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Chapter 40

 Kuepi was staring blankly, and then he woke up. It wasn't the time I was doing this.

'report… I have to report!'

No way the measurer would have told the truth!

He called directly above.

-The measuring officer saw it right! It's a gem! It's also completely polished! It will be power immediately.

If you have experience in real life, and if you are a hunter that is strong enough, it was an advantage to join the clan.

Whether you're looking for a raid or another hunter sport...

Kuepi was convinced.

-What? really? You aren't fucking upset that I've been cursing?

-… no! Seeing people as what!

-Hmm… Useful among real martial arts users

There was a jewel. It's amazing. It seemed difficult to overcome the limitations... done. It wouldn't be bad to have one military user in the clan. Try scouting.

Yes. Okay.

-If you're a weird guy, you're in charge.

-… Yeah…

The rules of Clan Ambitus were very simple.

Beware of thorough achievements!

Even if the clan's signature hunter failed, he had to hit the head, and the new god

If the mouth was successful, a huge bonus came in.

Kuepi recalled what had happened before.

In the past, when the clan leader himself made a big mistake, he said he made a mistake and held his head in the lobby on the first floor of the clan building for a day!

Watching it, the clan members were terrified.

-What a new F... Is there a clan leader?

If you don't want to be cut off, you have to pay off!

,,Oh oh.,,

Choi Yeon-seung was admiring and watching other people's matches.

It wasn't really a high-quality game, but it was originally a fun game.

It's fun to hit and hit in the mud!

Y Welcome's Shadow»!

One of the hunters used his alter ego magic, and the body turned back to open up the opponent's loopholes.

I got it.

However, the level of alter ego magic was too poor. The opponent Hunter who was about to attack noticed and stopped.

-Breath! <Shock Wave Divergence>!

Hunter quickly swinging a spear toward the surroundings!

A magic user didn't just wield a wand and attack at a distance. There were also many magic users who were in close combat.

As a shock wave with magical power exploded from the window, the hunter turning back was frightened.

I rolled my body.

-Have you been there!

The spearman hunter quickly took a javelin position.

Netae juice!

Thanks to the power reinforced with magical power, the javelin flew with the same power as a cannon.


'That's right!'

However, the opponent pierced by the spear scattered once again.


Two alter egos!?

The spearman hunter was frightened and tried to use the «Recover Arms» magic.

However, the opponent ran away without missing the opportunity.

It should be done when you are bare hands!

y Lightning hand>!

Circle 1 Magic <Lightning Hand>. It was a weak magic that made lightning in the hand, but it was enough in close combat.

Even if it is a weak lightning, once a person is touched, the movement is twisted.

If you are a hunter who does a little close combat, you want to get the magic unconditionally!


The hunter with the lightning in his hand ran into the bare-handed spearman hunter. He had learned how to fight martial arts, and immediately threw a one-two punch after feeding a low kick.

On the other hand, the spearman hunter seemed to be bare-handed. He was beaten in a hurried way.



'It's over.'

Even if you try to protect your body with magical power, the lower level hunters were too weak.

If it was hit like that, there was no way to counterattack.

When the muscle was electrocuted, the spearman Hunter crossed and twisted.

-Finish it! Get it done!

-Stop breathing!!

People who were watching the broadcast shouted with excitement like crazy.

The reason I watched UHC was because of this moment.

Hunters fight fiercely at the risk of their lives

puck! puck!

The hunter grabbed the momentum and ended the opponent.


The hunter roared, raising both arms energetically.

Oh oh..."

"that. Choi Yeon-seung Hunter?"

Kuepi cautiously spoke.

Choi Yeon-seung turned his head.

"Clan Scouter

"Hut. How did you know

"Because the Scout is stubborn."

Kuepi realized that Choi Yeon-seung was a pretty experienced hunter.

It's not like those kids who have just become a hunter and wander when they raise them up!

,Hong. That's right, it's class C.'

Kueppe changed his strategy. The opponent is oh

If you were a hunter, there was a way that suited you.

"Uhhhh, after all, you have eyes to see. You are definitely different from the hunters these days."

"That's it

"Yes. As you already know, are the hunters the same these days? Compared to the old hunter, it's not even a hunter."

Kuepi knew well what older hunters liked.

The former hunters who risked their lives and ran raids had their own pride.

We pride ourselves on playing life-threatening battles unlike hunter sports and playing kids!

Anyone would like it if he stimulated that pride.

"Hmm… no. I thought so at first. I wonder if there's nothing bad about getting stronger with this. Wherever you practice, it's the same strength in the end."


When Choi Yeon-seung's reaction was warmer than expected, Kuepi was embarrassed.

"And if you say that too much, it sounds like a bitch. Where do you go and say that

You better be careful."

"Oh, no… That's not... "

"Then you look young, too… Tsok Ts Ts. OK. You can fix it from now on. Have an open mind."

Choi Yeon-seung patted Kuepi on the shoulder. Kuepi was absurd.

What is this human saying??

'Let's be alert. What are you doing.'

