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Chapter 12

 Skill acquisition.

It was not uncommon for hunters.

Receiving it as a reward for attacking the dungeon, learning it with a magic book or martial arts secret from catching monsters, or achieving a certain condition.

The methods were endless.

The skill thus obtained could have been a magic skill, a martial arts skill, or it could have been a passive skill like Choi Yeon-seung's <Geumgang Fire Break> or <Mandok Bulchim>.

The better skills you have, the stronger and more expensive you become a hunter.

D-class hunters were also welcomed by parties and clans if they had unique skills.

And is a whopping A+ rank skill.

I couldn't even guess how much it would be worth.

<Immortality Regeneration>

It took over the Hydra's karma. The immortal body constantly regenerates.

The recovery skill was of tremendous value no matter how low the rank was. Just because it's a recovery skill!

It was worth calling D-rank skills such as and .

Skills that could heal yourself or others in dangerous dungeons had the same value as heavenly gold.

'Because I was a non-gong user, I thought it was far from the skill.'

Choi Yeon-seung fell into a strange appreciation after getting <Immortality Regeneration>.

I really didn't know what the world was.

He knew how to learn only one in his life, and he will acquire such a variety of skills.

Kiing! Kiing!

"A long time. Long tone."


The rock snake I had met with Choi Yeon-seung waved happily.

"Is the family behind you?


"You have a family. Congratulations."

Choi Yeon-seung stared at the rock snake happily.

I had a long time in the Abyss so I couldn't even imagine it, so I remembered it, but the rock snake was a mate in between.

I was happy that I met and gave birth to a baby.

'I don't know if the clan people are doing well.'

It wasn't a big and powerful clan, but it was still a good clan. A clan where each other firmly believed in and cared for each other!

Clans like this were rare.

In the clan where the hunters gathered, fights, quarrels, intrigues, and tricks are spreading.

It was natural because there were enormous amounts of money and interests.

'When I went back to Earth, the time was too much

I hope it doesn't flow much... '


"Ah. Nothing. I thought about it for a while. So you have a family. Well, have children in moderation. If you use a lot of power, muscle loss or porosity loss... No, in your case, is it rock loss? That might come."


The rock snake looked up as if what the hell was this human talking about.

"Anyway, I'm thinking of dismantling this Hydra,

Do you need something


The rock snake shook its head with a disgusted expression.

The eerie Hydra's body with poison dripping down just by looking at it!

It was dangerous to try to touch something like that.

"It's so big that I can't take it with me. Remove the leather and eat all the meat here... "


[I got the artifact <Space Pouch Necklace>.]

What Rock Snake threw at Choi Yeon-seung was a necklace that looked like a roughly tied iron chain.

The design was dirty and tacky, but...

The effect was very powerful.

Subspace warehouse!

Among the artifacts that hunters draw in their dreams

Was one.

"This to me… Are you giving?"

??. Kiing.

"Lot-Sat I"

Choi Yeon-seung was impressed and hugged the rock snake. It was so big that I could only hug the tip of the tail.

Dungeons began to appear everywhere after the Earth was connected to the Abyss by a gate.

Scientists said that some of the spaces of the Abyss are temporarily connected.'

But it didn't matter to the hunters.

The only thing that matters to the hunters was the fact that if you enter through the gates of the dungeons that appear everywhere, you will move into the dungeon.

The dungeon is completely isolated from reality!

The entered hunters find the exit or catch the boss monster holding the dungeon and clear the dungeon.

I couldn't get out.

I had to hold on only by carrying it in.

As a result, management of consumables such as food was also a very important task.

In the case of a wide dungeon or a complex dungeon, you may die of starvation.

I couldn't even dream of a luxurious meal.

Focusing on emergency food with good preservation and high calorie content!

However, there is a hunter who knows how to use magic related to the space warehouse, or the space warehouse coffin

If there was a hunter with related artifacts, the story was different.

Another dimension of space can be used as a warehouse, so there is plenty of room to spare.

You can carry your own luxurious meals in the storage space...

However, the artifacts and hunters who learned the magic related to the space warehouse were very rare.

"It's curious?"

Choi Yeon-seung also used this spatial warehouse artifact for the first time.

Open the space pocket and put your hand in

A different space was felt.

A space like a large warehouse!

Choi Yeon-seung cut the Hydra's meat in large chunks and peeled the skin using a ganggi.

And they filled them in the warehouse.

'I have to put in the ores I was carrying.,

Adamantium has accumulated quite a bit now.

I thought I could make a frying pan and a cutting board if I melted it well.


The rock snake was surprised to see Adamantium. Did you mean that you've gathered it like this?

Kiing, kiing


The rock snake came up with something new.

As opposed to Adamantium, which has a dark color as if absorbing light, a brilliant colored gemstone that seems to emit light on its own.

It was Orichalcum.

It was Choi Yeon-seung, who was able to hear the world speak to him after he started walking the path of the constellation. The moment I touched the Orichal cone, I could feel what kind of metal this metal is.

[Orichalcum is a metal that emits high-purity magic by itself.]

Adamantium, the hardest metal that absorbs magical power.

Orichalcum, the sharpest metal that exudes magical power.

