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Chapter 38

 It was easy to ask for a seat at the front of the superstar's concert the day before.

-I want to have a party tomorrow, but I want JUS to be the MC. The beaver outfit would be good for the outfit? Isn't I really good sense?

-He's been having concerts all week...

¦¦Yes. Know. Please cancel and come H. Is it kidnapping or something.


Of course, this was a story only for A-class or higher star hunters.

The hunters who couldn't be graded were sensible just by having a manager.

And Class A hunter was not all that son of a bitch.

There were also hunters with good personality who grew up with the manager by holding hands.

Of course, among the suffering managers, such a hunter was close to the existence of a unicorn,

-Let's not give up. Maybe there's such a hunter somewhere!

••Of course, such a hunter may already have a manager!

-… You bad guys.

There weren't only A-class hunters in the world. Reputation in the industry as well as A-class hunters

There was also a high-level A manager.

A great manager who systematically managed tons of promising hunters!

And one of those A-class manager certificates was Aine Lawrence, the daughter of Chairman Hwang.

"I can't eat it! Damn it, I can't eat it!"

The young hunter was holding

I threw the artifact to the ground.

"Catch the artifacts again. I have an hour left."

"Are you kidding me? I'm a C+ hunter! There's no reason to just keep doing this one circle magic!"

Bargain, a young C+ hunter, shouted in excitement.

At first glance, it might not seem like a C grade, but it was actually a very great location.

Hunter's splendid life starts from C grade!

Starting from the C-grade, the government receives full-scale treatment and all kinds of treatment.

It means that you can jump into various kinds of money-making work.

Why do tens of thousands of D and E-class hunters endure persistently and do dangerous raids?

It was because I knew that if I went up to C-class someday, my life could be reversed.

"You know who I am

"Bargain Terentz?"

"I got a scout right from the clan!"

From the C-class, scouts of famous large clans came in.

Bargain, at the age of 20, was a large rookie who received a C+ rating on his first hunter grade measurement.

Talent who will covet in any clan!

Because he was a bargain who knew that, he was more energetic.

"I know. In the first place (New York Fires) clan asked me."

"By the way, do you keep using only this one-circle magic?!"

Circle 1 Magic <Light Ball>.

It was a very simple magic to create and maintain a glowing ball.

It was even D-rank, so you can guess how simple it is.

" is one of the best magic for basic training. Maintaining the shape of the ball, raising the light of the ball, increasing the number of balls, and even moving the ball. Would all this be helpful when using the upper circle magic?"

"I can use stronger magic right now. I don't know my horsepower, but I'm a C+ hunter!"

In general, when it comes to a C-class hunter, he could somehow use the magic of Circle 4.

The magic of the 4th circle was more powerful than the lower circle.

Unlike the 1-3 circle magic, the power to break the breath of a monster with a blow!

"Ah. It's really annoying... Try it yourself."

Aine threw the sword he was holding. The bargain received in embarrassment.


A rare item that is difficult to purchase even with money from the dungeon!

The types were varied.

Even a magic book that teaches certain magic

There were weapons and defenses with built-in magic...

This item is treated as an important strategic material just like the core of a monster in modern society.

Class A artifacts were treated as state secrets, making it difficult to confirm their existence.

The artifact Bargen received now was a sword on which the 3-circle magic (Wilzgen's Wind Arrow) was recorded.

"Do you know you can't? See you!"

Bargain grabbed the sword and blown magic

I put it. Then I felt the magic sleeping in my sword.

Bargain opened his eyes and activated the magic.

Apart from the amount of horsepower, it was a very difficult skill to use magic. It wasn't for nothing to practice.

Some hunters describe it as a feeling of dealing with the new 3rd or 4th arm'!

If you lack control, you can fail even if you have horsepower.

'You're looking at me funny!'

But Bargain was confident.

Even if the 3rd circle magic was difficult... !


In the training room, which is an enclosed space, a fierce breeze circulated and went out in the form of an arrow.

"Look! This is my power... Kap!"

Bargain shouted triumphantly and knelt with blood.

One arrow bounced disorderly to the other, and the other arrows lost their shape and scattered.

It failed to control the horsepower that the user gathered.

"Kook, gagging… "

As the horsepower flowed back, the vision shook like a strong motion sickness. In the meantime, Bargain witnessed an arrow coming to a woman named Aine.

'Ah… No!'

A major accident!

The magic arrow was strong enough to shred about one person.


But the arrow disappeared. Aine stopped it with a single gesture.

Toogak, Toogak-

Eine walked in front of the fallen bargain and said.

"You haven't trained properly, and you haven't fought properly. I've used all the magic in the 1st or 2nd circle in the practice range. The skill rank will be less than D. There is only magical power. You can't use it right away, idiot. If you don't do proper training, your magic will fail and your magic power will reverse."

"Live... save... "

"I'm not dying. It must be painful and painful."

Aine opened the door to the training room and went outside.

"That hunter doesn't deserve training. I don't want to take it, so do it on my own."

"Sorry! Aine. I would have had to educate them more properly... "

"Hong. I asked you to hide it, so it wasn't your fault."

The New York Fires clan is a new rookie

To train the bargain, I asked Eine Lawrence to work as a manager.