A scout who has to play with the hunters is embarrassed by the words of the hunters.

"Choi Yeon-seung Hunter. Do you know why I came this way?"

"The scout came to scout. Is there any other reason? Did you come for my number?"

"...Yes. I'm sure I'm here for scouting. Did you know it's the <Ambitus> clan?"


Choi Yeon-seung looked astonished. With that expression, Kuepi was satisfied.

This is it!

The moment you hear the clan's name, the hunters show you this reaction!

-Are you the terminal from such a clan to scout me!

This reaction was the pride of the large Clan Scouts.

'It must be easier to work.'

"You know what?"

"no. First time listening."

Quepee has lost his words.

"Then why are you surprised… ?"

"I think you're so excited about it, so what are you doing to stay still? Because I am a little considerate."

"... a bitch ...!"

I want to hit the back of my head!

"And in the first place, I am an Abyss returnee. You couldn't have heard the name how long it's been since you came back."

"Ah… You did."

"In the first place, I thought that a clan scout would have known that I was an Abyss returner. Isn't the information too insufficient? Scout is not in aptitude

I might be right."

At Choi Yeon-seung's words, Kuepi swears more deeply.

'A hunter who doesn't have anything in his head¦ Is this swearing at me?'

It was a bit upset, but getting angry with the hunter is a third-class job.

The scout makes you sign the contract with a smile to the end!

"If you are an Abyss returnee, you will have a hard time adjusting to now. You probably have a lot of worries about what to do in the future and which team to join. Ha

But you don't have to worry about that."

"Are 90% of your worries worthless worries?"

"… No, it means our clan will help."

"Five… You're giving it to hunters who haven't even signed a contract like that. Clan is a very good clan. Didn't you get an award from the United Nations?"

"Oh, no. Of course, you have to sign a contract."

"a. That's a bit."

Choi Yeon-seung made an expression saying that he was good. Kuepi said in embarrassment.

"Clan Ambitus is a great clan!"

"How am I going to believe that

"If you can't believe it, you can look it up. Do a search right now or ask a hunter you know. How many raids we have per month and how many great pro hunters we have."

"a… How do you know from that? A hunter who is good at any clan is good at

It's a good idea. I don't know if you'll be good to me. What if I call it and then treat it to me?"

"I will also specify that in the contract. We will guarantee a minimum ratio of 1.5 people in the raid."

It was important to attack the dungeon, but it was also important to distribute the loot from the dungeon.

Excluding hard-to-find items, by-products and cores could be converted into cash immediately. I wanted everything from the government to the business.

The cash that came out like this was to be divided by 1/N among the participating hunters.

The way it came out at this time was for X people.

Basically, the average hunter was given a share.

Hunters who play an important role because they have a high rank in the party, have a tanking magic or skill, or have a healer magic or skill, were given 2 or 3 people as special treatment...

"1.5 people are too salty."

'While the crazy guy is still C-class, what do you want... ?!'

"We will go up according to the performance of Choi Yeon-seung and Choi. Choi Yeon-seung I. Other than that, look at these parts. What is most important to the hunter?"

Choi Yeon-seung pretended not to know.

"Isn't it money?"

"… Wouldn't it be an environment where we could grow?"

Kuepi began to tease his tongue hard.

The conditions he brought were those that suited the B-Class hunter.

A C+-class hunter would be harsh enough


But this Choi Yeon-seung was betting on what he ate wrong.

'Damn it. But in this case, it's the scout who persuades you.

"Our clan has a good knowledge in developing low-level hunters, not just raiding. Look. High-ranking hunters will teach you magic while watching Choi Yeon-seung."

"...I'm a military user?"

Kuepi was embarrassed.

Oops... !

Come to think of it, was this child like that?

"Even if you are a non-Gong user, if you get skills while going through the dungeon, you will grow… "

"haha. I have to find a clan with a military user."

"I don't ignore Choi Yeon-seung's potential, but Choi Yeon-seung is still a C-class hunter. And raising the rank is not as easy as I thought.

When the carrots didn't work, Kuepi picked up a whip.

Sometimes it's also a scout's job to be intimidated!

"I'll rot in C for my life? Isn't it too talkative!"

"Oh, no. I don't mean that… It means that raising your grade is that difficult. This opportunity is the proposal that I have received above in strong terms. If you miss this opportunity, you may not have such a good offer next time."


"Would you like to sign a contract?


Kuepi left the absurdity and swelled up in anger.

"You will regret it."

"Well, I regret it. Can I ask one more question?"

"Before, the down payment and the distribution were so generous..."

'He said it wasn't good before ¦¦¦Hey!,

"You have to look at the qualifying game once and make a suggestion. Isn't the clan a bit too big?

"That's why our clan is so strong. Boldness!"

"There seems to be some trick rather than boldness."

Choi Yeon-seung stared at me and asked. Kuepi said, displeased.

"A trick. What do you mean?

"for example… Either where I got my information in advance."


Kuepi felt his heart rattled.

How is this ignorant hunter guy??


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