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Chapter 24

 [ says that it is better to control the level of martial arts to some extent.]

The height of the transcendence was much higher than Choi Yeon-seung thought.

The scene on the verge of man leaving man


When a hunter of such a state suddenly appeared, the constellations were bound to be on the lookout.

-To the martial arts? Do I really need to do that?

[If is the power of the blood incarnation anyway, they say that even a light pair at the peak is not enough to deal with mortals.]

If it's a little bit of a climax, it's like an A-class hunter.

Kanggi is a level that can be used in a limited way.

Although the amount of merit would be a little insufficient, Choi Yeon-seung had the skills to remain even taking that into account.

-It is. Okay. Think about it. But I'm worried about the state of the earth. I've been in Abyss for too long...

It was irresistible that the constellations of evil spirits had already turned the earth into a large field.

This was not something Choi Yeon-seung could do.

How ridiculous would it be if there were thousands of people left on Earth when they went back?

[It'll be okay, I'll do it with Scissors .]

-Thank you.

[The kind of constellations like yours came out, but can you get tired so easily? (Lava and Magma's Cat) says.]

You feel like you're swearing something?

[It's because of the mood," says the cat of lava and magma.]

To say Choi Yeon-seung's strategy, "That baby is a baby, but the only one to trust is that baby!", we had to go back to the earth.

But now in front of Choi Yeon-seung, goblin

There were only people.

"I will serve you as the owner!"

"Did you say it was Odaigon? I'm sorry, but I'm wandering the Abyss. It will be difficult to follow you, the mortal."

"...! Even if it's an Abyss, I'll follow it. Odaigon, king of goblins, is not a dwarf-like guy who breaks oaths just because it's hard!"

"You will regret it… "

,,If you don't pay back the grace to the one who saved me and my people's lives, I'll regret it even more!"


-? ?

Choi Yeon-seung looked over Odaigon. The horsepower felt throughout the body.

Odaigon was one of the strongest people on Earth.

Above all, being a wizard was bigger.

Choi Yeon-seung didn't know how to use magic.

'If you go together, it would be comfortable in many ways.'

"Please allow me, Master!"

"… I know. Don't regret it."

Odaigon rejoices at Choi Yeon-seung's words

And fell down.

"Thank you! I will serve you with all my heart. What are you guys doing! The god of Abyss has come directly here!"

At Odaigon's horse, nearby goblin nobles rushed in.

"It is ! Thank you for saving us!"

"It is ! I want to dedicate my daughter to you!"

"Not required."

"Then I will dedicate my son to you

I want to!"

"I don't need it any more. Odaigon. If you serve me, let the guys here retire."

Choi Yeon-seung said with displeasure.

"Yes. master. Get out of the way!"

When Odaigon shouted, the nobles retreated as if they were sorry.

"Master. At least give me a chance to treat you. I want to repay some of the grace that saved us."

When Odaigon spoke earnestly, Yeon-seung Choi worried.

Certainly, as I was homeless while walking around in the Abyss, the comfortable bed was refreshed.

If you go to the Goblin Kingdom and receive some treatment, you will have a rest.

"Then stay a little bit and then go."

"Thank you, Master!"

Odaigon shouted with a thrilling voice.

[I wonder why is treated by goblins.]

I didn't know Choi Yeon-seung at that time.

The culture of goblins is very different!

And now.

'I wouldn't have stayed if I knew there was a custom of goblins to treat them like that... '

When I was told to put the thick acid slime in the bathtub and take a bath, the phrase "Are you trying to assassinate?" came out in the temple.

The bath was that much, so I don't want to think of anything else!

,,Did you finish eating?"

"Yes. I ate it all. master."

At Odaigon's words, Choi Yeon-seung nodded.


<Volgan the bear eating a planet>.

(Adio, the master spider of the Dimensional Cave).

All were precious monsters, but it was impossible to go with them all. I had to take only the best part.

Seotuk, Seotuk?

Odaigon asked as if he was amazed when he cut out a large piece of meat with an Orichalcum knife and stacked it on the necklace of the space pocket.

"Master. Are you throwing away the excess meat?"

"It doesn't fit in the space pocket, so I can't take it all with me."

"… I know how to use space magic too, but...?'

"… Why are you saying that now?"

"Sorry, I'm sorry."

"Take as much as you can. If I knew how to use magic, I would bring something from the Goblin Kingdom... "

"Oh. Did you need any of the items in our kingdom?

"no. Caught wolf meat."

"Ah. Yeah."

Actually, it's more bones than the meat of acapenril.

Porridge, the core was more valuable.

Items made with the skins, bones, and cores of monsters that are that much will become artefacts beyond imagination.

However, Choi Yeon-seung preferred meat.

I can't eat bones or leather!

'It's not like I can write anything just because I create an artifact.'

The fact that Choi Yeon-seung used a famous sword made of acapenril bones did not make him stronger.

Already, Choi Yeon-seung's strength is such an artifact

It wasn't the level of change with just one or two.

The level of pouring a drop of water into the sea!

In contrast, meat could be cooked in several ways.

"The yukhoe made by the owner was really delicious."

"I think the soup without rice was not good

"That was a little bad."

Choi Yeon-seung became grim.

The montmas loved it!

Goblins were really different cultures. They hated seeing the meat soup cooked hot.

-The constellation. If the constellation-sama orders it, I will eat it... Ugh! Hot! Hot!

-Ugh black. If the constellation asked you to eat it... it would cost me a medicine. It's so hot!

Basically, goblins eat cold.

I made soup without rice in the memory of being welcomed by the monks, but it was a big failure.

Goblins as if they were eating drugs

I was trying to inhale the soup.

