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Chapter 29

 I know well that the constellations are noticing each other and leaving the Earth alone...

If the situation was already over, there was no reason for Choi Yeon-seung to suffer.

'Are you coming too late?'

"KLava and Magma's Cat" says that it is not.]

"The Manipulator of Dreams and Desires" says that the earth's work is not over.]

'What are you talking about?'

-Can you hear me?

The manipulator of dreams and desires spoke to Choi Yeon-seung.

-I'm speaking directly to make it easier to explain. Of course you've come a few decades late, but...

Choi Yeon-seung became slightly sullen.

-… I just wanted to tell you that it wasn't meaningless. Earth's work is not over yet. Think carefully. The constellations had a truce with each other, but will it last forever? There is no constellation without greed. Even more if it is a planet with so many souls like Earth.

-...That's right.

The constellations of evil spirits could not be more greedy.

Somehow increase power, or another constellation

There were many ways to hold hands with them or break an agreement.

It's been quiet for nearly 30 years, but isn't it possible in the future?

-And, in my view, the new constellation is coming more dangerous than the truce between the constellations is broken.

-A new constellation?

-Look. The evil constellations who came to discover the gate connected to the earth now caused a riot to take their souls. There must have been a truce with the original constellations, but probably the Earth was divided there.

There must be content in the book]. Obviously so.

The places occupied by the evil constellations are held by the evil constellations.

Do not touch anything else.

Speaking of a ceasefire, this was all, but one more thing must have been there.

-Now let's no longer accept other constellations on Earth!

Earth was already sufficient just by sharing the evil constellations and the neutral constellations.

No constellation wanted more rivals.

-By the way, when a new constellation comes, will you accept the agreement quietly?

-You will try to take it even with your own strength.

-That's right. I think the Earth is worth it. Even in the Abyss, there are very few planets with so many souls. No matter how weak a constellation, if you get the Earth in your hand, it will be higher at once, no... Could it be the highest constellation... It's a planet like this, but I can't just go over it. There will be a fight unconditionally. Then the ceasefire agreement will be a piece of paper.

-There are dozens of constellations that have already reached out to the Earth, but you're ignoring it?

-If there are so many constellations reaching out to Earth, you can call them from Abyss. Don't look ridiculous at the greed of the constellations. Unlike you, you are the guys who do all kinds of things to get one soul.

Dozens of constellations fight over the Earth

Just thinking about it, my spine was creepy. In the process, the Earth will be completely smashed.

-Damn it… It wasn't the time to like it was done.

-So, can't we just follow the story we shared with our mother?

-Ah. He (that cub is a new kid, but the only one to trust is that cub!) Strategy?

...? Vaughn, I don't remember saying this is such a strategy... ?

-That's it. I'll do it anyway, but it's a little stupid. I have to hide that I am a constellation... Did you tell me to hide the martial arts level?

-Hide your presence tightly. It would be better to hide the state of transcendence for now. All the constellations will be on the lookout for that amount of power.

-You have to seal the ground to the peak level. It must be dirty and uncomfortable.

-As long as you secure some of the trust and respect of the humans on the planet, it would be late even if other constellations noticed, so be patient until then. The power of the constellations on Earth will not be normal...

Believe and follow the constellation, fear and obey.

All of this gave the constellation its presence.

The neutral constellations on Earth chose the former, and the new evil constellations that had been invaded decades ago chose the latter.

Choi Yeon-seung thought to take these humans as his own without the constellations noticing.

...I wasn't sure which method would be better yet!

'It should be eaten well.'

-Ah. Still, (Goddess of Libra walking ahead) will not be heard if you ask for help.

Would it be?

-Don't put too much expectation on something that hasn't been confirmed yet. My mother is a little negative about making an alliance with the goddess. You mean stupid allies are more threatening than capable enemies.

If the goddess had heard it, the horse that stood me up to the point that I cried!

However, was cold.

'It's stupid that you can't use it even though you have a great ability to see the future!'

-If you are allied, don't say that.

-She knows that much. If she refuses the offer, she will attack immediately]. Share your perspective so we can see.

-I know that much. Anyway, thanks for the advice.

-With something like this. Thank you more. But can I ask what you taught Arni?

-? Didn't you really teach anything? Ah. They watched melee battles. Why? What matters

Do you have anything?

-no… It's not like that, but I wanted to say thank you for Arni suddenly getting stronger.

-okay? That's a little happy.

If those who have been taught do well, those who have been taught will also be happy.

-… I don't know why I keep eating only soup, but did you teach this too?

-Huh? Ah. awhile. I'm calling from over there. Is it important?

-It's not important, but... Anyway, thank you for teaching Arni.

The man whom Choi Yeon-seung talks to, O Daigon and the hunters dealt with the remaining ghouls.

"Nice Shot, Odaigon!"

"What a great magic missile!"

"...It's a one-circle magic."

"This is the first time anyone who uses Circle 1 magic so well!"

'Humans don't seem to be sane


Odaigon thought so, but the hunters were half sincere.

It is the same one-circle magic, but Odaigon's magic has a different dimension.

Starting from the casting speed to the power!

