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Chapter 31

 After the explanation, the officials continued their work again.

Hunter once asked whether the principle was to attract and see, they proposed immigration and proposed permanent residence.

-Why are you doing that?

-Earth nations take each other's hunters

I don't like creeping. Aren't your nobles too?

-Oh... definitely.

The goblin nobles also hated taking their subordinates to other nobles.

Odaigon immediately understands!

"Let's get a green card."

"You thought well. To be honest, I'm proud to tell Hunter that no country is as good as America."

"I think I can see that."

"Haha. You'll see it over and over. Uh.

Anyway, I will issue you two permanent resident cards. Does Choi Yeon-seung have an existing Hunter level? A hunter card?"

"Hunter card..."

Choi Yeon-seung, who tried to say that there was, stopped.

Come to think of it, there are so many things written on the Hunter card.

Especially the skills related to the constellation!

'You don't have to take it out.

"… I lost it."

"Oh... Still, I'm getting a hunter card.

If you have received it, it means that you have a record, so you can search and find it right away. The United States is connected with the Korean Hunter side. Wait… Wait… Oh, it came out. It's really the last update 30 years ago. C+ grade."

"I don't use cards these days

"Yeah. Just pop it up on your mobile or hologram like this..."

When the man flicked his finger, a small holographic window appeared in front of him.

Choi Yeon-seung, who saw it, was curious.

Without seeing this kind of technology?

Maybe the computer is not that small, right?

"Since there is an existing Hunter grade, I won't do a precision test. I'll just do a simple test and a constellation test. Hey, help me."

"Come this way."

Choi Yeon-seung moved according to the instructions. As I went to the container next to it, I saw a crystal ball the size of a soccer ball.

Horsepower meter!

It was a traditional tool that has been used since the early days of raid.

The color changed depending on how much magic power was injected, and the amount of horsepower was measured by the darkness of the color.

Choi Yeon-seung stopped after being happy with the item.

'...Wait, are you still using that?'

It's been 30 years, isn't it any technological advancement?

"Do you measure it with that?"

"Is that so? Are there any problems?"

The measurer was puzzled.

"uh… That was there even when I was on Earth

"Oh, I've been using it since before! But that's the newest model released last year. It will be completely different from what Hunter Choi Yeon-seung used before."

"Five. What features do you have?"

"The limit of horsepower has increased tremendously... If you put your hand in it and infuse it, music that makes you feel comfortable will come out."

'Don't you know (level measurement)?!'

Choi Yeon-seung realized.

The <Measure Level> magic still didn't work!

Since about 30 years have passed, I thought there would be a lot of magic unlocked and new.

Still no magic?

'I think Odaigon will jump because he is savage.'

It was absurd, but there was nothing different about it. Choi Yeon-seung reached out and grabbed the marble.

"How much can I put in? Half the power


"You can put it up to the limit."

"Should I do that?"

"Yes? Obviously, you have to put it to the limit for an accurate measurement, so you have to do that."

'Sound that makes sense.'

Opponent, I don't know the power of Choi Yeon-seung, so if you put your power to the limit, this building will fly away.

'It doesn't matter. You just have to adjust the force properly... '

The goal of Choi's winning streak was Class B.

Class A was a rank that was impossible without performance, and all that was possible in the grade measurement was up to the B rank.

It would be okay to start over from C+, but there is no reason to go back like that.

'B- or B must be ranked B first to make it easier for them to be active. Then, if you build up your results and slowly go up... '


The light flashed and the crystal ball broke out as it was.

Iki) Ki"

[I am thrilled to see what is doing!]

I'm not an amateur, I break Sujeong-gu and eat it!

If you can't hide your strength properly, what do you mean by doing things in the future?

Choi Yeon-seung was also honestly embarrassed.

Did you clearly adjust the power properly?

"Oh, sorry. This is a little broken

It was mine, so I thought it would still be okay, but I didn't know it would be smashed like this. Sorry."

"… That's right."

Choi Yeon-seung was relieved.

I thought he made a mistake.

"Okay, here you are."


The color of the crystal ball has risen darkly.

"Oh oh..!"

The measurer admired.

Dark horsepower that rises quickly.

This would be about B- or B.

'You appealed properly.'

Unlike the Abyss, it was also tricky to show your skills in the Earth where civilization was established.

It doesn't mean'Kang-ha-kun, I admit it!' just because it grabs and beats anyone.

You have to show them according to the rules set in the fixed place!

'I know what I just showed you.'

The amount of horsepower is not all of the strength, but if you look at this alone, you will see at least B-class or higher.

"Next is big

"You can fill out the questionnaire here."

-Have you ever signed a contract with the constellation <A warrior stained with madness and blood)?

Write an insult to Y Madness and Blood-Stained Warrior.

'...It's childish, but I'm sure.'

If you had a contract with the constellation, you could live anger just by swearing at the constellation.

Simple but effective way!

Try the constellation dogs!

Choi Yeon-seung sighed and wrote. I felt like I was a fool, but...

'No one sees it?'

The measurement officer hesitated and stared at the report screen.

If you have eyes, you just found out that the hunter's horsepower is enough to qualify for a B-class.

Obviously, I had to put a B-.


-Measurement Officer. Take this money.

-no. What else... No, the amount is higher than last time?

-What are you talking about? I saw this envelope

I don't remember. Didn't the measurer pick up the drop?

-Measurement officer. If you're okay, just accept one request. We are from (Ambitus> Clan.


It was one of the fast-growing large clans in the United States in recent years.

What is the request that the person who came out of there would do?

