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Chapter 25

 The Parker family!

After the gate opened and monsters and magic started pouring into the earth, hundreds of new industries have emerged.

With one core of a monster, it was possible to develop hundreds or thousands of times more efficient than the previous energy, and by-products of the monster

Opened a new horizon in materials engineering and biotechnology.

The Parker family was one of the rapidly growing chaebol families at this time.

The famous pharmaceutical bio company and the artifact company were subsidiaries of , a company that we will contact here.

And Richard Parker is the youngest son of the chairman of the family.

in short…

Richard Parker was a third-generation chaebol hunter.

That's why Cleton, the porter, said a word to Richard every time he said a word.

Richard was listening without stopping to see if he was in a good mood.

"Au. Without the team leader, I would not have been able to come here because I was scared. What guts would I have come to the C-class dungeon?

"a. There are other hunters too."

"Honestly, other hunters are a little… Of course, other hunters are also excellent people, but aren't they young compared to the team leader? Isn't the grade different? Class C

It's Class B. The focus of this team is only the team blind."

"Well, it is."

Other C-class hunters frowned as they looked at it.

"That kid keeps on sticking to something

"It seems obvious. You aren't doing it."

"Ugh. It's good to have a bad stomach too. I hear you deliberately pretend I'm good at that master."

The teamwork of the team was no different.

Richard Parker had no leadership at all as a team leader.

When a young guy opens his mouth, he's pretending to be handsome and cheeky!

Even the best hunters are managed by the team members who live in the dungeon, but Richard never thought that it should be.

So the other hunters on the team didn't like the arrogant Richard at all.

"Is everyone getting ready?"


"Do not worry. manager!"

When Richard approached and spoke, the hunters changed their faces and answered, as if it was a lie that they had just cursed.

Richard was unlucky, but he was a definite B-class hunter.

And above all, there was the Parker family.

There was a lot of congo water that fell by just following it.

Didn't you win a highly competitive dungeon this time?

Even if I can't be lucky enough, I'll be patient


As Richard walked with a happy expression, the hunters began to talk back.

"It's that child, it's worth it because the master gave me money and hired me."

"How much did you give me?

"I would have paid more than 100,000 dollars."

"Crazy. I lifted my luggage, but it costs $100,000? There was a reason why I cringed like that."

There was no one to argue that Richard paid a separate fee and hired him as a personal porter.


They stopped complaining and prepared to enter the dungeon.

A special backpack for the dungeon was filled with small packages of emergency food, and various tools were squeezed into it.

When entering the dungeon, he was able to enter with only what he was holding. The trick didn't work, so I had to fill it up and listen.

"What, you. Looks like you've never seen that knife?"

"I bought a new one. It became a magical enchantment

I said. Circle 1 Magic (Cutting Power Enhancement) is on."

"Wow. It would have been quite expensive?"

"Everyone stop talking! Enter."

The hunters touched the dungeon's door. Then, a message window popped up asking if you would like to enter.



[Entrance limit: 10 people]

[Entrance limit: 9 people]

[Entrance limit: 8 people]

Each time they went inside, the seats left changed.

And the remaining time in the dungeon stopped.

[Remaining time: 2 weeks 10 hours 32 minutes]

If someone entered the dungeon, the remaining time did not flow any more.

When everything went in, the official nodded and wrote a simple report.

I got it.

"Enter and hit… okay. send… uh? Uh, uh

The official looked confused. Then I dropped the tablet I was holding.


The door of the <Mirror of the Devil's Dazzle> suddenly began to grow.

As I continued to work in this industry, I was able to measure the grade with my own eyes.

That's the size of the door...

B-class, if unlucky, A-class is also possible!

"Boss is in trouble!"

The official was frightened and called his boss. This wasn't a problem he could solve in his line.

"It's wide? It's a bit suspicious, but."

"Where is it not underground caves. I hate underground caves the most."

The terrain of the dungeon was completely random. It could be a narrow cave underground or a wide grassland.

No one likes to fight in a small place.

<Mirror of the Devil's Dazzle> was like the ruins of a temple that had been ruined in the past.

Temple buildings were scattered over the wasteland spread out in all directions.

Probably there was a high possibility that a monster was hiding in that temple.

"Shall we look for the exit first?"

There are two ways to escape the dungeon.

Defeat the boss monster that maintains the core of the dungeon.

Or look for an exit connected to the outside.

Clear was talking about the former, but it wasn't bad to find an exit in case of failure.

I don't know what the world is about.

"Yes. You look for an exit."

"Alone?" ?"

"All alone. What? The rest immediately find the boss monster. Something ruined building

There's a lot of this dirty."


It was Richard's words, but the other team members agreed.

If it was a C-class dungeon, it was better to find the boss monster than to invest a lot in finding the exit.

Wasting time for no reason and staying in the dungeon was a no-no.


-Lesser speed enhancement.

-Strengthen the lower reflexes.

Each of the hunters wore magic and put on reinforcement. I didn't know if a monster would come out at any time, so I had to prepare.


"All the ghouls!"

"It's slow and dull. It's basic."

"I'll catch it. !"

Circle 2 magic, flame arrows.

It was enough to catch the F-class monster, Ghoul.


"Why is it a ghoul? No money."

"Be patient with the core."