In the end, Choi Yeon-seung had to give up and change the direction of yukhoe.


"I can feel a strong magical power over there. It's like a magic storm, so you have to avoid it."

"Ah. I was waiting because it was like a magic storm."

Odaigon doubted his ears.

"The horsepower storm... uh... shouldn't it be avoided?"

The phenomenon that the magical power flowing through the Abyss unites and becomes a huge storm!

The constellations and monsters were also afraid of the magical storm. Once a magical storm hits, the planets outside of Abyss would be shaken.

"A horsepower storm can go quite a long way once you get on well.

"Ah… no. That's it, but... "

What is this, and when a typhoon hits, the wind blows so I can move faster. Sounds like this?

Egon Oda If another Goblin sounds like that 'would was going badly indeed optimistic four cubs.

If a typhoon hits, you should avoid it. What are you trying to get on!

But the opponent was his master.

"Okay. Master. Odaigon, if you go, I will follow you wherever you go!"

Odaigon was determined to die.

Let's do it!

But that didn't happen. The magical storm crackled and looked

It started to transform.

"...Lived! I thought I was dying like this!"


"Oh. that."

The magical storm that was coming from far away began to get smaller and smaller.

The surrounding space was entwined and melted, and it felt surreal.


"It's like a dungeon. Master. The dungeon is only

It looks like it's coming in!"

Because the Abyss was full of magical power, the change was inexorable.

Suddenly, a magical storm could be struck and wiped out, a gate could have been created that connects outside the Abyss, or the whole space could be thrown out of the Abyss.

The last was the dungeon.

Abyss monsters and spaces appearing in different places with rules!

"master. You have to step back. Getting caught in a dungeon can cause headaches.


Whether you fly inside the Abyss or fly outside, you will be in trouble.

However, Choi Yeon-seung shook his head.

"no. It's an opportunity. Let's check where we are going."

"...Okay, I'll follow it!"

Odaigon solidified his defense by beating magic behind Choi Yeon-seung. It was to prepare for a situation you might not know.

Qawah ah one

A storm of turbulent magic power gathers and a dream

It was terrifying just to look at the false appearance.

There may be some bloody spaces and monsters lurking in there!

Dig 31!

Finally, the moving magical storm swallowed Choi Yeon-seung and Odaigon. The two moved to another place as they were using the space movement magic.

[Would you like to enter the dungeon ?]

[reward:?, ???, ???!

[Entrance restrictions: No. 1]

[Remaining time: 2 weeks n hours 48 minutes]

A dungeon that took place in the desert of Nevada, USA, <Mirror of the Devil's Dazzling>.

The difficulty of the dungeon is unknown until you enter it, but it was possible to guess to some extent from the dungeon door or the emanating horsepower.

Usually, the larger the dungeon difficulty was.

And wasn't that big.

The estimate from the US Dungeon Analysis Agency is C-class!

Basically, it meant that there was a possibility of breaking if hunters of C-class or higher would form a team and enter.

It's a C-class dungeon and there are two weeks left before the dungeon explodes and the monsters inside come out, so the US government didn't pay much attention to it.


Anyway, c-class dungeons were popular.

C-class dungeons are what B-class hunters try to deal with before C-class hunters

Even if it was a B-class dungeon, the difficulty level jumped, so it made sense to aim for a relatively easy C-class dungeon.

Numerous hunter teams have applied for attack...

The first of them to win the right to enter was the Garnes team.

Team leader is B-class hunter Richard Parker.

It was a team of 8 people in total.

"It is a dungeon that can enter up to 10 people. Are you going to enter with 8 people? If not, would you like to add

"I've already added one. Check it out."

A government official from the government checked his ID card and was puzzled.

All of the previous eight were C-class, but the newly added one was E-class.

Low grade, only one level of real awakening!

"E+ Hunter Cleton? Isn't it too low for entering a C-class dungeon?"

"The rest of the hunters are C or higher, so it wouldn't matter?"

Since it is a C-class dungeon, there was no problem in principle even if there was only one C-class hunter or higher.

But why are you bringing in an E+ hunter?

They can only use Circle 1 or Circle 2 magic, and they will not be able to properly damage monsters from C-class dungeons.


'Aha. Is that something like that.'

The officials realized. There was only one reason to take the lower hunter.

'You're a porter.'

The moment you entered the dungeon, you couldn't come out at will until you clear the dungeon or find an exit.

The hunters had to deal with food, clothing and shelter in the dungeon just by bringing them in.

Of course, the supplies to be brought in were also limited.

If you carry a lot and enter the dungeon, you have to carry it yourself.

Suicidal behavior in dungeons where you have to lighten your body!

However, if there was someone in the role of a porter, there would be more room for supplies. The porter wasn't involved in the fight, so he could only concentrate on his luggage.

If the porter was a hunter, theoretically, he could carry more loads. First of all, the people who were awakened basically had better physical abilities than ordinary people.

When the gate first opened a few decades ago

At times, ordinary people ran porters without fear, but these days it has never happened. You couldn't enter the dungeon unless you were a hunter.

'Wouldn't you like to give out the loot from the dungeon to ordinary porters? Did you say you'd give out? The team members would be against it... '

The officials' thoughts weren't wrong.

There was no hunter who wanted to hand out the dungeon's spoils worth up to billions or tens of billions to a porter who made luggage.

If you have a lot of supplies, you can indulge in luxury in a dungeon, but that's worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Is there? Just don't take it.

"Parker. Thank you very much."

"Woohoo. okay. Just bring your luggage and follow him."

"Who do I trust? I only believe in the team leader."

I did.

This porter is a hunter hired by team leader Richard Parker at personal expense.


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