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Chapter 94 - Kills - Part 3

The attack on the defenses of Haneda Airport began. The firepower attacks of the clan members began to unfold throughout the airport.

"Haneda Airport Shelter informs all troops within the no-view. Currently under attack by an enemy of unknown nationality. They are defending themselves, but they cannot confirm how long they will last. Request assistance immediately. over."

I tried to stay calm, but there was a sense of urgency in the communicator's voice.

"Haneda Airport shelters are under attack. Repeat. It is under attack by enemy armored vehicles and hunter forces. Request support from all troops within the no-view. We have already lost half of our armored vehicles. Air and fire support are desperately needed."

- This is the southern defense line. We lost 70% of our troops. You are receiving concentrated energy from the enemy. Without fire support, the southern line of defense is complete.

They requested assistance, but there was no expected response, and only the southern defenses reported serious damage.

- This is the northern defense line. It is under intense attack from the enemy's air force, which consists of hunters. Evacuation routes for citizens were blocked. Repeat. The evacuation route is blocked.

To make matters worse, even the evacuation of citizens was blocked.

- This is the southern defense line. All firepower was lost due to enemy bombardment. The enemy is fast approaching and we have no means to stop them.

"Retreat to the airport and join the reserve."

-The Southern Defense Line can no longer perform missions. All firepower and defense capabilities have been lost.

Communication with the southern defense line was cut off. And shortly thereafter, the airport shelter shook violently with gunfire.

"The enemy is inside!"

"Shoot! Stop it! Cover the Hunters!"


Gunshots and screams were heard along with the urgent situation. The communicator lifted the radio again.

"Enemy infantry has invaded the interior! We are losing our citizens! please! Because anyone is good! Please respond! Haneda Airport Shelter is desperately waiting for assistance!"

There was no reaction. I put the radio on in despair. That was the moment.

-The S-class hunter is heading there.

It was salvation.

* * *


A scream broke out. are clan members

- Ha ha ha ha! Blossom!

cheers erupted. It was also hell.

"Do, run away!"

"The enemy is beyond our control!"

Within three minutes of the start of the battle, the clan members tried to secure an escape route to escape, but Hyun-jun couldn't let him stand still.

Enemies showing their backs were treated with a sword.

"Cuckoo, Cuckoo!"


Every time he wielded a hell yam, the clan members fell helplessly like fallen leaves. It didn't take 10 minutes for them to be annihilated.

After the battle, the citizens looking at Hyeon-Jun, who was standing on the mountain of corpses, mixed emotions of fear, relief, and awe in a complex way.

"Does anyone speak Korean?"

Hyunjun asked. But there was no answer. Eventually, he had to pull out his walkie-talkie and get interpreter assistance.

-Everyone, thank you to Supervisor Kang Hyeon-jun. I'm asking you to tell me something.

Even without having to translate it through an interpreter, I could tell that they were grateful for saving their lives.

Most of them bowed their heads or shouted "thank you" over and over again, and some of the elderly bowed out loud.

- A transport unit will arrive soon.

"What do I ride back? I wish it was a helicopter... … ."

To get to the front command post quickly and control the situation, I thought it would be better to go by helicopter than by car.

-Of course, a new high-speed helicopter is prepared for Commander Hyeonjun Kang.

I did not know that they would even prepare a new high-speed helicopter. Isn't this supposed to be treated like this? I didn't feel bad.

"I will be waiting."

After ending the radio, Hyun-jun sat down on the runway and rested. But, I felt my eyes touched. When I turned my head, my eyes seemed to meet.

"Hell yam. I think someone is spying on me, can you tell me who it is?"

-Identified the target with the True Eye of Darkness. It's the hunter that the owner rescued and followed.

"It's Matsuda. Thanks."

It was usually noisy and inconvenient that Hell Yam was an ego sword, but in this case it was really useful.

Matsuda had originally planned to join the southern line with a transport unit, but followed in the pretext of helping to defend the airport.

There was almost no magic left, so it didn't help much, and I felt uncomfortable because it seemed like a monitoring station was attached.

"I went."

The signs that had been standing around for about 5 minutes disappeared. Hyeonjun just left his seat and stood up.

And after a while, the sound of the helicopter's propellers began to be heard.

The sound got closer and closer, and soon it became enough to resonate the earth.

"Chief Kang Hyeon-jun! I will take you to the front command post safely!"

The helicopter landed and a man in a Self-Defense Force uniform disembarked, spoke fluent Korean and bowed his head politely.

Apparently, the front command post sent a Korean speaker to Hyeon-jun to show him well.

When Hyun-jun boarded, the helicopter took off and headed for the forward command post. Since they could not secure air superiority, they had no choice but to bypass the battlefield, so the travel time was long compared to the distance.

While moving, I was able to see the situation in Tokyo through the side windows, but it was so messed up that more than half of it could be described as a sea of ??fire.

"Thanks to the help of Commander Hyeonjun Kang, the enemy forces were dispersed and we were able to protect the remaining half of Tokyo. Now the whole people of Japan are grateful to the controller."

As the praise poured in, I felt uncomfortable. It may be because he saw the liver in an emergency.

'stop… … I don't need that kind of compliment... … .'

I wasn't particularly happy. Because we had a close business relationship with Japan.

"The Prime Minister also held a press conference a little while ago to express his gratitude to Director Kang Hyeon-jun.

