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Chapter 95 - Kills - Part 4

"You put people in missiles and shoot them?"

"It's not about ordinary people, it's about putting in a hunter and shooting."

Seeing the technician asking the question in surprise, Taemin calmly answered. Even so, Hyun-jun burst into laughter when he saw the technician making an expression that he did not understand.

"So, you put the Hunters in missiles and shoot them? Is it possible?"

"If you are a B-class or higher hunter, you will be able to withstand the impact of a collision. In order to destroy the vehicle, you have to penetrate inside, and this is the only way."

The technician carefully expressed concern, but Taemin's thoughts remained unwavering. His eyes showed a strong will to shoot the hunters on a missile.

"Okay. The modification itself is not difficult. If we use manpower and magic, we can remodel about 50 heavy missiles in 6 hours."

Eventually, the technician gave up worrying. He thought that his stubbornness would not work because the other party was the controller's right arm. It was a wise decision.

"I will spare no effort to support you. Please make it as soon as possible and a lot."

Hyunjun said. Now he was in the position of a commander with all powers related to the air strike, so he was able to coordinate the flow of all resources.

"I will do my best."

The technician answered with a strong voice, and Hyun-jun kept his promise.

We told each person in charge to spare no manpower and magical support, and thanks to this, the technical department succeeded in converting 60 heavy missiles to be equipped with a hunter in 5 hours instead of 6 hours.

"How do you organize your staff? … ."

Hyun-jun, who returned to the temporary office, had no choice but to worry. In the current situation, it was a matter of infiltrating the inside of the aircraft, which was nothing more than an enemy base.

It was a very dangerous operation because you don't know what's inside. So I didn't want to mobilize the guild members.

"Why don't you hand over the authority to organize personnel to the Japanese side?"

There was also a request from Japan.

"Won't it be filled with soy sauce?"

"It is highly probable, but there are several conditions to consider when selecting such a small number of people. However, we know very little about the hunter resources in Japan. It's a little reluctant, but I think this part should be left to Japan. Although the Nanginhoe is said to be a far-right force, it is Japanese. I will not interfere with the guild leader in the operation to defend Tokyo."

In an operation involving a small number of personnel, individual force is important, but it must work in tandem with each other.

If you only act individually, even if the elites gather, your power will inevitably decrease significantly. That's what Taemin was worried about.

"Of course, this is a general case."

"Are there any exceptions?"

"There are always variables. Maybe this time too."

"You must be wary of the Nanginhoe."

"Yes, but for the success of the operation, it would be better to temporarily hand over the formation authority to Japan."

"Actually, I think so. I'll have to contact the interim deputy and pass it on to you."

Hyeon-jun was well aware that the Japanese had no choice but to entrust the organization to the small-scale operation.

It may be uncomfortable because most of the people are expected to be organized into a nang-in group, but Hyun-Jun was not like that at all.

'If you do nonsense, you can kill them all.'

Even if all the hunters of the Nanginhoe who were to be mobilized for the operation were hostile to him, he was confident that he would kill them all.

- It won't take long.

The confident voice of the interim lieutenant came through the walkie-talkie.

"Fix it within an hour."

- Choi, I will do my best.

This is why superiors are good. Because I can openly urge you.

"Won't it be tight in an hour?"

When the communication ended and Hyunjun put down the radio, Taemin asked cautiously.

"If you don't be lazy, that's enough. And it's hard to think that it's nonsense to give time in moderation."

"You are also the guild leader. I hadn't even thought of that."

Taemin was amazed.

"This gives me an hour to spare. Would you like a cup of coffee?"

"There is no time for that. While the guild leader is away, there is a backlog of work."

"Did you bring your guild business all the way here?"

Hyunjun was shocked. I felt stupid for thinking that I had been freed for a while.

- Kkeuk. that this is karma

Hell Yam also laughed out loud.

"I saved it to my tablet PC so it would be easier to handle."

Hyeonjun sticks his tongue out at Taemin's cautious appearance. It seemed appropriate for him to be given the new real name of a task tracker.

No matter where in the world he ran, if his work was delayed, he said, "I'll chase you," and it seemed like he would chase after him.

Contrary to the fear that I had a lot of overdue work, the amount was not as large as I expected, so it was finished in 30 minutes.

Then, while drinking coffee with Taemin, I waited another 30 minutes, and then a noise from the radio began to come out, and then a voice came out.

- This is the deputy's office. The infiltrating personnel formation has been completed. We will fax it to you now.

There was not even a minute of lateness. It's good that the work is done quickly. As soon as the communication ended, the fax arrived.

Taemin came and handed it to him, but Hyunjun shook his head.

"Please review the deputy guild chief."

Hyun-jun thought that it would be better for Tae-min to check the number of people in the squad, who had reviewed a large amount of data to analyze the situation while boarding the plane.

"Has confirmed. They are all members of the Nangin Association."

I expected it to some extent, but I didn't expect it to come out so blatantly. Hyunjoon shook his head with a puzzled expression.

"What is the composition?"

"4 S-class hunters and 40 A-class hunters. And there are 16 B-class people. It seems that it was difficult to organize all of them above Grade A."

Any group of hunters of B-class or higher could be called the 'main force', and those of A-class or higher were the elite.