Not only the monster's core turned into money, but the by-products turned into money. However, ghouls were hardly ever a by-product of money.

"Keep coming out! Get the magic ready! What are you doing ? less awakened from the alcohol you drank yesterday?!"

"Oh, that cub. I don't know. Why are you doing that to use the B-level shoot?"

"Be quite. I can hear you."

Hunters complained. As C-class hunters, they can use up to circle 4 magic.

I did it.

However, that didn't mean that you could use the sub-circle magic freely.

In the case of the second circle magic , I had to take a break after writing about 3 or 4 times.

Ugh... "

One of the hunters groaned. When the magical power fell through the use of magic, the insides shook and the vision was shaken.

A symptom called horsesickness!

"Hey. Move. I write."

"Damn it… I'll hear one sound later."

"what? Why not shoot? Shoot quickly."

"I... what is there?"


One by one, the hunters began to realize that something was strange.

It was good to see several ghouls coming from nearby ruins. By the way…

All of a sudden, ghouls were filling up from the end of the wasteland.

At least thousands!

"This, a poem like this

It was slow and dull, and it would take over a few hours to get to where they came, but there was nowhere to escape.

"Team leader! Team leader! What are you going to do?!"

"Uh, uh... wait a minute!"

Richard Parker was embarrassed and couldn't speak.

It was natural.

He received a B-class, but it was a grade that was awarded with support from the family's money.

Although he had magical skills, all of the dungeon clearing experience was E-class or D-class dungeon!

My head had to be white.

'What should I do? With wide-area magic? No, you don't even have a jaw to catch all of that? Is there any place to run away? It's coming from everywhere...'

"Team leader! Let's evacuate inside the ruins!"

,,Aren't the ruins?,,

"Fight with them on the open plain

Isn't it impossible to count!"

The most experienced C-class hunter, Kanean, gave the opinion. Richard Parker nodded. Now, I had to hear any opinion.

"Go inside!"

Other hunters hurriedly followed suit and moved.

The waves of the ghouls!

No hunter wanted to face it.

"O. U. U. H. Hun — — •-1 ... — —1.

Odaigon endured his nausea.

It wasn't usually difficult to bounce back into the dungeon.

By comparison, Choi Yeon-seung did not blink once.

'You are also the master!'

Odaigon didn't know that Choi Yeon-seung was trained in a magical storm.

"Let's find out where the dungeon exit is."

"Yes. If you give me a moment, I'll find it."

Whether looking for a dungeon exit, finding a boss monster and breaking the dungeon, or satisfying special clear conditions.

It didn't matter anything. Odaigon was confident.

Show your abilities in front of his master!

"...It smells rotten. Is it a ghoul?"

Odaigon applied flying magic and vision enhancement magic to Choi Yeon-seung's horse.

Thousands of ghouls were surrounded by ruins and ruins.

"The ghoul is right, Master! With such a large number of ghouls, there must be somebody who uses powerful black magic."

If there were one or two monsters like ghouls, there were thousands of them, which meant that there was a person who controlled them.

If it's a ghoul, it's a black magic series!

Dealing with black magic among the Abyss races

There were a lot of guys.

There were even monsters dealing with black magic.

But Odaigon was confident.

Pride as a goblin king!

"If you allow me, I will wipe them out right away!"

If you fire the 7th Circle's wide-area magic, the ghouls here will not be able to withstand it and will tear it apart!

"Odaigon. What's that good... The fact that the ghouls are surrounded like that doesn't mean who's inside

Odaigon quickly became embarrassed.

You don't notice what's natural... !

"After all, the eyes of the master… "

"Odaigon. Abu is done."


"Let's go. Don't use magic."

Ghoul was a monster that was weak enough to not have to write a ganggi.

When Choi Yeon-seung strongly struck the space and pushed out the tension, a nearby ghoul bounced off as if caught in a typhoon.


"master. Why do you do that



When Choi Yeon-seung trembled silently, O Daigon was astonished.

Are you having any problems?

"Look at this. Odaigon."

Choi Yeon-seung lifted the emergency food wrapper that had fallen on the floor and shook it.

"What is this?

"It's the food that humans eat."

"You mean eating something like this?! No matter how much I look at it, it doesn't seem like it can be eaten... "

"It doesn't matter."

Choi Yeon-seung clenched his fist.

"It's important that the guys trapped inside are like humans!"

The footprints left behind and the emergency foods cluttered away.

The party came in to attack the dungeon.

It was obvious that too many wools came out and ruined the inside.

'But isn't this a class A dungeon? It would be one of the best parties to enter the A-class dungeon.'

It was normal for A-class dungeons to be attacked by A-class or higher hunters...

A-class hunters also did not like A-class dungeons.

Because it's dangerous!

You earn enough to break even B-class dungeons. What would you do with A-class dungeons?

A hand full of ambition and confidence

It's like a trick party...

'Even if you were tricked by a dungeon.'

If the dungeon was more difficult than the estimate was made! Such cases are rare, but there were species. In that case, I had to say that I was almost dead.

It was practically impossible for a low-ranking hunter to break a high-ranking dungeon.

"I have to save it. Odaigon."


Odaigon shouted with an expectant voice.

Whatever you ask, show your skills!

"Is it possible to transform?


"If you keep going, it looks like you are likely to be misunderstood as a monster... "


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