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Chapter 88 - It's Mine - Part 3

'If you're in the middle of the jersey, they'll take care of asking for support.'

The plan was simple. It was to beat the beast at the stop line until the special police department requested support.

According to a report from Taemin before arriving, the S-class hunters seemed to be stationary. The special police department seems to have insufficient troops and the situation is not good, so I thought it wouldn't take long for the request for support to come in.

- A request for assistance has been received from the Special Police Department. Shall I connect?

Taemin's voice came from the radio hanging over his shoulder.

"Yes, please connect."

- I'll connect you now.

Radio communication was interrupted for a moment. 5 minutes passed? The radio broke the silence and made a noise.

- Chic... … This is Youngho Lee of the Special Police Department.

"This is Hyun-Jun Kang."

-I felt a strong magical response inside the jersey, so I checked it out, and it was Kang Hyun-jun as well. Fortunately, the.

"Isn't it supposed to be a long introduction?"

Hyunjun said sharply. Even at this moment, the line was collapsing at a rapid rate.

The seriousness of the situation was evident just by looking at the attack helicopter squadrons constantly heading to the battlefield in the sky.

- Ask for support. We will give priority to equipment dropped in this raid and the right to occupy half of the Magic Stones.

I thought I would force volunteers, but the Special Police Department was more flexible than I thought. Maybe that's why the situation is so serious.

"I will go."

After finishing the radio, he kicked the ground and ran like a bullet. The S-class Hunter is a being that transcends humans.

It was basic to drive at a speed similar to that of a vehicle sprinting on the highway.

It ran at full speed for about 5 minutes. As I jumped over the ruins of a huge building blocking my view, I saw the shape of a void paladin in the form of a huge armor about 2m tall. About 10 hunters were down, and about 10 hunters were fighting the Void Paladin.

"Is that a name… … ?"

I narrowed my eyes and looked at the Void Paladin. His swordsmanship and footwork were at a level of considerable mastery when judging based on the memory of Withered Miller, which became clearer as the synchronization rate increased.

"You seem pretty strong… … ."

- No need to worry. master No one can stop the Black Flame Dragon.


When I saw the speed at which the Hunters were collapsing, it seemed that they should not delay any longer. Hyun-jun pulled out a hell yam and threw himself forward.

At the same time, when the magic power was raised, the previous lives reacted.

- Withered Miller's valiant sword is with you. The sword will not be broken unless righteous courage is broken.

- The will of Danzig resides. As long as you have someone to protect, you won't fall.

Without a shield, they could not use the protection of Carthage. However, it was reassuring to see the faint magic flowing from his body while holding the blue Auror blade.

"Ze, reinforcements are here!"

"Hey S-class Hunter Kang Hyeon-jun! We are now alive!"

The protesters cheered.

"Stand back. I'll take over here."

At Hyeon-jun's words, the demonstrators' hunters hurriedly picked up the wounded and stepped back.

The Void Paladin's red eyes lit up toward Hyeonjun, and he slowly raised his sword, as if protesting the interruption of his execution.

"Thank you for your cooperation."

I turned my head in the direction the voice was coming from. There was Lee Seon-woo, a member of the inspection committee. Hyeon-jun raised the magic power in his eyes and activated Romanoff's protection.

-The Eye of Romanoff dwells in you. A gaze with absolute insight sees through all beings.

And Jin's name came to mind.

[Lee Sun-woo: A righteous monarch.]

He didn't seem like a bad person. Even without looking at his true name, he was able to guess his tendencies to some extent by looking at how he was earning time with his men in this sea of ??blood.

"It's not free."

"Does not matter. You just saved me and my protesters. This will definitely pay off."

I could feel the strong will in Sunwoo's voice. Hyun-jun admired Seon-woo's more upright and just personality than he thought.

Most of the hunters above S-class had a selfish personality that only they knew about themselves. Otherwise, this situation would not have been created.

"I wish all S-class hunters were like you."

In order to prevent aggression, it is important for Hyeonjun and himself to be strong, but the cooperation of high-ranking hunters was also required.

However, the character of most S-class or higher hunters is open-ended.

The hunters with the same personality as Tae-shik and Seon-woo were suitable for taking the center of the armed forces, but there were not many of them.

"Thanks for the compliment. I will support you with all my might."

Seonwoo said, raising all his magical powers. It was possible to exceed the maximum output of the buff as long as the level of the S-class sub-type hunter did not run away.


After casting, Seonwoo sang the starting words. Then, a powerful buff settled in Hyunjun.

- Deus' absolute will interferes with fate. Temporarily changes the body to take full advantage of the buff.

It also overlapped with the protection of Deus.

'Is this an S-class hunter's buff?'

There was blessings, but the level of the buff was different. It seemed to be twice as strong as usual.

'It looks like you have exceeded your maximum output.'

Seonwoo's expression was not good. Even for an S-class auxiliary hunter, it is difficult to nearly double the physical ability of a hunter of the same class.

As Hyun-jun expected, Seon-woo was using a buff that exceeded the maximum output by sacrificing his anger.

"You are strong! Charge!"

It bounced like a bullet towards the Void Paladin and swung a hell yam.


The posture of the Void Paladin who received a sword attack with a shield collapsed. The asphalt road he was standing on was hollowed out.

- What a monster!

He was shocked to find out that his defensive posture, which he thought was close to perfection, had collapsed.

He was an S-class named beast, so he could speak a foreign language, though.