Because the ground was still in battle, there was a limit to the number of elite troops it could mobilize.

The Japanese side would have wanted to organize all of them into Class A, but it seems that they couldn't because there were many B-classes.

"Tell everyone to convene in front of the launch pad. I am going now."

Hyun-jun hurriedly checked the equipment. I haven't used it properly yet, but somehow I thought there would be a lot of use of the 'Void Shield' in this attack, so I checked it with particular care.

"The vehicle is ready."

We got into the car and moved to the missile launch pad located behind the front command post. 60 missiles were mounted on more than 10 launchers, and the hunters of the Nanginhoe were gathered in front of it.

Hyun-jun's eyes looked over them. There was one familiar face, and that was Matsuda.

'Are you sure you don't want to hide that you belong to the Nanginhoe?'

As far as I know, most of the staff members are selected from applicants. As long as you are included in the list, you cannot hide that you belong to the Nanginhoe.

It was an award for volunteering to catch up even though I knew I would be exposed.

'I'm a gangster, but I'm not a far-rightist. Are you acting?'

There were hunters who were not far-right in the Nanginhoe, but they were only a few. It seemed that Matsuda was trying to monitor Hyun-joon after playing the role of a hunter who was not such a small number of far-right.

Since he was careful not to show any signs of being too wary of Hyun-jun when he was dealing with him, he thought that Hyun-jun wasn't too wary of him, so it was obvious that he wanted to catch up and monitor him.

'It doesn't work. Hey.'

Hyunjun laughed inwardly. He had seen Matsuda's nickname of "two-faced supremacist", so he was wary of him even if he pretended not to be.

"Are you all gathered?"

As the synchronization rate increased, I found an interpreting skill from Gildre's knowledge, but I deliberately pretended not to understand Japanese and asked Matsuda to interpret.

Unsurprisingly, Matsuda mixed malicious and severe abusive language against Hyun-jun to his colleagues while conveying Hyun-jun's words.

"Matsuda. Are you okay?"

"Huh. This bastard doesn't know Japanese at all."

When a colleague of the Nanginkai asked carefully, Matsuda answered with a smile on her lips.

Their conversations were often mixed with profanity, but their expressions and gestures were so serious that it was difficult to distinguish them if they didn't know Japanese. It was the skill of having a lot of behind-the-scenes talk in front of people.

'Keep talking. You'll regret it soon.'

If you keep coming out like this, even if you don't provoke first, there were a few people inside the plane that you thought would be squeaky.

And it should be treated as being killed in battle. If there are no witnesses, it is an assassination.

"The attack helicopters and fighter squadrons are ready."

A lieutenant, who was nearby, communicating with other units, took a step closer and reported.

Attack helicopters and fighter squadrons were mobilized to take charge of the Yangdong operation.

Because the enemy aircraft's anti-aircraft defense system was still in place, there was a high probability that some of them would be shot down even if they flew with high-speed missiles without their cover.

"Get on board. It penetrates."

Hunters moved in unison. After confirming that their respective heavy missiles had been boarded, the ground personnel raised green flags.

"The launch pad will unify the aiming point, but it is difficult to predict exactly where it will penetrate. Once infiltration is successful, use the biosignal to locate and assemble the other team members."

Hyun-jun gave instructions to the walkie-talkie hanging from his coat. It was in Korean, but Matsuda knows how to mix it up a bit and then deliver it.

-This is an AC-130 gunship. moved to location. Commencement of fire support. Guns, Guns, Guns.

At the command frequency, communications began pouring in that a heavily-armored aircraft of US forces in Japan had moved to the location and launched an attack.

After checking the contents, Hyun-jun brought the radio to his mouth again.

"Where are the attack helicopters and the fighter squadrons?"

- The fighter squadron is engaged. The attack helicopter squadron is on the move. Arrive within 1 minute.

"good. Fire the bullets."

A missile was fired while carrying the Hunters.

"Why don't you fire?"

Hyun-jun's heavy missile was not fired.

- A problem has occurred. Please be patient.

There was a technical problem with the hasty remodeling. The repair didn't take long.

Shortly thereafter, a missile was also launched while Hyun-Jun was on board. Then, as it collided, a huge impact shook the aircraft. The door opened automatically.

"It is not a comfortable trip."

Hyeon-jun got off the fuselage of the heavy missile as he spoke to himself. There were no enemies around, and the signal of allies was far away.

"Once you go."

Hyun-jun pulled out a hell yam and moved slowly. Shortly thereafter, clan members wearing black robes appeared and blocked the way.

However, he could not be Hyun-Jun's opponent. Did you kill about 30 clan members? He reached the door that exudes a secret atmosphere.

"The sealing technique is quite powerful… … ? What the hell is it hiding?"

I thought it might be the most important engine room on the ship. Hyeonjun moved his eyes quickly and scanned the iron gate.

"But in front of me, 'Open, sesame'."

created magic.

-Gildre's magical power erodes magic. In the name of the dark truth, I command the forced dissolution of magical powers.

The iron gate opened. And there was a face I didn't expect at all.

"Mazda! Why are you out there!"

In a strange space with more than 100 test tubes containing people, in the center of it, Matsuda was exchanging something with the clan members.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 95


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