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Chapter 30

 This is also training!

Choi Yeon-seung nodded happily. I was thinking of grinding and polishing anyway. It would have been bad if the presence was given additionally.

Choi Yeon-seung also grasps Canean, and also the hunters in front, let's grasp it all.

At one time, they turned to the items they had.

In Abyss, the performance of the artifact was judged by (item appraisal).

Popular magic techniques such as <Measure Levels>

Choi Yeon-seung wasn't interested because it was magic like , but if you can see the level without using magic, the same will be true for the item.

'There aren't many people wearing artifacts... Did you say it was Richard? The belt is an artifact.'

Fortunately, I felt pretty good horsepower. Choi Yeon-seung brightened his eyes with the same trick as before.

Iderlon's Belt:

Durability 40/40, Defense 50

Skill can be used

Level limit 100.

'It's like this. awhile. Come to think of it, what are my items?'

There wasn't much that Choi Yeon-seung had

However, there were items that I still valued.

Adamantium and Orichalcum tableware set!

Adamantium frying pan:

Durability oo/oo. Defense 00

Skills <Condensation of Magic Power into Materials>, <Material Magic Enhancement>, <Condiment Change>, <Thermal Magic Conversion>, <Into Magical Power.

A frying pan with all kinds of cooking + magic skills attached like crazy!

Looking at the number of skills, durability, and defense, it could be said to be one of the best S+-class artifacts on Earth.

The problem is that it's a frying pan!

'It doesn't matter.'

Choi Yeon-seung is not going to fight with that frying pan anyway...

A frying pan is not enough if it's good to cook.

Somehow, cooking with a frying pan had a reason why the dishes tasted good. Like that

There were all kinds of flavor enhancement skills, so...


[ The dungeon has been cleared!]

[The dungeon will close soon.]

Meanwhile, Odaigon found and defeated the last ghoul swarm. Then the dungeon began to shake and collapse from the end of the landscape.

Clear the dungeon!

"Wow ahhh!"

"Wake up! Woke up!"

The hunters clasped their fists and cheered. This is the most thrilling moment in the dungeon attack!

"Hey, I'll take it before I go outside!"

"I only have ghouls, but what should I bring besides the core?

"I took all the cores... did you have any items?"


"Damn it. I went through that hard work, but what are you doing?"

The high dungeon difficulty did not necessarily mean that good items came out.

A good dungeon is a dungeon with good rewards even though the difficulty is low!

"But there is still a clear reward left.

"It's a question whether the team leader will distribute it properly..."

"Boo, distribution is a legitimate right! We have a hard time too! We have a right to receive!"

"Crazy guy. If you take a problem with what happened in the dungeon, he says that money is not a problem. Working as a hunter itself can be blocked."

"Fred baby is the problem. Fred was the first to talk!"

"… Are you thinking of doing it together and covering it up on me? Do you think I'll be still?"

When Fred was angry, the other hunters flinched. When he came out as a water ghost, it was difficult for them to be safe.

"Ah… no. Surely you did everything wrong

No, it was just too hasty. I could have put up a little more."

"In fact, even worse is a guy named Cleton, right? The guy who came in as a porter..."

"right! He said that he should tickle him."

The hunters quickly turned their arrows at Cleton, who was hired as a porter.

"If someone asks you later, you'll answer the same thing."

"Anyway, the team doesn't look ugly for a long time. I'll have to go out unconditionally..."

Reputation was also important to the hunter's industry.

If you were a hunter who caused a problem during the dungeon attack, you did not accept any clan well.

Well, if that's the problem with the Parker family's boon...

"You have to get a good twist on that guy named Odaigon."

"right. I lost my memory... "

Hunters have been talking to Odaigon ever since.

If we lost our memories, it would be hard to go back, and after being examined, we would need help, because they saved our lives.

I will help, etc.

Of course, from Odaigon's point of view, it was a bullshit. Because the hunters couldn't even figure out the subject, they kept swearing Choi Yeon-seung.

'You can't kill it. You can't kill it. You can't kill it.

Odaigon is patient with the patience befitting the Goblin King!

As you step outside, you can see the desolate landscape of the Nevada desert and a multitude of people gathering nearby.

Choi Yeon-seung was puzzled.

When you clear the dungeon, you come out to the door you entered, so there were some officials from the government near the door.

But there were too many.

'To the reporter... What are those people? Did you come from a company?'

I wouldn't have known in advance that Choi Yeon-seung and Odaigon returned, and the party has been around for a long time.

Even if I wandered, there were too many people.

'Ah. Right,'

"I guess it's a little home

When Choi Yeon-seung pointed to Richard and asked, Ganean nodded with a surprised expression.

"How did you know

"Because there couldn't be so many hunters that some of them were missing."

Choi Yeon-seung was cold.

B-one and all others are C-class.

The more hunters, the better talent

But it was not impossible to replace. Even more if it's a low grade.

Just because a few people were trapped in the dungeon, there is no reason to go out like this.


"I'm back! The door is broken! You cleared it!"

"How many, how many? How many people are dead? Is Mr. Parker alive?"

"One, two, three... wait. The reporters who had gathered there were chattering. Parker's youngest son is trapped in a dungeon

Hin work has become a hot topic.

It was clear that even if they died, it would become a hot topic, so reporters were waiting like hyenas aiming for prey.

Wasn't the death of a celebrity always an expensive article?

"What, didn't you say that you have upgraded the dungeon level? How did you come out alive?"

"The number has increased..?'

I couldn't hear the reporters gossiping as hunters. They muttered with confused faces.