She has a high name as an outstanding manager and has an enormous background.

If the bargain was to her liking, her future life as a hunter was assured.

Instead, Aine proposed one condition.

-I don't care about training, but don't tell me my status.

-Yes? Why?

-Do I have to tell you why?

-no. I will. Oh my.

Hunter Izidore realized why Aine had offered such a condition.

It was to figure out the bargain's bowl.

'He kicked his luck with his feet.'

"Oh, huh, huh, huh… "

After recovering, Bargain went out of the training room and exhaled and spoke swear words.

"Suck! What is that bitch?!"


Instead of answering, Yjidor struck Bargen's abdomen with a fist with magical power.

It was always similar.

The new rookies misunderstood that the world was theirs when they were scouted and entered a large clan.

But the reality was grim.

A guy who couldn't figure out his subject couldn't last long.

This means...

Hawk of love!

"Keep… Gosh!"

"Be polite. newcomer. You're not the one to be cocky."

"Sun, senior… What is this... !"

puck! puck!

Izidor kicked off the fallen bargain. None of the nearby staff or hunters helped the bargain.

"You think you can do anything. Someone like you is widespread in this industry. newcomer. Don't be cheeky. I will watch."

"Kuhh, kuhh... "

Eine Lawrence.

One of the daughters of Dragon Huang.

He is an A-level manager who barely asks for a call when clans want to raise a large rookie with gems...

He was also a big B+ hunter.

'Is this the qualifying stadium?'

A building that looks like a large amphitheater.

There were crowds of people like Hunter at a glance nearby.

There were people who wore their whole body in a sports car with luxury goods, and dressed in shabby enough to mistake them for homelessness.

Choi Yeon-seung laughed.

Before and now, what the hunters were doing was similar.

'(It's a class league qualifier, but there will be quite a lot of class D and E hunters."

UHC divided hunters by hunter class instead of weight class.

A-class leagues are among A-class or higher hunters.

Class B leagues are among B class hunters.

And in the C-class league, hunters under the C-class are among themselves.

Of course, there were a lot of D and E-class hunters in the C-class league qualifiers, who were aiming for a certain amount of money.

"If you are a D-class or E-class hunter, the magic that can be used would be less than Circle 3, but it's not too disadvantageous.

"Unexpectedly, there are times when D-class hunters are also active. Class E is really rare. Dungeon isn't attacking, you're fighting someone.

"Well. If you're below the c-class, you and I will have one shot."

Choi Yeon-seung nodded at the words of Hwang Gyeong-ryong's secretary.

When raiding, it was unconditionally necessary to have a strong magic that could damage the monster's defense, but if the opponent was a human, it was okay to be a magic with a very weak attack power.

Because humans are not as strong as monsters!

If you have a magic or skill that can be used in an interpersonal battle, you can beat the D-class and the C-class.


If you're a C-class hunter, you'll stumble if you hit one of the 1st and 2nd circles, so at that point, you and I will be at the level of one.

"Is it filtering out the guys gathered here in the qualifiers to the tournament and putting only the winners as UHC pros? Is there anything more I need to know?

"Well... First of all, you'll be fighting quite a bit in a row, but you have to be prepared."

No matter how much you fight in a virtual space, there is no damage to your body, but your mind

Damage remains.

If you hit a fireball directly on your face, you will have to shake it as if it were a person.

Choi Yeon-seung laughed bitterly at the words.

Coming from the Abyss to Earth, I felt like I was playing a child.

In Abyss, there are many things that have been fought for decades in a row at the risk of their lives...

"Thank you. Let's keep it in mind."

"There's no need to be overwhelmed because the opportunity isn't the only one. Think of it as an experience... "

"Okay. Okay."

How will this secretary react when he sees Choi Yeon-seung fighting?

"Odaigon. Stop playing games. I come and go. Is Gold Run so fun?"

"Oh, no."

Odaigon woke up and raised his head.

For some reason, it seemed like the underneath of my eyes was stiff.

'I think the number of characters has doubled as well?'

"Choi Yeon-seung. Five. C+ grade. It would be worth looking forward to."

The host's judges looked at Choi Yeon-seung's rating and made a pretty good look.

There was also a record of clearing dungeons in the C+ level. It was clear that a hunter who had experienced some actual battles.

A talent who is several times better than a hunter who comes without experience!

It was well expected.

"If this is enough, I will accumulate more performance and get the above grade… Oh. Ungong user... "

"no. Are you still a non-gong user?"


Just looking at the rating, I thought it was okay. I didn't even think about it.

"Wouldn't it be okay?"


"It's very rare for non-governmental users. Wouldn't you like to get some attention when you come in?"

"You have to win here to get in. radish

How does the ball user get in? How unfavorable."

Others choose dozens of magic and use them, but they believe in the martial arts alone and attack.

Anyone could see it was disadvantageous.

"Besides, you know that the C-Class league qualifiers are very fierce these days. The hunters come intensively to fight people, not monsters."

"I do.."

Rather than risking your life and attacking the dungeon,

Hunters who want to enjoy rich movies by immersing themselves in places like UHC from the beginning!

Rather, there are more hunters like this now.

"The times are different from before. Poetry price."

The old examiner shook his head. There were still quite a few martial arts users in the past, but these days it's really rare.


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