Of course, among the hunters, except for the magic world, there were not many cases where they learned a foreign language, and Hyunjun was no exception, so he could not understand the words of the Void Paladin.

"Was it too much for one blow?"

-host! You must have a conscience! The opponent is a beast that has wiped out many of the A-classes who received the S-class buff!

Hearing the mutter of hell yam, Hyun-jun raised the corners of his mouth.

"is it?"

With a cold smile, he swung the hell yam again. This time, he aimed at the lower half with a broken posture.

- Is there such a mysterious swordsmanship?

Due to the anomalous movement towards the top and eventually towards the bottom, the Void Paladin couldn't get a defensive stance at the right time.

- Come Armor!

In the end, he concentrated his magic at the bottom to form an auror. Auror Armor boasts high defense, but consumes a large amount of mana and concentration to say the least, its efficiency compared to shields and blades.


He did his best to deploy Auror Armor, but it was impossible to completely defend Hyeonjun's Auror Blade, which was reinforced with the maximum output buff of an S-class Hunter.

The sharp Auror blade pierced the Auror Armor and cut deeply at the joint in the thigh area.

It wasn't a fatal injury for a non-living armor, but it was clear that the joints were damaged, so movement was impaired.

-How could humans in this world do such a mysterious swordsmanship... … .

The Void Paladin was astonished again and again. Since the awakening had just begun here, I thought there would be no high-level swordsman.

But it wasn't. While exchanging sword strikes with Hyun-jun for a short time now, he realized that he was wrong.

"Shall I show you something more interesting?"

He didn't know what the Void Paladin was talking about, but he was showing a gesture of embarrassment at first glance, so Hyunjun raised the corner of his mouth and said. At the same time, the power was raised.

- His insidious footsteps lead you into complete darkness. Even in the bright light, you become a shadow.

complete stealth. Hyunjun's face disappeared.

- This is such a perfect stealth?

The Void Paladin unleashed the magic around him and tried to pursue it, but it was impossible to find a completely hidden shadow with his search ability.

-wherever… … .

As soon as he spoke like that, Hyunjun appeared from the left. When I realized that fact, the blade of the hell yam was already piercing through the breastplate.

- Whoops!

If I hadn't turned around in a hurry, the nucleus would have been destroyed. As soon as the Void Paladin stepped back, he covered his body with a shield.

At the same time, an auror blade was created and rotated around him. It was a means to cover the vulnerable part of the defensive posture.

"Hell yam too."

- Did you call? The master of black salt.

Hell Yam Island responded by calling a nickname that had nothing to do with it.

"Can't you stop the Auror Blade?"

-It's too much to say that this body's magic resistance is unreasonable.

"okay. Okay."

- What do you think? Is it a near-perfect defensive posture?

"I plan to smash it from the front."

Hyunjun took a step back and raised his magic.

-Estelle opens the red magic book. Temporarily allows the use of fire magic.

-Exercise the power of the Red Mage of Eastel. Increases the power of fire magic by 3 times.

eyes were dyed red.

"Fire Cannon."

A huge fireball flew like a cannonball and exploded on the Void Paladin's shield.


It appeared to be perfectly defended. However, along with the explosion, flames and dark red smoke obscured the vision of the Void Paladin like a mist.


-Durendal is with you. A radiant brilliance dwells in the righteous sword.

A bright blue auror blade soared. It had the momentum to cut through any powerful shield with one blow.


He smashed the ground with the spirit. In an instant, the distance narrowed. The Void Paladin threw up the shield and grabbed the sword with both hands.

And at the moment when the two Auror blades collided, the Void Paladin's Auror blade was horribly smashed and at the same time the long sword was cut in two.

-… … .!

And in the next moment, the blue Auror Blade cut through the breastplate and destroyed the 'core'. The red glare lost its light, and the Void Paladin collapsed helplessly.

Pieces of armor were scattered across the floor where he was standing. Even that vanished in less than a minute, and all that was left was the Magic Stone and one piece of equipment.

Luckily, it was the shield-type equipment I needed.

'very good.'

Hyunjun was satisfied. Since they have even received Named and Boss corrections, there is a high probability that they are at least the same level of equipment.

-To overwhelm named beasts that are at the top of the S-class like this, you are the master of this body.

Hyeon-jun put the hell yam, exhaling exclamation, into the scabbard without a word.

"Oh My God. I've heard of the Second Awakening, but I didn't expect it to be this much... … ."

Seon-woo moved towards Hyun-jun... … He looked very surprised. Even though they received their buffs, it was enough to shock them to see the elites of the protesters overpower the Void Paladins that had been swept away like leaves.

He instructs the demonstrators, who were not seriously injured, to take control of his colleagues, and then approached Hyeon-jun and opened his mouth.

"I heard that you haven't become an S-class hunter in a while… … It is the first time since Han Jin-woo that he overwhelms a beast who has received Named and Boss corrections in the top S-class."

The first and only SS-class hunter in Korea, the first since Han Jin-woo. It wasn't bad, but somehow it was vague to call it a compliment.

"It's overrated."

"I can't live on debt. Anytime you need help from me and the protesters, it's fine. Contact us. I will run to you first and stand by your side."

After saying these words, Seon-woo gathered the demonstrators and moved to another place. The Void Paladin was defeated, but the gate was still open.

moving to destroy it. A faint smile spread across Hyun-joon's lips as he looked at his distant back.

'Han Jinwoo... … It won't take long.'

I intend to transcend him. Because I had a bad relationship with the Asura Guild.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 88


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