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Chapter 23

 "Hmm. People on Earth may have turned into goblins in the meantime."

Gangsan will change in ten years!

While Choi Yeon-seung was wandering in the Abyss, the Earth's main race may have changed from humans to goblins.

It is said that [ is not Earth, no matter how much you think about it." It is said that this is a planet of goblins.]

Ephes, the planet of goblins.

It was outside the Abyss, but it wasn't a planet without any magic like Earth.

Since the old days, since it was close to the Abyss, the planet was rich in magical power, and thanks to it, goblins knew how to use magic as well.

Earth that had no magic power and didn't even know there was an Abyss until the gate opened.

A completely different place!

Of course, the ability to deal with monsters was far superior to that of Earth.

However, that was the case with a normal monster.

Monsters with the same power as the constellation could not deal with even the goblins.

Like right now!

[I found acapenril, a wolf that eats planets!]

The skill [ works). If you defeat Acapenril, the power of your existence will increase greatly!]

The skill [> is activated. If you defeat Acapenril, the power of your existence will increase greatly!]

A huge wolf was beating as if to destroy the planet.

Goblin wizards fired 6th and 7th circle magic, and goblin heroes attacked with all sorts of artifacts...

The thick leather of acapenril was not scratched.


When Acapenril cried, all magic was lifted, and nearby goblin spirits fell with blood.

"Get out of here, I have to step out!"

"No, Your Majesty!"

Goblin King, Odaigon, was angry when his men fell.

Goblins weren't stupid either.

A powerful monster like acapenril is

He knew he couldn't catch it.

So what I chose is before consumption!

When countless goblins pour magic and take away their stamina, the strongest goblin heroes at the end come out and put a critical hit.

However, as long as you are a person, you cannot always be cold.

Odaigon, king of the goblins, was extremely angry at the appearance of his beloved men falling down with blood.

Even if I die today


"Get out of the way! If I don't come out, the strongest wizard, who's going to go? I can't even break through his skin!"

Odaigon flew in the Wyvern. What I had in my hand was

"sire! sire!"

Odaigon was a good king.

The men cried and tried to stop Odai Gon. If you go out now, you will surely die.

Wedge Ae Ae Ae Aeum-

"What is it?

"What kind of magic is that magic?

Suddenly, a blazing white ray of light flew to Acapenril, and the goblins murmured.

Was there such a magic?


The heavens and earth vibrated, and there was a loud sound that shakes the kingdom.

-Sesame seeds!

And for the first time Acapenril was born, he felt pain and cried.

'The monsters and constellations of the Abyss are too weak to suffer.

From birth, strong beings had nothing to be beaten anywhere and had nothing to train.

So, I was particularly vulnerable to pain.

Choi Yeon-seung is so absurd!

Choi Yeon-seung opened his palm. Then, dozens of strong rings appeared in the air.

Wedge Ae Ae Ae Aeum-

Papa papa papa pak!

A powerful herbivorous, hybrid cannon that shoots dozens of Gangi marbles!

It was a herbivorous plant with penetrating power and destructive power that could not be imitated with 7-circle magic.

In fact, Honwon Yuseongpo was breaking through the leather of acapenril and smashing the muscles.

-Honwonbo, Honwonkwon, Honwongak!

After Choi Yeon-seung's new brother disappeared, a fist carrying Kwon Kang struck Acapenril's chin.

Aka Fenril's head, leaning back with a scream, burst with a powerful kick that tears the space.

Acapenril couldn't wake up when the attack went right.

While struggling with her forefoot, she tried to tear Choi Yeon-seung, but Choi Yeon-seung walked away and approached more and more.

Once, twice, three times

Bang, bang, bang!

Choi Yeon-seung took advantage of the opponent's large size, sticking it tightly, and then screaming crazy batters.

Each time Kwon struck her torso, acapenril vomited blood.

"Who is that hero?!"

"It's the first race I've ever seen! Is it an elf?"

"You have short ears?"

"He falls! He falls!"

The goblins were amazed at the sudden miracle.

A warrior from the sky saved them.

"Isn't it the god of the Abyss?"


Goblins called the constellations of the Abyss God. Given the power of the constellations, it would have been called a god.

If you believe and pray, the gods will give you the right answer!

However, there was such a reward, and there was no god who came down and caught the monster.


In the meantime, Choi Yeon-seung prepared to blow off acapenril's breath-breaking fat.

Created in the fight against the constellations

It was a herbivorous diet, a herbivorous diet of Jeongjungdong (???, moving in the middle of quietness).

Choi Yeon-seung stood still and posed as if he would run out anytime soon.

The river that burned around Choi Yeon-seung's body gradually condensed and united.

Although it was noisy everywhere, Choi Yeon-seung was still around.


At the moment, the condensed river gas in Choi Yeon-seung's body exploded, and Choi Yeon-seung turned into a ray of light.

No, it didn't turn into light.

It seemed like a ray of light because the speed at which he leaped out with all his power was so fast.

Kang Gi-gong's extreme, Honwon Yoo Seong-rak!

Choi Yeon-seung shoots at that speed and throws a full-body kick.

At the tip of the toe where all this power was gathered, there was the power to break the breath of the constellation with a blow.


A beam of blazing light pierced through the weakened hide of acapenril and through the thick heart.

[You have defeated Acapenril, a planet-eating wolf!]

The skill [ works). The power of existence rises greatly!]

The skill [ works. The power of existence rises greatly!]


Choi Yeon-seung took the breath he had gathered at once.

It was like a one-sided overwhelming fight

Choi Yeon-seung was also nervous enough to be bloody.

There has never been an easy fight among the fights so far. If it was an easy opponent in the first place, the power of existence did not rise.

