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Chapter 747 Promise Gate Outer Gate

 Of course, the more than a dozen old people in the blue ocean Council did not expect Ye Chen and Qin Ying to leave tomorrow.

However, it is not good for them to retain them again. After all, the existence of Ye Chen must not like that others have too many words.

Set up the sun.

Ye Chen and Qin Ying set out.

Before long, the two returned to the gate of endless war.

Ye Chen's natural presence in Wuji battle gate is astonishing.

Only the inner door, of course.

After he and Qin Ying returned to the inner gate, all the disciples of the inner gate surrounded him.

Because of him, Huo Yuner and Qingluo have also been trained by innumerable resources.

"Ye Chen, you are back."

Fire rhyme son and green Luo at the same time to the leaf dust side, said to this leaf dust.

"Yes." Ye Chen nodded.

"Ye Chen, Qin Ying, the headmaster wants you to go there."

At this time, a warrior came to Ye Chen and Qin Ying.

Ye Chen and Qin Ying did not stay too much, and followed the warrior to the hall.

The head of the gate yunzhan and all the elders were in the hall. They saw Ye Chen and Qin Ying coming, and their faces all showed a gentle color.

"Ye Chen, Qin Ying, how about going to the blue sea base city this time?"

Master Yun Zhan looks at Ye Chen and Qin Ying.

Qin Ying told all the things that happened in the blue sea base city to the master cloud war.


After hearing this, the headmaster yunzhan and all the elders showed a look of astonishment on their faces.

"Primary beast God level fierce beast?"

In the eyes of the headmaster yunzhan and the elders, it is impossible for such a terrifying beast to appear in the blue sea base city.

"By the way, headmaster, I want to go down the mountain to experience."

Ye Chen said to the headmaster Yun Zhan.

He thought that it would be useless to stay in the Wuji war gate, so he might as well go for a walk.


The headmaster Yun Zhan was such a smart man that he naturally knew what ye Chen meant. He agreed without even thinking about it.

The next day, the sun shines through the window on the face of leaf dust.

He got up to wash himself, and was ready to take a good walk on the huge fire spirit island.

Before that, he went to the outer gate of the endless war.

He wanted to come to the martial arts door for such a long time, he had not carefully looked at the outside door.

There are 100000 disciples in the outer gate, which is of course astonishing.

"Intermediate talent."

"Advanced talent."

"Advanced talent."

The talent of countless disciples appeared in Ye Chen's retina.

Ye Chen stood in the square and looked at the disciples who were practicing.

"Hello, why are you standing here without practice?"

Suddenly, a girl came to Ye Chen's body and looked at Ye Chen in a bad tone.

Ye Chen was stunned. Naturally, he did not expect that someone would suddenly talk to him.


Ye Chen looked at the girl in front of him and found that she was very good, and her age was one or two years younger than him.

Name: Lin Yu

"Cultivation talent: Yellow level."

"Hidden talent: Gold talent."

"Realm: five star war king."

Ye Chen thinks that the girl should be the favorite girl in the outer door.

"Hello, I'm talking to you!"

Lin Yu stares at the leaf dust.

She hated the people who didn't work hard in her life. When she came to the Wuji war gate, she naturally wanted to attack the inner door!

"I came to see the outside door."

Ye Chen said to Lin Yu.

"To the outside door?"

Lin Yu was stunned. Of course, she didn't expect Ye Chen to say such a thing.

"You mean..." Lin Yu looked at Ye Chen, "are you not a disciple of the outside school?"

"Well, I'm really not a layman."

Ye Chen said.


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