It didn't dry out, so it continued.

'Isn't it possible that these guys are taking measures to encourage naturalization?'

It was a sudden thought. It was common to encourage naturalization in order to recruit highly skilled hunters to their home country.

'I will never go to Japan. These guys.'

There was no direct recommendation, but Hyun-jun made his decision inwardly. While he was organizing his thoughts, the helicopter entered the skies of the forward command post.

"I will land."

The pilot's voice came from the headphones, and the helicopter slowly lowered its altitude. Soon, the helicopter landed stably.

A short distance from the landing site, men in suits or uniforms stood with what appeared to be the attendants.

They stared at the helicopter, frowned at the strong wind.

"The ministers and bureaucrats of the Japanese Central Government Agency. It seems that he was waiting for Commander Hyun-Jun Kang."

The accompanying interpreter explained. Instead of answering, Hyun-jun opened the side door and got off the helicopter with a light step.

"The person in the front is the Minister of Defense."

The interpreter said cautiously. As a Japanese man, a high-ranking official of the Central Provincial Office would be a burdensome existence.

"This is the Minister of Defense, Maeda. On behalf of Japan, I would like to express my gratitude, on behalf of Japan, to Controller Hyeonjun Kang, who saved Tokyo from annihilation."

Maeda politely bowed her back at a right angle to express her gratitude. He was intelligent and quick to grasp situations.

He knew better than anyone that Tokyo would have collapsed without Hyun-jun in a situation where Japan's proud Susanoo was abroad and Sato did not step forward due to worsening relations with the government.

Not only that, he highly valued Hyeon-jun, who stopped a disaster that could not be prevented even if he mobilized countless S-class hunters.

"I couldn't get past a neighbor who was having a hard time."

Hyunjun said with a fake smile. There were several reporters next to the Ministry of Defense officials. It was a 'direction' for them.

"We are just grateful."

The meeting did not last long because the Minister of Defense was also a busy person.

On behalf of Japan, I was only told three times to express my gratitude, and the rest of the conversation was mainly about explaining how friendly Japan is to hunters.

'It's a staple food for naturalization.'

it was obvious

With the start of the dungeon raid era, hunters appeared, and now the yardstick of a powerful nation is the number of S-class hunters it has.

In particular, Hyun-jun was not only an S-class hunter, but also a secondary awakener. Among the existing hunters, he was also the hunter with the highest possibility of ascending to the rank of SS or SSS.

"Are my guild members coming?"

As Hyun-jun walked to the front command post headquarters building, he posed a question to a Korean who had served as a temporary assistant.

"Yes, I was informed that it was due to arrive in 30 minutes."

"good. Please briefly report the current situation. I don't want to go all the way to the control room."

To be honest, it was annoying. I couldn't predict how much time would be wasted if I got caught in the control room.

"We have recaptured Areas 11 and 12, but the enemy is still occupying about half of Tokyo. Air support is not easy as the enemy's air vehicle is in full control of the air right now. The top priority for recapture of Tokyo is considered to be the shooting down of the aircraft."

It was a neat summary. Hyunjun nodded his head with a satisfied expression.

"I will have a meeting when my guild members arrive."

"Yes, I understand."

Exactly as the lieutenant said, 30 minutes later, the guild members and Jin-ah arrived. They rushed into the temporary office Hyun-jun was using.

"I was surprised to hear that you were suddenly in Japan."

Jin-ah poked her lips and said. It seemed sad that Hyun-jun intervened in the Japanese situation without a word.

"The situation was urgent and there was nothing I could do."

"Thank you for calling me now."

"Yes. I don't have any plans right now, so I'm taking a break."

At Hyeon-jun's words, Jin-ah and Seok-hyun left the temporary office. Soon, Hyun-jun's gaze turned to So-jin, who was standing in the corner.

"sister… … ."

"You can't explain it to me. I will follow you to the end."

As always, a smile spread across Hyunjun's lips at Sojin's active support without asking questions.

"I'll call you back later."

"Huh. I'm glad I can help."

Sojin left a bright smile and left the temporary office to rest. She always wanted to help Hyun-jun.

It seemed to help a little after the second awakening, but I couldn't help but be happy that he even called me directly like this. After she left, only Taemin and Gyu-hwan remained in the temporary office.

"The situation in Japan was roughly conveyed."

Kim Tae-min, the deputy guild leader and Hyeon-jun's loyal right arm, said with his eyes shining.

Hyun-jun, the brain of the race guild, instructed the self-defense officer who accompanied him to explain the situation so that he could quickly analyze the situation and devise strategic tactics.

Fortunately, Taemin could speak Japanese, so he was able to get a professional explanation directly from the Self-Defense Forces.

"I think we need to intercept the aircraft."

"I think so too."

"I saw the response in the early days of the air raid. The interceptor squadrons and surface-to-air missiles did not work."

Because Hyeon-jun was in the position of the control officer, Tae-min could easily obtain data related to the initial response to the air strike and analyzed it.

"It seems that an internal sabotage operation by the Hunter is necessary."

"It's dangerous, but it's effective. But can a transport helicopter approach it?"

The aircraft called the Air Carrier Akagi by the Clan was also equipped with an anti-aircraft defense system. The interceptor squadron that was sortie was all shot down by Akagi's anti-air defense.

"Guild Master. Hunters are strong. Instead of bombs, put them in missiles and fire them."

a strange idea.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 94


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