'Fortunately, it worked well.'

The reason why Choi Yeon-seung seemed to have won overwhelmingly was because the strategy that Choi Yeon-seung had established was perfect.

He blows a first strike at the opponent, and while he can't wake up, he blows an onslaught with all his might and then launches a special move!

If the other endured even this, things would have become bothersome.

[I commend that fought well.]

'Thank you.'

What if the other person was prepared like other cunning constellations?

Then, literally, for hundreds of years, I had to hit and hit, hit and hit. Going to each other

Until you hit and get tired.

No matter how much Choi Yeon-seung, I didn't want to.

"Are they goblins? I'm not going to mess with it."

A goblin, who looks like a boss, approached Choi Yeon-seung's words.

Choi Yeon-seung frowned.

Are you going to mess with it?

"While the other gods were watching, you came and saved my people. Odaigon, king of goblins! I will take you as my master!"

[Goblin King Odaigon worships you!]

[Efes Goblin Kingdom is under your control.]

[The power of the constellation increases as the number of souls under it increases.]

[The world resonates. The power and presence as a constellation become stronger.]

[Awakening your power as a constellation!]

[The constellation skill, <Proclamation of the realm of incarnation not to be defeated>.

[As an intermediate constellation, the level of existence grows!]

Choi Yeon-seung was amazed at the unexpected message window.

After receiving the whole envy of the Goblin Kingdom, he finally set foot as an intermediate constellation.

Besides, it's a power skill as a constellation.

'Your presence has been polished and polished.'

Existence was in theory anything possible, but it wasn't really possible anything like that.

The power that even the constellations cannot handle perfectly!

The constellation was not completely free and infinite. Rather, the more the constellations were, the stronger they were bound to the rules.

It was this power skill that had no choice but to write it according to his name, and that his presence was sharpened and polished.


>... spreading my area around. Are you saying that you're attracting opponents to my world? If I have the opportunity to do 1:1 with the constellation, I should use it.'

[ is said to have done very well. Earth also tells me to do that.]

'People on the planet won't believe me just hitting a monster.'

Earth was different from a small planet with tens of thousands of goblins.

What if Choi Yeon-seung catches the monster right now?

He will be recognized as a great hunter and will gain tremendous popularity. That was the case even before Choi Yeon-seung left.

Famous hunters are like superstars!

But that was it.

Like the Goblin Kingdom, saying,'Wow! Let's believe in Choi Yeon-seung!

First of all, Yeon-seung Choi is a Korean hunter, and in other countries, he somehow said, 'Hong, but Korean hunter XX is better.'

They will reproach, and since Class A or higher hunters were strategic weapons, governments from each country will try to persuade or contain somehow by investigating the newly emerged Choi Yeon-seung.

What if you know that Choi Yeon-seung is trying to become the owner of the Earth?

The governments of each country will never go smoothly.

No matter how much Choi Yeon-seung shouted,'To prevent the invasion of the evil spirits of the Abyss, everyone must believe in me and give me strength!'

To check it together or use all sorts of measures

It was obvious to write.

[ asks what will be done.]

Y, the manipulator of dreams and desires), you should hide your purpose and gain trust.

["The Cat of Lava and Magma" asks if you're going to pretend to be good.]

-no. There are limits to pretending to be good. It doesn't fit your personality either.

Among the hunters, sometimes there were hunters who prioritized helping people, not money or fame.

When a dangerous dungeon is open and everyone avoids attacking, even in other countries, they go in as a solo player.

Donate the monster materials that came out to the area to avoid them.

Such hunters had no choice but to be respected for their skill and popularity.

Say something like'If it's XX, I admit it'

The Hunter!

However, Choi Yeon-seung did not aim for such a hunter.

'If you try to be good, you will only be used. Once you receive a check, your image will be smashed.'

Pretending to be good had clear limits.

Actually, those hunters were only used every time. Appealing for recognition will work, so of course it was.

'When avoiding all the strategies of the B+ dungeon held in China, one of the Canadian clans risked his life and cleared it.

But... the Chinese government spread rumors.'

To protect their face, they spread bad rumors about the Canadian Hunter team.

The rewards of the dungeon came because of greed, other Chinese teams tried to enter, but they entered the craziness first, ignored the Chinese hunters, etc...

Eventually, the Canadian hunter teams went through hardships and were cursed in China.

Watching the broadcast at that time, with other hunters

I remember swearing together, saying,'Is there anything like that?'

I did.

When rumors spread that even a person who did a hundred good things did a bad thing, the image would be smashed.

'Becoming a good hunter' is a strategy with too many weaknesses!

[Then asks what to do.]

-Trust can be earned by skill. In the end, if it's unfortunate, whoever the other person is, they are supposed to kneel.

What if a dungeon that can't be solved opens in the middle of the capital of your country?

'This hunter shouldn't curse our country,,, this hunter is greedy, so no, should we cover people?

It wasn't.

If you are good, kneel down and say,'Please... Please help me once!'

In the end, trust in the hunter is built up with skills

Was the best.

Whether his personality is wrong or what kind of crime he committed...

The most important thing was to be able to catch monsters.

I had to make the whole world think,'In order to clear this dungeon, I have no choice but to call the Choi Yeon-seung!'

-If you are recognized as the strongest hunter on the planet, trust will naturally follow.

Aka <That cub is a bastard, but the only one to trust is that cub

Not in!> Strategy!

[ are all good, but they say that things that are constellations shouldn't be seen.]

-You don't have to worry. I'm used to fighting without using my presence.

The time I fought without using my presence was longer than the time I fought while using my presence.

The martial arts completed by Choi Yeon-seung loses its light because it has no presence.

It wasn't a weapon.


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