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Chapter 26

 Among the dungeons, there were also dungeons where goblins appeared!

Not all of the Abyss' goblins were of high honor and pride like the goblins of the Ephes kingdom.

When hunters in trouble look at Odaigon, they say,'No! That goblin is another goblin

Would you like to respond, "You must have come to save us, unlike the field!"

'Ahhhhhh! I thought it was a mob!'

"No, what kind of guy misunderstands me as a monster?!"

"Humans are kind of like that, so please understand. Can you transform?"

"I can do it… I'll use polymorph... "

Circle 6 magic, polymorph!

It was a powerful magic trick that could transform into another race.

Odaigon sighed and transformed into a polymo pro. Then a handsome man with a pale face appeared.

"Oh, you're handsome

"Master. I am careful because I am proud, but I was famous as a handsome man among goblins."

"Oh, yes. Thank you for the fact that I am not very curious."

Choi Yeon-seung nodded and looked up and down Odai-gon. Someone looked like a man.

Dressed up as a wizard from a fantasy

It was the same, but...

"Good. Then let's go."

While talking, the ghouls continued to rush, but Choi Yeon-seung bounced his fingers and smashed the heads of the ghouls with only his intelligence.

When it comes to this, no matter how many times it was, it was meaningless.

"You just besieged like this and don't end it. I wonder what the boss monster is doing. Where are you hiding?"

"master. Probably not."

"If he were an intelligent guy, he would have done something else without leaving him surrounded like this. If he keeps sending ghouls like this, it means that there are circumstances. The master was so strong that he had nothing to deal with. However, I've heard of it, and it's a monster called Ta Run. It's also called the Ghoul King."

"Odaigon. I've been dealing with it, too. I have a few years of Abyss experience..."

"Sorry, I'm sorry."

Tarun the Ghoul King!

It was a monster that appeared in the form of thousands of ghouls.

Usually, when I see thousands of ghouls, I think,'There must be someone else who controls or summons this,' but Tarun, the ghoul king, was a monster that pierced the loophole.

It is a monster made up of all thousands of them.

Hive type monster running around in a group

So, all of them are basic ghouls, so there was no way to touch strong people like Choi Yeon-seung or Odaigon, but these ghouls

It was an enemy of fear itself to those who couldn't hold back.

In fact, the party that came here was trapped for nearly a month without doing anything.

When I first entered, the hunters were just thinking,'You have to avoid the ghouls!'

I was worried about what kind of monster would appear in the ruins, and I thought I would be trapped in this place for almost a month.

It was not.

"There are no monsters! I'm done checking!"

"What? There really isn't

"Isn't it good without it!"

"Block the entrance first! Entrance! ¦ When the ghoul comes in, it's all done!"

"awhile. Here is the basement!"

"Go inside!"

The <Ganes> party hurriedly entered the ruins of the ruins and was lucky to find the basement.

Even the ghouls open up to the basement door and listen

Something that couldn't come!

Everyone took a sigh, saying that they lived, but...

The problem has been since then.

"uh… How do you get out? Whether you catch the boss monster or find the exit, you have to exit this dungeon..?'

Before long, the hunters realized the situation was serious.

I'm trapped here!

Jerk, jerk, jerk-


The ghouls keep hearing from above. I felt that there were dozens of them.

When I opened the door and went out, I was almost killed by the numbers.

Eventually, I couldn't do anything like that and the time went on.

One day.

Two days.

three days...



"Are you crazy? They won't be able to catch even dozens of them. Hundreds out there... No, there are thousands, but if you turn on the lights, they will all come."

"I'm just making an opinion, boy!"

"Everyone stop! There's nothing good about making it loud!"

The fight stopped once Richard shouted, but the faces of the hunters were full of dissatisfaction.

Everyone started to feel nervous about this situation.

"How much food is left

"… If you eat it sparingly, I think it will be about 10 days."

"… I'm going crazy."

Richard grabbed his head.

Usually, the dungeon attack was over in about a week, no matter how long it was.

There was no team that exceeded two weeks' worth even if I didn't know what if I brought in generously.

What was more desperate than having 10 days left was that there was no way to get through this situation.

At first, everyone was hoping that a rescue would come.

Richard is a child of a chaebol family, so I was hoping that the family would have persuaded other hunters to send the rescue.

But after another week, they all realized.

There is no rescue team!

Still, the dungeon entry limit was 10, but 9 people entered the situation.

Only one more person could enter through the door.

No matter how good the money is and the reward is good,

Who would stand alone in this dangerous dungeon and enter the rescue?

Hunters above A level never gambled. Even if I tried to do it, I stood in the country and dried it.

"It's all over, ¦¦! It's all over! Move! I will open the door and go out!"

"Catch that kid!"

By the way, Ga Nean, who was the most experienced hunter, overpowered the raging hunter.

If you go crazy and open the basement door, you will die.

"Now there is very little food left!

What are you gonna do!"

"It would be better than being killed by a ghoul. Tie this child"

"Kanean ?I. Shouldn't I have to do anything? Team Leader. Shouldn't I have to do anything before I'm starving and my weapons don't have strength!"

Richard flinched at the fierce voices of the team members.

It was a rough attitude that you can never see normally.

"If you go out now, you will only die!"

"If you're here anyway, you're dying to rescue

When is the squad coming!"

