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Chapter 18

 Choi Yeon-seung did not know exactly what it was like to be worshiped.

When I was on Earth in the first place, I was a hunter who was not famous.

The example that came to mind is a movie star!

Of course, it wasn't a good example.

No matter how much I look at it, Choi Yeon-seung is with an actor

Because Lee looked far away!

<The manipulator of dreams and desires> could not know why that constellation was referring to an actor who seemed to be inadequate for his aptitude.

It seems much more appropriate to just be accepted and be envious of people...

'And honestly, it doesn't look right.'

What kind of acting is that honest constellation?

"… You don't have to be an actor to be worshiped. Even a hero is enough."

"He's a hero…"

"If a gate had been opened on your planet, it would have caused confusion. Then, naturally, heroes would have emerged."

"Ah. There were famous hunters."

The monsters coming out of the gate and the hunters who became famous by clearing the A-class or higher dungeons.

Those who were treated as S-class were those.

Even if it is A-class, it is treated as the most important power of the country and special management is required.], S-class is special among A-class hunters.

Those who set the ball.

It couldn't be famous. Even when Choi Yeon-seung was there, the famous hunters had enormous fame.

"Hunter would be more suitable. If you work hard, people will believe and like you."

"...Then why would an actor... ?"

"Ah. That was the only thing that came to mind right now. To me, the hunters were the guys I worked with."

I tried to ask more, but stopped 'The Master of Dreams and Desires.'

Yeah, maybe an actor had a dream

Isn't it?

"And the plan is obviously good, but there's a problem. There are constellations on Earth that know me."


The girl hardened her facial expression.

"What constellation is it? If so, you may have to take over that constellation."

"Until the embrace?"

"Because there is nothing bad about the association of small and medium constellations, it is better to accept somehow for your plans. Of course, the other person must be a reliable constellation.

I would... How did you get to know the constellation?"

"… It's a long way to talk."

Choi Yeon-seung explained the honor of <The Goddess of Libra walking ahead> and for his own honor, as simple as possible.

Still, was ridiculous.

"You didn't sign a contract to give you strength, but you sent it to the training center? ...Did you accept it?"

"That sounded very plausible back then? Even now, it sounds plausible

I'm tired."

Would you like a space to train gently? Speaking of which, even if ``The Ruler of Blood and Brawl'' spoke out, Choi was the one who would be attracted to it.

"Neither of the constellations you proposed or the humans who accepted it are convinced… You hey, it's enough to fit in the name, so what kind of stupid constellation is the proposed constellation? It's not a good idea to join hands with an incredible constellation, but a little stupid constellation... "

"No, I'm not stupid."

Choi Yeon-seung somehow (walking ahead

He defended the Goddess of Libra.

It was a constellation that he did not have anything wrong with. And, anyway, you didn't try to help the planet.

It seemed like it was a little lax, but...!

"It's called <The Goddess of Libra walking ahead>. Ana? It's a great constellation that can predict the future."

Future prediction was a very rare skill in the Abyss.

Future foresight magic was extremely rare, and very few people could use it.

It wasn't overly accurate.

It is enormous in itself to look into the future in the first place!

"The Goddess of Libra walking ahead… ! I've heard of the name."

The girl said in a surprised voice. Choi Yeon-seung was a little surprised by the appearance.

It's far from the goddess' realm, but you know the name?

might not have been a surprisingly great constellation. There will be very few constellations in the Abyss that can predict the future...

"I predict the future, but I heard that it's a ridiculous constellation that every time it misses and loses

Choi Yeon-seung became pitiful for the goddess of the flesh due to bad comments more severe than expected.

"You can't see exactly what the future is."

"That's it, but it's not a matter of intelligence that you can see the future to some extent and not live it? I can't understand it as a natural woman."

I would have cried if the goddess was next to me

It was a cold word.

But I can't refute it!

"But I think it's suitable for an alliance."

"Well… definitely… "

The girl was contemplated.

First of all, it wasn't a constellation of evil spirits, and seeing that the evil constellations tried to block the future by signing a separate contract with Choi Yeon-seung, it was not that they had joined hands with other constellations.

Cooperation is possible, but the constellation of goodness (no friends)!

The conditions for membership in the Association of Small and Medium Stars were accurately met.

The reason I still hesitate is...

'It looks so stupid.'

The stupid allies were more dangerous than the enemy. They don't know when to roll up. Besides, even though I know how to see the future, it's such a lax thing...

k Lava and Magma's Cat) is not in a position to cover the other person.]

'...It is.'

Moreover, in order for Choi Yeon-seung to safely return to Earth and achieve his purpose, the cooperation of the goddess constellation was unconditionally necessary.

If you don't cooperate, you can tell the facts to other constellations and form a half-winning alliance.

"I know. I accept the alliance."

"no. You haven't accepted it yet."

"If it's such a painted constellation, then of course I should be grateful!"

"It's true, even if the same words

That might make the other person feel unpleasant.

"...I do... My mother said a false statement. I'm sorry."

The girl honestly apologized. The constellation is basically the king of one realm.

No matter how weak a constellation, if it touches your pride, you will not accept such an offer.

Even constellations on Earth would be stronger than them.

Because of what Choi Yeon-seung said, a bad prejudice was created!

