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Chapter 91 - Blood Pledges Want Blood - Part 3

"Is it true that he is the second strongest after Han Jin-woo?"

"Isn't Korea trying to cheat on us?"

"The demands are too high for a chick who has just reached S-Class."

Some said negative comments. At the center of them were the top officers of the Defense Ministry's Self-Defense Forces and high-ranking officials from the Cabinet Office.

"Hyunjun Kang is the Second Awakener. Common sense doesn't work."

"If you look at the growth rate alone, it is faster than Han Jin-woo, who used to be an F-class hunter and now ranks SS-level.

"Just by looking at the protection of the Special Police Department, it is clear that there is something to believe in Kang Hyeon-jun. And I know that other S-class hunters in Korea are not responding."

There were many opinions that we should accept Kang Hyun-joon's request immediately.

"You have to make a decision right now. Even as we are thinking about it, people are dying. The Self-Defense Forces near Tokyo were annihilated, and the hunters suffered serious damage. Even the line of deterrence has not been established."

An executive from the Reid Situation Bureau said. Then, an executive of the Nanginhoe affiliated with the Ministry of National Defense got up and got up.

"We also have SS-class hunters!"

"Susanoo is in a foreign country, and Sato Ryo has turned down our request for assistance. The relationship with the Japanese government is the worst in the first place, so it's not that I don't understand. And since Hikaru Watanabe is a recovery person, he could die if he doesn't have enough escorts."

Just by looking at the instant annihilation of the Nagano team that included the S-class hunters, it was clear that the level of the enemies was not normal.

"Then how about moving 'them'?"

someone said Most didn't understand, but some understood the meaning and shook their heads quietly.

One of them opened his mouth with a calm expression.

"The control procedure is still incomplete. It's hard to control when you sortie. For now, it is best to get help from Korea."

"profit! Do you have no self-esteem? If you accept this demand, Japan will be limited but under the control of a person named Kang Hyeon-jun!"

The Ground Self-Defense Force chief said. Then the Prime Minister, who had been silent, opened his mouth.

"Millions of people could die while defending their pride. Can the headmaster be able to withstand that weight?"

The chieftain had no answer.

"The Japanese government does not have the ability to solve this problem in a short period of time. Ask Hyun-Jun Kang for support."

A decision has been made.

* * *

A smile spread across Hyunjin's lips. Taesik was a huge help than I expected. There are Cho Seong-joon of the signal committee, who is at the top of the S-class, and Kang Jin-myung, who is Heung-wi-wi and Asura Guild deputy guild leader, but I did not know that they would rate him as the second strongest after Han Jin-woo.

In recent battles with the clan, Taesik showed a dramatic performance that seemed to overwhelm the opponent, which seemed to have a good influence.

- The meeting with the Cabinet is over.

The negotiator, who had disappeared from the screen for a while, appeared in 5 minutes. It was the first time I overlooked it, but seeing that the meeting with the Cabinet Office ended so quickly, it seemed to be true that the situation on the Japanese side was serious.

-Japan has decided to accept the demands of Korea and Mr. Kang Hyeon-jun.

I didn't like it, but I had to accept it. Hyun-jun knew the situation, so he pushed on without hesitation.

"I will move right away. Have a contract or something ready."

Still, Hyun-jun thought that he had a conscience. To be sure, I didn't say that I would be in Korea until the contract was signed.

-Aircraft of Japanese nationality is prepared at Incheon Airport. We have contacted you separately, so you can ride it.

"It would be better to have more planes ready."

-Are there any extra people?

"I'm going to go as a starter and bring a few people from my guild as a latecomer."

Although he had received the full power, it was unreasonable to control the situation in Tokyo alone. Reliable and competent subordinates were needed.

Since the authority began to take effect from this time, when Hyun-jun asked to prepare the aircraft, Japan had no choice but to follow.

-Okay. We will prepare the aircraft right away.

And the communication ended. Taesik, who was observing the situation from a distance, approached with a surprised expression.

"Mr. Hyeonjun Kang. It's really great. I had no idea that he would lead negotiations to this extent with Japan."

"That means the situation in Japan is not good. I don't have much time, so I'll prepare right away."

It was different from when we were negotiating leisurely. Now that you have successfully negotiated, you shouldn't give any excuses to gossip.

"I will prepare a helicopter to go to Incheon Airport. Five minutes."

Taesik was also in a hurry. As he said, the helicopter was ready in 5 minutes.

By the time Hyun-jun arrived at the helipad, the new high-speed helicopter that will go to Incheon Airport was already preparing for takeoff by slowly rotating the propellers.

"I am here. Please return safely!"

Tae-shik and Seon-woo were unable to move to Japan due to the defense of the capital.

Seoul was also in a state of tension due to the Tokyo air raid. Therefore, it seemed that they did not want to send even more valuable national power overseas.

traveled by helicopter. It didn't take long to get to Incheong Airport because it was a new high-speed helicopter using magic stone technology.

And at Incheon Airport, all the preparations for the aircraft were ready to take off. The dedicated runway was open and the crew was ready and waiting.

"This is it."

When the helicopter landed, the staff of the Japanese airline escorted them to the waiting aircraft.

"The deterrence line at Haneda Airport has collapsed. After moving to Narita Airport, we will take a new high-speed helicopter to the site."

As we boarded the first class of the aircraft, the flight attendant explained. There is usually a turn order for airplanes to take off from the airport, but it was possible to take off in an instant as the dedicated runway became available at the request of the Japanese government.