"It would be perfect to make a frying pan and cutting board with Adamantium and a kitchen knife and tableware set with Orichalcum."


The rock snake looked at Choi Yeon-seung with an expression of'what the hell are you talking about?'

I felt it the last time I met him, but this man was strong and good, but he seemed a little out of his mind.

Using precious metals like Orichalcum in such a place!


The rock snake's spouse next to it turned round and round the side of his head with his tail. The cub turned the same way.

It is a different race, but the meaning is clear!

Fortunately, Choi Yeon-seung couldn't see it while organizing and putting the items in the warehouse.

"this. The warehouse is full."

Even though I put it in one by one, the warehouse was full.

It was natural that it was a Hydra that was large enough to turn the planet over.

"I put Adamantium in… I just have to eat the rest. Long tone. I'll make you eat it too. do not worry."


The rock snake was disgusted and tried to spread the distance. However, Choi Yeon-seung was kind.

"guy. Eat it, don't avoid it. You have to eat these things in order to be rejuvenated."

It was Choi Yeon-seung who had eaten all kinds of remedies even while on Earth.

Everything from wild ginseng to snakes is said to be'good for the body'!

Of course, most of them have little effect.

The expensive wild ginseng also raised the internal strength very, very little.

It was natural.

Before it was connected to the Abyss, it was an earth that had no magic power. Such earth's animals and plants couldn't boost their magic.

Rather, the cheap elixir that you can get from the dungeon was much better.

But still, the mood was important.

Just as eating Samgyetang in the summer makes me feel healthy, I feel like Hydra.

If you think about it, even a Hyde is an enormous spirit!

And Choi Yeon-seung is an incarnation of training that does not lose.

If Choi Yeon-seung believes that way, eating hydra also entered training.

So you have to eat it!

If you avoid it even though you think it's training, it's a behavior that doesn't fit your existence.


Of course, that was Choi Yeon-seung's idea, and it was just a bullshit to the rock snake.

Why should I eat that poisonous lean meat?

Moreover, in the first place, the staple food of rock snakes was stone, not meat.

"I made meat sashimi to be easy to eat. Long tone. I have to eat. I have to make up for the loss of rocks in the birth of children."

At Choi Yeon-seung's warm voice, the rock snake cried and opened his mouth.

There was a firm determination that did not allow rejection.


"Are you fine?"

The rock snake was startled. The moment you eat, powerful magic spreads all over your body.

The magic that the Hydra had all over her body!

It was natural because it was such Hydra's meat. Hydra's meat was really an elixir one by one.

"Isn't it okay? Originally, it was said that a snake that was so large is a health food."


Of course, it wasn't because Choi Yeon-seung knew it well.

It was just like a habit in the past, so I forgot it...

It was a really great elixir!

Pinching? Kiing?

"Why is there no poison? That's why I took care of it. You're going to eat it, but you can't leave the poison alone."


The rock snake cried with emotion. Such meticulous consideration.

Sorry to think you're out of your mind!

[The Giant Rock Snake and its family believe and revere you.]

[There are more believers who follow you as a constellation.]

[The strength and presence as a constellation rises.]

Choi Yeon-seung was thrilled at the feeling of the rising power of existence inside.

Boiling power!

I felt the power that the rock snake family sent to Choi Yeon-seung.

Is this why the constellations choose the apostles and make humans worship them?

The constellations that appeared after the Abyss opened were always mysterious and amazing.

It's like a god!

Starting with religious groups, everyone wanted to know what the constellation was.

Why help humans, what is the purpose...

Now, Choi Yeon-seung completely opens their hearts

I could understand.

Being worshiped as a constellation was something I could never give up.

Good constellations in a peaceful way, evil constellations in a compulsory way... Whatever method was used, the purpose was the same.

This is the amount of worship received by the rock snake family, but what if we get the earth?

It was natural that <The Goddess of Libra Walking Ahead> was afraid of a future where evil constellations rule the earth.

'...But when the earth will go back


I wondered if the goddess had forgotten him.

Well, if you were caught in a magical storm and disappeared, there would be no way to find it.

'If you signed a contract in advance... No, then I wouldn't have been able to walk the way as a constellation. done. If I find the way, it's just that.'

The Abyss was infinitely wide, but if you keep going around, you will find a gate connected to the Earth someday.

Choi Yeon-seung at this time did not know. That I have to wander for more than a few thousand years in the future


Choi Yeon-seung and the rock snakes stayed in the area of ??the Hydra for more than a month.

It was to process the remaining meat.

I wake up in the morning, eat hydra yukhoe, and eat hydra tartar steak (with no egg and seasoning) at lunch, and drink hydra body fluid juice as a dessert in the evening.

Of course, the taste wasn't dirty, but the rock snake family loved it.

Healthy food itself!

"… Long tone. I think you have grown."


The giant rock snake nodded.

How long has passed, the rock snake family has grown several times in size!

Choi Yeon-seung was surprised that he was not mistaken.

"Why did you grow up?"


The rock snake pointed to the Hydra's meat.

The meat, which was condensed with enormous magical power, grew the body of a rock snake.

"Isn't this a strange side effect?"


The rock snake made a sound as if it were absurd. What a blasphemous sound in front of this pure magical power!


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