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Chapter 37

 Even after a few decades, this does not change!

Choi Yeon-seung suddenly wanted to see the former clan members at the appearance of Hwang Gyeong-ryong.

'What is Changsik hyung doing...'

Lee Chang-sik was a hard and strict, but good person.

It was a pain for nothing to fight with Hwang Gyeong-ryong.

"What do you think?"

"Home. But usually aces have strong pride.


The clan under Hwang Kyung-ryong, <Ikaros>, was a clan that gathered hunters who were treated as aces from other clans in one scout.

Originally, they collected those who had been treated as aces in their clan, so their pride would not be a joke.

"But that's Hunter Rank C+."


"If you collect usable ace stones from all over the world, I think it would be about B rank?"

"right. Normally, from B- to B+.. I don't accept the grades very well."

Over 90% of the hunters retired from D and E classes without even reaching C class.

Even if it was a C-class, it was an instant power in an ordinary clan.

If you go to Class B, the sign of a regular clan is now ace.

You just collected a lot of those guys...

"Are there any class A?"

"..What's wrong with the ?-level guy, so will you work there? When I was independent, I became independent."

It was a strategic weapon managed by the state, which was difficult to see in the usual dungeons when it was ranked A rank.

Only those who have built and built the ball in this A-class receive the title of S-class with special honor...

Thinking this way, I felt great that Hwang Gyeong-ryong was an S-class.

Isn't it the title of less than 10 people in the world!

'It's new, but you must have fought a lot.

While Choi Yeon-seung was wandering at the Abyss, Hwang Gyeong-ryong must have fought tremendously on Earth.

It wasn't something you could get by fighting once or twice, starting from fortune to fame.

"By the way, if they have such a high rank, C+ martial arts users like me

I won't hate it when I come

"Well. You will hate it."

"What to do with me? You just have to raise the rank!"

,,Ah. Yes.,,

"Let's start with everything we can do. Go out from the UHC qualifier."


"How many hunters are going to go to UHC. Will you accept all dogs and cows? The league water becomes cloudy. Win through the preliminary round

You have to be accepted as a professional in the league.,,

UHC divided hunters by hunter class instead of weight class.

A-class league is between A-class hunters and above.

Class B leagues are among B class hunters.

And in the C-class league, hunters under the C-class are among themselves.

Of course, all of this was possible only after winning the regular qualifiers.

"What are you so fierce?"

"Do you know how long it took? Hunters, who are also popular in the C-League, earn over a million dollars per game."


C-class league, not even a championship, but a match below that cost over a million dollars.

'There was a reason why the hunters didn't run in the raid and were rushing here... '

In order to make a million dollar profit with a single raid, you had to aim for at least a C-class dungeon.

Among the rewards of the dungeon, the rare skills

You can't even pay for money, but there will be many hunters who are satisfied with the money rather than risk their lives to get that skill.

If there is no risk of life and the income is large, what would you do in a raid? If you let go of your greed, you can live a lot more comfortably.

"It's obvious what you're thinking from looking at your face. Hunter doesn't raid and why does this catch?"

"no… Well, it's all self-selection."

"It's not fun. Anyway, registering in the league right now isn't bad. You guys, if you have a chance to show your skills, B

I'll shoot A, but if I break through the qualifying round when I'm in the C class, it's less annoying when I go up."

'(What happens when I play in a high-level league and then go up to the Hunter rank?"

"How is it going? I'm going to the B-level league. But there are few cases like that."


"Think carefully."

"… Ah. I see."

Choi Yeon-seung quickly understood.

The hunter who plays in the C-class league is a raid

Will hardly go.

Hunter rank was basically easy to climb by jumping through the raid.

Eventually, the hunter will continue to remain a frog in a class C well.

...Of course, it was a lot of money and a happy life!

'Well, it might be better than going up by force.'

"The qualifying round is left… Ah. One week left. That's great. Get out of the qualifying round in a week. Until then, you can adapt."


"Yeonseung, don't you know what a smartphone is? Tm... "

Odaigon was enjoying smartphones.

Even for the Goblin King, the smartphone was a miracle.

Hexagonal engineering is goblins that are several times more developed than humans, but this kind of application is alive.

I couldn't angle it!

Oh clothes. this… It's like this!'

"How do you open this?"

"You can do this here."

One of Hwang Kyung-ryong's secretaries gave Odaigon a simple way to use it.

Choi Yeon-seung came out and was puzzled when he saw it.

"Odaigon. Is it that fun?"

"No, it's not very fun. It's just boring."

"I think I did a lot for that

Uh... ?"

A mobile game called <Gold Run>, which collects gold coins, seemed to have caught Odaigon's taste.

How could there be such a goblin-like game of collecting gold coins?

I saw more than ten characters that I already have.

Odaigon noticed and asked the secretary again.

"… How can I get the characters here?"

"It has to be paid for."

"Hmm. Well, if you're buying... "

"no . If you pay money, not purchase, it gives you the right to draw, and you have to draw it from that draw."

"...?? I paid the money, but it's not just giving it...?"


"No, what are these bad guys?!"

Odaigon was astonished.

Isn't this a scam??

But the secretary was embarrassed.

"Oh, no. Games these days are usually

It's good."

-master! Humans aren't usually depraved!