'Because your opponent is also a constellation, it is natural that you should treat it accordingly.'

"Of course I have no intention of saying this. Of course I should be polite. The other person probably won't refuse, so there's nothing to worry about."

"I don't think I will refuse, but… "

Choi Yeon-seung did not have much conversation with the goddess, but to some extent I could guess the goddess' personality.

A pacifist with conversations.

'But I don't know how to react if I know that I have become a constellation.'

Did you see this in the future?

...I didn't think so.

When a human being sent secretly to a training center in the realm to make it his own family disappears, becomes a constellation and returns...

'Well. Well, I'm not worried about it right now.'

Choi Yeon-seung turned his thoughts around.

What was important now was something else.

"The problem is how to contact the goddess. Do you have any chance to know where the goddess is?"

None of the two constellations answered.

"I made a name… "

"K Lava and the Cat of Magma" says that we don't know the location of such a small constellation?

"… Isn't the Abyss too wide?"

Infinitely wide means that there are so many constellations.

When the distance was far, there were many cases where the existence of each other was unknown. Rather, the name of the goddess

It was unusual to have heard of it.

Because it was so rare in the Abyss to glimpse the future!

"...I have to go around and find it myself."

"I think it's the simplest, but most effective way. If you see more and more beings who know the goddess, you're getting closer."

"after. There's nothing really different from what I've been doing so far... "

If you find the gate to Earth, you will be able to find the goddess, and you will find the goddess.

If you do, you will be able to find a gate to Earth.

[ is a tableware set… No, they ask you to wait until the artifact is complete.]

"I can wait that much. Would I be able to wait while practicing martial arts?"

"Ah. Come to think of it, there is a place where montmas practice, but if you are interested... "

"You're also the president. You know very well what the members want? Good times in the future."

I think it will be a chapter."

When Choi Yeon-seung opened up to abu, the feeling of was rather subtle.

'You really can't do it!'

Since it is a realm of montmas, there was not one place where montmas practiced.

However, most of the places

It didn't mean much.

What's the meaning of a training center for practicing magic or melee training?

Not only is the difference between the constellation and the mortal character clear, but Choi Yeon-seung's melee skills were outstanding among the constellations. It wasn't magic, but martial arts was my main skill.

Therefore, what thought was a different place for training.

"Here it is. It's a place called the Well of Enlightenment."

"The well of enlightenment… "

Choi Yeon-seung looked around. Ah

I couldn't see any dreams, and all I could see was a huge well that was lumped apart.

"… But why is there no one?"

Suddenly felt suspicious!

The girl replied as if she had asked something for granted.

"Because this well of enlightenment is a dangerous place. In the past, it was said that she used it quite a bit, but after she was born as a constellation, she was banned from using it. There are so many dreams that go crazy here."

"You want me to do that?"

"If you're dreamers, can't you endure a constellation like you? Even if you fail, there won't be such a big blow, so you don't have to worry."

The girl approached the well and started pulling the rope and pulling up the deeply lowered girdle.

With the sound of the water, the head rises up. The girl drank the water with her hand with a pleasant expression.

The Manipulator of Dreams and Desires was not affected by this well.

What influence she has to manipulate desire

Would you like to receive it?

"Did you see it?"

"...Is drinking water the end of training?

"Exactly, grabbing the rope, lifting the head, and drinking water is the end of the training."

The girl threw the door back inside and continued to explain.

"The water contained here is not special water, except for one thing."

"What is that?"

"As much as the desire of the person who pulls the rope

It gets heavier."

"The stronger the desire, the heavier the water and the harder it is to lift it. Even more of a race like Mong Ma. There is only one way to lift it. It's three ways to empty your desires. Just as with , this is also one of the ways in which a dream can control oneself."

From the girl's words, Choi Yeon-seung could see how much the Montmaran race suffered from their characteristics.

Overcome characteristics in each of these places

The history to do was felt.

'Arni guy. Even if it looks like that, did you suffer as much as you stopped?'

Choi Yeon-seung became sorry for Arni.

I drooled after seeing Choi Yeon-seung, but... !

"It looks difficult, but it doesn't look dangerous. Why did you ban it?"

"When you lift it up, the water shows the illusion. An illusion that satisfies your desires. The young gnomes get obsessed with it."

The illusion of satisfying what you want has a tremendous charm, the dreamers in there

Only made it hang.

"It's scary."

"If you're afraid, you don't have to."

"No. Where else could there be an opportunity like this."

[ skill works. Drinking water from the increases the power of existence!]

The skill [<Jesungjagang (????)> works. Drinking the water from the <Well of Enlightenment> increases the power of existence!]

Choi Yeon-seung stood in front of the well without fear. It felt like a long time ago that I felt fear when I stood in front of a seemingly impossible opponent.

Whenever I stood in front of such an opponent, my heart was pounding.

I feel like my heart is telling me that I wanted something like this!


As Choi Yeon-seung made his determination, saw Choi Yeon-seung's desire refined to the limit shining brightly.


The moment when the dreamers are most excited!

It was like an infant light (???) that makes dreamers bewitched.

"… I have to keep the monmes from coming around here."

Already far away, I could feel the montmas drooling out of their mouths.


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