There was a saying that'the important thing is not the magic skill, but the person who uses it', but I think you will feel it this way.

'If you go back to Earth, it's definitely a big hit!'

'If this is enough, you might get a B-class, and after a little more, you might get an A-class. then… It's a good idea to pick up rice cakes while following me... !'

'You said you lost your memory? That guy, Choi Yeon-seung, gossip and drops it, and then goes up.'

Choi Yeon-seung was worried about that appearance.

"I don't know if Odaigon is angry."

Odaigon was a goblin, and that was their king.

They liked honor and had little interest in the human race. There was no way to look good at the hunters who were sticking like that.

Choi Yeon-seung ordered it, so I shouldn't kill it, but...

'You seem to be shaking your hand?'

Are you holding on to what you want to cast magic?

Of course, Odaigon wasn't the only one holding back what he wanted to beat.

The same was true of Richard.

"Do you want to fight? Why, let me fight

"… no."

Richard shook his head to see if he had misunderstood Choi Yeon-seung's words.

Fighting in the dungeon between the hunters was basically a crime.

Richard is angry in front of others

It wasn't stupid enough to attack anyone in.

'It meant that I would not say anything even if I really fight.'

Choi Yeon-seung became weak for no reason.

I feel like I've been in the Abyss for so long that my mindset is a little twisted!

'You have to be a little careful when you go to Earth.'

Because Richard looked not very good, Choi Yeon-seung looked at Canean and asked.

"Is it okay to ask more?"


"What kind of treatment will you receive in the case of an Abyss returnee?

A rare case that came back after wandering from the Abyss!

No way if I could lock it up in a lab...

Canean realized what Choi Yeon-seung was worried about.

"Ah... nothing. First, we have a physical examination, ask how we've been, and check if we have a contract with the evil spirit constellation..."


"Oh, you don't even know this. After the evil constellations invaded Earth, most countries are forbidden to sign contracts with the evil constellations."

It was natural.

The demonic constellations sent their own demons to invade, but no country enjoyed contracting with that constellation.

We urgently say that "K Lava and the Cat of Magma" is not a constellation of evil spirits.]

'I didn't even intend to say... '

"Anyway, after researching that much, it's over. Oh, is Choi Yeon-seung Korean?

"I'm Korean."

"Then, the invitation for naturalization will come in."

This has happened since Choi Yeon-seung was on Earth.

Hunters are basically expensive talents!

Most countries welcomed hunters from other countries raising their hands when they said they were immigrating to their country.

Of course, the other country wasn't stupid, so I tried to avoid leaking hunters from my country.

"Ah... naturalization recommendation. I see. Is this the place where the dynasty occurred in the Americans?"


"Then, even if you clear it, you will come out to America. It's America..."

I haven't been there, and 30 years have passed, so it was more vague.

The image that you have is about a hamburger and a superman?

'Hunter, wherever there is one skill,

It doesn't matter, but...'

"Would you like to be naturalized?"

"Well. I don't know."

Choi Yeon-seung wasn't a person who had a strong sense of patriotism as a Korean.

However, I didn't know exactly the situation on the planet, so I didn't intend to naturalize to the United States immediately.

"Anyway, the hunter doesn't come out right away

"I do, but if you are going to be active here, wouldn't naturalization be better?


"Well... should I order Odaigon first? Anyway, Odaigon has lost his memory, so he has to belong anywhere."

American Citizen Odaigon!

On the American side, magicians like Odaigon will love it with tears.

After roughly checking, Choi Yeon-seung nodded. There seemed to be no problem just going out like this.

-Odaigon. I'm curious about the level of the hunters here, can you write a

Do you have?

The national magic that Arni also used and all the dogs and cows of the Abyss, <Level Measurement>.

Of course, Choi Yeon-seung did not know how to use magic.

[I wonder why makes Odaigon.]

-That's because I can't use magic... Are you asking to play with me right now?

[No, and is embarrassed! is a constellation, so it is said that you can grasp the opponent without magic such as .]

Did you mean using your presence?

If you use your presence, you will be able to notice nearby constellations.

[ says that the mind is still tied up.

All. It is said that finding out what kind of mortals are can be done with a constellation without having to use such things as presence.]

Choi Yeon-seung stared at Richard clearly.

Choi Yeon-seung, a non-gong user, was originally able to grasp the strength of the opponent only with his eyes.

Although magical users could be distinguished by the same amount of horsepower,

The eye was much more accurate.

But go deeper here!

Dig 31!

[See through Richard Parker's essence.]

Richard Parker



Agility: 397




Then Richard Parker's status window appeared before his eyes.

[It's not that difficult," says (Cat of Lava and Magma). In the end, it is the ability to grasp the other person, so the incarnation of training says that if you train, you will see more and more.]


Choi Yeon-seung understood the words of the cat constellation.

This wasn't much different from seeing a person with their own eyes.

However, the constellations were one step higher, so you can see and feel so much more!

Of course, there was no reason to use magic like . Because he had his own eyes.

'The more I train, the more I see and hear

You mean you can do it.'

The skill [<Joseungjagang (????)]... ]

[The more you sharpen and polish the eyes of the constellation, the greater the power of existence!]


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