"I can come late… "

"Do not bullshit, you stupid bitch! Only one may enter and example how! This is because you're taking on the burden dreamed waste for the same reason! Bitch statement was more a place in a position to give you!"

"If one seat becomes two seats, does the situation change now?"

Richard was right, but it didn't reach the hunters who were locked up for nearly two weeks.

"The forecast is chief sub cubs kind of luxury

It's been bad since I hired a porter separately!"

"I shared everything the porter brought and ate it! You would have eaten it too?"

"How do you believe in that? How do you know if you secretly ate more?"

"Well... "

Richard was absurd, but the air in the seat was flowing against him.

I needed someone to take responsibility for whoever it was.

The porter who noticed, Cleton urgently


"I... I just did what I told you to do!"

Although Richard was a B-class hunter, it was unlikely that he could win against five or six C-class hunters.

I thought it would be better to stick to the other side.

a J,

Richard was struck by a hammer in the head.

Team members who were usually sloppy.

Plus, Cleton, who just did Abu.

All were betrayed.

Even more shocking betrayal because I had never doubted it before!

"The porter also says this. It was true that I secretly turned it around."

"Don't bullshit. You must have threatened!"

"Team Leader. If you say you are the leader of the team, take responsibility."

,,What do you mean?,,

"Go out and get through the road! Let's look at your B-class hunter skills."

"Do you think I will hear that?"

"What if I don't hear

All of the other hunters except Richard were on the same side. A spark splattered in Richard's eyes.

"Even as long as I die here, I can't do anything good for kids like you!"

"Hey, you have the guts on the subject of the master. Do you think we can beat all the people here? We're all C-class."

"I am the opposite."

When Canean, the eldest person, spoke, everyone screamed.

"What is it, Kanean City I? Are you on your side?"

"No. I don't want to take anybody's side. If I fight it now, if it collapses, everyone will die together."

"So to beat me Spend my pups still out! Shouldn't I have to do anything!"

"I'd rather be a rescue team on a bar to hang over there.

I bet on the possibility of coming! Don't make nonsense bullshit!"

"I don't need Mr. Kanean! Put it away and grab it by ourselves. No, let's tie Mr. Kanean and throw it away!"

While talking, Richard struck the player.

-Ahlos' high-speed ice shot!

Circle 5 magic, «Ahlos' High Speed ??Bing Tan»!

A magic book that Richard was able to obtain with the support of his family. It was a magic skill I learned there.

It looked like an ordinary ice arrow,

The strength of this magic was in the speed of reaction.

It can be fired at any moment if it is made once and floated!

In a dungeon where you don't know when and where to get a surprise attack, this advantage was very great.

'I didn't know if I would use it in such a situation, but!,

"The first three babies who approach them die unconditionally!"

Richard first learned that he had this aspect of himself.

That has grown finely with the power of the family for a lifetime

It was him. I have never been through this situation, and I have never made a decision like this.

And now I realized it.

That he has lived in a really small world!

I thought I would have lived with more thoughts and regretted it, but it was too late.

Richard shook his teeth while aiming with 3 ice bullets.

"If there is a chance again, I will never fooled me with that run cub ... !'

The rest of the hunters were embarrassed when Richard, who thought he was the easy 3rd generation tycoon, did not step back and cast the 5th Circle magic first.

The three people who move first have to hit those arrows with their bare bodies.

When they cast their magic, it's slower than that!

'I thought you would listen to us if you threatened me... '

'That's the 5th circle magic! If it's right, it's immediate death!'

"...Jin, calm down. Master."

"If I just say one more word, I will shoot you first!"

The anger of the betrayed man was terrifying. The C-class hunters stumbled back.

Thus, the hunters were divided into two branches.

The weakened hunters couldn't threaten Richard to go out, but just gossiped.

"Now the real food left..."

"… Porter. You only eat one meal in the next two days."

"Ah… no ! I can't... !"

"We have cubs at best ... Care jwotdeoni Eat only one meal every three days. If you don't like it, go outside."

Upon hearing their conversation faintly from a distance, Richard spit.

I wasn't disappointed anymore. It just falls apart.

"Ganean… No, Mr. Kanean doesn't go that way.

It looks like there's nothing better to go now."

"...Why have you never said anything to me?


"Everyone is thinking of me like that.."

"If I told you, would you have listened to it?

"… That too."

Richard grinned. That was correct. If Canean had given me advice, it seemed that I would not have believed it and started getting angry.

Canean said again.

"You are still a good person."

"What is it, now come. Unlike the outside, it doesn't even come out here."

"Being able to know and correct one's faults is a great advantage. Not everyone can do it."

"What ... what do you realize Trying., Where death looks like with my bitch


Canean didn't answer, took a cigarette out of his arms and lit it. It was one that had not been smoked until the end.

He took a bite and handed it over. Licha

I received it with a frowning face.

"Don't give up too easily."

"… How long did you last? I think I lasted for nearly a month, but what makes it easy to give up?

"I was able to survive up to this age because I didn't give up until the end. Think carefully. I gave up, but wouldn't it be too unfair if the rescue team came the next moment?"

"Cook. They joke better than they look. If someone really comes, even my entire property... "


At that moment, the door broke from above. Then, a muscular man I've never seen before fell from above.

"Is there anybody from Earth?

a ?,,


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