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Chapter 98 - The Unclean - Part 3

Even the controller was not free from writing the report. Of course, if it was delivered verbally, the adjutant would add the appropriate content and write it in writing, but it was annoying.

"All the hunters belonging to the Nanginhoe couldn't return, is there something wrong?"

A high-ranking official of the Ministry of Defense, who was watching the report being prepared, asked carefully in Korean.

- Kkeuk. Their blood was delicious. It turned out to be a good meal.

Hell yamdo spoke useless words, but fortunately, his voice was not heard by anyone except Hyun-jun.

"We were all killed while fighting for our country. We express our deepest regret for their deaths."

He said hiding his true intentions. He couldn't let the Nanginhoe forces attack him.

Is it a foreign hunter group? There's no point in saying that. Hyeon-jun considered it more important that they dared to attack him.

Taemin was already investigating the air carrier with Gyu-hwan and a few race guild executive hunters.

According to his interim report, there was a huge amount of data on the air carrier, among which there was a lot of data to prove the relationship between the clan and the Nanginhoe.

"Jong-seo selected 50 hunters from the executive branch and sent them. They say they are trustworthy."

The first investigation ended quickly due to a lack of personnel. Now he was gathering people for the second investigation, and Taemin reported that the guild's executive hunters had set foot on Japanese soil to join.

"Isn't there not enough people for the second investigation?"

"It is not enough, but if there are 10 to 20 more people, the investigation will proceed smoothly."

"I will talk to Jin-ah about that matter."

Jina was the second daughter of the Cheil Group. Cheil Group was also quite influential in Japan.

I thought that if I borrowed the group's power, there might be more hunters that I could mobilize near Tokyo.

If you use the authority of the controller, you can use the Japanese hunters, but at the present time, they could not be trusted as they were related to the clan until the Nanginhoe.

"By the way, what are the subjects going to do? I moved it secretly, but since this is Japanese territory, I can't guarantee how much it will be covered up."

"You don't have to worry about that. We plan to send the data and samples obtained from the first survey to Korea via an aircraft loaded with them."

"Is it safe?"

It was Taemin who asked carefully. Apparently, it was a biological weapon produced by the Nanginhoe and the clan, so he looked uneasy. But, unlike him, Hyun-jun didn't worry at all.

"I have removed all of the engraved techniques, and now all that is left is the control techniques that follow my orders. Most have A-level armed forces, but what I've gained... … Shouldn't it be used?"

Of course, I had no intention of using it as inhumanly as the gangsters. Those who wished to bring their dead personalities back to life and then return to their hometowns were meant to be quietly let go.

"Where did you engraved the control method associated with the subjects?"

"I engraved it on the hell yam."

Since it is impossible to carry black magic stones, the control procedure was moved to Hell Yam. At the time of the engraving, he was terrified, but when he said, 'Accept the power of the abyss', he quietly proceeded with the engraving ceremony.

"The problem is the Nanginhoe."

"The Korean government has decided to put diplomatic pressure on the Japanese government. The race guild itself has a weak influence, but knowing the value of the guild leader, the Korean government had no choice but to move."

"Am I like that?"

At Taemin's words, Hyunjun shook his head with a faint smile on his face.

"It is the guild leader who annihilated the group that attacked Tokyo. Not only Korea but also the media around the world are paying attention."

Worldwide attention was paid to the Tokyo air raid, and the existence of the clan came to the surface.

Countries around the world are no longer silent and have acknowledged their existence.

When the existence of the clan was revealed, Hyeon-jun, who stopped them in Tokyo, became even more famous.

[The blood stream that swept through Tokyo! Stop in front of Koreans!]

[Korean supernova! who is he?]

[Second Awakener, Hyeonjun Kang. Currently a strong SSS-class Hunter candidate.]

The Korean media seized the opportunity and started patriotic marketing, and the world media also paid attention to Hyunjun as Taemin said.

Japan, which would normally have downplayed Hyun-jun and Korea, had no choice but to remain silent. Because it was Hyunjun who saved Tokyo.

Of course, a small number of the far-right tried to manipulate and agitate public opinion, but that didn't last long.

[The hero who saved Tokyo. But the reality is.]

Sohn Tae-hee, a masked blogger with 1 million subscribers, drew her sword. The post she wrote aroused the patriotism of the Korean people.

"I can't be beaten like this!"

"Stop all aid to Japan!"

A small gunpowder thrown by the far-right in Japan caused a huge forest fire.

"If the Japanese government is silent on this matter, the Korean government will have no choice but to withdraw its support plan for Tokyo to deal with the damage."

I thought Japan would bow its head here. But that was Hyun-jun's mistake. In Japan, there were more corrupt politicians associated with the Nanginhoe than expected.

"Japan will not accept help from Korea."

"Then the government level will stop supporting it."

Hyun-jun, who was in Japan, hurried to return to Korea after receiving information from Tae-min that the fight for pride between the two governments had begun.

"Things have gotten worse. How long is the second survey?"

"It still takes some time."

Taemin answered Hyunjun's question. All the manpower mobilized by the Race Guild was being used for the secondary investigation, but the aircraft was so huge that it took more time.

"People from the first group sent by Jin-ah Lee joined, but there is still not enough time."

"That's a bit troublesome."

It was Hyunjun who frowned and brought the teacup to his lips.