-Hmm. I am also a little curious. Why is that popular?

"If you don't want to pay, you can send an invitation message to your friends to get the right to draw."

"… Ugh. What is the probability of that?"

"uh… Let's see that character... When I searched, less than 1%..."


Odaigon was again astonished.

OMG these thieves!

'It's fun to see you do that.'

Honestly, it was fun to see the Goblin King enjoying a human-made game.

[ wants to do it too!]

'You don't have a smartphone... What do you want to do?'

[Raising a cat!]

'… That, yes. If I have a chance later, I'll try to make a way somehow.'

While Odaigon was playing, Choi Yeon-seung also confirmed the triumphs of the new civilization.

Starting with a smartphone, various convenient IT devices!

"Yeonseungah. Do you remember making a map while taking pictures of yourself while going around the dungeon?"

"Is that so?"

"Now you can use unmanned robots to create maps on the fly in 3D. Have you ever heard of a drone?


Choi Yeon-seung was astonished.

Then I suddenly became puzzled.

"Can't we just use the pet magic?"

"… Don't, there's a meaning of saving magic!"

"Oh, well…"

Is Choi Yeon-seung strange or something?

I checked them, organized them, and turned them over.

'How is the situation in Korea?'

Looking at the article on the Korean side, it was unexpectedly peaceful.

There seemed to be no big clans like the United States who were all over the place and behave like kings.

'Is it because the land mass is narrow?'

The regime changed and then changed again, and the famous hunter came out and then ended...

Well, it's been nearly 30 years since the great invasion took place, and there could be no fuss now.

<Director Chang-Sik Lee's leadership, is it okay?'

(The future of the Korean national team is dark!)


Choi Yeon-seung blinked his eyes.

Why do you have a familiar name?


"uh? Why. I am busy right now."

"No... What is Changsik hyung supervising?

"Ah... he... after."

Hwang Gyeong-ryong said bitterly.

"He was the coach of the Korean national team… "


What is the national team?

"What is the Korean national team?"

"I told you! Hunter sports! Six Star League!"

A simulated dungeon game where 6 players compete with the other team as one team!

The league of this match, where all kinds of rules and variables are created, has unrivaled popularity and

there was.

"No, what is this, there is a Korean national team

"You know football, right? There are leagues and world cups for each country in soccer."


"Soccer and the rest of the sports are all better than SSL. Of course there is also a World Cup."

"I told you. They are two sports that divide the world. It's because you're the one who only knows Raid, but... These days

I think I'm becoming more famous with this."

"That's why Changsik hyung is supervising the Kuk University


Hwang Gyeong-ryong fought Lee Chang-sik, but his expression looked very bitter as if he had taken care of the game.

"Changsik is not wrong! All of the Korean hunters are terrible!"

"If you think so, do you speak directly?"

"hate. If he doesn't apologize first, I never apologize first either."

Since Hwang Gyeong-ryong came out like that, he never broke the house.

Choi Yeon-seung gave up persuasion and turned on the video.

Twelve hunters were busily moving and arguing.

-The players of the clan gather in the center! Hanta! It's going to be cold! Oh, the opponents were embarrassed! If the central magic tower collapses, it will be at a disadvantage! Give up and come up!

'...The real world has changed, but it has changed.'

When you return to Earth, the world is roughly broken.

I was prepared to do it, but I was not prepared to do this.

[I admire the amazing <Cat of Lava and Magma>.]

'Honestly, it must be fun.'

Complex and diverse strategies, colorful and intense skills... The fight between the hunters had a thrilling feeling that other sports could not match.

Choi Yeon-seung gave up looking for more. Anyway, where I'm going to go out now

Is UHC, SSLo] wasn't.

'Ah. Lee Young¦ Would a new work come out? I have to buy it in advance now.'

Choi Yeon-seung entered the Internet bookstore with joy.

Hwang Gyeong-ryong was busy.

Because of my usual work... Of course not, it was because of Choi Yeon-seung's work.

"You call the Hunter department right now and ask the measurer to bring the equipment. Is there anyone who needs to re-measure?"


"And I need a reliable manager… Wait a minute."

Hwang Gyeong-ryong stopped.

"No of you all."

The secretaries' faces are bleak as a group


Still, they are competent talents who graduated from prestigious universities in the Ivy League!

"Where is my daughter

"How many times are you talking about your daughter?"

"Uh... ten... eleven? Um..."

Hwang Gyeong-ryong touched his forehead. Hado had a lot of children, so I couldn't remember the order well.

"You have the most dirty girl."

"Alas! I mean him!"

Hwang Gyeong-ryong's managers talk like shit

There was a skill that I could understand easily.

That was the basic condition of the hunter manager.

Hunter's manager!

It was a modern extreme job.

If the Hunter's agent is an external helper who negotiates with clans, companies, and governments to take the Hunter's job.

The Hunter's manager was an internal helper who had to plan the Hunter's schedule, manage his personal life, and accept chore counseling and personal requests.

In short...

It was very shit!

-Five. Is it an Arianna concert tomorrow? Well, it's not good enough for hunter sports like UHC or SSL, but it's a boring game. Please reserve the front seat.

-My... about tomorrow? I have two hours left now...

-Huh. I know the time well, so I'll get you well. Get it.


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