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Chapter 39

 Choi Yeon-seung yawned and looked around. Hunters sat comfortably in a spacious space.

Some of them were talking to see if they already knew, and some were sitting alone as if they didn't want to talk.

And even a few of them aren't hunters

It was. People who did not awaken did not feel magical power itself.

'To the reporter, to the person on the broadcast side... Is that a Clan Scout?'

Agents and clan scouts were rumored to be persistent and persistent in the industry.

It's natural that you have to deal with grotesque and spontaneous hunters!

People sitting in the seats frowned, tapping the stretched laptop, and picking up and putting their smartphones on and off.

"Oh, the team leader. What a qualifying match like this

You're sending someone to say that the only hunter is coming out?"

"You're in trouble too. That's what I mean. If you wait, it will be filtered and filtered out... Hey. It's the first time I see you. Where are you from?"

"I'm from the clan."

"Ah. Clan Scout? That would be very difficult too. We only have to publish the article, but you will have to get anything."

The man, Kuepi, nodded. However, his heart was complicated.

'That measurer... I wasn't cheating


He was a scout from the Ambitus clan.

Contact from the purchased measurement officer!

-It's really awesome! It's real this time! Because the meter was also smashed!

¦¦The meter broke. It doesn't mean that it was smashed after giving the measuring instrument right before it broke down, right?

-… Oh no.

Smashing the meter.

The exact thing must be measured properly, but there were certainly signs of a jackpot.

...If the opponent wasn't just a military user.

-Abyss returner? How many years? Someone 30 years ago? Huh. Yongke's mind is fine.

-Does it make sense to break the meter? The pups, you're getting beat grid received the money?

-It looks fine, but I think it's festering inside.

-All tests passed. There's nothing wrong with it.

-If you're a person 30 years ago, you're convinced that you're a military user.

-Shall we send someone to make an offer?

-Ungong user... Ungong user. No matter how much it looks, it looks unfavorable.

Others carry guns, but someone who wants to fight while carrying a knife alone.

That was the position of the military user.

-Then, shall I just pass it over?

-… no. But the measurer does not have the money

I ate it, but it was worth using something, so I must have contacted you. Even if it wasn't broken... Wouldn't it be a lot of horsepower? I'm not going to look for this exhibition. Go check it out. If the amount of horsepower is good, you can recommend that you learn magic instead of martial arts...


-You have to do it on your own. Whether you go and get beaten with poems or bury them while buying alcohol at a bar. Are Scouts paid for free?

Damn it… '

It was Kuepi who asked a useless question and only heard more criticism from the clan leader.

Fortunately, my luck wasn't too bad. The hunter named Choi Yeon-seung registered for the UHC qualifier.

'Are you going to go to UHC? It's not bad, but...'

Isn't it a market where new heroes are created every day?

The problem is skill!

There were some hunters who thought it was easy for Hunter sports to not have to risk their lives, but this industry is a raid boss.

It was all a cooler place.

A place where ineffective hunters disappear relentlessly.

'Let's see how to do it with no gong!'

"Please enter."

Choi Yeon-seung moved according to the judge's words.


[Enter into the .]

[You have to limit your power! <The World> could be broken.]

Second view, a message window asking you to limit your power.

But it was different from the previous one.

[You need to limit your power further!]

'What? more?'

It was natural.

The <Back World> in Hwang Gyeong-ryong's mansion was based on an A-class hunter.

And the here was the standard for a C-class hunter.

There is no reason to waste output by raising the limit in a C-class league match.

In addition, it was possible to prevent top-ranking hunters from forcibly cheating on their ranks and entering the C-Class league.

No matter how strong you were in reality, it didn't make sense if you were limited to a C-class level in .

[You have successfully moved into the <Behind the Scenes>.]

[Power is limited.]

[Agility is limited.]

[Health... ]



'Ugh. Is it really breathtakingly first-class?'

When I come back to Earth, I splatter my blood.

I thought I would receive it, but it seemed more to hide my strength.

Currently, the level of martial arts that can be used in this area is barely the first class.

Originally, it became B-class, so it had to be more limited.

It's a C-class league.

It wouldn't be strange to go down to the second-class level, not the first-class level, but…

'You've put a limit on the amount of horsepower.'

If a limit was placed on the amount of horsepower that could be used, the overall ability of the hunter would be limited.

The easiest way to put limits!

However, the martial arts user was a little different from the magic user.

Magic users unconditionally need a lot of magic power to use high circle magic, but non-gong users don't need a lot of narcissism unconditionally.

Of course, there was nothing bad about it because it had a lot of pitting.

It was possible to use all the internal pores, and techniques such as swordsmanship (??) were able to be used more freely.

just because.

However, having a lot of pitting did not necessarily increase the level.

In order to rise to the level of martial arts, there must be enlightenment.

If there is enlightenment, even if the amount of pitting is insufficient, it will somehow cover!

In fact, Choi Yeon-seung, who has a tremendous amount of horsepower, can barely show the first-class martial arts.

'Kwon Ki... Seems to be able to be used in a limited way. I would be able to use the winding wind

group. Uh. Look at the weight of your body.'

The skill k-seungjagang (????) works. If you fight with limited power in the <Inside World>, the power of existence rises!]

[I put enormous restrictions! The power of existence rises even more.]

