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Chapter 90 - Blood Pledges Want Blood - Part 2

"The magical response of an unidentified flying object has been confirmed. From this time on, the Ministry of Defense is under the jurisdiction of the Race Situation Bureau. The entire volume has passed."

At the report of his subordinates, the head of the Tokyo branch of the Raid Situation Bureau nodded with a firm face.

It is said that if there is a magical reaction, it can be classified as a beast, but the flying vehicle seen on the monitor was in a form I had never seen before.

"Magic skin?"

"It exists. The Self-Defense Forces are requesting power reconnaissance through interceptor squadrons and surface-to-air missiles."

"It's a denial. There is no information on unidentified flying objects. We will wait a little longer and decide."

The branch manager was giving orders, but the pressure on his shoulders was so strong that he went crazy.

Originally, it was an air defense mission, but it was under the jurisdiction of the Raid Situation Bureau just because the magic reaction was strong.

Thanks to this, the Tokyo branch commander even took over the command of the Self-Defense Forces.

If it were a general self-defense officer, he would have ordered reconnaissance the moment an unidentified flying object crossed the air defense identification zone and entered the sky over Tokyo, but the branch manager, who had no military knowledge, could not make a hasty decision.

"The Air Self-Defense Forces commander has requested a second power reconnaissance."

It would be frustrating on the Self-Defense Forces side, since it has become under the jurisdiction of the Raid Situation Bureau. Just by looking at the fact that they had already reached the second request, I could guess their feelings.

"For now, force reconnaissance is on hold. More situational than that! Is there really no gate reaction nearby?"

"I mobilized all observation personnel and equipment as directed by the branch manager from 30 minutes ago, but the raid gate could not be found."

"Let's keep looking."

At the direction of the branch manager, the situation officer nodded and contacted the observation team. Time passed in sharp tension.

It was only about 5 minutes, but I felt as if 50 minutes had passed. It was the moment when the third power reconnaissance request came in, and after much deliberation, the branch manager opened his mouth to approve.

There was a change in the unidentified flying object in the monitor.

"Something was ejected from an unidentified flying object!"

"We will expand the injection drop point."

"The Self-Defense Forces dispatch a reconnaissance drone to the scene."

The situation room, which had been in silence, began to move busily. Eventually, it was attached to the wall and a few monitors showed the scene of the scene.

And everyone in the situation room was at a loss for words.

"No, my God… … ."

Someone's voice broke the silence, but it was brief. Everyone was at a loss for words at the terrible sight seen on the monitor.

People in black robes protruding from a circular thing ejected from an unidentified flying object were massacred citizens. And the disaster did not end there.

"Magic reaction from U.S., unidentified flying objects!"

A magic circle was drawn. A dark red magic beam was fired from the gun gate on the side of the black fuselage. It was an indiscriminate bombing of the city.


"Ha, I contacted the Air Self-Defense Force and launched a squadron of interceptors and fired surface-to-air missiles."

"Delivery complete!"

The branch manager ordered the sortie of the Self-Defense Forces, albeit belatedly.

But the results were not good. The interceptor squadron was all shot down by the dark red magic beam, as were the surface-to-air missiles.

"Hey, Situation Officer! How many Hunter troops are on standby?"

"There is a team nearby, led by Nagano, the S-class hunter of the Nanginkai."

Cheers erupted from somewhere at the situation officer's report.

"The Nanginhoe team was nearby!"

"thank God! If you are the Nagano team leader of the Nangin Association, you have a chance to win!"

The Nanginhoe is an elite hunter group belonging to the far-right Japanese government. They have jurisdiction over all of Japan and have been engaged in hunter crime control and raid subjugation activities.

"The guilds in charge of the special zone are also calling for hunters. A large-scale raid of 100 men of B-class or higher will be formed soon."

The continued positive reports were greeted with cheers. Nagano was on the way to the scene with the Self-Defense Forces armed forces, with all their expectations.

"Take it easy, Yamamoto. I don't feel good."

Inside the armored car, Nagano glanced at his lieutenant, A-class combat hunter, Yamamoto.

He thought he had a good sense of touch, but today he was strangely not feeling well.

"We are a gangster. Who will stand against us?"

Yamamoto, as always, was full of confidence.

"Im here!"

As Nagano was about to say something, the armored car stopped and the driver announced the arrival. The rear door opened, revealing a view of the city being attacked.

"Get off quickly and be dustproof! practice!"

With a shout, Nagano was the first to jump out of the armored car like a bullet. The eyes of the clan members who were committing massacre and destruction were focused on Nagano. And at that moment, Nagano's hands flashed.

"Lightning Storm!"



The clan members who were swept away by the high-level magic lightning storm fell down screaming. A smile spread across Nagano's lips, but that was fleeting.

"Well, something is coming… … ."

creepy feeling. A man wearing an exceptionally gorgeous jet-black robe and a mask came down from the sky and landed.

The emergence of the South Korean diocese.

"manager! I will support you!"

"Yamamoto! Don't come!"

Nagano hurriedly stopped Yamamoto as he approached. Although he is an A-class hunter, the enemy in front of him is far beyond what he can handle.

To be honest, Nagano didn't even know how much he could hold out.

But it was late.

"uh… … ?"

Yamamoto's body collapsed. Both legs are gone.


