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Chapter 99 - The Unclean - Part 4

Dozens of interceptor missiles were fired from the rear of the aircraft carrier's fuselage. The interceptors scattered in all directions and scattered flares.

Hyun-jun was watching the situation through several cameras installed behind him.

"It's difficult with missiles. Then anti-aircraft guns... … ."

He muttered to himself, injecting magical energy into the control group. The control group, which received a large amount of magic, roared and vibrated, and activated all the anti-aircraft guns at the rear of the aircraft.

"I shot down all the pursuing aircraft."

Kyu-hwan reported. Hyun-jun nodded and increased the air carrier's speed. He didn't want to see any more blood if possible, but things didn't go the way Hyunjun wanted.

Just before entering the East Sea, as many as 24 Japanese fighters were chasing the aft. They launched an attack on the carrier without any warning communication.

"Maximum air defense."

The anti-aircraft guns installed on the fuselage were busy moving. The near-perfect defense didn't break through, but the Air Self-Defense Force didn't seem to want to give up either.

That was then.

"Hyunjun! A plane is approaching from the west! About 20!"

Jina, who had been silently watching the radar until now, raised her voice. Because she was a magical hunter with an excellent understanding of magic, she was looking at the wide-area radar, which was the second most important thing Hyunjun was looking at.

At her words, Taemin asked Kyu-hwan to take care of the communication equipment for a while, and then moved to the wide area radar.

"The 20th is correct."

Taemin finished checking and returned to the communication equipment. Hyun-jun frowned at the fighters approaching quickly.

'Are you a Korean soldier? … .'

What instructions did you receive? I was curious about the decision of the President of the Republic of Korea.

- Eagle leader to unidentified aircraft. Are you sure Hunter Kang Hyeon-jun is riding inside?

Communication is connected. The fighters still did not slow down.

"Yeah. I am Kang Hyun-jun."

Hyunjun answered with a microphone.

- The Republic of Korea Air Force will cover you. Enter the airspace like this. We'll take care of it here.

With the attitude of Eagle Leader, I could see what kind of decision the President of the Republic of Korea had made.

-Eagle leader delivers to military aircraft of all channels. This is Korean airspace. If you want to avoid the relevant laws, go back immediately. If you do not respond, I will intercept.

The Japanese fighters returned. It seems that even the Japanese high-ranking officials did not want a war to break out.

- I will escort you to the nearest air base.

So Hyun-jun returned to Korea with the escort of the Republic of Korea Air Force.

* * *

Because it was an air base, there was no interference from reporters. The base commander happily nodded to Hyun-jun's request to control the surroundings while the aircraft carrier's investigation was ongoing.

The air base's armed forces strictly controlled the perimeter of the hangar where the aircraft carrier was located, and race guild executive hunters were deployed in and around the hangar.

"You never know when things will change. Please complete the investigation as soon as possible."

Hyunjun said. Although South Korea helped, I couldn't relax because I thought that the situation might change when.

"I will do my best."

Taemin answered. He was reliable because he was always clear on his work.

While he formed a team to investigate the aircraft carrier, Hyun-jun gathered the subjects in the hangar.

-host. Why did they all of a sudden gather?

"I have something to check."

Hyeon-jun briefly responded to Hell Yam-do's words and gave the subjects an order to align. Originally, the number was close to 100, but the number was reduced to about 70 during battles on air carriers.

Just by looking at the fact that nearly 30 of the test subjects composed mostly of A-class fell, it was a part of how fierce the battle was inside the aircraft carrier.

- Why all of a sudden?

As he grabbed the hilt of the sword with an air of cold momentum, Hell Yam asked.

"From now on, part of the control method will be canceled. For a little while, the ego will come back."

-Does the owner need to bother? Can't I just use it as a doll weapon?

"It is good to be able to judge and act autonomously to some extent. Of course, as long as you are loyal to me."

It could be left as emotionless murder weapons, but he was reluctant, and Hyun-jun thought it was rather inefficient.

- Kkeuk. Do you want 'true loyalty'? … ?

"Not to that extent."

They just want people who can have the least amount of 'thinking'.


At the same time as giving a brief notice to Hell Yam, it weakened the control technique of one subject.

"Wow, whoops!"

As the control technique suddenly weakened, the subject stumbled and groaned in pain. Hyunjun fixed his gaze with his eyes shining sharply.

"Are you awake?"

"Hey, what the hell… … ."

The only emotion that appeared on the subject's face was confusion. Hyunjun explained the situation to him.

Found them on an air carrier, and it's all about Korea, not Japan.

"Hey, here… … You mean Korea?"

"Yes. I couldn't completely destroy your control tactics with my skills. It was all I could do to make sure he wasn't hostile to me."

That's a lie. You don't have to tell the whole truth.

"?… … The gangsters... … ."

"Do you remember the name?

At Hyunjun's question, the subject shook his head.

"Not at all. Nothing about my personal... … All I can remember is terrible things."

The subject trembled as he recalled the last memory.

It was terrible.

Every day I had to undergo an experiment that felt like my whole body was torn apart, and when I woke up, my colleague next to me had become a corpse. And from that moment on, I couldn't remember.

"I brought it to Korea because I am not in Japan right now, but I will return it to you when the opportunity arises."

Nice person cosplay.

"We have nowhere to go. Thank you for saving me from that vicious Nanginkai. Please, take us away. I will repay this favor with my life."

as planned

"I understand what you mean. But I would like to hear what others think."

"It would be the same idea. If only we could leave our consciousness intact... … I will be loyal for the rest of my life."

The subject bowed his head. Hyunjun also weakened the control techniques of others and asked for opinions one by one, but like a lie, he hoped that everyone would join the Race Guild without a single objection.

