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Chapter 14

 The realm of the Abyss, which was dominated by , was a crowded place worthy of its name.

There were structures made of the bones, muscles, and blood of prey all over the place, and nearby demons fought at random. It was to catch the owner's eyes.

The masters of the dreams are .

Shouldn't it be a more loyal to your desires?

"Why are you doing that?"

"To be honest, it's a little different from what I thought."

"What did you expect from the Holy See?"

"You look faithful to your desires? I apologize in advance if it was rude."

"What are you talking about! no!"

Arni tapped her hand and said again.

"And I'm not saying anything wrong."

Choi Yeon-seung was puzzled.

"We are a race that is faithful to our desires."

"Ah, however, what do you have that much. That's all that way."

Choi Yeon-seung laughed. Even humans were a race that was faithful to their desires.

How many mistakes humans make because of their desires.

"We are a little too much... I'm a little embarrassed to say it with my mouth..."

"okay? It's completely different from the appearance."

"I'm always training because I can't if I can't control my desires. Those buildings are also a kind of training."

Just as a liquor lover avoids liquor altogether to quit drinking, so the monks chose a similar method to manage their desires.

You don't create a situation where your desires will arise unless it's necessary.

Those crude buildings are a kind of training center!

"training? That looks good."

And Choi Yeon-seung responded to the word'training'.

A training sexist that doesn't change even after thousands of years!

"Hmm. Maybe I can go in too


Arni said firmly. Choi Yeon-seung became grim.

"is it."

"Oh... no... that's... sorry. If you go inside, other dreamers will..."

Choi Yeon-seung wanted what Arni would say.


At the moment, something roared from above and landed.

Arni's complexion in a sudden surprise

It turned pale.

"What are you doing! everyone!"

"sin… Sorry!"


"Ah ah! Nobody can stop me!"

Urgent cry.

Dreams that were not visible until now sprang out hurriedly from all sides.

"Creally… I can't stand it...! craving! Give up your lust!"

"What is that?"

Choi Yeon-seung turned to the front as if he was embarrassed.

[Succubus (Soul Charm) is used!]

[Honwon Shingong... ]

[Succubus uses !]

[Honwon Shingong... ]

[Succubus... ]

The succubus in front of you looks beautiful

I had, but there was no reason in my eyes.

Violence like a beast!

The appearance of staring at Choi Yeon-seung while dropping his saliva was very bloody.

Choi Yeon-seung flicked his finger and flew the honwonji. With the sound of tearing the air, a hole was made in the ground in front of the Qverse.

Obvious warning.

Even if you don't feel the difference in strength, you'll feel the threat of your throat.

But the succubus did not stop.

"Your desire! It's all about giving out your desires!"

"My desire

At the moment, Choi Yeon-seung was puzzled.


What is my desire?

The desire to eat something delicious, the desire to become strong, the desire to return to the earth, the desire to do some bench press or a little bit of a bench press when returning, the desire to become a constellation...

'Is it this much?'

Even if Choi Yeon-seung thought, they were pretty frugal desires.

Is there a place to use with these desires?

While thinking so, the Succubus was approaching right in front of me. Surprisingly, he was putting on various reinforcement magic all over his body.

Even though I've lost my mind halfway, I will naturally use magic like that.

'It's A level or higher!'

If it was Earth's standard, there was nothing strange about being treated as an A-class monster.

Of course, it wasn't Choi Yeon-seung's opponent.


Choi Yeon-seung grabbed the succubus's head and crushed it on the ground as it was. Using the skill <This Flowering Tree>, he returned the opponent's strength in reverse.

After that, I crushed myself with a tremendous amount of innocent balls.

"Ahhhhhh! Give me your desire! Give me your desire! Give out your desire!"

"I'm crazy

I wanted to kill Choi Yeon-seung, but I was patient. First of all, it was the realm of the dreamers


"really sorry!!"

"I'm done with apology, and I'll do something about it. You keep using your skills on me."

[Succubus's ...]

[Succubus (energy drain)… ]



Choe Yeon continues to take advantage of the touch of her body

A succubus bus trying to steal Seung's desire and power!

The difference in the ground was too great to give any effect, but the skill was a very terrifying skill.

A skill that permanently absorbs the opponent's power!

Among the magics, such as and have a high reputation for their scarcity and power.

How much more, not inferior (energy drain

If it is phosphorus>.

I thought I knew why the monma was a dangerous monster. It is to use these skills in a special way.

A race of drunkards!

Once caught, it could be sucked until death.

"Move fast! What are you doing!"

At Arni's shout, other succubus and incubus ran wildly and held the succubus tightly with chains.

"Ah ah! Let go of this! You too

I want to eat it! I want to eat it! Let's eat together!"

"Shut up!,,

"You are a 300-year seal!"

Succubus and Incubus finished the work by ignoring the words of their colleagues.

And he moved trying to not see Choi Yeon-seung as much as possible.

"Excuse me! Sorry!"

"Why do you avoid your eyes?"

"that… Well… "

Arni sighed while trying to explain

Said resting.

"Eh. I didn't want to explain this... Because we have a strong desire."

Mongma desires desire.

In other words, the stock of Succubus or Incubus was the desire of other souls.