Nagano shifted his gaze toward the front while deploying defensive magic. Remnants of dark red magic remained in the spear the executioner was holding.

"Everyone, back down while covering Yamamoto! Here I am!"

But there is no answer. The moment I looked around at the ominous feeling, I almost lost my mind in a sense of despair.

"They are all dead… … ?"

All 20 members of the team that came with him had turned into cold corpses. All of them were B-class or higher, and half were A-class, but as an S-class hunter, the instantaneous moments that he did not recognize were all dead.

"A monster, a monster… … why… … ."

"I have no personal feelings. I'm just here to find someone."

Destroying the center of Tokyo, you mean you're just looking for people? Nagano was at a loss for words.

* * *

"Why should I help?"

Hyun-jun looked at Tae-sik who was sitting in front of him and asked with a sharp voice. When he came, I was greeted warmly, but now the atmosphere is a little cold. It wasn't severe, but it was enough to feel Taesik.

"The air raid started and the Nagano team of the Nanginhoe was annihilated after not being able to hold out for 10 minutes. The same was the case with the 2nd summoned raid. S-class hunters were additionally mobilized, but the situation does not seem to be good."

As the situation worsened, Japan first turned to South Korea for help.

"Aren't there SS-class Han Jin-woo and other S-class hunters? Do you really need to ask me? I said I would help with the clan issue, but that is limited to Korea."

It was clear that the black flying object belonged to a clan. I didn't know it at first, but the black robes worn by those caught on the news camera were the same as those worn by clan members.

It was related to the clan, so I was planning to go anyway, but it was also important to raise the ransom while negotiating.

Wouldn't it be nice to be considerate of helping others and take bonuses as well?

-host. It's not good to just look too real.

Although he did not answer, Hyun-jun thought that a person who does not take care of the truth is stupid.

'You lack social life.'

It was something I wanted to say to Hell Yam, but Taesik was in front of me, so I didn't dare say it out loud.

Talking to Hell Yam here may seem strange to Taesik, who doesn't know that he's an ego sword.

'It doesn't matter if it's selfish. I will take care of my rice bowl.'

It was a moment of self-determination.

- Selfish negotiator, Barris agrees with you.

It was Berry. Although we haven't met in person yet, his voice has mentioned it several times, so his name is a familiar past life.

"Let alone Jinwoo Han, most S-class hunters have heavy buttocks. In addition, anti-Japanese sentiment also overlapped, so everyone declared that they would not intervene."

All the hunters who could talk to the Special Police Department seemed to have rejected the request.

"I don't know why I have to act in such a situation."

"Mr. Kang Hyeon-jun can be called 'the strongest' among S-class hunters in Korea. Rejecting this request for assistance will make Korea's position more difficult diplomatically. If there are any conditions you want, we will deliver them to Japan and meet them as much as possible."

His concern over diplomatic issues was frivolous.

"You don't have to."

"Come on, Kang Hyeon-jun… … This problem is… … ."

"Please connect with the Raid Situation Bureau in Japan. I negotiate directly."

It didn't take long for video communication to connect, as the situation in Japan was not good.

Even if the Korean side was not in a hurry, the Tokyo branch bypassed all procedures and connected communications.

-This is the Tokyo branch of the Raid Situation Bureau.

It was Korean. It doesn't seem like the Japanese side is not thinking about it either.

"This is Hyun-Jun Kang. Let's get straight to the point. What can Japan do for me?"

- This is a preferential settlement for Magic Stones that occur when attacking all raids and dungeons that occur in Japan over the next 10 years.

At the words of the negotiating staff, Hyun-jun could only understand why Korean S-class hunters refused to go to Japan.

"It's an absurd condition. I'm a Korean, so how much do you think you'll do in Japan for dungeon raids or raid subjugation?"

When Hyun-jun pointed out sharply, the staff couldn't answer easily and only looked around.

He must have been receiving instructions, but he didn't say anything for a long time, probably because the advisors on the field were also blocked.

-Then, tell me what you want, Hyunjun Kang.

"We demand full authority over this Tokyo air raid and all circumstances related to it."

- If it's me, the whole volume... … ?

"In all matters related to the resolution and management of the Tokyo air raids and the pursuit of the background… … ."

Hyunjun paused for a moment. Then he pulled up the corners of his lips, and his appearance was similar to that of a villain in a movie.

"Japan is under my control."

Taesik, who was watching from the side, swallowed dry saliva with a nervous expression. If Japan accepts this request, Japan will be able to use its power to pursue the clan even after the Tokyo air raids are resolved.

'Not only the force, but also the head rotation is fast.'

Tae-sik admired himself and raised his evaluation of Hyun-jun.

- Requires review. It is difficult to give an answer right now.

"I don't care, I don't know if Tokyo will have enough time."

I could see the negotiator sweating.

"You have to think carefully. I could send Song Tae-sik or Lee Seon-woo, but isn't there a reason why the Special Police Department chose me?"

- Mr. Song Tae-sik... … ?

The eyes of the negotiator turned to Taesik. He seemed to be asking for an explanation. Hyun-jun's gaze also turned to Tae-sik.

Now his choices will affect Japan's decision. After a moment's contemplation, Taesik opened his mouth looking at the negotiator.

"Right now, Kang Hyun-jun is the strongest in Korea after SS-class and Han Jin-woo."

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 90


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