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Chapter 96 - The Unclean - Part 1

"Come on, Kang Hyun-joon, the controller… … ."

"If you don't explain this situation right now, your throat will explode."

Hyun-joon warned while shedding a cruel life. I also removed all the gyeonggu that I had been putting on.

The tip of the blade also aimed at Matsuda. If there was no explanation, I was going to kill him first.

"Head, give directions."

"Do you handle it?"

Now that I see, there were several other hunters in the Nangin Society. They threw sharp glances at Hyun-jun and pulled out their weapons.

"Explain it now. Otherwise, you will die."

repeatedly warned. About 100 test tubes, and about 100 humans sleeping in them.

A table with blood stained on it as if the dissection had just been carried out.

Why were the hunters of the Nanginhoe exchanging 'something' with the clan members in this place, which looks like a laboratory from anyone's point of view?




Hearing the shouts from both sides, Matsuda suddenly jumped up and started to laugh like hell yam.

As for what signal they received, the five or so clan members took a step back and pulled out their weapons from the subspace pocket.

"Did the Nanginhoe have anything to do with the clan?"

When asked a sharp question, Matsuda stopped laughing and lifted her head.

"That's why I don't like people who are quick-witted."

Suddenly, Matsuda's right hand was holding a rapier.

"Kill that Korean!"

"Yes! captain!"

"Shoot it!"

The three hunters of the Nanginhoe ran like a gust of wind. It attacks from three directions at the same time.

The clan members blocked the entrance and attacked the background at the same time.

"His Majesty."

Hyunjun disappeared. The attack of the Nanginhoe hunters and clan members pierced through the empty air.

"Uh, where did you disappear?"

"What do you think he said last time?"

"It was called a sage. It seems to be a starting word for something... … Cuckoo!"

Nanginhoe Hunter grabbed his neck and collapsed.

"Wow, total stealth?"

Another Nanginhoe hunter was astonished. By the time he raised his sword to respond, Hyun-jun had already taken control of his side.

"sorry but."

Hell Yam was lifted. The blue aura, the trace of the withered miller, was inhabited and trembled in the sword body.

"You have put the death flag on right now."

The blade that stabbed me broke the ribs of the Nanginhoe Hunter and pierced his heart.

"Cuckoo, Cuckoo!"

Two people were killed in an instant. With the exception of Matsuda, the only remaining hunter-gatherers retreated and the clan members moved to stop Hyun-jun.


Reaper's Blessing has been activated.

- The Reaper's brutal murderous intent is awakened. A part of deadly living is liberated. Living beings are unaware of their instinctive fears.

When Sa-ri was liberated, the bodies of the clan members who were narrowing the distance toward Hyeon-jun stiffened.



It felt like being exposed to a cold wind. One of the clan members exposed to living could not overcome their fear and trembled with foam.

"Gear sword."

The butcher's dagger, which rose from his waist as he spit out a starter while generating magical power, sprinted across the temporarily stiff clan members.

Blood gushed from where the butcher's dagger had passed.



The clan members also became corpses in an instant. Even though they were all B-class or higher, they could not even properly resist in front of an S-class hunter who had plenty of practical experience.

Although the bodies piled up in an instant, Matsuda had a relaxed expression on her face.

"captain! I'll take care of this place, so run away!"

"OK. We have this."

Matsuda lifted something with an evil grin like a villain. It was a black magic stone.

Taking it out was a confirmation kill. Hyun-jun decided to completely rule out even the slightest possibility that it might have been a misunderstanding.

"Is it a creature… … ?"

"no. I don't want to be that monster."

The black magic stone shone.


About 100 test tubes were broken, and the 'humans' in them came out in unison. A dark red energy emanated from their bodies.

"Rejoice. I will use it as the first sacrifice of a great biological weapon reborn with the clan's tactics and Japanese scientific power."

After finishing his speech, Matsuda couldn't contain his excitement and shrugged his shoulders and grinned.

-host. This seems like a big deal

Hell Yamdo said: The momentum felt by those who broke out of the test tube was unusual.

All of them seemed to have at least an A-level talent. Class B was also included, but only a few.

"No, the big deal is over there."

A smile spread across his lips. The magic that connects the Black Magic Stone and the subjects was at a level that could be destroyed.

It was impossible in a normal way, but with Gildre's protection, it wasn't difficult.

On top of that, if you put this control technique on top of it, an interesting scene will unfold.

"Is this all a play? As far as killing innocent civilians?"

"It was a necessary sacrifice to restore its former glory."

He said he was going to kill me anyway. He was the son of a Japanese politician and was a hunter who was making an image at the Nanginhoe.

All of his dealings with the clan members during the Tokyo air raid was a play.

"Right. I think I know something about the 'human' you are."

"Kuk. what do you know You will die now."

It was the moment when Matsuda opened her mouth while lifting the black magic stone to give orders to the subjects. Hyunjun expressed Gildre's protection.

-Gildre's magical power erodes magic. In the name of the dark truth, I command the forced dissolution of magical powers.

As the blue magic flowed into the Black Magic Stone, even Matsuda, who had no knowledge of magic, realized that something was going wrong.

"What, what!"

He cried out in a bewildered voice, but there was no way. Not a hunter in the magical world, he had to watch as Gildre's protection was destroyed by the black magic stone's control techniques linked to the subjects.

"Ooh, move! Move!"

The control procedure was destroyed. Despite Matsuda's instructions, the subjects did not move. He just stood there like a statue.

