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Chapter 89 - Blood Pledges Want Blood - Part 1

"I have contacted the Japanese parish. There has been no communication for a long time, so it is a little late. Please forgive me."

The South Korean bishop politely bowed his head behind Invader Haren and reported. The clan was in the form of a point organization that was divided into parish units.

So there was no exchange, but if there was an instruction from the invasion command and the invaders, they were ready to cooperate at any time.

"You don't have to ask for forgiveness for that. We are aware of the situation here, so there is no need to worry. If you can afford it, focus on this attack."

"We are trying to contact all the dioceses belonging to the Northeast Asian region, but the cooperation of the Japanese dioceses seems to be limited to meet the time."

"What level of troops can be supported?"

Haren asked in a cold voice. It was necessary to check the strength of the allies before starting the attack.

"It's about the aircraft carrier 'Akagi' and its crew."

"That's not bad enough."

Upon hearing the report from the bishop of South Korea, Haren nodded with satisfaction. Aircraft carrier Akagi is an aircraft built with the technology of the Invasion Command, and the number of crew alone is about 1,000.

Of course, the efficiency is lowered because the hunters with magical powers act as crew members, not the Soldiers belonging to the Invasion Command, but the fact that Akagi is a powerful air carrier does not change.

"With the support of aircraft carriers, it wouldn't be difficult to wipe out 'Tokyo'."

"Our parish landing forces are also ready. Including myself, there are 6 S-class people and 100 A-class people. And 100 B-class people. Below that, about 1,000 soldiers are fully armed and on standby."

"What are the landing plans?"

"Aircraft carriers are coming this way from Japan. We plan to fly over Tokyo by air carrier."

Haren nodded at the explanation of the bishop of South Korea.

"This is the first operation to receive orders from the invasion command and move. We have to kill the right people and make sure we don't fail."

It's been a long time since I was dispatched to Earth alone without a single soldier.

In the meantime, he has been growing the power of the clan by doing secrets according to the orders of his superior. Then, not long ago, a special order came from Roscal, the commanding officer of the 281 Invasion Unit belonging to the 13th Invasion Army, to kill the eligible people.

"There will be no failure."

A strong will was felt in the voice of the South Korean bishop.

* * *

The walk back home after finishing farming was light, but the bankbook was not like that at all. The settlement of Ma Jeong-seok that occurred when the raid situation was over was huge, but the Special Police Department paid Hyeon-jun half of the total settlement money 'first', probably because they thought about the relationship with Hyun-jun.

Usually, even if the raid situation is over, it often takes several days for the payment to be made even if the settlement is completed immediately, but the executive of the Special Police Department appealed to the fact that he did his best to deposit, saying that there was a request from a high-ranking executive.

Although he did not reveal the name of the senior executive who put the pressure in the name of request.

'Lee Sun-woo is obvious.'

A smile spread across Hyunjin's lips. The money wasn't urgent, but I didn't feel bad about depositing close to 100 billion won without asking or questioning.

Although there was pressure from Seon-woo, the special police department must have paid attention to building a friendly relationship with Hyun-jun.

Hyeon-jun, who returned to the heliport happily, had no choice but to frown. The helicopter he was riding on had been damaged by the attack of the beast.

"Sorry. It's difficult to fly like this."

said the pilot.

"How long will the repairs take?"

Hyun-jun looked at the repair technician and asked. The repair technician, who recently received the attention of the most popular S-class hunter, opened his mouth with a perplexed expression.

"Even if you borrow the power of a magical hunter, it will take three hours."

Even with the help of magic, the damage is not light in 3 hours. Hyeon-jun glanced over the repairman's shoulder to see the helicopter's condition, and soon understood. The aircraft looked like it had been pierced by something, as well as the condition of the tail wing was not good.

"Okay. There is no need to rush, so please fix it neatly without worrying about the cost."

"I will do my best."

It was a helicopter borrowed from Jin-ah, so I saw that it was badly damaged, so I thought I would pay the full cost of the repair, but I was not comfortable.

A man in a special police uniform appeared in front of Hyun-joon, who was encouraging the repair technician to move.

"This is Inspector Lee Young-ho from the Pyeongtaek branch of the Special Police Department. Are you Hyun-Jun Kang Hunter?"

"Yes, I am Kang Hyun-jun."

"I was the first to ask for support through a radio request a while ago. Do you remember?"

"Yes, I remember."

I can't remember the exact name, but it was similar to what I heard over the radio.

"It seems that the problem of settlement of dropped equipment will take some time."

"You can do it slowly."

It wasn't urgent, and Hyeon-jun nodded his head willingly, knowing that equipment settlement would take some time.

Hyun-jun was not angry, so Yeong-ho was relieved. As he was about to say hello and move, he saw a helicopter with minor damage over Hyun-jun's shoulder.

"Is this the helicopter you came in?"

"Yeah. I think I was attacked by a demon while I was cleaning up the raid situation."

It was in a situation where even the second line of deterrence had collapsed, so it was not strange to be hit somewhere. Young-ho once again cast his gaze over Hyun-jun's shoulder.

"It's not good. Flying seems unreasonable."

"They said it would take several hours even with the help of a magical hunter."

"If it's okay with you, would you like to go to the special police helicopter? There is one helicopter that is idle because there is an oversupply of manpower and equipment for on-site repair."

It was not Yeong-ho's authority to lend the helicopter, but the Special Police Department saw Hyun-jun, who is the second awakening among S-class hunters, as a rising Korean prospect, so it was a problem that could be solved with just one phone call.