"Can I check the equipment?"

It has become a habit now to check equipment before dungeon raids or important tasks.

I would have just done it normally, but since it was a special place called the cabin and it was my first time flying an aircraft, I carefully asked the crew.

Hellyamdo hated confined spaces, so he wore them around his waist, but the 'Void Shield' and 'Butcher' dagger had to be taken out of the subspace pocket.

It was also to ask for your understanding, as it might surprise everyone if you suddenly took out a large shield and a dagger.

"No problem. I have been instructed to do as much as possible for the convenience of Hunter Kang Hyun-jun."

The woman who seemed to have the highest position among the flight attendants answered with her head slightly bowed.

Hyeonjun opened his subspace pocket and took out a void shield and butcher's dagger and started checking.

After the main equipment was inspected and miscellaneous equipment such as low-grade throwing daggers and multi-purpose ropes and smoke grenades were finished, the crew approached cautiously.

"I will land soon. Hunter."


As soon as we landed, we got into the car and headed for the helipad. Recruiters from the Japanese government and the Self-Defense Forces, including interpreters, were waiting in front of the helicopter.

Hyun-jun boarded the new high-speed helicopter with them. As they moved to the newly formed forward command post, they were able to hear about the situation in Tokyo from the attendants who were on board.

"The situation is not good. Only the air defense of the Self-Defense Forces collapsed an hour after the air strike.

And at this point, 6 hours later, the dungeon raid interception system controlled by the Japanese Raid Situation Bureau, Aegis, has been disabled."

'Aegis' is an interception system created by the Japanese Raid Situation Bureau to defend Tokyo from dungeon out and raid situations.

In Korea, there is a similar system called 'Shinjeon'.

"Is 'Aegis' completely incapacitated?"

Hyunjun asked. When Aegis is activated, hunters are recruited from the Self-Defense Forces and special zone guilds waiting in Tokyo and its vicinity to defend the area.

The fact that the dungeon raid interception system was completely disabled meant that the operation of the Hunter troops and the Self-Defense Forces in the area had reached a point where it was impossible to control.

"Yeah, it's completely broken. Half of the Tokyo area was handed over to an enemy of unknown nationality. Currently, a new line of deterrence has been built on the outskirts. The collapse of the Aegis system has made it impossible to take an organized defensive action in Tokyo."

"How many Hunter troops can be mobilized right now?"

"I selected 300 people from 6 guilds near Tokyo and formed an raid. There are about 50 C class, 220 B class, and 30 A class. And in 30 minutes, we can form another raid of a similar size."

The situation manager seemed to expect a positive result, but Hyun-jun was different. He frowned when he heard the size of the planned and soon-to-be-formed raid.

"In six hours, the Aegis system was disabled and half of Tokyo was over. But you're trying to retake it with only about 600 hunters? Wouldn't it be a little difficult? Where have all the other elite Hunter troops gone?"

Hyunjun asked sharply. The Situation Officer opened his mouth with a dark expression.

"Soon after the selection of the Nanginhoe was annihilated, according to the Aegis system, they were sent secondarily for the defense of Tokyo, and most of them were annihilated. We also lost six S-class hunters."

"The damage is serious."

"Even so, the enemy suffered a lot of damage. We did not get close to the unidentified flying object, but we killed a significant portion of the enemy forces that landed."

"Where do we need to retake right now?"

In response to Hyun-jun's question, the situation officer opened the map. Although it was a high-speed helicopter, it was new, so there was no shaking and there was no difficulty in looking at the map together.

"Today, we have divided Tokyo into 12 tactical zones for effective defense and retake. Among them, Area 12, where Haneda Airport is located, and Area 11, where underground shelters are concentrated, should be recaptured as the top priority."

Once the airport is secured, large-scale troops can be deployed to the center of Tokyo in an instant using military transport aircraft.

Because Japan is also aware of this, it has made Area 12 its top priority to retake.

"How many nanginhoes are there?"

Hyunjun asked. He also knew that the Nanginhoe was the most elite of the hunter forces that the Japanese government could mobilize.

"That, that… … ."

The situation manager looked hesitant.

"why? Are you saying you don't want to follow Korean instructions?"

"Sorry. It seems difficult to mobilize right now."

"For now, I will know."

It's a stupid decision. If the Nanginhoe is silent, Hyunjun should be active. It is good news if the Nanginhoe does not continue to intervene when he retakes Tokyo.

Even in the opposite case, if the Nanginhoe failed to comply with the instructions and the result was not good, it can be destroyed by using the full power it has been entrusted with.

"Send all your troops to Area 11. Let the recapture war begin."

"Yeah? But our top priority is Area 12. Who is going to District 12?"

"Are you saying that you are going to disobey my instructions, which you have full authority over now?"

"Oh, no. I will pass it on to you now."

The situation officer delivered Hyeon-jun's instructions to the forward command post using communication equipment. A smile spread across Hyunjun's lips as he saw that.

It didn't feel bad to think that thousands of troops were moved by his words.

-host. Mouth caught my ear

Hell yammado said a word. As always, Hyun-jun listened to him with one ear and opened his mouth, looking at the cockpit.

"Spin the helicopter."

"Yes Yes?"

The pilot replied in surprise. His bewildered voice came from the headphones he was wearing.

"This helicopter is going to Haneda Airport."

Soon, Hyun-jun's gaze turned to the situation officer.

"I asked who was going to District 12? There I go."

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 91


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