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Chapter 92 - Kills - Part 1

Black rain poured down from the sky, and death bloomed on the ground.


"help me!"

"I, please!"

The cry for help was useless. Even in the clan, the 'creatures' in the shape of ugly monsters had almost no human emotions left, so they just repeated the act of taking lives by wielding weapons to make a black magic stone.

There was no mercy in the blades they wielded. No one could be an exception, and the roads were stained with blood.

"Executor. It looks like this area has been cleaned."

The one in the black robe approached the one in the mask and bowed his head politely.

But the executor nervously waved his hand to see if there was something he didn't like.

"You still don't know? There are living ones."

Suddenly, a black magic stone was in his hand.

"The clan wants blood."

The executioner's gaze turned to the entrance going down to the subway. The stairs were blocked by concrete rubble, but it wasn't difficult to clear them with the help of magic.

"There are living things in me."

Black magic shone from the tip of his finger. Concrete rubble piled up on the stairs going down turned into powder and scattered in the air.

"Go and kill them all."

As soon as he finished speaking, the clan members threw themselves down the stairs.

"No, stop!"

The Self-Defense Forces members jumped out and fired, but they could not stop the clan members who had at least the level of a C-class hunter.

Dodging bullets and closing the distance in an instant, the Self-Defense Forces members fell and spilled blood on the swords and spears wielded by the clan members. It was the same with the Japanese hunters who followed.

It could not be matched by a creature born with a B-class or higher hunter as a host.

"Uh, Mom… … ."

"Please save the children."

As the defense force was wiped out after not being able to hold out for a minute, what remained were the citizens who had descended underground in search of shelter and a small number of Self-Defense Forces who lost their fighting spirit.

They begged the clan members with a face of fear.

"The clan wants blood."

It was the moment when a leader-level clan member raised his sword.


The ceiling collapsed with a roar, and several clan members were crushed to death by heavy concrete.

A man with a long sword appeared in the thick dust.

"This body, appear."

It was Korean. Then, as the dust faded, his figure was revealed.

"Fellow bloodlines. This station is 'hell'. There is no door to get off."

Before even a slightly playful voice could reach him, the sword he wielded cut the neck of the clan member in front.


The captain spit blood and collapsed. The clan members behind him pointed their weapons, and one of them recognized the face of the intruder and turned white.

"Super, supernova Kang Hyun-jun? Why are Korean S-class hunters here!"

The blood Maengwon, who recognized Hyun-jun's face, spoke in Korean because he belonged to a South Korean parish. Then, Hyun-jun raised the corner of his mouth and aimed the hell yam.

"I met a Korean in a foreign country, but I am not happy because this is a national disgrace."

A blue Auror blade rose from the Hell Yam Island.




When someone uttered a warning, the creatures in the front had already been wiped out and the formation in the back was swept away.

"Hey, this can't be… … ."

The hyeolmaengwon, who was left alone, was astonished. Thanks to being a little further away from the formation, I was saved.

Everyone but him fell to the cold floor, bleeding.

"Did they all die in one blow?"

There was no S-class, but there were five A-class talents and two B-class talents, including Creature. There were six C grades.

"But all of them are dead?"

The clan member's voice trembled.

"But why am I alive?"

"Because it helps that you are alive."

Hyeon-jun, who moved behind the clan, struck the neck with the blade of his hand and passed out. He imprinted the restraint technique to control the magic on the clan members who collapsed helplessly.

"Does anyone speak Korean?"

"I, I know how to do it."

I wondered if I should call an interpreter over the walkie-talkie if I couldn't speak the language, but luckily, one answered in fluent Korean and walked out of the crowd.

"Can you interpret?"

"You can."


Hyunjun nodded his head with a satisfied expression. Then he moved towards the Self-Defense Forces.

"Take the fainted bastard over there and go south. Now that we have requested vehicle assistance, we will be able to meet with the convoy on the way."

"Hey, can I get out of here?"

"The enemy is everywhere outside!"

The person in charge of the interpreter delivered Hyeon-jun's words, but the Self-Defense Forces were terrified and reacted negatively.

"The road from here to the South Low Line is safe."

"How are you sure about that?"

someone asked Then Hyunjun raised the corners of his mouth.

"Because I wiped it all out."

After descending from the helicopter, the area was completely swept away. That was not enough, so I secured a route to the southern low line.

In the process, he seemed to have killed about 100 clan members, including 12 creatures.

"If you know, move quickly."

Hyun-jun left those words and left the station. Now that they have done everything necessary, it is a matter of their will.

If you overcome your fears, you will be able to join the convoy from the southern line and go to a safe place to rest.

-host. do you feel it

It was when I was looking for a high place to look around. Hell yam, who had been silent, spoke to me.

- You can feel the energy of the strong from a distance. There are at least three S-class people.

"Did you even have the ability to explore?"

-The dark energy of darkness is transmitted through the wind. Death of death is happening nearby.

