the skills of his previous life, including the newly acquired Hasassin's complete hiding skills.

There were times when I practiced alone, but there were times when I and Taemin did a match.

The match with Hyun-jun gave Tae-min a lot of help and realization.

"Where are you uncomfortable?"

Taemin asked cautiously as he looked at Hyunjun looking at the shield he was holding with an uncomfortable expression.

His true name is 'a blind knight who believes in blindness'. His careful concern for even small changes in his master matched his true name.

"I'm not used to it."

Hyunjun replied. I bought a shield of the same class after 'Shield of Grief' was half destroyed in the battle with the executioner, but I wasn't used to handling it because it wasn't always used.

It's not to the extent that it interferes with training, but I don't know how it would be in practice.

"Is it better to get a new shield? If you look carefully, you will find A-grade properties."

"Do I really need to buy it at the auction house?"

Class A equipment is rare, but considering Hyeonjun's influence, it's not impossible to obtain.

But I didn't want to pay a ridiculously high price to buy something from the auction house. I thought it would be better to farm.

"Then do you plan to farm? Even if it is an item S-class dungeon, the drop rate of equipment is not high."

Taemin said. Hyunjun knew it too. But I didn't want to go to the auction house.

"It's humbling. Guild performance remains."

Even if the drop rate of equipment is low, if you attack the dungeon, you can sell the Rooted Magic Stone and the guild performance remains.

"Let's find a suitable dungeon."

"I will entrust you. boo guild chief. I wish you well."

"I will do my best."

Taemin, who responded with a loyal gaze, was reliable.

His deep loyalty and fast and near-perfect work that matched his true name matched his position as a deputy guild leader.

"I'm going to end here today."

"thanked. I will return to work."

training is over Taemin, who had a lot of work as the deputy guild leader, went back first, and Hyunjun stared at the darkness for a while when no one was there, and then moved on.

Returning home, he lay on the bed and turned on the TV.

Just then, the news was on the air. It was about an S-class raid boss that appeared in the southern part of Gyeonggi-do 10 minutes ago.

-… … Half of the starting line was destroyed in 10 minutes by the Void Paladin who appeared in .

The anchor gave the urgent breaking news in a serious voice. On the screen held by the cameraman, the Void Paladin was literally slicing the Hunters.

Close access was limited, but the breaking of the starting line could be seen from afar.

Each time the Void Paladin, wearing a thick shield and wearing white armor, wielded a blue Auror blade, the Hunters fell to the ground, dripping blood.

"That's it."

-Why are you laughing like a devil all of a sudden?

Seeing Hyeonjun smiling wickedly while raising the corners of his mouth slightly, Hell Yamdo felt the blade cool.

I didn't spend a lot of time with Hyun-jun, but I knew something was going to happen when he smiled wickedly like this.

"It's nothing. I just found something I liked."

Hyeonjun picked up his smartphone and dialed somewhere while answering the question of the hell yam.

- Mr. Hyunjun?

It was Jina's voice.

"Jin-ah. Let's borrow one helicopter."

* * *

An S-class raid boss appeared at a gate that suddenly opened in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do. That too was not a normal rank, but an elite who was given a name, named.

The raid boss named 'Void Paladin' was not an easy opponent because it had a named correction at the top of the S-class.

The guilds that declared priority could not stop it, and the starting line began to collapse in an instant.

Naturally, the S-class hunters nearby had to step forward, but for some reason, they remained silent despite the urgent situation ignoring the Raid Situation Bureau's contact.

"Damn S-class Hunters! Are you planning to raise their ransom even in this situation?"

Lee Seon-woo, who was informed of the situation, bit his lip to the point of blood gushing out at the atrocities of the S-class hunters and became angry.

"What is the condition of the low line?"

Seonwoo asked a subordinate who had come to report.

"A little while ago, the starting line completely collapsed. Now the second line of deterrence is being reorganized, and military forces have been put in to buy time."

"Shit! Even the military force!"

It was never a good situation for the military to be deployed.

Although it is possible to abrade and even destroy the magical skin possessed by magical beasts with bullets, its effectiveness is so bad that it can be called atrocious.

In other words, the deployment of military forces is only a temporary measure to save time by sacrificing the lives of the soldiers.

Seon-woo, well aware of that fact, had no choice but to increase his anger towards S-class hunters. If they had moved earlier, there would have been no military forces.

"We have even mobilized tank units and attack helicopters, but I don't think it will last long. Perhaps the military's temporary line of deterrence can be broken before the second line of deterrence is reorganized."

"You mean the Void Paladin is that strong?"

If it is equipped with an elite named correction, it is much stronger than a beast of the same class.

"It is said that the power of the minions cannot be ignored."

"If this continues, the damage will be serious."

"Yes. At the same time, three gold tier guilds with Pyeongtaek as a special zone are united to attack the S-class dungeon... … . Elite Hunters are absent."