-As you know, it is a world where it is difficult to find talent. In the initial measurement, even if only C-class came out, he said he was a great talent.

Why don't you come and apply saliva?

-...What's the story you want to tell?

-Hahaha… If you find a good talent in the eyes of the measurer, please set the grade slightly lower. And you can contact us separately. It's not the first time there's a mistake in the rating, isn't it?



The measurer said, trembling.

-But if you get caught...

He was a public servant of (Dragon Industries).

What if it is known that you have stolen it?

It won't end with just being fired.

The money was good, but the fear was greater.

Then a man from the clan said, stiffening his face.

-You don't have to be caught.

-No, is that what it means to be undetected?

-Measurement Officer. The measurer has already got on a boat with us.

-Is it possible to come and take your feet out now? It mustn't be the first time you've gotten money from us...

The measurer realized that he had been caught in a trap.

I kept giving bribes without asking, so I ate it all over the place...

Was it for a time like this?!

A member of the <Ambitus> clan said soothingly. I swung the whip, so it was time to give me the carrots.

-Measurement Officer. Think carefully. back

I'm giving you ten thousand dollars, but it's not a bad condition. We also believe in the measurer and gamble. If you introduce a really good hunter, we will not reward you again.

At the end of the intimidating and intimidating words, the measuring tube did 0K in the end.

'I got the money, so I have to introduce anyone.'

The problem is that even though the time has passed, none of them have been introduced.

It's also because talented people come out

No, I noticed if I wanted to manipulate it in front of others.

If you get caught wrong, your life is really dangerous.

With no eyes around you, the exceptional situation as it is now is a golden opportunity!

'Because of my heart, I wanted to do a hunter called Odaigon... '

Odaigon was a former Abyss returnee, and he had a testimony that he had great abilities, so he was too interested in him, so he was dangerous.

It couldn't hurt Odaigon's rating.

Choi Yeon-seung, who has little interest because he is a martial artist, was perfect.

'You wouldn't be complaining about being a martial artist, right? Obviously, one horsepower was right... !'

The measurer posted in the report saying'no change in particular'.

I haven't seen anything!

Choi Yeon-seung C+.

Odaigon B-.

Choi Yeon-seung raised a trembling expression. I thought I'd give it a B-...

'Have the average horsepower of the hunters increased? no. Are you sure you're surprised? Did the standards change in the meantime?'

Odaigon was B-. It seemed like he had hidden his skills quite a bit.

In terms of skill, it is natural that A-class hunters are also under O Daigon.

"Are you done?"

Several ornate limousines were standing in front of them as they walked out. In front of him stood a familiar hunter.

It was Richard Parker.

"What's going on?"

"I would have said that it would reward you more. There will be nowhere to go? Follow me I will let you stay at home."

-master. Isn't that suspicious?

-What is it?

-It means that you show kindness all of a sudden.

-… Are you just suspicious of being human?

-Ah, ah, ah, no. How am I...

Odaigon shook his hand hurriedly, but he had already found his heart.

As soon as he left the dungeon, Odaigon, who faced various humans, had already accumulated a maximum of distrust.

'Human races are annoying, annoying, greedy, and magic is insignificant on such subjects... '

An unexplored race that doesn't know how to use <level measurement> or <item measurement>!

-You've saved your life, so you'll be treated to it. that is great. There was no place to stay anyway.

-If you do any tricks, I'll tingle you.

- OK. Look forward to it.

Choi Yeon-seung said so and got into the back seat of the limousine.

There's also a mini bar inside. It looks like the house is a little bit bought.

"… I don't know, but the Parker family is a family that the industry knows."

"Yes, yes."

Choi Yeon-seung answered roughly.

Richard frowned. Others are surprised or cautious when they hear the name of the Parker family, but Choi Yeon-seung was treating him as if he were looking at a stone.

'I guess it's because I was wandering from Abyss.'

"Is there only alcohol here? No Coke? Coke? Pepsi not Coca."

"… If you want, I will order you to buy it..."

"no. done. If not, just drink water. Come to think of it, I don't drink coke very well

I did."

It's been a long time since I came back and tried to drink it. Originally, Choi Yeon-seung was a person who pursued an ascetic diet.

-Seung-ah Yeon. Do you want to eat candy?

-Eating sweets can cause muscle loss.

-Seung-ah Yeon. Would you like to go play?

-If you sleep late, you will lose muscle.

-Seung-ah Yeon. I want to introduce you to a really nice person...

-That's also muscle loss...

-Oh stop it, my real mother!

Of course, I awakened to the constellation, so drinking a sip of Coke would not cause my body to collapse, but attitude is always important.

Choi Yeon-seung asked while looking at Richard.

"So when are you going to give all your fortune?"

"Kuhh! Wow!,,

Richard coughed to see if he could be heard.

"I'm kidding."

"Hey, that, did you hear it?"

"If someone spares him, he's all fortune.

I think I heard at first glance that I could give it to you... Well, don't worry, I don't really want to receive it. I don't want much."

"… What do you want?"

,,It's really no big deal. I'm asking you to stay wherever you go until you're seated. I've been in Hado Abyss for a long time, so I can't get used to it. No one knows."

At Choi Yeon-seung's words, Richard nodded.

Even so, it seemed to be so. 30 years

Wandering at Abyss.

"It doesn't matter. You can stay as long as you are staying."

"Five. The barrel is big."

"… This can be enough for a lifesaver. Don't look down on me, Richard Parker."

-Aren't you too close to renting a house at most, master?

-Originally, if you have a large house, you can get close to it. Odaigon. It's different from your kingdom.


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