"captain! What happened!"

"I do not know! Shit!"

The mask is broken. Matsuda let out a swear word and threw the black magic stone on the floor.

But that was a mistake. The control procedure was destroyed, but it was still connected to the subjects.

If you get your hands on that, you will be able to control the subjects by engraving a new control technique.

"Gear sword."

By precisely controlling the butcher's dagger, he obtained a black magic stone. Matsuda then realized that he had made a mistake, but it was too late.

"I'll write well."

He engraved his magic power. The engraving itself was not difficult, thanks to the 'kindly' instruction from Gildre. It was just that a lot of mana was consumed.

'Anyway, half of it is a little bit severe, isn't it?'

Although there was an engagement by infiltrating the aircraft, there was little consumption of magical power. This was even when the amount of magic power was doubled with the option of Hell Yam.

'It would have been a little difficult without Hell Yam.'

As a test, Hyeon-jun injected magical power into the Black Magic Stone. Magical power was connected between the imprinted control technique and the subject.

"There is also a manual."

The procedure in which information about the subjects was organized was also engraved. By injecting magic power, information about them flowed in.

"Armed and arranged in groups of three."

When the instructions were given, the subjects moved in unison. About 20 sets were created in an instant.

"Battle stance."

They took out the weapons that the subjects had hidden. The fighting planes had their blades pierced out of their bodies, and the magical realms raised their magical powers.

"Do you think I'm just going to stand still!"

When the eyes of the armed subjects turned, Matsuda exclaimed, took out something like a remote control, and pressed the red button.


"It is an 'emergency call' button that is only given to the executives of the Nanginhoe. From now on, all the hunters in this plane will come rushing to this place."

"But you are the traitor."

"Who do you think the Nanginhoe will believe? You fool."

At Matsuda's words, Hyunjun frowned.

"I have no choice but to kill them all."

Just by looking at the sight Hyeon-jun had witnessed a while ago, the clan seemed to either hand over the specimens to Matsuda or the Nanginhoe, or to 'discard' them.

Just by looking at this circumstance, I could see that the Nanginhoe was related to the clan.

'Those who join hands with the enemy are also my enemies.'

A terrifying life flashed in his eyes. It doesn't matter if you call your colleagues. Matsuda will be dead when they arrive.

- What are you going to do?

"I deal with it myself."

Hyeonjun answered the question of hell yam. Should I use test subjects? I thought about it for a while, but I thought it would be better to deal with it myself.

"If you come, you will pass. Get ready."

"Yes, Captain."

Matsuda and the rest of the hunters of the nanny club prepared to pass. But it was meaningless.

The time it took them to find out was very short.

"uh… … ?"

The moment he thought that Hyun-jun had left his foot, a single ray of light passed by the Nanginhoe Hunter.

Despite having an S-class state in front of his nose, he could not react because it was too instantaneous.

"what… … ?

I felt something strange, so I looked down to the right and there was no right arm that should hold the sword.


It happened in an instant and there was no pain because of the neat workmanship. It was just a scream that came out as he lost his mind.

"You idiot! It's on the left!"

Matsuda warned, but it was too late. Hyeon-jun, who was standing to the left of the Nanginhoe Hunter, swung a hell yam.


He hurriedly took a defensive stance, but he cut his throat deeply.

He collapsed bleeding profusely, and Matsuda pierced the rapier to stop the fire. Hyunjun blocked the rapier with his sword.

By the way.


Obviously no one survived. However, a presence was felt from behind, along with sharp cuts.

Hell yam could not be pulled back to prevent the rapier from attacking in front. Evasion is also not an easy situation, so take out a shield.

-The righteous shield of Carthage protects you. As long as the great guardian is with you, nothing can threaten you.

When Carthage's protection was activated, the aurora nestled in the shield she took out.


A strong pursuit came from the shield. As the dust settled, the face she could see through the shield was "Mazda."

"Is it a special ability?"

Hunters will awaken their special abilities one by one when they achieve a secondary awakening or reach the level of S-class. In the case of Matsuda, it seemed to be self-immolation.

'One may not be the end.'

Hyun-jun did not lower his vigilance. On the other hand, the clone's attack was gently flowing and he hit the head with his shield.


With the impact, the clone's head was shattered and the magical units were disassembled and scattered.

"Hey, damn it!"

A look of embarrassment was evident on Matsuda's face, perhaps unaware that the raid using the clone would be easily blocked, and even that clone would be in vain.

While he was bewildered, Hyun-jun attempted to strike the shield at the same time as he retrieved the hell yam.


He raised a temporary Auror Armor on his left arm to block it, but could not completely block the impact. The sound of his right arm being smashed was heard, and Matsuda screamed.

Even in the midst of suffering, Matsuda retrieved the rapier and prepared a counterattack, but he was soon faced with great despair.

"Ah, I can't see… … !"

The option of 'Void Shield', which temporarily blinds the target, was in effect.

Being blind is a fatal flaw. This is especially fatal if the opponent you are facing is strong. It was clear that there was a limit to grasping the presence with other senses.

"Sa, live… … Cuckoo!"

In the pitch-black darkness, Matsuda begged, but Hyun-jun stopped him without hesitation. It was a disgusting enemy to keep alive even for even one minute and one second.

Hyeon-jun confirmed his death and picked up the black magic stone again. And when the magic was injected, the eyes of the subjects shone red.

"Annihilate all living things in the plane."

They formed a line and left the laboratory to carry out the order of slaughter.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 96


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