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Chapter 16

 Come to think of it, it seemed that something similar had happened on Earth.

-Yeon-seung. How about by our clan's name?

-Oh, it looks like trash.

-… That, right? Actually, I thought so too. I was kidding.

Tears fluttered around the eyes of the clan leader who said that.

-...When I think about it, a name like a fairy...

-right?! I thought you would like it! Nowadays, isn't it the time when hunters also have to promote themselves? The clan name should also be sassy. I also thought of a clan name such as <Previous SSS-class clan> or <My Clan Member Infinite>, but that also looked better.

-Wow… Too… It's good…


But usually a really good clan leader


Fortunately, the government rejected the clan name. The reason was that it was so playful.

Since then, Choi Yeon-seung learned a lesson.

Let's say it's always good if someone else names it!

What about <The Association of Small and Medium Constellations>? If you have my dragon, that's it!

,,Is it not good?,,

"no. I thought it was a really good name. Really."

<The Manipulator of Dreams and Desires> laughed at Choi Yeon-seung's reaction. Even though it doesn't seem to suit my taste, I felt it like that.

It is a very rare constellation among constellations whose basic personality is arrogant and unscrupulous.

'I chose really well.'

I was lucky.

If Choi Yeon-seung had been stronger or had nothing to regret, he would not have held his hand.

[ is welcome

I shake my forefoot in the meaning of.]

[If you just came into the household, you would have done well, but joining the <Small and Medium Constellation Association> says that he is a stupid constellation.]

The constellation that I had talked with a few times when I got out of the realm of (Master of Blood and Brawl).

<The Cat of Lava and Magma>!

Was he also a constellation belonging to the Association of Small and Medium Constellations?

"It's an alliance, so I can't be alone. Who are the other constellations

[… … ]

Both constellations avoided the answer. Choi Yeon-seung never wanted to.

"...Both of them

[ is angry about what it is like. I threaten to not give you a gift prepared for you.]

"No, I'm not really disappointed. But what gift are you talking about?"

Choi Yeon-seung comforted the cat.

[ has heard rumors that you are collecting Adamantium and Orichalcum. It is said that if you wish, you can make the item you want with the Adamantium and Orichalcum.]

The girl next to him opened his mouth and explained


" is a famous blacksmith's constellation. I said that if you join our alliance, I will make a weapon as a gift."

A kind, rare in Abyss... No, they weren't nice, but everyone was warmed because it was an alliance of the constellations they could trust.

Choi Yeon-seung, honestly, was a little impressed to give you something like this as a sign-up gift.

"But I collected a lot of Adamantium, but Orichalcum was quite lacking... more

I'd like to ask after collecting it."

[ tilts his head. asks if he has given a gift.]

"I was trying to persuade me by speaking, but the constellation accepted my proposal before my mother could speak..."

[ laughs, saying it's a stupid constellation.]

"...I hope you don't forget that I could get out of the alliance."

[I am embarrassed to say that is a joke!]

"What gift is it?"

"Actually, I thought it would be more difficult for her to convince her. As you said, the constellations are basically arrogant guys. so… I prepared things you might be interested in."

In addition to answering Choi Yeon-seung's questions, has prepared several things.

Honestly, I thought I would be a little trickier

[I found the A-rank martial arts book, <Above Star>!]

[I found the Orichalcum ingot!]

'Absolute method!'

Choi Yeon-seung was also a famous martial artist known by his name.

A fantasy martial arts that no one has learned on Earth.

Will you enter the dungeon?

[Compensation: Unofficial <Abstract Grand Law>, ???]

[Admission restrictions: None]

One of the famous dungeons that appeared on Earth, the dungeon.

The dungeon's difficulty was Class A, but the reward was a dungeon that wasn't official.

Unlike spellbooks, martial arts books weren't popular.

Magic users were able to learn magic skills relatively easily, and the more they learned, the better. Because there are many skills that can be used.

However, most of the martial arts users practiced only one martial arts.

It takes a long time to cook, and if it is not cooked properly, it is less effective.

Therefore, the martial arts users were not interested in other martial arts, unless they were to change martial arts at all.

Of course, it has no choice but to be popular!

Because of this, all dungeons of were reluctant to challenge, and the Dungeon Gate was created by the US government to gather A-class hunters.

However, the situation changed immediately.

He learned what kind of martial arts the absorption technique is.

Mugong absorbing the power of other beings!

Compared to magic, it was a martial arts to often hear that the only thing he could do was hitting and breaking it, but the method of absorption band was a rare martial arts in which it was difficult to find a similar effect among magic.

Energy drain, a powerful means to directly damage monsters with enormous magic defense!

In addition, when the magic user absorbed it, he could immediately turn it into magical power and use it as a skill...

Magic users who were not interested in martial arts

I tried to attack the dungeon with greed to learn about it.

However, the attack failed.

The dungeon has passed the time limit and the door has been opened.

It was a miracle that there were no casualties because it was a dungeon with an unusual structure.

'In the end, I hear that no one got it

It was open... '

"Do you know this martial arts?"

"I've heard a name before."

"Then the story will be quick. This martial arts is the martial arts that comes from our Mongma tribe."