"no wonder… … . I thought I was pushed too far... … ."

Seonwoo frowned.

Hunters are not standing troops. Since they do not belong to the state, most of them freely participate in dungeon raids and expedition raids.

In fact, some of the main gold tier guilds were participating in the dungeon raid this time, and the raid just exploded.

"Does the Special Police Department have plans to support troops?"

If the deterrence line is at stake, it is common for the special police department to move before it collapses.

Sometimes they move the Hunter troops themselves, but they also request other guilds or hunters who can solve raids.

"Based on the information you got a few days ago, did you not track the movements of a few of the clan executioners?"

"It did."

"But it is said that they showed the same movement as if they had suddenly gathered somewhere and then disappeared. So, saying that a large-scale terrorism is expected, the upper management frozen the flow of troops."

"What crazy is this? I can't even count how many people will die if I don't move my troops right now!"

Upon hearing the subordinate's report, Seonwoo raised his voice with an expression of absurdity.

"I can't understand it either, but it's the decision of the superior."

"Shit! Get the protesters ready now! I go myself!"

The 'Protesters' are a private armed forces group that was allowed to be established by the state on condition that the leader, Seon-woo, belong to the Special Police Department.

As they were personally selected by S-class hunter Lee Seon-woo, they were known as elite.

"Boss! Protesters cannot be moved without permission from the Special Police Department. Under the current circumstances, protesters must defend Seoul against terrorism."

"The protesters are my soldiers. But do you need permission from the Special Police Department? In this situation where citizens are likely to die in droves?"

When Seon-woo pushed him with a sharp voice, his subordinate could not easily open his mouth.

"Give me a permit or something! The special police department may take this into trouble later, but do whatever you want! Then, let's see what the citizens have to say."

The subordinate could no longer stop Seon-woo, and 25 demonstrators troops scrambled in military transport helicopters.

"There is no such thing as a perfect battlefield."

someone said The moment the transport helicopter crossed the barrier, the city landscape turned into hell caught my eye.

"It looks like the second line has been cut. It looks like the rest of the army has been put in to give the final line time to reorganize."

Choi Eui-young, Seon-woo's lieutenant and the demonstrators' Class A magic hunter, said in a low voice.

"Speed ??up! Everyone will die like this!"

"The low altitude makes it difficult to fly at the fastest speed!"


In response to the pilot's answer, Seonwoo spit out swear words. He wanted to jump right in and stop the Void Paladin.

"Im here! You can descend!"

No rappels or landings were needed. All of the demonstrators' hunters were B-class or higher.

It is a state where human common sense does not apply. They jumped out of the helicopter naked.

After landing, Void Paladins and Beasts appeared in front of them.

"Let's go to the battle of all members! Only Grade A and higher attack the Void Paladin! The rest is minions cleanup!"

Seonwoo raised his hand as he gave instructions to his subordinates.



Demonstration hunters with their magical and physical abilities rushed towards the beasts. There is a saying that the buffs of S-class sub-type hunters are different.

Unsurprisingly, the hunters who received the buff from Seonwoo were also lightly defeating the same level of magic that would normally be difficult to deal with.

Half of the minions fell, opening the way to the Void Paladin.

The living armor of colorful armor that shone with a red eye light moved over 2m. No, it was the moment I thought it had moved.

"Cuckoo, Cuckoo!"



Three A-class hunters from the protesters fell and splattered blood.

"Damn, what's going on… … ."

"I didn't see it!"

The demonic hunters were astonished at the speed of the Void Paladin, who said that they could not even see the buffed ones. It was the same with Sunwoo.

'I couldn't even see it… … .'

Although he is called a secondary hunter, he is an S-class. However, no traces were visible.



In front of the Void Paladin's Auror Blade, the demonstrators' hunters collapsed helplessly. They were the most elite and even received the buff from Seonwoo, an S-class auxiliary hunter, but they were not enough to deal with the Void Paladin, who received even a named correction at the top of the S-class.

"The name was like this… … ."

Seonwoo's eyes fluttered as he watched his subordinates fall. But even for a moment, he decided to do something and blew up red magic.

"Boss, chief, please… … ?"

"I use my special ability, Blood Rage."

Blood Rage, the strongest special ability that made him a secondary hunter into the 6th rank of Korea. you want to use it.

"Using it… … ! The side effects are too great!"

"All my cubs are dying! I can't take it any longer!"

It was the moment when his eyes were about to turn red.

- Urgent delivery! There is a response to the special police department's request for reinforcements!

"Reinforcement? Who is coming to this hell?"

Seonwoo paused Blood Rage for a while. And asked the walkie-talkie.

- It's okay to be happy! S-class Hunter Kang Hyeon-jun is going there!

It's time for the protagonist to appear.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 87


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