At the moment, Choi Yeon-seung wondered if he had chosen the wrong name for the constellation.

What happened is that if you do this, the power of your existence will increase as much as you can.

This was also a practice, but...

'The harder it is, the more it climbs. The logic itself is correct.'

"What are you muttering?"

Opponent Hunter, Oliver, growled as he watched the mumbling successive victory.

"It's a great experience."

"Are you crazy?"

"It's tough. Are you even scared?,,

There is a reason for those who are tempered more than necessary and are struggling.

It's a fake world, but it's true to the fighters. There was nothing strange about being nervous.

At Choi Yeon-seung's words, Oliver blushed.

"I think you want to die… "

"It's a fake world anyway, but no threats.


At Choi Yeon-seung's words, Oliver was more egg-shaped.

The moment I tried to swear, the examiner intervened.

"stop! Fighting before signaling will result in disqualification."

At the judge's words, the two stepped back.

"You already know the rules, but any skill can be used without restrictions. If you declare surrender or become unable to fight, the match will end, and if it does not finish within the time limit, it will be resumed in the next round after a break. If the round is not finished even after repeating it, it is judged... "

Choi Yeon-seung yawned. There was no need for this rule anyway.

I was thinking of knocking it down and ending it!

It was the disgrace of the constellation that was judged against the mortal.

'awhile. Will this also be broadcast?'

Choi Yeon-seung was puzzled by seeing the filming equipment installed outside the <Inside World>. At best, it was a preliminary round, but I wondered if there was a need to film this.

However, that was Choi Yeon-seung's mistake.

Broadcasters monopolized broadcasting only in the old days,

There were no broadcasts that were not worth going into the tight program schedule.

In the past, the hunters on the broadcast were usually above B-class, aces of the clan.

But now the times have changed.

Anyone could easily broadcast if they wanted to, and their interest in the hunters was a time when it was getting hotter, not just tableware.

There was nothing more to say because the hunters were doing personal broadcasts directly.

-Is he yawning now?

-It must be bluff.

-Still, it's fun to drop the bluff. I know something. These days, hunters don't have showmanship. Serve this.

Thousands of people were watching this preliminary match with excitement.

It didn't matter if the hunters were of low grade or that it was a preliminary round.

Just being a hunter is enough!

Hunters with low grades are treated as poor people, but it is also possible only for those who have awakened through the rarer probability.

Hunters were still a symbol of the times, and they were those who caught people's attention only by their existence.

-Korean descent, Choi Yeon-seung? It's said to be an Abyss returner.

Some of the people who were watching were quick about the information of the hunters.

Those who have the ability to obtain information beyond the legal level!

Others cheered at the information unfolded by such'big hands'.

-Abyss returner?

-Wow. It's a frozen human. How long have you been there?

-That's why it's a martial artist.

-radish… Ungong user?

Martial arts???

-Wow. You mean you can see the martial arts user? Is it really great? It tastes good in the preliminary round.

-Fossils are alive and breathing!

'I mean, I'm a non-public user.'

Oliver stared at Choi Yeon-seung. Standing indifferent for some reason


On the subject of martial arts users!

I've never faced anything, but I knew what martial arts were like.

Isn't it a skill specialized only in close combat?

Strengthening the body?

That even magic users could do enough. Even if only magical power was injected without using magic, the hunter's body exerted power beyond human limits.

If there is anything that bothers me, it is about the C+ level?

Oliver, who could not accept the fact that he was a D-class, had no choice but to feel inferior.

'As soon as I start, I spread the distance and write a two-circle magic <Airborne> and <Enhanced Magic Missile>. You don't know that I have a passive skill ... '

No hunter revealed all of his abilities.

It was only in the case of magic skills that it would be exposed anyway, but it was a strategy to hide other skills.

<Tracking Arrow> is a passive skid that adds guided missile properties to ranged attack magic.

A good match against monsters wasn't useful if the attack power was weak, but the story was different for people.

If you dodge it, you will be able to defeat the offended opponent as it is.

The fight between the hunters was definitely different from the raid.

"3. 2. 1. Start!"

With the sound, Oliver slammed the ground. Thanks to magical power, the body quickly

I went.

'I moved first!'

Oliver thought so and sang with delight. As long as he moves first, the opponent's room cannot close the distance...


At the moment, Oliver flew behind there. The consciousness had already ceased.

,,What, what?!,,

People who were watching at the scene unintentionally spit out their noses. Some jumped up without even knowing.

We knew that non-gong users had faster reflection speeds than magic users.

The fundamental difference between magic that draws magical power from the outside and martial arts that use inner pores!

However, the distance between the two was considerable. No matter how much Choi Yeon-seung moved first, he would have been able to react unless Oliver was an idiot.

But Oliver couldn't respond and flew away.

That overwhelming difference in speed!

'Did you cheat the rating?'

'Even if you cheat the rating, it doesn't mean anything in the


Oliver, who flew, broke through the wall as it was and was thrown into the ground. Choi Yeon-seung asked with an expression without much emotion.

"It's over

"… City, the match is over! It is Choi Yeon-seung Hunter's victory!"

Choi Yeon-seung came out without looking back. Arrogance emanated from the back.

The arrogance that only talented people can exude!

Everyone in the seat felt instinctively.

A great rookie has appeared!


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