I don't know exactly, but if things keep getting worse, I have a feeling I'll have to go home within a week. The second investigation had to be rushed.

'If only I could move the whole plane... … .'

It was a sudden thought.

'awhile… … Can we move it?'

The control group's control techniques were already fully understood. Although the amount of horsepower consumed when controlling it was not small, it seemed possible to fly to Korea.

This is possible because the engine room is not destroyed.

"Stop the investigation right now and assemble the guild members."

"Are you really going to do that?"

Taemin cautiously expressed his concerns as he did not yet know about Hyunjun's plans.

"The rest of the investigation will go to Korea."

"Okay. We will immediately stop the investigation and gather personnel."

It is up to the subordinates to believe and follow.

* * *

In the dark, under dim lighting, people in suits are sitting around a round table.

"There is diplomatic pressure coming from the Korean government."

"It was rather good. We need to put pressure on the Cabinet Office for this reason."

"A lot of high-ranking people, including the Chief Cabinet Secretary, will be on our side."

"But public opinion is not good."

"'Still' is negligible."

They were among the high-ranking people in Japan who were related to the Nanginhoe or the clan.

"We can't lose the Air Carrier Akagi like this. There is a lot of evidence in it that we are related to the blood ties. It will be difficult to find right now, but we can't just stand by."

"Don't worry too much, as we need to press the Cabinet Office to recover Kang Hyeon-jun's entire power. You'll hear bad things from the international community, but that's for a while."

"It is said that the second investigation is underway, but it has not progressed to the confidential archives in the depths. Before the second investigation is over, the chief cabinet secretary will reclaim all of Kang Hyun-joon's powers."

Their voices were full of confidence. Although the prime minister is showing a friendly attitude toward Hyun-jun, the chief cabinet secretary was involved here. So, I had no choice but to be on my own.

"This is an emergency report!"

The door opened without knocking, and a young man in a black suit jumped in and knelt down. One of them who was sitting at the round table jumped up and opened his mouth with a point.

"Aren't we talking about something important right now? You are coming from nowhere!"

"Stop it. maknae chief. It won't be too late to listen to what's going on and then order 'halbok'."

The man who was on his knees in the bloody conversation carefully raised his head.

"Hey, the aircraft carrier Akagi has taken off!"


"You mean Akagi took off?"

Everyone was astonished.

"I hoped, but it seems that Kang Hyeon-jun can control Akagi."

"Is it possible? Hyeonjun Kang, who has nothing to do with Akagi made with clan technology?"

"It is not impossible if you know how to interpret the magic. Of course, it's very difficult, but... … ."

"It doesn't matter now! If Akagi enters Korean airspace like this, there is no way!"

There was a riot.

"Oh no, Chief! Deploy the Air Self-Defense Force."

"For what reason?"

"It doesn't matter for any reason! Sortie your interceptor squadron right now! It must not be passed on to Korea!"

I had no choice but to follow instructions. The chief of staff called somewhere. Everyone closed their mouths and focused on him, and the manager who ended the call shortly afterwards opened his mouth with a stiff face.

"The interceptor squadron has been launched."

* * *

"A squadron of interceptors is approaching from behind."

At Taemin's report, Hyunjun smiled and shook his head.

"It is as expected."

"What would you like to do?"

"If we attack first, we try to activate the anti-aircraft defense system. Do you remember how to handle telecom equipment?"

"of course. We have also tuned the frequency with the Japan Air Self-Defense Force."

"Communication will come soon. Please respond from the deputy guild leader. I will prepare an anti-aircraft defense system."

It was only my second time dealing with airships, so if I focused on the air defense system, I couldn't afford to worry about communications.

"Communication has arrived. If you don't land right now, they'll start intercepting."

"Tell me exactly who is on this ship."


Taemin nodded at Hyunjun's words and brought the microphone to his lips again.

While he communicated with the interceptor squadron commander, Hyun-jun checked the air defense system.

Since he had completely lost his magical skin, there was a high possibility that he would suffer considerable damage if he was hit by a missile.

"I will intercept you."

really? intercept? Was the Air Self-Defense Force such a new organization? Could it be that the clan's hand reached it? I had a lot of thoughts, but I didn't have time to organize them. Hyun-jun activated the radar and grasped the size of the enemy.

'Twelve. In terms of flight status, it is four squadrons.'

24 missiles are fired.

"Activate the anti-aircraft defense system!"

When magic was injected into the control group's control technique, the anti-aircraft guns installed on the aircraft blew out all at once.

All 24 missiles were intercepted.

"I intercepted all bullets."

Gyu-hwan, who was behind Taemin, reported in a low voice.

Even when 24 missiles flew, I was a little uneasy, but I was relieved to see Hyun-jun intercepting every single flying ship he piloted for the first time.

'It's what the guild leader does… … There was no need to worry... … .'

Gyu-hwan shook his head with a faint smile. It seemed like I could go anywhere with Hyunjun.

And that's what Taemin felt as well.

"Notify all military aircraft in the sky. Recognizing the interception action against the main ship as an act of hostility, we will use force from this point on."

Again, magic was injected into the control group.

-host. It just looked a little bit like a captain. Now all we have to do is shout long live the Emperor.

Hell yamdo's words were heard with one ear and flowed out as usual.

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 98


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