He was also thinking of enlisting him to strengthen the power of the special police department and the national hunter camp.

So, I was going on a route that thoroughly looked after Hyun-jun's convenience. Some high-ranking people looked down on Hyun-jun, who was a former F-class hunter.

Those were those who didn't know much about the world of jealousy or Hunters.

"If you lend it to me, I will thank you."

A faint smile spread across his lips. It was because Hyun-jun could see which line the special police department was mainly pushing from Yeong-ho's actions.

'For now, Song Tae-sik and Lee Sun-woo are on my side.'

He maintained a friendly relationship with Tae-sik, and Seon-woo made a debt with this raid as a starting point.

He belongs to the Special Police Department and is supported by two hunters from the Korea Land Supervisory Service, so even a special police officer or a high-ranking government official will not be able to easily show his hostility toward Hyun-jun without a justification.

"I will guide you right away. Come this way."

Hyun-jun and Yeong-ho moved to the next helipad. Several helicopters belonging to the Special Police Department were on standby.

Among them, Yeong-ho guided Hyun-jun in front of a black helicopter with a sophisticated design.

-Is this the drake that this body will ride? Jet black is the symbol of the night. Not bad.

After hearing the meaningless murmurs of Hell Yam, I shed it. And he turned his gaze to Yeongho.

"Thank you for your concern."

"It is a high-speed helicopter using magic stone technology, which is rare in Korea. It won't take long to get to your destination."

In Youngho's short explanation, I could feel his pride in the special police. High-speed helicopters using magic stone technology were not common because of their high production cost.

In the military, only elite units were being operated, and in the private sector, only the chaebols could have them.

The pilot was waiting nearby, so he could be ready for departure right away.

It flew away from Pyeongtaek at a terrifyingly fast take-off. It was a speed worthy of the name of a high-speed helicopter.

We just arrived at the helipad of the Race Guild office in Suwon.

"Guild Master. We hired a talented appraiser. Now waiting in the parlor."

Deputy guild leader Kim Tae-min, who had been waiting at the helipad for 30 minutes before, approached and opened the helicopter door and said: The sound of the propeller was loud, but the S-class hunter's hearing was calm and captured even the smallest voice clearly.

"Did you call an appraiser?"

I sent a message in the helicopter that an appraiser was needed, but I didn't know that they would even call the guild office.

At Hyunjun's question, Taemin opened his mouth with a calm expression.

"I thought there was no need to go through the trouble of visiting the guild chief."

"Oh, good job."

Thanks to Taemin's quick notice and hard work, I was able to save time.

"This is the main reception room. I prepared a person suitable for the position of the guild leader."

To emphasize once again, Taemin went to the deputy guild chief's office on the 4th floor of the annex to return to work, and Hyunjun moved to the drawing room where the appraiser was waiting, as he said.

When I opened the door, the appraiser in a suit who was waiting for me stood up and bowed my head politely.

"Hunter Kang Hyeonjun. He said he needed an equipment appraisal, so I came here."

It was only then that I realized what Taemin meant by 'a person in the right position'. Judging from his attire and words and deeds, he seemed to be an appraiser who dealt with high-ranking hunters.

"Let's start right now."

"Yes, can you show me the equipment you want to be appraised?"

The appraiser politely asked. Hyunjun nodded and took out a shield-shaped device from his subspace pocket.

This is equipment dropped by the Void Paladin and is shaped like a round shield.

"I'll start feeling."

It didn't take long. The whole process ended with the appraiser's magic passing through the shield once.

"I will explain, but to help you understand, I will briefly summarize the options in addition to the appraisal."

said the appraiser. It was taken into consideration because there are some hunters who find it uncomfortable to write according to the appraisal form.

"It will be helpful to read this while writing the appraisal."

[Void Shield]

-A class equipment.

default option.

-A class auric conductivity.

-B-grade body strengthening.

-B grade shock absorption.

-A class equipment strength.

special option.

- Class B blinds.

Activates when the shield and the enemy's body come in contact.

It is simple and easy to read and understand. To be honest, there were too many rhetoric that didn't need appraisal.

"Could you possibly rate other equipment like this?"

Hyunjun asked. If possible, I was thinking of asking for a 'Shield of grudges' for comparative analysis.

If you are a premium appraiser, your schedule will be busy. Unplanned things suddenly increased, but the appraiser opened his mouth with a bright expression without any signs of annoyance.

"Available. Could you show me your equipment?"

Hyeon-jun took out a 'shield with grudges' and showed it.

"The emotions are over. I will write it down and show it to you soon."

The appraiser filled out the summary appraisal again and handed it over.

[Shield of resentment.]

- Class B equipment.

default option.

-Class B auror conductivity.

-C class shock absorption.

-B grade equipment strength.

It's not bad for a B-class equipment, but it was a very lacking option compared to the 'Shield of the Void'.

"The appraisal has been completed."

"Do you have a business card?"

Hyun-jun, who received the detailed appraisal, asked. I liked the way things worked, so I wanted to keep doing business. The appraiser gladly handed me the business card.

"Then see you next time."

The appraiser left and Hyun-jun checked the business card.

[Premium Appraiser: Wooseok Lee.]

As expected, it was a high-level appraiser.

"How much work is delayed… … ."

The Void Paladin subjugation was a sudden schedule, so I was worried about how much work would be delayed.

As I walked towards the office, I instinctively connected to the Internet with my smartphone to relieve the waste of time.

The news corner, which came into my mind as soon as I turned on the Internet, was covered with one topic.

[A mysterious aircraft appears over Tokyo.]

It was the beginning.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 89


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