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Chapter 97 - The Unclean - Part 2

Hyeonjun had no intention of directly annihilating the Nanginhoe inside the aircraft.

Because communication with the forward command post was connected, if you make a mistake, you could be called a traitor.

So, I waited while giving instructions to the subjects with the Black Magic Stone from behind.

"On the bottom floor, there are about 10 hunters from the Nangin Association. Form a group of 20 or more and attack."

He gave instructions to the Black Magic Stone. Although the subjects were separated, Hyeonjun's instructions were delivered accurately because they were connected by magic.

"Now there are about 20 people left… … ."

Having a device that tracks their location through biosignals allowed them to give more strategic instructions to the subjects.

- Kkeuk. Its appearance is like a 'black curtain'. It seems to get along well with the owner.

Hell Yamdo said: Hyeon-jun heard those words with one ear and shed his eyes, shifting his gaze to a small monitor that displayed the biosignals of the hunters of the Nanginhoe.

"I think I will have to step in."

A little while ago, the subjects who received the instructions annihilated the bottom floor, and now there were only about 10 hunters left.

At first, they all gathered together as Hyeonjun gave them. Their disposal was left to the subjects and it was time to destroy the aircraft.

Concentrating on killing the Nanginhoe, he didn't pay attention to the arrangement of the clan members inside the aircraft. Hyunjoon moved right away.

Still, there were a lot of corpses in the hallway, probably because the subjects had killed the clan members.

"It would be nice if we could find a bridge or an engine room… … ."

If the bridge is annihilated, the chain of command is paralyzed, and if the engine room is hit, the flight ability is stopped. Both were important places for airships.

'Let's go to a place with a lot of magical reactions.'

Hyeon-jun maximized his senses and searched for magic. Soon, he found a cluster of multiple magical reactions not far away.

"Is it a bridge… … ?"

I felt the presence of a magic trick that interfered with my search for magic. However, Hyun-jun, who was protected by Gildre, lightly ignored him.

"A bridge or an engine room."

The closer I got to my destination, the more certain I became. As well as the level of defense facilities, a large number of clan members blocked the front and fought a desperate fight.

- Aaaaaah!

Hyeon-jun, who burned the creatures who resisted to the end with Eastel's flame, reached in front of the thick iron gate.

"Kukkuk… … The high sealing technique is engraved in double. You will never make it to the bridge... … ."

The collapsing clan member raised his head hard and said. Hyeon-jun was standing in front of the iron gate, observing the drink, and it seemed that he was perplexed because there was no way to open the door.

"It was also a bridge."


not worth answering After throwing the dagger hanging from his belt to stop him from breathing, Hyun-jun confirmed the double sealing of the iron gate.

'Destruction is possible.'

It looked like it would consume a lot of mana, but fortunately, when resetting the black magic stone's control formula, the consumed mana was recovered a lot thanks to the recovery of the bloodsucking mana of the Hell Yam.

-Gildre's magical power erodes magic. In the name of the dark truth, I command the forced dissolution of magical powers.

Magic flowed in to destroy the magic. He tried to resist the double-sealing technique, but he collapsed in vain in front of the protection of Gildre, a mad mage who once reached the truth.


Hyeon-jun threw himself into the bridge as soon as the iron door opened with the loud sound of iron.

Its speed is so fast that it appears as a single flash of light.

"Gear sword."



On one side, the butcher's dagger flew alone and passed through the necks of the clan members, and on the other side, Hyun-jun danced a sword dance with a hell yam.

"Stop it! We cannot hand over the bridge of the air carrier, the pride of the Japanese parish, to the enemy as it is!"

As the executioner shouted, the knight class, who had been silent in the midst of this chaos, moved.

There were 6 people, and half of them were transformed into 'creatures' at the same time as the intervention.

"Five A-classes, one S-class."

A cold gaze scanned the knights of the clan.


-Estelle opens the red magic book. Temporarily allows the use of fire magic.

A red magic book appeared in front of him.

-Exercise the power of the Red Mage of Eastel. Increases the power of fire magic by 3 times.

Hyunjun's eyes were also dyed red.

"Fire Breath!"

He spewed hot flames out of his mouth. At the same time, he tried to control the flames by generating magical power.

- The harsh flames of Eastel are with you. It wields absolute dominion over fire.

the flames dance It became a huge dragon and devoured the knights of the clan.



"Sa, live… … ."

Five knights burned with screams of pain. The other clan members were also unharmed.

He was engulfed in flames and died a terrible death, and now there is only one S-class knight who has been transformed into an executioner and a creature.

-Skill destruction and flame control... … Isn't that one special ability? If so, then it must be Kang Hyeon-jun, a Korean supernova.

"I didn't know my name would be so popular."

-If you kill yourself here, one obstacle in your clan will disappear. bye.

Kreacher said. And in front of me was drenched in darkness. will lose sight

"Wow, what… … ."

Hyun-jun was also taken aback by the sudden change. It didn't just disappear.

I didn't feel any stigma at all. It was not as much as the 'complete darkness' provided by the Goddess, but it is fatal darkness.

- This skill can only be used once a month. But if I can get rid of you with this, it won't be a loss-making business.