At the words of Hell Yam, Hyunjun shook his head and opened his mouth.

"I don't know exactly what you're talking about, but you mean there's a fight nearby?"

- Kkeuk. okay.

"Guide me. move."

Hell Yam Island started the guide.

-It is on the left at 300m ahead.

A magic sword that guides the way, it was like a navigation system.

'Magic reaction.'

I didn't know it at first, but after moving at full speed for about 5 minutes, a number of magical reactions were detected.

Among them, there was also an S-level magical response. As Hell Yamdo said, it seems that there are several strong people mixed in.

After running at full speed for another 5 minutes, I heard explosions and gunshots. The scale of the engagement never seemed to be small.

- It is near the destination.

Hell Yamdo said: But it wasn't necessary. I could feel the magical reaction of at least dozens of people through the building next door.

'Over the building.'

It was about six stories high, but for an S-class hunter who transcended human limits, it was enough to jump over with one leap.

After kicking off the ground and flying high, he landed over the roof of a six-story building, where a fierce battle was in full swing.

There were dozens of corpses that looked like Self-Defense Forces members, and two half-destroyed tanks were seen. At least 10 Self-Defense Forces members were shooting at the enemy's rear from behind one intact tank, and Japanese hunters were desperately blocking the approach of the clan members from the front of the tank.

"The Japanese side is absolutely at a disadvantage."

Hyun-jun read the battlefield with just one glance of the battlefield with his eyes.

'S-class is a clan with two people. And is there only one Japanese side?'

The Japanese S-class Hunter was noticeably behind. There may be a reason why there were two opponents, but the magic response was also weak compared to the two S-class hunters on the clan side.

The fortunate thing was whether he had a lot of experience in combat, or the appearance of defending actions with proper timing in the storm-like offensive of the S-class hunters of the clan.

'I must intervene right away.'

The defensive posture of the Japanese S-class hunter was slowly collapsing. Hyeon-jun decided to intervene and created magical powers.

"Gear sword."

The butcher's dagger hung from his waist was pulled out and floated in the air. As Hyun-jun stirred his empty left hand in the air, the butcher's dagger flew toward the S-class clan member like a bullet.

"Are you a hindrance?"

It was a melee, but the enemy easily blocked the butcher's dagger with defensive magic. But it didn't end there.

Now, the butcher's dagger is capable of an anomalous attack with the technology of 'Igear Sword'. Unsurprisingly, when blocked by defensive magic, the butcher's dagger moved behind the clan members and aimed at the back.

"Are you controlling a sword? Shit! Blink!"

The clan's S-class magic hunter hurriedly widened the distance with the butcher's dagger using the blink. In the meantime, Hyeon-jun blocked the front of the clan warrior hunter who fiercely exchanged sword attacks with the Japanese hunter.

- Withered Miller's valiant sword is with you. The sword will not be broken unless righteous courage is broken.

Auror blades rose from Hell Yam Island as well. And at the same time.

- The Reaper's brutal murderous intent is awakened. A part of deadly living is liberated. Living beings are unaware of their instinctive fears.

Freed the life of the Reaper.

"Wow, whoops!"

For a brief moment, the movement of the S-level hyeolmaengwon stopped. Fortunately, even if it was an S-class, it seemed that it was at the lowest level.

Hyeon-jun swung a hell yam toward the stiff clan member for a moment, and red blood was splattered.

"Hey, damn it!"

As the clan members spit out swear words and stepped back for a while, they had some spare time, and the Japanese S-class hunter quickly joined Hyun-jun's side.

"This is Matsuda. Thank you for your cooperation."

It was Korean.

"This is an S-class hunter, Hyeonjun Kang. How did you know I was Korean?"

"I just heard you shout the starter word in Korean."

Hyunjun nodded his head. If so, that's good. Since he spoke in Korean so naturally, I wondered if he could feel the momentum unique to Koreans for a moment.

"How much magic power is left?"

Watching the two S-class hunters in front of him, he asked Matsuda a question. Fortunately, the two S-class hunters of the clan were not able to attack in haste because they were wary of Hyeon-jun, who suddenly appeared unexpectedly.

It bought time to assess Matsuda's condition, but it didn't look good for this confrontation to last longer.

It was because when I glanced from the side, the one remaining tank was severely damaged and the defensive formation looked close.

"Sorry. The battle is long and the remaining magic power is low."

"Not good."

"Still, I think I can go with all my energy at least once."

"One time… … ."

In response to his answer, Hyunjun looked forward and to the side with his eyes narrowed. The S-class hunters of the clan were also slowly closing the distance, and the defense lines of the Hunters and Self-Defense Forces who were at the forefront of the tank were on the verge of collapsing. There's no such thing as a waste of time.

"I will go as soon as the signal is given. Use all your magic."


"It will be over in one blow."

The Auror Blade was strengthened using Durendal's Blessing. The aura has changed to a strong blue color.

"With overwhelming power!"

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 92


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