It was not an incomprehensible act. For them, who lived in endless pain and survived until now with their consciousness eroded by the deep darkness, Hyun-jun was salvation itself.

"You don't have to worry about ID."

Even if I ask the government, they will gladly solve it, but I did not intend to owe the state, so I thought to use the dark route if possible.

If you tell Taemin or Kyuhwan, they will take good care of you.

"First of all, I will provide you with a place to stay. Take a good rest for a few days."

"Thank you."

"The grace you saved! I will definitely pay you back!"

Hyun-jun summoned a hunter from the executive branch to guide the subjects to a temporary dormitory.

-host. I have a story to tell.

It was when the subjects were sent and they were sitting in the corner of the hangar, organizing their thoughts. Hell Yam Island spoke to me.

"Say it."

- Of course they plan to form a new armed forces group, right?


Rather than joining the executive branch, I thought it would be better to form a new group so that it could be used for secret work rather than the executive branch.

-If so, would it be okay if I named the group?

"I do not care."

It was obvious that the name would come out with a second-class feel, but Hyeon-jun nodded his head willingly because he could feel the strong desire in the voice of Hell Yam.

-How about 'shade'?

It was more of a normal naming sense than I thought.

"You mean shade? Not bad."

Of course, there was no lack of energy from the second bottle.

"Good. Shade."

It was the moment when the Shade, a secret armed group that would always become Kang Hyun-jun's shadow and intercept his enemies in the dark, was born.

* * *

It wasn't difficult to make IDs for the Shade Hunters. Fortunately, Taemin knew a reliable engineer.

"It's a friend for sure. But it costs a lot."

"The cost doesn't matter. I have a lot to write about in the future... … Go ahead."

Thanks to not taking a break from dungeon raids and raid subjugation, Hyunjun had a lot of money right now.

Even if a total of 10 billion won was invested in the issuance of counterfeit IDs, there was enough wealth to not be surprised at all.

"Guild Master. I think you should come here for a while."

The door opened with a light knock and a man with a cold expression walked in. It was Kyu-hwan, who was leading the investigation on behalf of Tae-min, who was interviewing Hyun-jun.

"What's going on?"

"It looks like we found a secret safe inside the aircraft carrier. I think it would be best for you to check it rather than my explanation."

"Guide me."

Hyun-jun entered the aircraft carrier with Kyu-hwan and Tae-min. Inside, there were hunters from the executive branch conducting an investigation.

They weren't professional mages, but at first they were hunters who could handle magical powers, so they could basically recognize the magic a little bit.

When they gathered and submitted the recipes, the investigation was being conducted in a way that those who were expertly trained in magic among the hunters in the magic world analyzed them.

"I consider it."

From the inside, they entered a place where the hunters of the executive branch were strictly vigilant. Where Gyu-hwan pointed, there was a tightly closed iron door.

"open it."

At Gyu-hwan's instructions, the executive hunter, who was guarding the front, opened the door. And the golden light poured out.

"Hey, what is this… … ."

Taemin stuttered.

"I was very surprised at first too."

Kyu-hwan was relatively calm, but he couldn't take his eyes off the iron gate.

"It's a gold bar."

Hyunjun said. It was full of gold bars.

"It will be hundreds of billions of dollars."

It was a simple calculation, but it was of that size. Taemin's voice was trembling as he said that.

"Perhaps it was going to be used as a military fund for the clan."

Hyunjun nodded at Taemin's words. The use didn't matter. The important thing is… … .

'I mean, this is all mine.'

A bright smile spread across his lips. The gold bars were secretly moved to the guild office via the race guild's vehicle.

An Air Force lieutenant colonel stopped in front of Hyun-joon, who was happily moving to a temporary dormitory after obtaining hundreds of billions of dollars of gold ingots.

"Go, Hyeonjun Kang Hunter… … . It's a big deal!"

"What the hell is going on?"

Taemin, who was right next to him, asked in a sharp voice. The Air Force lieutenant colonel opened his mouth with a dying face.

"I want you to explain the issue of Japan taking an air carrier that it owns and shooting down an interceptor squadron! In the worst case, the Republic of Korea's position has become difficult because it even declared that it would declare war."

Air Force Lieutenant Colonel's words were enough to make Hyun-jun feel uncomfortable.

'Own your country? I'm going to die laughing.'


"Call all the reporters in the country. I will hold a press conference."

"Oh, I see!"

It didn't take long to call the reporters. Because the base was located close to the metropolitan area, hundreds of reporters flocked to it after about three hours.

Although it is said to be a sensitive issue and a special topic, Hyun-jun was a little surprised because he did not know that hundreds of people would gather at a single word.

"This is the influence of a single word from the guild leader."

Taemin said.

"10 minutes before the start of the press conference!"

The facilitator informed. To make room for a large gathering of hundreds of people, the air base commander emptied a hangar.

Hyun-jun moved towards the place where the reporters were gathered.

"You just read what I wrote."

It was a sudden press conference, but Taemin had time to write the storyline. He prepared a brief summary for Hyun-jun.


As the host's voice resounded and Hyun-jun stepped onto the stage, the flash went out non-stop. Dozens of cameras paid attention to Hyun-jun.

The sight was enough to make even Hyeon-jun, an S-class hunter, nervous. It was the moment when he moved his gaze to the note with the summary and opened his mouth.

- Deus' absolute will interferes with fate. Induces interventions from past lives that are appropriate to the situation.

Destiny Interference? in this situation?

-The master of agitation is reaching out to you. Would you like to

A smile spread across his lips. Hyun-jun put the note that Tae-min had written down in his pocket and licked his lips.

"I will."

990k Ex-Life Hunter chapter 99


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