Choi Yeon-seung heard that, and somehow convinced him.

Montma has an energy drain as a racial characteristic.

Creating an energy drain effect

No-gong, absorption band method.

The two went well together.

"I haven't seen a monk who has mastered this martial arts, have you ever met him because he was inside?"

"no. There is no dreamer who has learned this method of absorption."


"That's it… Is magic better than martial arts?"

a "

Choi Yeon-seung was slightly depressed.

Is it magic more than martial arts here too!

<The Manipulator of Dreams and Desires> was said in a confused voice when Choi Yeon-seung died.

"Ah… No, it doesn't mean that martial arts aren't necessarily bad]. Mugong has its own strengths."

"...What a good point

"… Honestly, I didn't know how to ask specifically, but I'm sorry. I didn't think about it."

A bigger wound!

<The manipulator of dreams and desires> quickly turned his words.

"Because of the martial arts, the Difficulty to learn wasn't that easy because the Sakseongdaebeop is a martial art with a high degree of difficulty.

"If that's the case, I don't even know why I made it. Come to think of it, can't we use Montma without learning energy drain?"

"The dreamers don't learn the method of absorption because of the energy drain. For another reason."

"The more you master it, the more

There is a saying that you can be in good control. I'm not sure because she doesn't learn it either, but..."

Mongma's weakness was that desire.

The stronger you get, the more greedy you get, you can't control yourself and run wild.

This was a serious problem.

For other races, if you are a strong person with a level of 400 or higher, you should play an active role as a main force.

How to control the desires of the dreamers

Was as important as life.

One of them is the absorption method!

Absorption Daebeop is a martial art created by Mongma to sharpen and polish himself.

When other races learn, energy drain can be used, but when dreams are learned, they realize how to control desire.

Choi Yeon-seung, who heard the explanation, slightly brightened her face.

"Isn't there any good thing about martial arts too?"

"...that… I'm sorry, but these days, I'm just ruled by magic. You don't have to have to hardly learn it... ,,

I did.

The reason that such a good method is not used these days is because there is a better method!

Nowadays, it has been the academia's orthodox to control their desires with proper ascetic life and mental reinforcement magic.

Martial arts?

What are you familiar with doing that?

"Well, though, I thought that if you were a martial artist like you, it was a valuable martial arts user who would be interested... Did she make a mistake?"

"no… The martial arts that I want to have was right. Thank you. Thank you."

Choi Yeon-seung said so and received an official letter.

[Would you like to learn the martial arts <Abstract Grand Method>?]


[I have learned the <Absorption Method>!]

[Currently, we are in a state of supreme excellence.]

[Skill <Aging Pure Blue (????)>… ]

[Skill (Samhwa Chwijeong (????))]… ]

[Skill … ]

[I have fully realized the <Absorbance Method>.]

Compared to magic, it was a martial artist who always loses, but when Choi Yeon-seung writes it, the story is completely different.

Even other martial arts can be used immediately.

'Good. This is Hopsung University.'

If you use your presence, you can do similar things without using the absorption method.

However, on the contrary, if you learned the method of absorption, you could not use your presence.

The more I saved my presence, the better. It was like a resource that could be used anywhere.

'When I think about it, the constellations... When giving power to the contracted apostles, he must have used his presence.'

Another gift given by <The Manipulator of Dreams and Desires>, the Orichalcum ingot, was an ordinary good gift.

This is all that Choi Yeon-seung wanted

I thought I could make it.

A frying pan made with Adamantium!

A cutting board made of Adamantium!

A kitchen knife made of Orichalcum!

Tableware set made with Orichalcum!

'Is it over ten thousand years? Well, it doesn't matter.'

It seemed to have been a while since I hadn't counted the time. Choi Yeon-seung was satisfied with the achievement of his goal by collecting a dime or two.

"I think I like her gift."

"Do you like it. Thank you."

[The Cat of Lava and Magma] asks with excitement what kind of weapon he will make. With that amount, great swords and shields... ]

"Uh... frying pan and cutting board."

"Orichalcum wants to make a set of kitchen knives and tableware… "

k Lava and Magma's Cat" has no answer. It seems to be dead.]

Although the constellation dried up and persuaded throughout the day, Choi Yeon-seung did not budge.

In the end, the cat promised to make it with the words'Hipster die!'

Because the promise was a promise.

"Then it's time to answer the question. Did you ask what awakening is?"


Choi Yeon-seung thought of himself as an entity that had just entered the path of the constellation, a half constellation.

I thought I had to grow one more step in order to become a constellation here.

The reason I thought so was as follows.

A message window from the world, received once at the peak of the transcendence.

Resonance from the k-world) gets stronger and stronger. The world awaits your cry.]

Wait for the shout.

In other words, isn't it that something has to grow one more time?

Barrygos, the devil he was dealing with, said this.

-To be a constellation, human!

In other words, isn't it that Choi Yeon-seung is not yet a constellation?

I thought so...

"The Manipulator of Dreams and Desires" waved and said as if absurd.

"No, you are a constellation. There is no such thing as half of the constellation or a trainee. It's just a surname."


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