"That kind of dog¦ kidding...?"

"Be patient. There is nothing good about fighting."

Fortunately, they didn't have to put up with it. People in suits blocked in front of the reporter.

"What, what is it?"

"Don't shoot. If you do, we will take legal action."

"Wow, we are reporters! We have the right to report!"

"We're the ones who got the money, and we don't have the right to smack your head, but we're going to smack it. I'll give you 3 seconds, so the camera

Get rid of Lee."

'I like that guy.'

Choi Yeon-seung admired the words of rice cakes in suits.

He is like a paid professional!

However, reporters were also difficult.

"Isn't it that we just don't have to take pictures of the Parker clan? We have to take a picture too! I'll take only the bastard. Okay?"

"… That's a concession."

Then the reporters pointed to the camera and tried to take pictures of other hunters.

It's regrettable that he couldn't take pictures of the Parker clan, but if it were the hunters who were sloppy and scruffy, a picture would come out.

"Oh, my hand slipped."


Of course, Choi Yeon-seung, who has been wandering in Abyss for over a few thousand years, was not the person to wait and see a decent reporter selling his photos.

Grab the camera as it is and throw it on the floor!


"What, what?! Are you crazy?!"

"Oh. I don't know because it's difficult to say."

"You're speaking English right now!"

"I don't know because I'm wandering in Abyss."

Choi Yeon-seung did not stop talking and grabbed the camera of the reporter next to him and threw it.

Farjik! Quazzik!

Then the reporters were astonished.

"This, this child… I will sue! I'm going to sue!"

"It's difficult, I'm not sure? Accusation

What's up

"I'm going to end you legally!"

"Because I wandered at the Abyss, I think it will give you the mental and physical weakness.

As Choi Yeon-seung was making fun of the reporters, Richard intervened with a cold expression.

"The camera will be asked by the Parker family. Step back."

"No, this is just something to go over now…"

Instead of answering, Richard chinks at the rice cakes behind him. Then the rice cakes come out

I grabbed the reporters' shoulders.

"Hey, men reporters. It's better to step back. The Parker family lawyers are more upbeat than we do."

"Well... Do you think it's all if it's a hunter?! I want to be featured in an article

"Let's see! You better be careful!"

The reporters stepped back and stepped back. Choi Yeon-seung looked at it and blew a whistle.

"Thank you for your help."

"… I just paid for what I received."

"The grace of my life will be blown away by something like that.

"It will reward you more."

"It was a joke, but I'm grateful to reward you."

That's it for the conversation. Surprised government officials were running.

"How did you clear it?"

The hunters were divided into two.

Garnes team hunters to explain the situation.

-Hundreds of ghouls... Well. It wasn't an A-class dungeon. Class B is also subtle... I thought it would have been at least Class B.

-No, there were hundreds of ghouls? We all almost died!

-You haven't seen him take it down.

-...That's but...

-F-class monsters such as ghouls often become weaker over time. And the rank of the dungeon is

You know that it's determined by the strength of the boss monster that comes out of it? Ghoul is a lot too much...

-Oh yeah...

-Anyway, you have had a lot of trouble, and congratulations on your return safely.

And Choi Yeon-seung and Odaigon for physical examination and testing.

"You are very healthy. It's amazing. Besides, physically... I've never seen such a perfect body. It looks like a body from God."

"The only thing I have to do in the Abyss is exercise


"In addition, I think you're in good shape, but I'm really lucky."

Choi Yeon-seung testified that he had endured for several decades in a quiet corner.

Surprisingly, people didn't doubt it. The evidence was that Choi Yeon-seung was alive here. If it had been an area where strong monsters appeared, it would not have survived like this now.

"Huh, 30 years have passed here... I have a hard time adjusting

Will be threaded. If you want to immigrate, we are here to help."

"I think about immigration and decide."

"Is that so? If so."

The doctor carefully checked and recorded Choi Yeon-seung's testimony.

When I glanced at the side, people from the government were sticking to Odaigon and making proposals.

-If you have lost your memory, get citizenship in Dragon Industries...

-Dragon Industries is one of the strongest clans in America...

-The enormous benefits...

Choi Yeon-seung felt something strange.

Not the US government, but why is the name of the company you've never heard of?

Upon closer inspection, officials from the government wore marks that read (Dragon Industry).

"awhile. Are you not a public servant? What are they doing

"Yes? Are you a public official?"

"You said you came from

"Ah... sorry. I should have explained it first."

The official said with a smile.

"Here near LA is the jurisdiction of Dragon Industries."


"That's why we work instead of the government."

"… Why??"

"Why, why… ?"

The public official looked so embarrassed to ask something that was too natural.

Of course, Choi Yeon-seung was even more absurd.

Instead of the state government How many companies you've never heard of are working on behalf of the government?

"Well, Yeon-seung Choi, Hunter. Didn't a lot of people almost die after the great invasion? Since then, hunter clans have emerged."

After the great invasion, the hunters, who had gained tremendous power, began to act like kings all over the world.

Even the relatively fine United States gets off there

I couldn't fly.

Large American clans have shed enormous powers from the government in exchange for bleeding.

The right to act freely in their own city or state, a kind of clan state

It is not an exaggeration to say that the clan's strength in their region was strong.

In fact, in cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago, clans reigned like kings.

Clans elect officials, clans judge, clans make laws...

The officials continued, as if for granted.

"Thanks to the hard work of the clan, we are safe from monsters."

"… Right."

Choi Yeon-seung had no choice but to admit that the world he knew had changed so much.

Are clans in the provinces like this in Korea and pretending to be kings?


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