Kreacher pointed the tip of the javelin he was holding at Hyunjun. But Hyun-jun's vision was still dark.

All senses were also silent.

- I won't listen to your will.

It was the moment when Kreacher aimed the javelin at the heart and was about to pierce the javelin.

- Deus' absolute will interferes with fate. The heart moves to the right.

As soon as the voice was heard, Kreacher's javelin pierced the place where the heart had been just a moment ago, and vision was restored.


I heard the voices of hell yam. Hyun-jun grabbed Kreacher's wrist holding the javelin and twisted it.

- ?! Does this madman have no heart?

Kreacher got out of Hyeonjun's grip by cutting off his right arm with the Eonwoldo he was holding in his other hand.

He quickly stepped back and repositioned himself. The arm didn't grow new, but as soon as the magic power was activated, the bleeding stopped and the wound healed quickly.

"I will join as well."

The executioner also took the staff out of the subspace pocket. He was also an S-class strongman.

'I was a little distracted. From now on, we will deploy our power.'

If you take over the bridge, it's over. There are still many subjects under control, so you can leave them to remove the small daggers.

Hyun-jun decided to "deploy all power" with the readiness to burn all his remaining magic.

-Durendal is with you. A radiant brilliance dwells in the righteous sword.

Using Durendal's protection, he flew towards the creature.

"Wind Cutter!"

To buy time, the bailiff casts the wind cutter, a 'higher magic' that can finish casting quickly.

"Sat, doesn't it work?"

Hyeon-jun, armed with the high magic resistance of Hell Yam, did not work with "higher magic".

The blades of the wind that flew after him were all scattered and destroyed in a short distance.

"Come on, Senior Knight, come on me!"

The one-armed creature swung his sword and blocked the front. Eventually, Eonwoldo and Hellyamdo collided.

- No, that's ridiculous!

The moment it collided with the dark blue Auror blade, the dark red Auror blade in Eonwoldo shattered horribly.

The blue Auror Blade didn't stop there. Even the blade of Unwondo was cut and entered Kreacher's heart.

He lost his right arm as well as his unwoldo. Although it was a creature with S-level force, there was no way to stop the hell yam that was stabbed in an instant in that state.

- Whoa!

When the heart was destroyed, Kreacher's body stiffened. To be sure, Hyeon-jun called the butcher's dagger with a 'Gigi sword' and put it in his neck.

A dagger was stuck in his neck and the creature that had his heart pierced drooped, and then he narrowed the distance towards the executioner and swung his fel yam.

"Sea, Shield!"

He used defensive magic, but was torn like a piece of paper by the Auror Blade, which was strengthened by Durendal's protection.

"You are so strong… … ."

Seeing the auror blade that filled his field of vision, the executioner realized his powerlessness.

And in the next moment, a hell yam was pierced into the executioner's head, killing him.

When the officer who was controlling the bridge collapsed, the aircraft carrier's altitude began to drop rapidly.

Hyunjun stood in the control group with his eyes twinkling.

-Are you planning to control it yourself?

Hell Yamdo asked. Hyunjun nodded and opened his mouth.

"The drink is simple. It's not difficult to control here as long as you have magical powers."

In the room of his previous life, he acquired knowledge of the magic trick for decades. Without that painful time, I would not have been able to interpret the control technique imprinted on the control group at this moment.

"From now on, we will start controlling the air carrier."

Magical power was injected into the control group's control technique. Shortly thereafter, he succeeded in accessing the main channel controlling the aircraft carrier.

He made the plane that was almost crashing stable and slowly lowered his altitude.

"Forward command post, can you hear me?"

Opened a communication channel. As he was in charge of this operation, he knew the frequency that was directly connected to the forward command post.

"This is Hyun-Jun Kang. took over the bridge. We are currently in control of the air carrier, and we have annihilated 90% of the enemies inside."

-Oh my gosh! The operation was successful!

As soon as the communication officer's exclamatory words were finished, cheers continued.

"Return the attack helicopters and interceptor squadrons. I will land you at the airport."

It was the first time flying an air carrier, but thanks to the technical assistance, it was possible to land.

Just before landing, Hyun-jun gathered the subjects who had gained control in this battle in the rear hangar.

Then he contacted Taemin and ordered the support of a transport vehicle to transport them secretly.

Taemin did the job neatly. For the reason of confidentiality of the aircraft carrier, troops were deployed to block the access of outside personnel, and no one was allowed to enter until the race guild conducted a preliminary investigation of the aircraft carrier using Hyun-jun's authority.

Of course there was a backlash.

"This is the land of Japan!"

"Why do Koreans interfere in Japanese affairs?"

"I don't know about a joint investigation, I can't tolerate a prior investigation!"

There is a difference between entering and exiting the bathroom. Taemin shook his head slightly towards them.

"Our guild leader has been entrusted with 'full power' by the Japanese government. It means that I am in a higher position than you guys in this regard."

Taemin paused for a moment. But soon he opened his mouth with a scattering of cold eyes.

"If you don't want to look ugly, you better stay calm."

Those who resisted the harsh blackmail had no choice but to keep their mouths shut.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 97


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