And the desire for this desire is so greedy that once triggered it all

I lost my mind.

Skills such as are also forcibly activated, so they try to suck up the whole opponent!

"A long-trained dreamer can only consume desire without harming the other person, but most dreamers cannot. So I ordered everything to go inside."

"… It was like that."

In a word, I was quarantined because I was afraid of seeing Choi Yeon-seung and trying to get away with losing his temper!

The succubus came out secretly

It was clear that he had come up against him.

It's enough to hit the constellation.

How great is the desire...

"But, isn't my desire nothing? It must be stupid desires."

Oh, I want to bench press~ Will the dreamers like the same desires?

"No. The constellation-sama's desire is... really greedy and shining...

"Oh, no. I'm completely in control of myself...! Believe me!"

"Okay, so stay at least 10m away from me."

"Ah... "

Arni cried and opened the streets.

According to Arni's explanation, the amount or kind of desire did not seem to matter.

The important thing is the quality of desire!

The quality depends on how purely you desire and how firmly you desire.

And Choi Yeon-seung's desire is over thousands of years

The highest level of desire, cultivated and matured with a strong will.

Even in the wide Abyss, I had never seen such a desire.

Thanks to this, Choi Yeon-seung made the dreamers go crazy and pant just by approaching from afar.

Crawler Crawler-

"Then this sound will never be… "

"… Dae, most of them are tied up."

For some reason, I seemed to hear a faint cry.

'How did you come?'

Choi Yeon-seung became uncomfortable for nothing.

<The Manipulator of Dreams and Desires> is a constellation that is deeply related to dreams. What if you were aiming for Choi Yeon-seung's desire?

Of course, if it was only aiming for desire, there was no harm to Choi Yeon-seung.

According to Arni, if Mongma consumes a lot of desires, the person will feel refreshed as if their desires have been resolved.

In time, Yeon-seung Choi will have a desire to practice again, and

You will have a desire to go back to.

However, if I tried to absorb other powers other than desire like other dreamers, I couldn't see anything funny.

'Well, if you come out like that, you just fight.'

"Arni. Why are you lingering so far away?

"The constellation-nim said to be more than 10m away.."

"Ah. that. It was a joke, so you can come to me."

"Holy Constellation!"

Arni approached with a thrilled face. Choi Yeon-seung stepped back one step.

"By the way… You have control, but why couldn't that succubus control himself? It doesn't seem that the succubus is weak."

"The level and control are different. In order to control himself, the monmagas have to practice abstinence for a long period of time and discipline. If the level is high without such training, there is a higher risk of runningaway."


"Yeah? Is there anything wrong with the level?"

"What is the level?"


Arni looked confused.

"That… It's a skill that measures the level of strength... Don't you use the constellation?"

There have also been methods of measuring the level of strength on Earth.

If you are a magic user, go to the circle.

Third-class, second-class, first-class, and the same for non-gong users

By silver.

Based on this level, the Hunter ranks the dungeons and monsters that the hunter has cleared.

"The level of strength is not judged by the magic circle or the no-ball level.

Arni was astonished.

It's a way to roughly scrutinize like that.

No, that wasn't even the level of measuring skill.

It's just a guess!

"Of course, there are many skills that measure the strength of the opponent… Measuring with a magic circle you can use is too rough. Even if you are the same 7th Circle magic user, how much is the difference in them. It's the academic theory that the Abyss is usually a level-based method to measure opponents."

"Well... yes. How do you do that?"

" magic skill."

'I wasn't on Earth?'

Well, the magic that entered the earth is a dungeon

They came out of the gate and the constellations gave them magic.

It hasn't been so long since the gate opened, so it wouldn't be strange even though there were many magics that weren't there yet.

'Hmm. It's been a while since I left, so if I go back, I'll be there.'

"I think it would be better to show it myself. ."

Arni used the magic on herself and showed it to Choi Yeon-seung.




Agility: 1100


Horsepower: 1200


[Unable to confirm the following]

As expected, Arni's level was high.

One of the best among mortals!

Obviously, among these dreamers, there was a clear ability to rank in the rankings.

On the hunter-grade side, circle 3 magicians were treated as E-class or D-class hunters, and circle 4 wizards to C-class and 5th-circle wizards tended to be graded in this way.

If you set a good ball, a low circle magician could get a higher grade, but in general it was like that.

And according to Arni's words, upper 3 circle wizards are usually below level 100, 4 circle wizards are between 100 and 200, and 5 circle wizards are between 200 and 300.

That is, Arni, who is in her late 400's...

'If it's a hunter, it's S-class or higher!'

Arni's skills overwhelmed the S-class hunters given that the S-class hunters actually did not differ significantly from those of the A-class hunters, and that they were given because of the achievements they made.

S-class hunters will be in the early half of level 400 no matter how high you hit them.

It proved that there were also six-circle wizards among S-class hunters. In Circle 6, he did not exceed the level of 400.

'There are no official users... '

The highest level of martial arts user, A-class hunter Yeowon Lee, was the highest-class martial arts user hunter. Other than that, none of the martial arts users had A-class hunters.

"Can I try it too?"

"Yeah? It wouldn't mean anything to the constellation."


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